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Tuesday, 10/16/2012, 04:34 pm

Anderson Silva: I Have No Intentions Of Fighting Weidman Because I Am Not A Fool | UFC NEWS

‘I think all athletes in this division will get their opportunity in going for the title. I don’t have any intention of fighting with him (Wiedman). I still think he has a lot to do in the UFC. I am in a comfortable position and I am no longer a child, I am 37 years old, he’s a kid that is starting. Obviously, this might happen, but, I have two fights on my contract and I think one of them will be with St. Pierre and I don’t really have an intention in fighting with him (Weidman) because I’m not a fool. I’m already an oldie, you know?’

The pound-for-pound king, Anderson Silva, talked about the potential middleweight title fight with Chris Weidman over the weekend at the UFC 153 post-fight press conference.

While fielding questions from the media he asserted his position and cited his age as a reason to not be foolish when picking opponents.



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  1. ballsackface says:

    again pedro stop re churning events from the pre fight press conference like its some kind of smear campaign.
    weidman needs more fights in ufc, the end

  2. grandma killer says:

    Things just ain’t the same for gangstas.
    Times is changing, young niggas is aging,
    Becoming old gees in the game and changing,
    To make way for these new names and faces

    • TranceAngel says:

      The strangest things can happen from rappin, when
      Niggas get wrapped up in image and acting,
      Niggas get capped up and wrapped in plastic,
      Zipped up in bags when it happens, that’s it.
      I’ve seen ’em come; I’ve watched ’em go,
      Watched ’em rise, witnessed it and watched ’em blow.
      Watched ’em all blossom and watched ’em grow.
      Watched the lawsuits when they lost the dough.
      Best friends and money: I lost them both.
      Went, visited niggas in the hospital.
      It’s all the same shit all across the globe.
      I just sit back and watch the show.

      Still listen to this Classic album all the time.

  3. Tapitout21 says:

    Pedro cassarsco is such a tool. That’s the English translation of what he said in Portuguese and it doesn’t translate exact. The meaning behind it is It would be foolish to fight a no name and waste a fight

  4. Artex says:

    Bad Pedro!!! amarillismo (Gossip) is how we call it in spanish!!

  5. Booger says:

    So silva can take fights based on if his opponents “deserve” it or not but if JBJ does it he’s arrogant and not a true champion? Makes sense…

    • Peter says:

      I agree 100% Booger. Alot of these mma fans don’t see the big picture and don’t know what their talking about. I personally think Dana White is trying to make Silva look better than Jones no matter what. That’s my opinion.

      • David says:

        Silva is better then Jones it doesnt matter what Dana or anyone else tries to portray. Anderson’s skill level is far superior to Jones. He’s a much better much more technical fighter in every aspect of the game with the possible exception of wrestling. Jones may be a more explosive athlete but that’s all. Not knocking Jones either or his skills it’s just if you know martial arts his technical skills do not compare to Silva’s at all. Might Jones beat him in the UFC based off this athleticism?? Thats debatable but. Do not try to compare thier skil sets becaus ethat would expose JBJ. Persoanlly I believe Silva doesn’t want the fight because he cares for Jones and He doesnt want to derail the legacy of the next big thing before he retires. he wants to leave the mystique in the UFC and have Jones carry on as the new unbeatable. I think if they were to fight now Silva would expose Jon and he would never be able to be in a conversation of be the GOAT again.

      • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

        You both clearly don’t understand what happened. First, Jones had a fight that was EASILY winnable and could have saved the card – yes, it should not have been up to him to save it, but that was the last straw. Second, nobody has said as of yet that Weidman will get a title shot – lots of speculation but no actual confirmation. Silva can say what he wants, but at the end of the day, if Dana tells him to fight Weidman, he will fight him.

      • Keyboard Warriors *sigh* says:

        Silva also does not want to fight a couple no names for the last couple fights on his contract. He has every right to milk it for what the remainder is worth. In my opinion, the fight with Stephan Bonnar was a bad idea to take – look at the size difference and Bonnar’s durability in previous fights with top tier fighters. Granted, Silva did stop him early, but I honestly thought that Bonnar always had a chance. Bottom line is that he has earned the right to pick and choose his fights to a certain extent. He IS NOT REFUSING to defend his title – simply saying that Weidman is a waste of his time (I am inclined to agree seeing as he is still more or less a “nobody”).

    • Jones says:

      Booger… Jones was in a position where he would hurt a fight card by not taking a fight, it’s not like Silva is backing out of a fight with Weidman a week prior. He is choosing to make as much $ as possible, while still under contract with Zuffa

  6. DUB WAYNE says:

    SILVA!!!!!!!! FIGHT BISPING!!!!!!

  7. Shadleigh says:

    Silva is pretty much saying he doesn’t think he can beat Chris Weidman now that he is older. That’s why he says I am old now. He says I am old when someone wants to ask him to fight Weidman or Bones Jones. He basically admitted GSP is a far easier challenge than JBJ and that’s why he will only take that superfight. Anderson is the GOAT but if he isn’t gonna fight the best around til he retires and wants to pick the easier match ups than he should retire now.

    • NoDoubtNOut says:

      No, You dumb fuck. He meant not fighting Weidman because he’s a no name. He is “a kid, just starting out”. Learn portuguese and speak and not just read and talk like a dumb fuck like the other dude said, the real translation is him saying weidman is a no name and it’d be foolish to waste a fight with him. No one in MMA has proven to be a better wrestler than GSP and on top of that, GSP’s stand up is beasty, just not beasty killer way. If you think GSP is an easy fight then you obviously don’t know MMA and you should just stfu and go to bed. GSP was known as the #1 guy before he had a off day and lost to Serra then he was known as #2 guy next to Silva and somehow without ever losing, Jones became the #2 guy and GSP the #3 guy. He is fighting the best of the bests. Stop bitchin and go eat your cereal, faggot.

      • Shadleigh says:

        Why do people like u have to talk shit and say rude ass shit just because someone states an opinion. It’s so funny when people get worked up over shit like this. So why don’t u grow up buddy

    • shadleigh basher says:

      Shadleigh – WTF you talking about? Silva v’s Weid-who? Silva isn’t ducking anybody,why fight a guy that means nothing to him or his legacy is what he meant. I think GSP has a far better chance of defeating Silva than Weidman and he is asking for that fight – not ducking!

  8. Haters Hate shredders Dominate says:

    thats not what silva said wtf pedro

  9. Max says:

    WHAT THE FUCK BJ PENN.COM? HES TALKING ABOUT JON JONES, NOT WEIDMAN! I saw this interview in an Brazilian site!

  10. Cody says:

    i think the UFC needs to stop being a bunch of train hoppers and scheduled opponents for the fighters. They keep turning down fights because “they arent deserving” or to young. Seriously? Someone gives you an opponent your so confident you can beat take the fight. If i was making the fights and u turned down the fight id strip them of the title and give it to someone who really will fight anyone. Yeah anderson has dominated the division but fight bisping or Chris, then fight gsp or JBJ. JBJ fight wont ever happen but fight one of those two middle weights. I think an upset could happen either way. But seriously fighters job is fighting. Turning down a work load shouldnt be acceptable.

  11. 123 says:

    Michael Bisping will put a stop to this Chris Weidman hype

  12. 123 says:

    If Tim Boesch doesnt 1st.

  13. Rodrigo says:

    lol the translate is horrible.. but beside, if Silva thinks he is old… retire man!!! and stop dodging fighter !

  14. Stonerman says:

    He pretty much just said that weidman would beat him.

    • GRT 3000 says:

      oh, yah reeled one in here with the dodgeball reporting – well done. aim for the stars with that credibility.

    • tabali tigi says:

      he said nothing of the sort…he said weidman hasn’t fought enough to deserve a title shot, and since he only has 2 fights left on his contract, and one of them is against GSP, that weidman will not get a chance…weidman has 5 fights in the UFC, and if anybody in that class “deserves” a title shot it’s Bisping…

  15. Alo says:

    translation from portuguese is a little off.

  16. brett says:

    Um Weidmen doesnt have to prove anything after one fight against leben Silva got a shot at the title

  17. dubs says:

    This was not in reference to Weidmen. It was about fighting Jones because Silva said he was done fighting at 205

  18. Josiah says:

    translation has too many version..i’m outta here..

  19. Omega says:

    First fight in the UFC. He was the cage rage champion and a longtime pride standout. Plus times were different then.

  20. 757 says:

    Weidman does have allot to prove to earn a shot from what most of you gullible guys call GOAT. That young dude has not earned a shot at Silva….that dude is a great fighter and has earned the right to say no to Weidman without people busting his balls

  21. db says:

    If you read it the way I am reading it, Silva only has two fights left on his contract. What happens if A. Silva loses a fight before he renegotiates his contract??? Obviously he isn’t worth as much as he would be if he wins his next two fights. I would put any amount of money on that being the number one reason he doesn’t want to fight Chris Weidman in either of those next two fights. Its business people…as much as I want to see A. Silva vs Chris Weidman, I can’t say as I blame Silva. Thats being very smart and I’m sure A. Silva knows his time could be coming and its time to cash in just before he cashes out and retires.

  22. Kong says:

    Pure libel at its best.

  23. stephen riddle says:

    Omg mother f*ckers silva would and will wreck chris and michael! I would like to see bisping get his shot first, he deserves it!

  24. Quack says:

    if it walks like a duck…..

  25. Sasquatch says:

    This is such BS, as if real MMA fans don’t know who Weidman is… just like Bones saying nobody knows who Cormier is (smh). Both of them are strait up scared, and they should be.

    • tabali tigi says:

      their job is to get into a cage and fight another well trained martial artist…i doubt either one is scared of anything…i am not a jon jones fan, but it’s ridiculous to think he’s “scared” of cormier, as cormier hasn’t even made the commitment to drop to 205, and it was all speculation. as well, neither weidman nor cormier has earned the title shots in either division…stann vs. bisping was supposed to be the title contender bout for middleweight, so it seems like weidman is just trying to get his fans to lobby for a title shot for him and not actually going through the ranks…

  26. ekl says:

    I also saw this interview and it is about JON JONES, not about wiedman. No idea how you guys even got the name wiedman out of that interview…. wtf

  27. brian says:

    bisbing , GOAT think about it, he only lost to evans(lhw champ n it was close) n sonnen(he was ripped ooff)n dan henderson(top p4p n he got caught) he destroyed everyone else put in front of him, mayhem is obliterated, akiyama is gone, n brian stan is back to a private, give mike a shot.

  28. MajorTom says:

    Let him fight Bisping. He’s well known enough. Weidman looked awesome finishing Munoz, but that Elbow was a combination of him throwing the strike and Munoz making a horrible mistake in leading with his face. Anyway, Weidman would only get destroyed right now. He needs more experience. Let him get more fights, he’ll just get better and have a better chance if he fights him further down the line. He could fight guys who are higher level contenders. Bisping, Stann, Okami, Boetsch. ALl those guys have proven a lot in the division. Weidman beats Munoz, who wasn’t exactly a top contender and suddenly he’s the biggest threat to the champ? Look back a few fights, the guy has weak striking, and his wrestling is his best weapon. His subs are muscled and his technique is so so, he just does well because he’s a big strong wrestler. He could use the experience.

  29. Eric foglia says:

    Silva beats jones in a boring 5 round decision fight. It’s Not worth all the hype.

  30. fifson says:

    now we got a new era of gangstas
    hustlas and youngstas livin among us
    lookin at us now callin us bustas
    cant help but remenis back when i was us

  31. Casey says:

    Lost in translation. I watched the press conference and speak portuguese and did not infer what you did. Careful with direct translations. As a side note, never listen to Ed Soares translate. He ad libs like a mother f@#%.

  32. Dopey says:

    Silva is a fucking pussy !!!

  33. Irie Nation says:

    Silva scared to fight Weidman??? I said it…now im gonna sit back and puff on my blunt and read what you haters got to say

  34. Xaninho says:

    When Silva said he’s an old man he means he has become too smart and experienced to just fall for that bullshit and call DW for a fight against some nobody who tries to tweet his way into a titlefight.

    The man is 37….He wants fights that matter, not some nobody who beat some other nobodies.

  35. dogfart says:

    this was about weidman right after he was talking about jbj and gsp
    however it was quick and off the cuff as a reply to someone who said “we here that weidman wants to fight you, what is your take on this”
    his reply was that he is a kid still learning and has much to prove before he can step in the octagon with him.
    this is the truth, you cant smash an injured and shit mark munoz and expect to walk straight into a title shot lol. wtf

    anyway pedro is a director of this site and its going down hill rapidly because of the cow boy cutNpaste reporting and direct attempt to cause a negative debate against fighters by intentionally manipulating and deliberately selecting sentences to cause a stir.

    everything this site is doing atm is to create more hits rather than encourage healthy and legitimate discussion.

    shame its gone like this from the days when bjpenn used to only talk about stuff on this site and not in the ring.
    its an embarassment to him

  36. Sherman says:

    Allright dude

  37. TheTude says:

    I think his last two fights should be GSP and Vitor one mo”gen

  38. Jason says:

    You guys say weidman is a no-body,then what is Daniel Cormier? He’s been winning in STRIKEFORCE,now there calling for him to get a title shot in the UFC? But weidman can win five straight in the UFC and still be “not ready”? he is ready and deserving of a title shot and he can beat silva.

  39. Welterking says:

    He should fight the best guys in his weight, which wasn’t Cote, Lutter, or Okami. Franklin gave him his shot he should do that at least once before he retires, and fight Weldman. Best champion ever? Really, who has he fought, Sonnen was toughest so far. Such accoladee should go to Couture, way too underrated, even though he knock off the really best guys, in their prime.

  40. AlYankovik says:

    You ain’t bad, you ain’t bad, you ain’t nothin.

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