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Saturday, 06/22/2013, 09:52 am

Anderson Silva Head-Kick KO’s Sparring Partner, Leaves Gym Upset

By Christopher Murphy @MurphMMA

As he closes in on his July 6 bout with top middleweight contender, Chris Weidman, UFC champion and pound-for-pound great Anderson Silva appears to be in perfect form.  Earlier this week, Brazilian media outlet, Portal do Vale Tudo, reported that in one of his last rounds of sparring in Brazil, the champ knocked one of his training partners out with a head kick.

Portal do Vale Tudo reported that Silva allowed his training partner to land shots in the beginning of the round, forcing the champion to simulate the possibility of falling behind in a round.  In typical fashion, the champ was able to come back effectively, unfortunately for his training partner.

Though both men wore head-gear and shin guards, Silva’s kick caused his partner to lose consciousness.  Anderson reportedly stopped fighting immediately to help his training partner, who was able to regain consciousness on his own.  For Silva, the day’s training was done, and the champion left visibly upset over the incident.

Silva’s coach, Ramon Lemos, stated later that Anderson “hates it when these accidents happen with training partners.  So he left upset and even spoke with Minotauro Nogueira, who came here today to watch his training.”

Though the incident troubled the champion, it gives a strong indication that Silva’s training is beginning to peak for fight night.

Be sure to catch Silva vs. Weidman at UFC 162 in Las Vegas, Nevada on July 6.


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  1. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Damn he’s knocking out guys when he’s not even trying to. Imagine how hard he’s going to kick Weidman. RIP Weidman

  2. 754 says:

    Not only will Silva loose this fight but he will be done after this. Have fun working at McDonalds chump.

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