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Wednesday, 06/26/2013, 08:23 am

Anderson Silva: GSP had his chance and chose not to fight me

UFC middleweight champion Anderson Silva has been lobbying for a super fight with GSP for years.

Whenever things look like they are close to happening, GSP seems to back out.

Most recently St-Pierre went on record by stating that his, sometimes training partner, Chris Weidman would finish Anderson and halt all discussions for a need to fight each other.

That hasn’t sit too well with ¬†Silva and he sounded off during yesterday’s conference call…

“St. Pierre had his chance to pronounce himself fighting me and he chose not to do it. [So] that’s what he chose to say.”


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  1. AS_is_Ali_of_MMA says:

    It would seem that GSP is praying and hoping for SOMEone to beat Silva, so he doesn’t have to fight Anderson. Sad. Goes to show he has fear inside regarding the possible superfight. I am very disappointed in GSP. He tries to say he’s not running, yet he dose all he can to avoid the fight. *sigh* Very sad to see a once great WARRIOR dovall he can now to protect his diminishing legacy. GSP used to fighg to finish. Now he just fights to protect his title. Damn. :-(

  2. Big Daddy says:

    Greased sp is scared!

  3. Diego says:

    Silva quit being a vagina and fight Jones !!!

    • JiuJitsuHeyZues says:

      Silva Has Asked for the Jones fight…Actually it sounds like hes calling out anyone with the last name Jones. I think he will challenge for the the 205 title once he brings Weidman back to reality.

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Gotta Score Points is running.

  5. Keoni says:

    How is GSP scared? Same thing ppl said about bj and they fought twice. C’mon I love bj too actually I like and respect most fighters but jus cuz u love bj and GSP won a fight dosent mean you have to hate on him so much… Is Anderson afraid of Jones when he said he wouldn’t fight him? I think these guys probably aren’t afraid of anyone otherwise they wouldn’t be as great as they are. I like to frequent this site but you confuse your love of your fighter with something else… Instead of bashing every fighter that beats BJ just accept the great challenges …

    • GOT RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      GSP already dodged Hendricks once knowing that the UFC would make him fight Condit after he had already earned his title shot.

      GSP is running scared and knew he could eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek out an easier matchup against Diaz.
      Has nothing to do with being a BJ penn fan.

      Georges SAFE-Pierre should have retired a few years ago

      • Moz says:

        Dodged Hendricks, but is now fighting him in Vegas?

        He should have retired despite the fact none of the welterweight challengers have been near him? I see.

  6. TK says:

    Silva is trying to distract people from realizing he is scared of Jones.

  7. Shawn says:

    That is such a unfair match up. It’s pretty much a small MW vs a sizable HW. GSP is just to small for Silva. St. Pierre’s success has been because he is always the bigger guy in his fights, then add his natural talent, athletism, and cardio. He’s a tough guy to beat. But Silva is equally as talented, but he’s faster, longer, better striking, and overall bigger fighter. You guys calling GSP a “chicken” have no clue about fighting at the pro level. It’s also a business. It’s a short career, and fighters still have to think about longevity, and their stock. Doesn’t mean they are scared, just making the right choices for their career. Some fights just doesn’t make sense at the time. That’s why GSP doesn’t want to fight Silva right now. And Silva doesn’t want to fight Jones. And Jones doesn’t want to fight Silva. Most fighters will take ANY fight at the beginning of their career to make money and a name. Or at end of their career to make as much money before they retire, and try to stay relevant so they can keep getting paid.

  8. doc says:

    I don’t care to see this fight so much as I want to see Silva and Bones. GSP would get destroyed badly in a fight against Silva. He knows it, we all know it. So why put it together? Let him get his feet wet at 185 first and see where it goes. Give him Rich Franklin at 185 and then Silva…

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