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Thursday, 08/08/2013, 10:29 am

Anderson Silva: ‘I was out of control’ in Weidman fight

“There will always be questions. Fans, people, they want to know what happened. But being knocked out is worse because you can’t remember. There is just a black out. And then when you wake up, you’re like: ‘Uh? What happened? The fight is over?’ And the ref says: ‘Yeah, it’s over and you lost.’ But how? Then the ref says: ‘Yeah, you’re knocked out.’ BUT HOW? The ref then answers: ‘You took a big shot and fell to the mat… Unfortunately, it was a mistake and I paid a high price for it. It was a technical mistake, but it shouldn’t have happened…but happened. The truth is…the charge that people put on me due to my previous performances was tremendous. So…in this way when you make a mistake people just don’t understand. It was an unintentional thing. I’ve never said that I was the best in the world or that I was unbeatable.”

“I stood with my legs parallel when I had to do a step back instead to dodge the punch that KO’d me. Anyways, it was a sequence of events that led me to what happened. All the pre-fight tension and that feeling that makes you want to explode during the fight…During the round breaks, I always go back to my corner. But this time, I didn’t come back to my cornermen.

“I came back to argue with Weidman, asking him to keep the fight on the feet, saying, ‘let’s strike, let’s give a good show,’ when actually I needed to come back to my corner, to get some instructions. I shouldn’t have been there, discussing with Weidman. I should have calmed down to receive the instructions in order to do the right things in the second round. And I didn’t do that. So I think I was out of control, lost my temper a little bit.”

Former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, opened up to the Brazilian media about his latest fight against Chris Weidman that saw him defeated for this first time in his storied UFC career.

You can check out the full video of this interview, with English subtitles below:


0 Responses to “Anderson Silva: ‘I was out of control’ in Weidman fight”

  1. GRT 3000 says:

    he will take out the fluke champ in devastating fashion shortly.

    • magoo says:

      @std3000… Smh…..yea I heard u say that once before! Might as well start figuring out what excuses ur gonna have after Chris subs his ass in the rematch.

      • GRT 3000 says:

        Hey @man-goo – you enjoy your time with the fluke champ buddy. He’s got a 4 month lease on that belt Andy ‘gifted’ to him. If he can beat him with skills than I will give him his props; but he didn’t man, the GOAT beat himself.

      • Silvas Gay says:

        He was out if control bcuz he knew he was up against sumone that can eat him. It’s a defense mechanism. Solve will not win the rematch. Lets face it..he’s seen his better days. It’s not like he’s gonna get any better than he’s ever been lmao….but weidman is gettin better everyday

        • GRT 3000 says:

          did you just learn to read & write numb-nuts? back to the drawing board I’d say. lmao

  2. Tired of Gargoyle says:

    I hope he knocks him out so we could see Silva vs Jones. Chris Weidman the mw champ doesnt sound appealing.

    • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

      Why does Silva need to beat Weidman to fight Jones?? Sonnen lost twice to Silva and fought Jones. If it’s good enough for Sonnen, then it should be good enough for the GOAT. MW Champion Chris “All-American” Weidman just SOUNDS natural. Wrestling is King!!!

      • Tired of Gargoyle says:

        As a fellow wrestler i agree but i rather see a super fight, so i hoping for silva to get his belt back

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          Well it would still be a superfight wouldn’t??!! If what you mean current 85 champ fighting the current 05 champ, then ok, But the fight would still be at 05 and therefore the belt on the line. Jones can’t get to 85 or probably a catchweight. Silva can’t beat Jones. Weidman will stop all this Silva mania in December. I still think though that Silva could fight Jones for the belt once Weidman beats him up again.

    • VALE TUDO101 says:

      Gaygoyle ain’t no wrestler. A real wrestler doesn’t chear on and beat off to someone that’s lay and praying. Thats stalling, which if he knew shit about wrestling, he would know you get penalyed for stalling.he’s just a fag that thinks homo activity is wrestling.

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        When you post girly boy, All I hear is whaaaa whaaaa, gargoyle sucks, whaaaa, he not a real wrassler, cuz he sucks. whaaaa whaaaa. I’m really under your skin aren’t I kidd? Let’s meet on the mat and let’s see who is a wrassler or not.

  3. Gargoyle is a fag! says:

    He should do his talking dec 28th

  4. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    The real question that needs to be asked is, Why was he so out of control?

  5. 757 says:

    He was to cocky not out of control. It’s called arrogance

  6. Gargoyle wrestling says:

    Weidman can beat anybody, silva was first, jbj is next then the winner of jds and Velasquez. Then I will gargle his wiener. After that I will put my drag on and strut my stuff on the boardwalk.

  7. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Did I mention that wrestling lets me be close to hot sweaty bulking men

  8. Ddddddddd says:

    Anderson not only lost control of his emotions but also his as$hole. Yup. He straight up shit his pants when he got knocked the funk out.

  9. Gargoyle is a cocksucker says:

    Silva will avenge his KO loss by returning the favor to weidman.

  10. Natasha says:

    Nobody knows the pressure of being on top for so long. … Until your there yourself, you don’t know a thing about it… he is a human being

  11. 757 says:

    I know oh my gosh making all that money, and being a hero. Being known all over his country….it must be so tough

  12. Pee pee says:

    Gargoyle wrestling likes it when men jam there pee pees in his ass

  13. cant we all just get along says:

    You guys leave Gargoyle wrestlin alone.he had a hard day with chris weidman’s thumb up his butt.

  14. dfrmtr says:

    Silva Round 1 or 2 KO… Weedman will go back to the end of the line and rematch Munoz for the p4p dry humping competetion.

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