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Thursday, 08/23/2012, 09:49 am

Anderson Silva Has Olympic Games Aspirations | UFC NEWS

“It would be a challenge in my career, and I’d like that. Participating in a competition like this is something really lacking for me, being an Olympian. I do not know if I would get used condition, the medal would be like the belt a consequence, but it would be great.”

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, recently told the Brazilian media that he would like to try and compete in the Olympics when they come to Brazil. The article states that the pound-for-pound king would throw his hat in the disciplines of either boxing or Taekwondo.



40 Responses to “Anderson Silva Has Olympic Games Aspirations | UFC NEWS”

  1. Me says:

    Holy shit if he does an Olympic event! He would fuck up any amateur fighter which would be kinder sad.

    • Taekwondo says:

      Silva…. would get his ass whooped

      • david says:

        haaaaaaahaaaaaa funny…. anderson is the GOAT dumbass

      • Axeholes says:

        Taekwondo is for bitches. In an MMA fight, Taekwondo is pure shit. Gimme a leg, I’ll plant you in the concrete.

        However, in Silva’s case, this is merely another accomplishment, so for him, I say do it.

        Boxing, I’m not quite sure how sweet his hands would be. We already know he can take Hendo’s H-bombs, so at least we know Silva can take damage.

        • Jordan says:

          TKD is not shit you retard. Ben Henderson is a TKD black belt and look at how well he has done

        • Bear Gills says:

          Just go watch the fight. Silva got hit with a solid left, right combo and was utterly unphased

        • Marcus says:

          Tkd on its own in an Mma fight is useless but it teaches you one o the most important things in a fight, how to control your range and distance. Silva has said it before and we all know how good he is at controlling his range. I have over 10 yrs of boxing and 6 yrs bjj and wouldn’t trade in my tkd black belt for not havin one. Remember the Rashad Evans and Sean Salmon figh? Well I’m willing to bet I could plant that same kick on your face and knock you the fuck out!

        • tkd says:

          +1. finally someone who actually does martial arts like me and isnt a keyboard warrior

        • Yoyo says:

          his hands are incredibly sweet and dont forget his godly head movement

        • the movement of tkd is crucial says:

          well every stand up martial art is shit according to you then mr. keyboard warrior. you can always use jiu jitsu or wrestling on a guy who doesn’t know either. but if they are just as skilled in it like anderson silva, benson henderson, anthony pettis, jon jones, who all arent “shit”, thats when tkd comes in. and correct me if im wrong, your a dumbass.

  2. JusRaw says:

    I think he tried boxing already… I think it also didn’t work out too well for him.

  3. Dee says:

    Taekwondo and Boxing are difficult sports to jump into. I don’t see any MMA fighters being successful in any of those disciplines. Sorry

    • Trendnet18 says:

      you are forgetting one thing he is primarily a striker rather on the ground. He would be better in taekquando. He just needs to resist using knees and elbows 😛 kinda pity that muay thai isn’t allowed

    • hiiiiiii-yaaaaa! says:

      Also remember that Anderson got his first black belt in Tae Kwon Do. So he’s not “green” to the sport. Best of luck in whatever he does!!!

      • Dee says:

        You guys have never been in a major Taekwondo event before have you. They throw fast kicks at different angles. Their timing and rules are different and hard to adapt to. I have seen a lot of guys get knocked out cold.

        • tyson says:

          Anderson is at the highest level of competition he’s a natural athlete and a black belt in tkd I’m sure he has seen plenty of fast kicks and crazy angles. he would be able to adapt

        • Dee says:

          Let me see you stop playing football for a few years and then go back into playing and see if you’re the same. Your muscle memory and coordination will be adapted to the sport that you’ve been doing for those years. For those who have actually competed in the sport you’ll know that the rules, rhythm, and everything else is completely different. This isn’t MMA. You don’t have clinches, punches, or take downs to mix things up. It’s boxing with your feet. It’s not quite the same. Judging is also bias which prevents you from doing a whole lot. Once again I know because I have done boxing, Taekwondo, MMA, and Jiu Jitsu all separately. I have nothing but respect for every discipline. It’s not the same trust me or better yet go and compete.

        • matt says:

          you do realize he has more than a little bit of time to prepare for the next olympics, right?

        • ricci k says:

          Dee, you competed in all four of those sports separately, and still did not succeed in any one of them.. then who are you to talk? *choke*

        • Taekwondo player says:

          I know the rules have changed since I stopped competing in Olympic TKD. I saw this last Olympics older fighters get there asses handed to them. I seriously don’t think Silva can kick faster or as fast as Lopez. I damn sure that he cant read the telegraph better than him as well. Its coming of age, he’s too old to hang with that sort speed. Silva is fast, but not that fast. I’m sure he trains with some young blood and he is like wow with the speed. at the age of 30 you start to slow down. although I think it would be cool for him to try, he should go through the same stages as everyone else and try out of the team. He will realize at that level, he is just way to slow.

    • Anderson has a black belt in TKD (I know thats not saying much since 12yr old kids have them too lol) and he’s been doing that since a very early age. I’m sure he could hold his own against anyone in the world. I think you’re forgetting that this is MMA. Most of these guys started in other disciplines. They didn’t just one day go to the gym and say “hey where can i sign up to take MMA training”.. like most douches would today. It’s ok, you don’t have to say sorry for your ignorance.

    • Tyler says:

      Anderson is no stranger to Taekwondo. I was his first martial art.

  4. damjan says:

    Anderson Silva has a black belt in TKD, I think he could have a chance.

  5. Patrick says:

    Since the Olympics are in Brazil in 2016 the IOC should look into investing in the idea of bringing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to the games. It would be awesome but, I think in fairness it should be all amateurs 25 and under for sports such as Basketball.

  6. JohnnyMac says:

    He cannot be serious, TKD has about 10 different kicks multiplied by 3 for reverses from either leg or airborne. Boxing has about about 5 different punches multiplied by 3 for combinations. Silva has shown about 2 types of kicks and 2 types of punches, with very little variations, perhaps because he doesn’t need more, instead of not knowing more. It would still be interesting though, he’d need to train/compet for a couple of years.

  7. laiserg says:

    By 2016 Silva would truly be an old man. Can you really see him medalling in Speed Kicking and Speed punching?

  8. CombatRusse says:

    I think that he should try Boxing
    Taekwondo guys are too young, fast, more flexible, with better reflexes than Anderson (when it comes to taekwondo rules)
    Anyway I hope that the champ will make it to the Olympics, that will be amazing (even if he competes in wrestling looooool)

  9. Leo says:

    For those who mention Anderson’s “lack” of training, have you not noticed his almost superhuman timing and reactions?

    The “it’s different comment above smacks of an attention seeking know-it-all. MMA was developed from one style vs another… I some how don’t believe it’s everyone else that doesn’t get it but rather the commenter doesn’t understand the complex sport that is MMA…

    And to those who mention TKD needing fast reactions… have you ever seen Anderson Silva fight? Because it turns out he’s not that bad.

  10. Phillip says:

    It’s certainly great to aspire to be an olympic athlete, but it is somewhat insulting to the current Taekwondo Olympians for everyone to think that Anderson can medal at the olympics. Sure, Taekwondo is no new to Silva, but that does not in no way correlate to having a potential to getting a medal in the Olympics. That’s like someone like me saying: “hey, I know how to dribble a basketball. Maybe I’ll play in the NBA.” It would be very fun to watch him try and it would also be great publicity for Taekwondo for such an awesome fighter to switch over to Taekwondo. Again, for those who don’t compete at high levels in Taekwondo, you have NO idea what it takes.

    • mikey says:

      It’d be more like being a master at ball handling where next to no one can get the ball away from you and playing basketball.
      Comparing Anderson Silva to dribbling a basketball doesnt seem right at all.

  11. Danny says:

    Wow, this would nuts! Anderson Silva doing TKD in the Olympics? crazy! Especially since I have a TKD studio close to his home… hmmm haha im jk.. He probably has a goto person.

  12. Abuka says:

    Age will be a big factory at 2016

  13. Brazilian says:

    Is there not an age cut off of like 32-34 for amateur boxing ?????

  14. 123 says:

    He’s a pro fighter, how the fuck would he be allowed to compete as an amateur?

  15. BJ is KING says:

    it will be hard for silva, but he has the instincts, and athleticism to compete. He knows how to gauge his distance very well, but, so do alot of these olympic athletes. He’d have to give up MMA thats for sure. But never say no, hes an elite athlete in a professional sport, and a great one at that, not an easy feat to accomplish thats for sure.

  16. tkd says:

    the truth is its hard to find good tkd because there are so many sell out instructors. black belts in tkd dont mean what they do in jiu jitsu. competion is the best way of showing how good you are at it and trust me, olympic tkd is extremely competive. anderson would get destroyed by the brazilian national team member who has probably only done tkd his whole life

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