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Monday, 11/05/2012, 07:26 am

Anderson Silva Names Price For Taking Jones Fight | UFC NEWS

“The question (about facing Jones) would have to be made to Dana White. Let’s ask if he’ll give me 50% of the UFC. If he will, maybe this fight will happen.”

“I have personal projects outside of the UFC and want to put them in practice. I’m opening my own martial arts academy in LA. I want to do my thing, take some air, spend time with the family. I have more to do than take punches to the face.”



64 Responses to “Anderson Silva Names Price For Taking Jones Fight | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Dont sell ur soul anderson. This fight with jones might be better to just imagine, than to actually see it. He doesnt need to fight anyone to please fans, his job is done, the fights now are just bonuses and not really needed

  2. Xaninho says:

    He’s already planning his post fightcareer life. I don’t think this fight will happen.

  3. Trent says:

    Why does everyone want him to fight jones so bad? I personally don’t.

  4. 420 says:

    You guys are all homos, this fight would be awesome!

    • Worthwork says:

      “faggot”, “homo”? You guys are really smart thinkers, huh? Silva is obviously being sarcastic. He will never get 50% of the UFC and frankly Jones is almost figured out. A fight with Silva would be pointless in a couple more fights. Machida uncovered Jones very well.

    • Jimmy-JAM says:

      I can’t believe how far our society has fallen…Internet tough guys calling names? What a laugh. Anderson or any other UFC fighter is NOT some type of show pony there to please the fans. Zuffa and Dana White are there to please fans and promote the sport. Anderson has EARNED the right to do whatever he wants and fight whoever he wants for his own satisfaction.

  5. Planetkillr says:

    I’d like to see this, but I don’t see it happening. Silva has a date with Georges St. Pierre (if Pierre can beat Condit) and after that there are several contenders waiting in the wings. I can’t see Jones being able to drop down in weight and a catch weight fight could be possible, but I just can’t see it happening anytime soon.

  6. Chuck says:

    I would love to see this fight but I can’t see Silva stepping into the ring with JJ. I think Silva sees another wrestler who could take him down and GnP him. JJ is unpredictable as well and could present problems for Silva in that area.

  7. Brend0magic says:

    JJ already said he didn’t wanna be the guy to win OR to lose to Silva. This fight won’t happen and it won’t be because of Anderson. Anderson vs GSP is way more likely to happen IMO.

  8. Dopey says:

    Silva is a pussy !!!

  9. VICTOR says:


    • Xaninho says:

      hey sucka do you have to use cap locks?

    • Just J says:

      You do realize silva and GSP both walk around at 200lbs right? Plus you’re talking about GSP who has arguably the best wrestling and most effective takedowns in the biz against a guy who’s only obvious weakness is just that. Jon Jones would easily have a solid 25-30 lbs on Silva on fight day nevermind the weight they fight at. The GSP fight just makes more sense all around for both guys and I would bet my life on Silva in just about any fight but I really don’t know when it comes to GSP. That fight will be incredible.

      • sofakinggood says:

        GSP walks around at 185, Silva at 215, and JBJ at 230. Silva has fought at 205 multiple times and crushed his opponents, JBJ fights is the champ at 205, but wants to be HW champ as well (bwahahaha, no F’n way), and GSP has always fought at 170. Silva vs. JBJ is the superfight to have. Why would Silva want to go down in weight, when he has already fought and won at 205. Silva fighting GSP makes no sense, Silva vs. JBJ, fuk yeah!

    • BJJWhiz says:

      Just stick with andy and gsp i think that fight will be more exciting and funner to watch because they’ve both been in the game for a long time and are the best in their divisions and the top 2 P4P best in the whole world..

  10. Haro says:

    The best fight the best. To argue for anything else lessens the meaning of a champion. No other sport recruits teams to take on the best because ALL will step up to the challenge. Respect the best by fighting the best

  11. Konan says:

    WTF….. peace out then abderson “SCARED” silva fn puss

  12. Lil bones says:

    Correction @Jus J ^^ , Gsp walks around at 180-190 lbs , Anderson walks around at 220-230 lbs …. That’s a significant difference and ironically Gsp is actually smaller than a lot of welterweights ( Jon Fitch , Alves , Condit , Swick etc …) Anderson would have a huge advantage there whereas JBJ is around I believe 240 some lbs soo really that fight would be his as matched for size and prolly actually closer !

    • Just J says:

      @Lilbones^^^ Sorry buddy might wanna do a lil research on that or maybe I should’ve specified a time period. If you honestly think Anderson silva cuts 45lbs in a day or two to make weight @ 185, no offense but you might be a lil slow. GSP stays in peak physical condition nearly year around so he doesn’t have to diet down before his final water cut before weigh-ins. Just because Silva might let himself go a little bit between camps doesn’t make his true fight time walk around weight 230lbs. He has to diet down to atleast 205 before his final weigh in cut so once again, after rehydration both fighters are in fact walking around between 195 and 205. Thanks again for the correction : / smh

    • Shadleigh says:

      HEY @LILBONES, St Pierre said he walks around at 200lbs. That is not hear say. He stated that in an interview that I watched. Also a Jon Jones interview I watched one month ago said that he walks around at 225/230lbs. So why don’t u get your facts straight before u start telling people they are wrong. Although u were close on Silva’s everyday weight being at 220-230lbs, but his actual weight is right at 220lbs.

  13. Jim says:

    If this fight is gonna ever happen, it has to be soon. JBJ is gonna start packing adult muscle on in the next year or 2. I’m thinking dropping tot 205 will be a problem eventually, he’s huge. As for silva request 50% of the UFC, that’s ludicrous. That much of a share will never happen. He’s have control of the UFC essentially. I for one would like to see this fight and I think the GSP fight is pointless. Do any of you honestly think that GSP can hang with the spider? Rhetorical question.

  14. Donovan says:

    This is not how you put great fights together. This fight would be boring as hell. Nobody wld attack. It wld be 25 mins of circling each other. You can’t force a great fight, it will backfire.

  15. Steven Thurman says:

    Used to be a daily commenter on here, but hey never post my comments anymore. Every computer I’ve tried glitches out, hopefully this one works. My opinion on jj vs. silva or silva vs. GSP, Jones is good, but he has yet to be a legend of the sport, he’s still kind of a new guy, such as jds. (except with title defenses) while silva is THEE legend, if I were to watch a super fight, I would want it I be between two legends or two newcomers. And there are two guys holding titles right now, that can be considered legends, and have been holding their belts for a LONG time, therefore GSP vs. Silva. But I’m cheering for GSP to lose against condit so I don’t have much hope for the fight to actually happen.

  16. K.A says:

    JJ in the break after his win over evans, the highest his weight was around 230, which around Silva’s weight, JJ fights makes more sense size and weight measures, but as match up it is kinda bad for Silva, JJ before he chockes Machida out he countered him with a punch, and he is like that if found his range I believe even standing he can cause problems to silva.

    Yea silva is scary standing fighter but when it comes against wrestlers his plan abit shaky like we saw sliva sonnen 1, I couldn’t believe chael knocked him down in two round by punch. I believe jones has more things in his aresnal.

  17. chris says:

    Hes no true champ if he was he fight who ever stepped in front of him hes made enough money to do all the stuff he wants so its not about the money hes afraid to lose no fighter should be allowed to pick there fight if there the champ if either him or jones turns the fight down dana should take there belt from them

    • Steven Thurman says:

      He has already stated that even though he doesn’t want the fight to happen, if jones were to agree with it first, then he wouldn’t back down, it’d be his duty to sign the contract

  18. Jpeech says:

    Silva has only fought a few good fighters and like one GREAT(Hendo). Other than that he has had to fight lower level fighters. If he was to beat GSP I will think he is the GOAT. Till then, he is just a great fighter with a padded career…

  19. Unknown says:

    Silva and jones make 2-400,000 and UFC make how many million? In this vain world it’s all about the money and if silva/ jones should do this fight I say they ask for maywether money. The fight would generate an insane amount of money. But I dunno….

  20. Lime says:

    Really painful to hear fans saying this fight should not happen, I have never seen any other sport in the world that 2 great teams or individuals saying they should not vs, challenge, play eachother, esp due to the fact that they are afraid of loosing or taking punches to the face? That’s fine no one should be forces however do not claim to be the goat if ur not refusing to fight the best

  21. Mike b says:

    I don’t know why they even put these forums up about this fight and the gsp fight.Cause I honestly think nether of these fights will ever happen,I would like to see em but it ain’t happening.Gsp said he wants to clear out the division again since he’s been gone for 18 months even tho silva would like to fight him.And bones and silva still stick to what they said before…that they will never fight each other.i mean ether fight can happen but I highly doubt it,no way.

  22. just a fan says:

    What happened to the days where fighters wanted to fight anyone to prove the are the best. I miss those days.

  23. boompowsurpirse says:

    lol…he seems a lil scared to me…why would anderson not want to fight the guy folks are saying will be better than the time jones proves it, AS will be too old to fight…he’s scared to do so now…

  24. Outtherip says:

    Hold on why is so many people questioning anderson silva it takes two persons to fight I have yet to see a jon jones says he want to fight anderson silva forum, people are sayin the spider is scared to fight jj I sure as hell dn’t see jj commenting on any of what is going on hes the one scared to fight silva if hes not I would like to hear his response to a this.

    • Jones is silva just bigger he should be fighting heavyweight I am a mma fighter I know what I’m saying jones would beat silva in the first or many second round he’s just to big just like randy and Brock randy was better just to small it’s science and physics as for the fag talk someone is gay their selves

  25. Kevin Silveira says:

    Bottom line is not if this one wants to see it, or if this guy doeesnt want to see it. Dana White, Silva, is your boss. You are an employee of the UFC. EMPLOYEE. You will do as your told. Yeah, just like everybody else in their “regular” jobs. If the boss says you’ll fight, then you’ll fight. Stop acting like your bigger than the UFC. Your not. Just fight. UFC has been there before Silva, and yes it will still be there when Silva leaves. He didnt make the UFC nor is he carrying the UFC.

  26. George says:

    Pussy ass silva kno it’s gonna be a tough fight but you might win another mayweathr that wants to finish on top but not take risk

  27. George says:

    And anybody dosnt want to see them fight is not a true fan of this sport. Do you realize how competitive how awesome both this guys are at what they do and there going to fight each other that’s like saying you would want to see paqiauo fight sugar ray leanord bunch of idiots.

  28. SinCe 2004 says:

    Anderson Silva has taken more risks and finished more opponents than any other champ in UFC history, he owes nothing to noone… LONG LIVE THE KING!

  29. 123 says:

    i say just make them fight & give them floyd mayweather kind of money, the ufc can afford it… people want too see this fight all over the world.

  30. jay hicks says:

    It really is sad to see MMA losing the only thing that made it great – the best, fighting the best. It has now turned into boxing.

  31. richard says:

    Anderson and jones are the perfect people to finally demand the big money for UFC. That fight would be the biggest fight in ufc history. The big fighters need to have % of total $ of paperveiw . you look at Anderson( the greatest of all time) may never be a fighter that accomplish what he has done. Then you have JBJ who is the fastest growing talent and seems unstoppable as well. They should be getting the 6-15 mill for a big fight like that. same goes for gsp vs anderson.

  32. richard says:

    I think Anderson should be able to demand the big money 6-15 mill for a fight. fedor was going to get close to that. Anderson hasnt lost a fight in the ufc and he,gsp,jbj are the biggest draws in the ufc. Any of those fights would sell biggest fight in ufc history

  33. Ejah says:

    Silva… What a guy.. he’s very interested in a GSP fight – a fight he know’s he has the advantage in (size, record etc) however, when it comes down to a fight where he MAY have a slight disadvantage in – VS. John Jones he requires ‘half the ufc’.


  34. Power says:

    Forget about p4p , belts and legacies
    Don’t use think it would b an awesome

  35. richard says:

    oh it could be the sickest fight in history in terms of showcasing there skills and how good they really are. i still think they should get paid more for a big fight like that

  36. Albertito says:

    Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones should be Andersons retirement fight! I don´t care if it is a title fight or just bout. 3 rounds 5 rounds don´t care!Just fight him and put a REAL contender to your record Anderson!not Bonnar not Griffin i mean REAL contenders like Rampage, Jones or Evans or even Machida!

  37. ya herd says:

    Silva said he wants to fight to atleat 40 years old, now that the pressure is getting bigger to fight jones, hes starting to say hes got better things to do than get hit in the face??? im confused…Im sick of anderson silva and jones, avoiding each other, just go ahead and retire now anderson, u clearly dont want to test yourself to the ultimate level same goes for jones, why wouldt the number 1 guy and number 2 guy in the world want to fight. i would want to prove 100% i can beat that guy! people will say oh jones is to big, people will say oh there is to much to lose for each fighter.. At the end of the day u only live once, if u are a real fighter u would want to fight the guy people say could beat u.. they both are being pussys.. if this fight never happens im done with following ufc ive been a hardcore fan for years, and its getting to much WWE rather than mma, people fighting with there mouths not skills and still getting big fights that other people deserve

  38. HOMO? FAGGOT? says:

    All of you are cocksuckers. This whole “sport” is faker than WWE. BTW Monday Night Raw last night was sicker than any jones or silva fight could ever be…

  39. dan c says:

    some realy idiotic people about on the internet, silva is not a young fighter anymore and he just steped up and destroyed bonner alot bigger guy than he is, over the yrs silva has destroyed every1 hes fought so show some respect, jones vs silva would be awesome but they both knw that the fight could also finish them off , think about it u realy tink jones wants to fight the man that made a fool of belfort after belfort just nearly finished jones, silva bjj is far superior and jones would be very lucky not to end up with broken arm/leg or something worse from fighting silva, at the end of the dayi dont like jones but i respect him, and i knw Silva is the greatest of all time so forget the hype how bout just show sum respect

  40. ya herd says:

    . At the end of the day u only live once, if u are a real fighter u would want to fight the guy people say could beat u. The ufc is just being like boxing now they have 2 very big superstars they wont make them fight…

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