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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 10:06 am

Anderson Silva: I’d prefer GSP over Jones, it’s an easier fight | UFC NEWS

“I’m old, guys. I’m getting old. I’m retired. I’m nearly there. I’ve only got another five years. I think [GSP] would be a great challenge for me. I prefer him over Jon Jones. He’s smaller. It’ll be a little bit easier. I’ll be hit less.”

While talking to the media following last Saturday’s dominant win over Stephan Bonnar, the pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva discussed whats next in super fights.

Is his assessment correct? Is GSP an easier bout than Jon Jones?


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  1. Edgar says:

    Silva wants to fight a smaller fighter !?
    That’s weak ! Feed him to jones !

    Jones vs silva

    • Xaninho says:

      Smaller than the huge Jon Jones….

    • ^ says:

      Plus its not like GSP is a nobody, he wins fights and that’s still something that Anderson will have to deal with.

    • david says:

      i agree. silva is pussy. he fights average guys in the weakest weight class. i hope gsp beats his ass. he supoosed to be the best pfp yets he gets his ass kicked by sonnen?

    • Shatta says:

      so y not feed jones to a HW ? huh ..silva made 202 pounds for the bonnar fight.. jones is probably over 220…he can deff fight a HW ..silva fought lhw’s 3 times… lets c jones step up his game … and besides the guys that gave jones trouble “vitor, bonnar” silva demolished is no less than 10 minutes for both opponents …. so in the big pic…jones is nothing compared to silva …

    • Quinn says:

      I totally agree! It’s about time that the fans can actually have a say in the super fights instead of hand picked fights from Dana & co.
      Joe Rogan calls it a travesty if Jones and Silva don’t fight and that they both should reconsider it.
      This fight doesn’t have to be sold to the fans because the majority of MMA fans want it to happen. It’s a win win situation with a catch weight fight where they don’t have to put their ‘Belts of Legacy’ on the line to see who is a better MMA fighter. So there’s no risk of belt loss and but only the fan’s hard earned money to gain!!

  2. Bob'O says:

    So He’s retired, but has 5 years left to fight easier fights. Hmmm, thats a first. ~Bob’O

  3. Jose says:

    Anderson is full of shit, but at least he is finally admitting he is chickening to Jones. Thing is, he should not. Anderson would definitley hand Jones his first defeat, and in the process convince everyone that he is the GOAT. Fedor never chickened to any fighter, no matter what size or weight. That is why he is consedered the GOAT by so many people, including me.

    • Dick Niaz says:

      You must be kidding…

      So Fedor not fighting JDS, Cain, Brock, Randy, Carwin etc is somehow different?? Even though he did that when he was 5 years younger and those guys were in his weight class….?

      Fedor chose NOT to fight in the organization with the best fighters. Then he chose not to fight Overeem in SF. It goes both ways.

      Fedor and Silva are both amazing fighters, but if you are going to hate, at least be mildly rational about it.

      • TheVeteran says:

        Fedor didn’t back down from fights with UFC fighters, his management forced his hand.. He’d have fought any of the UFC HW’s if he would have worked out a deal with the UFC.. You can’t say he was dodging fights in a promotion he was never a part of.
        Fedor > Silva

        • david says:

          if fedor wanted to fight in the ufc he would have. dont blame his “management”. give me a break. that is a copout. who does his “management” work for? please.

      • ZOZO says:

        I would say that Fedor never declined fights like silva. Dude he’s way out of his prime why would he wanna take a fight against the best fighters on the planet now, he could barely handle that kid that was from the projects.

      • CNY says:

        OK I guess you are extremely knowlegable about fighting so let’s break this down.
        Fact #1 Fedor domininated undeafted in a organization with the most stacked fighter’s (even by your hero Dana white’s own admission) during his time in pride
        Fcat #2, Randleman, GSP, Shields, Shogun, Wandy, BJ, Silvia all stated Fedor is the goat. SAre they not more credible than you?
        Fact #3 when you are top, challengers come looking for you not other way around . Did Tyson leave his org to chase Douglas. UFC fighters could have coem to Pride as well and should have since they were challngers.
        #4 Randy the most decorated UFC LHW/HW did come coem to Japan only to loose to Vaknetjin Overeem and Enson Enoue not even ranked fighters in the 1st rd.
        #5 Those who harbor Fedxor’s loss to Dan , by ur logic since BJ lasted 5 rds with machida and machida ko’d randy in 1st and diaz and edgar beat BJ , I guess Edgar&Diaz>BJ>Randy>Liddell.
        #6 age doesn’t determine prime, style and motivation determine that. fighters who depend on reflxes and speed loose it much faster than those that don’t. injury,style, toll, motivation weighs more heavily than simply age.
        Educate yourself and stop being ignorant

    • Bqe420 says:

      “fedor never chickened to any fighter” really? What world do u live in? Guy dodged the UFC like the plague, if he really was GOAT he would have came over to prove it not been scared, he’s has a padded record how can u say he’s te beast when he never fought the top10 guys, only a few of his fights back in the day weren’t against cans. And he lost to Dan Henderson, not taking anything away from the man but he’s a lhw/mw

      • lolidiots says:

        This is the dumbest line of thinking that only comes from someone who just got into the sport. Name one good fighter Fedor didn’t fighting during his 10 year reign. The fact is the UFC had NO GOOD HEAVY WEIGHTS, Fedor didn’t ‘duck’ anyone because there was no one to duck.

        • fukin fedor moron says:

          i got one, how about overeem? you and this other guy are a bunch of fukin retards. seriously take fedors nuts out of your mouth the guy is retired and sucks. he ducked EVERYONE

        • Glenjamin says:

          Fedor is a joke name a fighter he beat that is worth a crap?? No one unless they were crap and out of their prime. Fedor shouldn’t even be considered as a best of all time fighter…he wouldn’t have beaten any of the top ten in the UFC none of them. Silva is a great fighter but he does fight average fighters in an average weight class… He should move up and fight in light heavy to finish his career. Obviously he can hang with 205’s so I think it would be the best move. And if he beat jones it would cement his best ever claim and he would hold dual belts win-win if he is better

        • CNY says:

          Clearly Fedor never ducked anyone. The fact remains he was undefeated at his time in an organization with the most stacked fighetrs esp HW at his time even by Dana white and other UFC’s fighter’s admission. The fact remain the follwing fighters: radellman, GSP, shogun, wandy, coleman, BJ, Randy,Shields among many others all stated Fedor is the GOAT. Bit more credible than keyboard warriors who doesn’t know anything beside UFC brainwashing. to those who harbor his losses after he wasn’t in his prime ..age is not the determinination of prime, motivation and style determines prime, fighters who depend on reflexes and speed go down hill faster than those whose style doesn’t depend on reflexes as much .ie grapplers,scrappers. those who say he suck because he lost to lighte DAN, then by same logic, BJ lasted 5 rds with machida who ko’d randy in the 1st, the most decorated UFC LHW/HW alltime. since Edgar, diaz beat BJ, then I guess Edgar, diaz, BJ all are > Randy and people randy beat>silvia, liddell.etc BTW Randy lost to valenteen overeem and ensen enoue who wern’t raanked even top 50 when he came to japan. also Tim Silvia won the UFC HW belt more time than anyone else and Fedor beat him in 46 seconds. Goes to show you style and performance on the given night make fights not mma math. get tired of people without base or knowledeg talking smack about UFC this and that.

  4. macheetah says:

    Tell me this is not true, he was joking when he said that right?!

  5. Zack says:

    Silva and jones will fight. You know how I know? Bcuz gsp is too much of a pussy to ever dare fight silva.

    • wow says:

      Mr. GSP loss twice in his career, when he fought those guys in rematches, he dominated Mr. Hughes like nobody before and then made him tap. The rematch against Mr. Serra. he absolutely dominated and punished him before tko.
      I think GSP would dominate Mr. Silva (Silva would under estimate GSP)

      (GPS told Hughes he ‘sucks’ in a nice way months before their rematch).

      • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

        Umm…are we talking about the same guy – the one with the glass jaw? GSP was knocked out by a guy that should have been in lightweight and you think he can handle a shot from Silva who just stopped Bonnar…LOL

  6. Haha says:

    Ahhh lose money. Just by him saying that I hope GSP smothers the shit out of him and then go after JBJ. Bones and The Spider is gonna fall in the grease trap.

  7. wow says:

    really spider? you call yourself the P4P champ and you want the easier fight, respect lost

    • deez nuts says:

      He never said he is the the p4p he actually says he’s not. even though he is currently the p4p best in mma.

      • T.DADDY says:

        There is an interview where he sez BJ is the best fighter in mma.. from last yyear

        • Fortyb4five says:

          you losers talking shit on Andy are gonna be saying he’s gonna get destroyed by Gsp too i bet. Even tho your saying hes a pussy for taking that fight instead. SMH

      • david says:

        he is not best pfp. actually jon jones has fought WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tougher opponents. gsp has fought WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY tougher opponents. dos santos, etc. silva is in the weakest weight class and has fought bums for the most part. i guarantee if silva fought palhares, palhares would rip his foot off. silva continues to lose rounds in every fight and gsp straight DOMINATES EVERY ROUND.

    • KM says:

      Actually gained some respect for him after that comment. Usually he’s such a phony! At least he’s being forthright this time.

    • Fart Knocker says:

      I’m not so sure he didn’t say that to make GSP mad enough to fight. Right now Silva has GSP in his cross hairs and GSP is saying ‘no’. I think he’s just trying to use Chael Sonnon mind games on him. I think theres a chance he’ll fight both of them if the money is right.

  8. Tapitout21 says:

    Lol….that interview is taken way out of context he was laughing when he said it. The reporters on this site should be fired they alway twist shit around to something that is false

  9. fake says:

    Silva is afraid of the bigger fighter because he knows Jones will do the ground and pound on him. Just like Sonnon!

    • Xcape68 says:

      Sonnen only GnP Silva because Silva had a broken rib. Did you not see the 2nd fight? Silva destroyed Sonnen and FU Sonnen like he does everyone! Silva is being respectful of Jones because Jones has declined fighting Silva in all interviews as well.

      • Rob says:

        You’re retarded. Chael dominated Anderson 1st fight and he had no broken ribs. He also dominated the 1st round of the second fight but Anderson was much more careful and was able to stay on his feet in round 2 and Chael made a big mistake which you can’t make against a fighter against Anderson. You guys are fuckin nuts. Everyone on this forum. Anderson is scared to fight Jones. That’s a fact. Shut up and take his dick out of your ass.

        • rh2117 says:

          I don’t know Anderson, never spoke to the guy, but it seemed to me like Silva LET Chael take him down in the first round. Consider the fact that after sonnen got the takedowns, not much damage was done. I think he did this to make Sonnen think he had control of the pace, location and overall direction of the fight, gave his opponent a false sense of confidence. Second round Sonnen couldn’t touch him, takedowns, punches, anything. That is why i think Anderson gave him so much in the first, kind make chael to tell himself to push the pace. I’m not gonna say i’m defending his broken rib excuse, it may or may not have been broken for the first fight, however, roids aside, everybody on the planet was shocked that Sonnen did what he did. Before that fight, i didn’t know who he was. The guy is a badass!! he handled Anderson in the first fight, maybe Anderson got lazy in the camp before the first fight.

  10. Dick Diaz says:

    he should fight jon jones… this is a fight that the UFC really needs right now in terms of its business and PPV numbers.

  11. Dee says:

    I think we need to read the actual article because I read this from a different source and it said something different, but GSP is an easier fight than Jones. Who would dare questioned that. Jones is bigger than most heavyweight, plus he has the longest wingspan in the UFC. He’s like a power forward fighting at 205 moving like he’s 170 or 185. GSP is great, but he’s nowhere near the match up of Jones.

  12. Tester says:

    guys! are the comments working?

  13. KIDD433 says:

    Jones should fight Dos Santos,there closer in size and age.Jones actually walks around weighing more than the HW champ Dos Santos.Jones doesnt want to fight any one close to his size,and is enjoying beating up these smaller fighters..Anderson should fight GSP,theyre also closer in size.Anderson only has a 1″reach on him,and GSP actually walks around at 200ls.. but GSP is gonna duck Silva,and Jones is gonna duck HW división…

  14. Worm says:

    Jones Vs sonnen next TUF wow title on the line

  15. Dan says:

    If u understand portuguese u can see that silva was JOKING.

  16. Jpeech says:

    Silva has only fought a handful of great fighters.The others are not even 15! Shit some of them are not even in the ufc anymore.I can not call him GOAT till he fights another fighter that is champion caliber. IMO Gsp would smother him and finish Anderson on the ground. No way in hell he could stuff Gsp’s takedown.

  17. Mark says:

    I think this was “produced” by Dana White… Think about it, if he fight Jones and wins at 205, there will be less appeal for a middle weight fight. If he fights GSP first and wins, there’s a ton of appeal for Spider vs. Jones… In the end, UFC has become a business first, the same way boxing is.

  18. BRYANT says:


  19. Dopey says:

    Ima laugh when gsp smashes on silva lol still stay he a pussy for ducking jones

  20. Jeremy says:

    People he dosen’t have to fight Jon Jones, it doesn’t make him a pussy or scared, or any of that. Listen, Jon Jones is a guy that is young. 25 years old not to mention in all reality he’s a HW fighter. Anderson is a natural 185 lb fighter, so in essence he would be fighting a great fighter like Jon Jones that is 2 weight classes a way. The goal for Anderson is not to fight everyone the UFC has to offer just so somebody can beat him. He’s the 185 lb king pin that nobody can beat. and he’s even better than most at LHW, but fans and the UFC are asking him to Fight the very best guy @ 205, and the number 2 p4p fighter in the world. Why ruin a great legacy? The GSP fight makes more sense because their closer in size. Jon Jones has taken no fights @ HW where he truly belongs, how about we see that! I get the fans would wanna see it, shit i would wanna see it. But why don’t we just let great be great and enjoy it. The man fights where he belongs and even where he doesn’t belong and completely dominates like no other. Why would we wanna see him loose. Not that he would but there’s a chance. Nothing wrong with not wanting to fight Jon Jones!

    • Sheek says:

      Anderson is naturally over 200 pounds. What are you talking about? Jon jones height and reach isn’t everything. Kendal grove is 6’6 and hasn’t been a champion. Stop using his height and reach as an excuse to not give jon credit. Its hard to cut weight. More power to him for doing it. Its hard work.

      • Jeremy says:

        @ sheek..Really don’t get what your saying! I said that Anderson is naturally a 185 lb pound fighter. which he is. majority of fighters in that weight class, or any weight class for that matter are heavier that what they fight at. c’mon! As far as using jones height and reach as an excuse, that came out of left field. i don’t see where i ever said that that. I said that Jones was a great fighter, that was a lot bigger!! Read the post again!

  21. ksavz says:

    Shogun vs Anderson pleaseeee.

  22. ballsackface says:

    LOL this is taken so out of context. i knew would post this and not explain where its from.

    this is from the post fight press conference and he was laughing when he said it about gsp. it was a joke

    fking hell stop being tabloid bs

  23. Only real win Andy has is over Dan Henderson who at the time, wasnt on TRT. and smothered him entire 1st round.

    Anderson Silva has beat all crap 185 fighters. LOL PATRICK COTE, LEVEN, 170 MAIA, LEITES??,SONNEN ..WEC WASH OUT, SONNEN BEAT HIM FOR 4 1/2 rounds. In my book, He lost that fight.

    And hes got 4 losses you idiots, not undefeated, Fedor was undefeated.

    Why did the Brazlian people choose Fedor over Silva for the GOAT

    CAUSE THEY KNOW THE TRUTH. FEDORS HEAVYWEIGHTS WERE 100 times harder then Silvas 185 Bums.


  24. and GSP will beat him too if he has any Chin left in him.

    If Silva s a real man, hell fight Machida, Shogun,Jones,GSP,Fedor, , But i can guaentee you the only guy hell fight is a SMALLER GSP comingo ff a ACL injury,

    Fuckin joke Dana and Rogan push this guy as the GOAT, truely sad to the world

  25. and UFC is obviously dying that they are making Bones vs Chael, 100 percent exposes themself just in it for the money. Sonnen was a B level 185’er and gets a instant shot at 205 belt?

    They are clearly dead, RIP UFC soon

    • Jeremy says:

      @ dancer..Bro u clearly don’t know what your talking about! the UFC is dying, that is the biggest and funniest joke that i’ve heard in a log time!! And when we say Anderson is undefeated we’re speaking of in the UFC the biggest and best MMA stage in the world in case you didnt know. Somewhere the best fighters in the world fight. Somewhere Fedor never made it 2. Bro, your really a joke all 5 fighters that you named are non 185 pound fighters. 3 are LHW’s 1’s a HW and the other is a WW. your funny! Nobody on here should discuss MMA with you on here because you clearly don’t know what your talking about. Just don’t comment on here any more seriously!!

  26. MMA Realist says:

    This is clearly tongue in cheek from Silva, he will fight Jones at some point but he will make sure its for absolute top $$ and rightly so.

    The Sonnen vs Jones TUF think is a joke as much as I like Sonnen he should not get an immediate title shot at 205, desperate attempt to save dropping TUF viewing figures.

  27. realist says:

    Fella’s Fella’s Fella’s He was joking, when he said that just like he said he is retired and is fighting 5 more years.

    That’s is all end of Story you can gain your respect back for him, haters.

  28. Keoni says:

    I don’t blame Silva he’s got everything to lose if he fights jones silva has nothing left to prove he’s the GOAT

  29. Shatta says:

    If you guys buy into this article that silva is afraid of jones then thats shit… silva was being funny in the post fight conference when he said gsp was easier … but he has no rush to fight jon jones and y ? jones is champ..silva is champ..what would either man gain? the UFC would never make this fight happen for now until its the last fight for either guy

  30. 123 says:

    This is like Georges St Pierre going down to bully Ben Henderson, Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones is the fight every1 wants.. look at Junior Dos Santos & Cain Velasquez, They like eachother but wanna see whos the best.

    • Truth says:

      123, I couldnt agree more.
      1. GSP is smaller than Silva (alot)
      2. GSP has never fought up in weight.
      3. Lets be 100% real, GSP will lose. ONe of my favorite fighter but he won’t win.
      4. Anderson has fought at 205 plenty of times and is very successful, actual in how quickly he finishes the fights better success than Jones.(Calm down everyone, not saying he’s better than Jones, just that he has all 1st round finishes in every fight)
      5. This is the only real Super Fight out there, unless Jones want to tackle Heavy Weights!
      6. If Silva vs Jones doesn’t happen the fans lose out!!
      7. Even if GSP’s camp was dumb enough to take the fight with Silva, he still has to get past Condit…….what happens if he doesnt?????? Plus there is still the Nick Diaz fight!!

  31. Seth says:

    Anyone else think this is reverse psychology? He might be baiting Jones into a fight.

  32. West Side says:

    Marketing strategy.

  33. pastegod says:

    How can anyone call a fighter scared? Its an easier fight he’s just being honest. I actually think he can beat both guys

  34. Basagulo says:

    If GSP/Spider/Bones wont fight next year, I’m going back to “the dirty” boxing.

  35. tHE TRUTH MY FRIENDS...... says:

    me i see gsp vs silva going to the 4th or 5th round and then silva rushing for the finish… hell prob try to finish gsp quick but will fail as gsp’s takedowns are gunna score.. but i doubt gsp will stay on the ground too long after taking silva down hes just guna get back up to score some more takedowns no Ground n pound needed with all his skills but he prob guna try to land a couple shots still… but yeh the fight goes this way till 4th 5th round then silva tries ahrd to finish gsp and there i dont know what in hell will happen if gsp gets him in his own game or if silva does what he does the best .. who knowwwwwwsss lolllll

    • Truth says:

      Disagree, GSP is one of my favorite fighters but he doesn’t stand a chance against Silva. Maybe 2nd round. The only way it goes longer is if UFC tells Silva to give poeple their monies worth and drag it out before finishing it! Silva vs Jones is the only real fight fans should really push for! (Sonnen vs Jones is a joke, but good TV!)

  36. namenotfound says:

    GSP would get the worse beaten of his life, that is guaranteed.
    Jones, on the other hand, could go either way. Too big, heavy and strong, not more technical. But, size matters.

  37. Daniel says:

    Whoa, everybody’s a critic ah? Lot’s of peeps like to talk all kinds of smack, it’s a trip brah, it really is. Anderson has earned the right to pick and choose who he will battle, I feel. Don’t matter who it is, don’t matter what his reason is, he’s earned it, period.

  38. Moe says:

    I keep hearing that silva got lucky. I don’t know how many guys know jujitsu but the fight I saw silva was going for the submission the entire 5 rounds didn’t get that roughed up and sonnen got sloppy. Not a lucky win at all. This proven by the second fight.

  39. 123 says:

    Alot of fighters get hate nowadays & its Mostly the p4p best fighters aswell.. Anderson Silva, George St Pierre, Jon Jones.. & the count Mikey B haha

  40. LoCal619 says:

    You guys are mad he wants to fight GSP instead of jones? Wasn’t every1 asking for that? I’d definitely pay to watch that. Super fight!!

    • Truth says:

      Everyone was asking for that when there wasn’t a better option. Now that Anderson has shown he can move up in weight and be extremely dominate, that is the true Super Fight! GSP hasn’t moved up to prove at that weight class at all. GSP is awesome, but Anderson vs GSP isn’t even close to a fair fight and would end early! Jones vs Anderson at least can go either way, but Anderson would have to actually push down and deep into his sole and show he can overcome adverity to beat Jones!

    • Truth says:

      Everyone wanted that fight when it was the only one available. Now that Anderson has fought at 205 and has shown he can be extrmemly dominate at that weight class, that is the REAL SUPER FIGHT. GSP is awesome, but he has never moved up in weight and lets be real, doesn’t stand a chance against Anderson! Anderson vs Jones could go either way! Thats the fight to really show what both fighters are made of. Both have beat the best, but haven’t faced eachother!!

  41. 123 says:

    Iv got a feeling Carlos Condit will ruin the Anderson Silva vs George St Pierre fight.

    • Truth says:

      Agreed, while I think GSP is better…..Condit could surprise people. His game plan for Nick Diaz was spot on and he ruined Diaz vs GSP match up! Plus say GSP does get past Condit in a close fight, does that make everyone think a close match is worthly of fighting Silva?

      And lets go over GSP’s last fights….
      He went the distance with the last few opponents, like Koscheck (Do you really think Anderson would go the distance with KOS???)

      Plus there is still Nick Diaz vs GSP that should still happen….a big time PPV! Anderson vs Silva is the only Super Fight worth seeing!

  42. Ryan G says:

    This just furthers my dislike for silva. If you are the best then you will fight who ever they put front of you. GSP will kick his any way.

  43. MMAnalyst says:

    Who here wouldn’t rather fight a lighter guy 4 inches shorter than a heavier guy 2 inches taller? Of course, if you’re the most dominant champ in history, the greatest fighter ever, the P4P king of the world, then yeah… you’re acting like a pussy.

    He should ask Randy Couture about fight a bigger man at a heavier weight class, but Randy wasn’t as close to retirement I guess.

  44. MajorTom says:

    He is right. GSP has less to offer than Jones. GSP will shoot and get stuffed, worse than Silva stuffed Sonnen in the second fight. Silva said that in the second fight, he let Sonnen take him down in the first round to show that he could survive on the ground. His defense was impeccable. Took zero damage. Then in the second, he stuffed his takedowns like it was nothing before Sonnen threw the infamous backfist that led to his demise.

    Jones would give Silva trouble with his size, reach and wrestling. Maybe his unpredictability.

    In my opinion, he’d beat both. Just depends on who he wants to fight first. Knock out GSP then knock out Jones.

    • Truth says:

      I’m worried he’ll knock out GSP, get the big pay day then ride off in the sunset! UFC needs to work out the Jones fight first, then see if he want to take on the smaller less of a threat GSP next!

  45. tdsilence says:

    why not MR.Demetrious Johnson

  46. rocko says:

    why are people still talking shit about silva and saying he’s been fighting bums. Did he not beat Dan Henderson, Vitor Belfort, Rich frankling, and sonnen twice. Has any other fighter finish fights like he does. All of his opponents are top guys. rich franklin wins most of his fights beside losing to silva. so does vitor and henderson. Even stephen bonnar is no slouch, he fought to a decision with jon jones. If anything, bonnar solidify him as the best of all time already. Jon jones is the one who needs to challenge him. ufc should create a belt for the best of all time and have jones and silva challenge for it.

  47. GRT 3000 says:

    Nice frickin write up – a blip taken out of context to stir shit up on the Internet; have at it kids. when did this Site become about MMA drama?!

  48. Ryan says:

    Anderson should fight shogun!

  49. Josiah says:

    i wanna see GSP deal with condit & diaz first before silva….

  50. Ryan Prieur says:

    Silva is the GOAT hands down no argument. He has faught the best, not bums like some of you ignorant fucks have suggested. Hes smashed all the recorded and has step up in weight to fight much larger men on three occasions and dominated. On top of all that he’s very humble and doesn’t even believe hes the best even though it’s quite obvious he is. 16-0 in the UFC period, end of story fuck off!

  51. Xaninho says:

    Jones is huge.

    A great fighter can lose to a less skilled bigger fighter.

    • Truth says:

      And Anderson is HUGE compared to GSP… at least Anderson and Jones are closer in size, and at least Anderson has fought up in weight were as GSP hasn’t…..

  52. Robert says:

    I have a feeling this is once again another bad portugese to english translation. I don’t think he said this quite in this way.

  53. toby says:

    Any of you calling anderson ‘chicken’ are ridiculous. it is our priviledge that he is still fighting. I hope he retires undefeated. not wanting to fight outside your weight class is not cowardly, it is simply showing intelligence and sanity. weight and size make a difference.

  54. k says:

    anderson silva is setting up the fight, hes selling it right now.

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