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Monday, 06/25/2012, 12:54 pm

Anderson Silva goes Off On Sonnen | Says He Will Break The Face And Knockout The Teeth Of The Criminal | UFC NEWS

“Chael is a criminal, he is a criminal. He has been convicted of crimes and he doesn’t deserve to be inside the Octagon. When the time is right, I am going to break his face and every one of his teeth in his mouth. Playtime is over, the jokes are over. I am going to beat his ass out of the UFC. He is never going to want to fight again after I am done with him. It doesn’t matter if I am on bottom, side or top. Chael is going to get his ass kicked like never before. What I do inside the Octagon is going to change the image of the sport. I am going to make sure his legs are broke and arms are broke he will not be able to walk out by himself. I know he is listening; no more shit talking, it is on now. I’m going to make him pay and make him eat everything he said about myself and my country. I’m going to make sure he does not disrespect any other fighter. I’m going to beat him like his parents should have beat him to have manners. He can say whatever he wants, but I am not playing anymore. It will be the same like the first fight. He walked out the loser and this time he is going to walk out the loser. The only difference is that this time he is going to have to visit a plastic surgeon after the fight.”

For the past couple of years Anderson Silva has taken the high road in regards to his biggest antagonist, Chael Sonnen. However, during today’s UFC 148 media call the Brazilian Champion didn’t hold back when the media told him to speak his mind.

UFC 148 takes place on July 7 from the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada and these two fighters will finally rematch in a fight that has been the topic of debate for the better part of two-years.

To check out Sonnen’s response click HERE!

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182 Responses to “Anderson Silva goes Off On Sonnen | Says He Will Break The Face And Knockout The Teeth Of The Criminal | UFC NEWS”

  1. Law3056 says:

    WAR SILVA!!!!

    • Reality says:

      Wow! Now that’s what I’m talkin bout! ๐Ÿ˜€ .. You know Chael felt that one. When a guy like that starts talking like THAT you can’t take it lightly. I think he just upped the PPV buys by like a million! War Silva!

      • Lee says:

        So Chael is intimidated by Anderson’s puerile, impossible-to-execute threats? Your statement that Chael “can’t take [Silva’s threats] lightly” is 180 degrees from the truth. Anderson’s attempt at smack talk was so inane that Chael has no other choice but to take them lightly. I’m not saying he’s going to defeat Silva in this rematch; I’m just saying that he’ll have all his teeth and limbs intact after the final bell sounds.

    • safaf says:

      lol you mean moron silva whos not going to think smart and just go in and attack

      • bro thats what he would want sonnen to think bro he’s thinking just like me or you would in a street fight. b4 you get to the fight your calm as hell an just bang bro thats all. silva will play his card’s right this fight is big for him an brazil!!! sorry bro if you think difrent then maybe your the moron…

      • Joe C says:

        Are you for real man? yeah…. I’ll bet the best fighter in the world will go in without a game plan

      • ThaGreenBandit says:

        Yeah, and when have you ever seen Silva get in the ring and mindlessly attack? Either you’re the moron, or you just recently started watching MMA and don’t need to be commenting on something u don’t know shit about

        • Cam says:

          I think Silva is exactly where Sonnen wants him to be. He has been waiting for this too happen, so Silva goes in swinging and Chael will weather the storm and then use his wrestling to finish Silva.

        • Kraig says:

          Weather the storm? Have you seen Anderson Silva fight before? There’s no storm, it’s a strike of lightning, because it’s one shot and you’re going to sleep… Chael can’t possibly win this match. If you believe this fight will look anything like the first, you’re seriously diluted…

        • Nick says:

          I have never seen Anderson “swinging”

        • Judge_Dreadz says:

          This guys sounds like a fool use “wrestling” to finish ?Wrestling cool but not really a martial art just a way to get safe wins . Strikers and Jitzu’s all day

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Weather the storm? Silva is one of the most accurate punchers in the UFC, so it’s not like he’s gonna be going all “willy nilly”, throwing haymakers and getting exhausted from so many misses. And when has Silva ever given you any indication that he’s the type to run in the ring and just start swinging? It ain’t going down like that, bruh. Keep seeking that glimmer of hope, but you ain’t gonna find it. Phael loses

      • Joe Eckman says:

        moron?! silva is the greatest fighter ever, and the best finisher as well!! you think sonnen could walk in against belfort an do what silva did?? if it was nt for the spider belfort would just knock everyone out and be champ.. after silva retires belfort will reign sonnen is nt even second best i dont think! always getting caught in triangles by the best bbj black belts in the bizz, and still talkin shit insisting hes the best.. phsshh! whos the champ and whos the chump? chael only thinks he wants him this way cause deep down he believes gettin inside his head is the way to beat the spider, but look where that got him in the first fight! you see silva is such a very clever fighter and very ballsy because he baited sonnen and waited for his time just to tap him out and prove he could beat him that way, mostly he did for mino’s honor and succeeded in a very scary way for his opponents! when everything was on the line and the world thought it was over he still was the better fighter and finisher! I hope he crushes sonnen, if it does nt go to the ground in the opening minute i think silva wins by devestating k.o. first round!

    • rondo says:

      Chaels in that show boats head…lol….your the one thats never gonna be the same again Canderson,ten fight win streak gone! MW belt gone! all the hype of your fans gone! I Cannot wait for Chael to drop the hammer,and squash the spider!

    • Dante Niro says:


    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Silva left out Sonnen is a ROID CHEAT. Sonnen couldn’t beat anyone without ROIDS and everyone knows it. Why didn’t the Nevada athletic commission do a random STEROID test on Sonnen during this training camp? He CHEATED in his last title fight but they just assume he is playing by rules now what a friggen corrupt JOKE. Its obvious Nevada didn’t want to ruin another huge event like tehy did with Overeem. Sonnen has been cheating his entire life and using ROIDS since high school. Ask anyone who ever knew him when he was younger. Ask any coach he ever had except Lindland who is up to his ears involved with getting Sonnen his ROIDS

      • the fuq? says:

        im no cheal fanboy but those are pretty bold claims, usually what you say makes a little sense but you may be a little off this time…

      • Jared Meeks says:

        They didn’t do a random because he went to them and got approved for TRT so he won’t test positive for elevated levels of testosterone if he is allowd to have it

        • Xaninho says:

          If he’s above the already insane levels of 6:1 he’s still doing something illegal. So I think they should test him to check up on that. I wouldn’t be surprised he’s training on elevated levels and brings them down leading up to the fight.

        • richard says:

          if hes using anything to pump him self up hes an asshole loser period. men already have plenty of testosterone. how bout training harder to be the better fighter. TRT. there always seems to be something “legal” asshole take cause they cant do it on their own and hs fighting record attests to that

  2. bdizz says:

    Chael’s going to get his ass handed to him…

  3. j says:

    Shit just go real

  4. adam says:


    • Bo Rasco says:

      if… IF.. you were a fan at all, you’d have known that chael sonnen shit talked the last fight and said that jiu jitsu has nothing on wrestling which ALSO offended anderson… Anderson told steven seagal that he didn’t want to knock him out and that he wanted to submit him from his back to prove jiu jitsu is superior… I think they’re both even but i wouldn’t tell anderson that… If you think chael can stand with anderson when anderson WANTS to knock him out instead of submit him. You are crazy son.

      • Evan says:

        Yeah. He didn’t really get knocked down multiple times in the first fight when standing with Sonnen. It was all a part of an elaborate plan to get his ass kicked and in no way an excuse. His desperation fluries and combos he threw in the later rounds at chael before chael took him down were not thrown because he was clearly losing but were just for show because the whole time, Silva wanted a submission. It was just that he didn’t want to stand, not that one of the best middleweights in the world presented him with a challenge.

        • primalmasher says:

          you forgot about his injured rib, but ok.

        • The injured rib=excuses

        • K2 says:

          Sonnen was hopped up on roids. What’s his excuse? Only the testosterone level of 17 men. Guess it takes 18 to beat The Spider….

        • Joe Eckman says:

          ya he got hit, no doubt… only knocked down once tho the other time was a slip remember?? and silva knocked chael down with an elbow and cut sonnen with an elbow from the bottom… sure chaels punch set the pace for the fight, but sometimes the way to get what you want is to survive and wait for the opponent to make a mistake.. he did, and he did! sure he did nt plan to get punched in the face lol but he knew damn well what he wanted the most before the fight ever started was chael to tap the fuck out and he was able to be the better fighter and finish his ass when it mattered the most!! the fact is silva said what he was gunna do an did it… chael said he would be champ and hes not! too bad for chael after silvas retired with the greatest career ANYones ever seen and undisputed champ, its belfort gunna be the one kickin everyones ass in title fights an not him:) silva is human, but sometimes after i ve watched him knack someone I swear hes an alien… If I was sonnen I d be sure ta have my medical insurance stacked cause the spider is capable of anything!

  5. Tyler says:

    I can only imagine hearing his tiny voice peddling all this out in Brazilian. I hope he does come in fierce though and that this isn’t just a bunch of hype talk. This is going to be a hell of a fight. And for some reason I can see Sonnen coming out the next day with his face swollen up saying, “He said he was gonna knock all my teeth out, and I still have one left in the back, so I’m still the true UFC Middleweight Champion of the world. I’ll be happy to give him another rematch.”

  6. adam says:


  7. MrGore says:

    Strong words from what seems a very motivated Anderson Silva and i hope he does do the things he says he will but a part of me believes Chael may just have got the reaction from him hes always wanted and now Anderson may fight following his heart rather than his head which could prove costly (I PRAY IT DOESN’T! IF CHAEL BECOMES CHAMPION GOD HELP US ALL WE’LL NEVER HEAR THE END OF IT!!!)

  8. Mike fawbush says:

    Hahahaha Damn ok silva

  9. Azusa says:

    Sonnen will be laid out like Roger Huerta after that soccer kick to the side of the head!! Feel sorry for him! He will NEVER be a champion in the UFC

  10. Mike Fawbush says:

    Hahaha Damn silva isn’t playing

  11. Method Man says:

    GET EMMM!!

  12. some dude says:

    Silva would destroy sonnen if he could stop sonnen from taking him down. Sonnen all day

  13. Cagin says:

    Marketing genius’s. Both of them are watching the green paper just pile up.

    Pretty excited for this.

  14. BJ Fan says:


  15. Scott Hafley says:

    Regardless of who one is backing….. you gotta dig this shit. In a sport where the objective is to punch each other in the face and snap joints, I don’t want to see hugging before a round starts like we did this weekend at 147. Whether you like the Diaz brothers are hate them, they bring it and don’t include any prefight love. Chael and Silva are both talking the talk…’s hoping they both walk the walk.

  16. michaelcorleone says:

    i just want to hear what sonnen has to say after he gets knocked out in the first round

    • Reality says:

      I wanna hear how he sounds without his teeth! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Majestyk says:

      Still waiting to hear one of Silva’s fans explain how Anderson will have any hope in hell of stopping Chael’s takedowns. And pinning your hopes on the fact that Chael had difficulty taking down Bisping is being ignorant. Bisping’s takedown defense is ten times better than Silva’s. As I’ve said before…a 22 minute ass-beating suggests a repeatable performance. A last minute, hail mary triangle does not. An American will finally be wearing the Middleweight crown this July.

      • primalmasher says:

        you can’t take down what is not there! :O

        it’s a new concept to you, we know… but you’ll get fighting soon enough!

      • rij says:

        a hail mary triangle?

        are you fucking stupid or something?

        you work to get submissions you dumb fuck

        the supposed 22 minute beating all sonnen fans say he gave to silva is a joke

        he had 22 minutes to try and take away the belt from silva

        silva just needed a minute to lock in the triangle and make sonnen tap like a bitch and retain the belt

      • Xaninho says:

        Silva didn’t even TRY to stop the takedowns in the first fight. When did you ever see Silva taken down that much? Silva was out to submit Sonnen so he needed to get it to the ground.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        A year of working TDD with Machida. Seems like a pretty good strategy to me.

      • allmightysandman says:

        …I just don’t understand how the fact that Anderson greased…on camera…making him a total cheater, but the love never dimishes!!

        he holds some sway over people and mezmerizes them a little.

        He’ll probably be Chael, but he’s still a cheater IMHO.

      • Zack says:

        It’s gunna be the same as the Damien Maia fight as far as stopping the take downs. Watch chael vs Anderson first fight. He didn’t attempt to stop one takedown. Id bet the house chael doesn’t take him down one time.

        • Xaninho says:

          So true! He just gave Sonnen his leg. Easiest way for Silva to get it to the ground so he could submit him. Sonnen just threw himself in the trap.

          This time there are no submission promises. Sonnen will tap out again, but this time to strikes.

  17. Linkanator55 says:

    Anderson just played right into Chaels hands. Chael used the Nick Diaz strategy and its working like a charm

  18. Heath Necaise says:

    How will he walk out the loser again, if he breaks his legs? Lol

  19. mma high says:


  20. mean170 says:

    I always liked that Anderson took the ‘high road’ and didn’t respond to the fabrication and shit-talking of Chael. That being said, I love that Silva decided to respond and in the way he responded. He is fed up like all athletes get fed up when someone you’re better than wont stop running their mouth. Silva knows, and has proven, that he is a far superior fighter than Chael Sonnen, and decided to go ahead and say how he feels. Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife, Anderson Silva is going to beat Chael Sonnen badly, and i cant wait to see it.

  21. Jorge S says:

    Too bad that he is going to lose… and sonnen will win!!!! i have heard story about silva being a ass to fans and causing shit in bar, I live in vegas and have few friends in the mma sense and they tell me whenever anderson comes here there is always some type of fight or argument that he causes.

  22. James Troy says:

    typical ignorant anderson silva fans. cheering this type of behavior on. learn some respect. chael ha snever said he wishes anyone harm. but anderson is threatening sonnens career and well being like a savage beast. its malicious and gives the sport a bad image. if you tolerate anythign silva said in this or support him in anyway you are a ignorant dumbshit and do nothign but shame humanity and the sport. chael is a stand up guy if you knew him and actually took th etime to listen to him, but no, anderson nut huggers turn a blind eye and remain ignorant and choose to hate him because he smashes silvas face in for 24 minutes and everythign he says is true. sometimes the truth hurts. deal with it. cant wait for sonnen to smash some sense into this clown for a second time.

    • Boner says:

      You know the crazy thing about what you just said is that if the tables were turned and Silva was the one taunting Sonnen you would still say him and his fans are ignorant. I don’t even wanna know what you would say if Silva was the one with the elevated testosterone levels and Sonnen was the one with the bruised ribs. The man earned his position in the UFC and MMA world, just give him his dues dude. Go check the list of who Sonnen beat and check the list of who Anderson beat. A lot of the people that lost to Anderson Silva would smash Sonnen. Take Maia for instance.

    • JZ says:

      You do know Anderson pulled a Babe Ruth and called his shot in the first fight……you need to watch his documentry leading up to the fight. He tell Nogueria that his is going to make him tap. Minatoro says “no, your going to knock him out.” silva shakes his head then says how im going to make him tap for you.

    • Xaninho says:

      Sonnen can’t smash anything. Silva walked away unharmed, while Sonnen was bloodied up and crying his eyes out because Silva made him tap like a bitch.

  23. Gioda-Folas says:

    Sonnen did put it on Silva the first fight, BBBUUUTTT…..

    There is something just scarey about Silva being this angry. I haven’t seen him this mad ever. I am glad I am not you Sonnen.

    Hey at least it won’t be a snoozer like Silva/Maia or Silva/Laites(SP)…

  24. rondo says:

    Can’t wait for Chael to put the hammer down on Anderson The Spider Silva! 10 fight winning streak gone! MW title Gone! All your fans that thought you’d never lose to Chael gone! All your Showboatin gone! Damn this is gonna be a great night!

  25. NeighborJ says:

    I think its a very good thing to finally see some anger from Silva. What sucks is that the athletic commission are STILL LETTING SONNEN USE TRT. How messed up is that….the best thing is, is that silva is still going to teach sonnen a lesson…sonnen would get completely owned if he couldn’t juice up. It sure would be nice if they would say how juiced he was during their last fight…than everyone would know the true pathetic chael sonnen.

  26. WrestlingRules says:

    Nice to see Silva FINALLY carry the heavy water in selling this fight!!! Sonnen has been doing all the work up to now..I’m beginning to finally like Silva!! Oh yah Sonnen will beat’em up again..

  27. Wow! I like how Silva and all of Brazil acts disrespectful towards American Fighters and our country. Also last I recall Sonnen is pretty respectful towards fighters, its Silva who has been disrespectful towards fighters in the octagon more than once (Forrest Griffin, Mia, and Okami). I hope Anderson tries dropping his hands and act like a monkey just so Sonnen can embarrass him.

    • Nick says:

      Well if he drops his arms it will make it easier to stop the takedown sonnen WILL go for and his stand up is good enough so if he drops his hands Sonnen won’t touch him anyway

  28. floatingsilent says:

    if sonnen is what mma is to become i’d stop watching, some racist douche who just wrestles. yeah i know controlling where the fight is usually determines who has the upper hand(i have seen many douche bag matt hughes fights) but the opinion that screams in my heart is that some one that can actually fight and submit is a true warrior. and if we all remember how the sport started it doesn’t matter who’s on there back and for how long . if you get in a fight in the middle of the nite walking home you could be on the floor for 30 mins as long as you win you live. for me its bout the art. long live fighters like silva, and bj

  29. Jam101 says:

    Fuck all you chael sonnen fans! Silva is and still will remain the greatest of all time!

  30. Andy Silbernagel says:

    I realy don’t think that it was Silva saying these things . Silva doesn’t use the verbage that this person used . Had to be one of his cronies. I realy think Silva has more class than to stoop to the fake Pre Fight Hype . What do you guys think ?

  31. Hard976 says:

    silva will prove once again why he is the best pound for pound king , sonnen is just nothing but a joke and all talk!

  32. Infamouscurt says:

    I believe Chael Sonnen had some advice for Michael Bisping before they’re fight. “You’re only as good as you’re last fight”……well Mr. Sonnen, You looked terrible in your last fight with Mr. Bisping. In fact, I thought you lost that fight. So here’s my advice to you “You’re only as good as you’re last fight.” And Anderson Silva looked pretty damn good in his last fight ๐Ÿ˜‰

  33. Kingsforge says:

    I like how all the Sonnen fans conveniently forget he was juiced up to his eyeballs (regardless of how he obtained it when an average man is 1:1, 16:1 levels are beyond a joke) when they first fought.

    Silva is out for Sonnens blood this time, not a submission, and I for one hope he sprays it all over the cage floor until it’s spilling over the sides.

  34. Xaninho says:

    Can’t wait to see how Silva is going to beat Sonnen up. Then Sonnen will naturally make his move to WWE because the only belt he will hold is a fake scripted one.

    Oh! and hopefully his clueless fanboys will follow him there.

    • jacbo says:

      Yet he will still make more money than you and have a better looking girl than you will ever get.

      Also I hope you got your Anderson Silva Rolling Stones magazine.

      • Xaninho says:

        How do you know he makes more money than I do? I do pretty good for myself. My business is one of the few still making good money in the financial crisis.

        And I seen his gf, she’s cute but she got nothing on any of my gf’s.

        So judging by the way you look up to his wealth and gf, I’d say you live in your mother’s basement with empty pockets where your money should be and you don’t have a gf or she’s a butt ugly one.

      • Xaninho says:

        Why do you assume he makes more money than I do? I’m doing pretty good for myself. My line of business is one of the few still making good money in these financial difficult times.

        I’ve seen his gf, she’s cute but she got nothing on any of my gf’s.

        Judging by the way you apparently look up to his wealth and gf, I’d say you live in your mother’s basement with empty pockets where your money should be and either you don’t have a gf or you got a butt ugly cow.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Man that got under your skin, huh? 2 posts? Wow. So money and chicks get to you…

        • Xaninho says:

          No the first post didn’t appear .

          You could have come up with that all by yourself …..if you had some intelligence.

  35. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    Looks like the sleeping spider has had enough and is now awaken…RUN SONNEN RUN! (Bruce Buffer voice) Standing in this corner, with a snot bubble in his nose, standing in a puddle of piss is…CHAEL SONNEN!!!

  36. John Smith says:

    I have never heard Silva angry like this. I had a feeling he was done with Chael giving crap and was going to wreck him but now Im actually worried for Chael. Chael pissed on the most dangerous man in the world and called him out, now to see how he handles this

  37. Matt says:

    There are some idiots on here.. Im sick of hearing Chael beat him for 4 and a half rounds, since when does that mean Silva wins or what ever… Truth is if that was no rules no refs fight to the death Chael dies because Silva cuts all the oxygen off to his brain.

  38. Craig says:

    All this proves is that Chael finally got into Anderson’s head and made him snap. So we are going to have an emotionally charged Anderson who could slip up and get himself DQ’d and a “supposedly” sane Chael in the other side of the octagon. Before you crotch grabbers get all up on my sack I am nonbias in this fight I dislike both fighters. So by saying Anderson could get himself DQ’d i am saying the same way Eric Silva did by strikes to the back of the head, fishhooking Chaels face or maybe an eye poke. We do not know how Silva will react since he haven’t seen him this emotional. There have been only 2 other times Anderson has been emotional when he got slapped and came back with a shotgun, and in the Abu Dabi fight where he was being a bitch and didn’t want to finish that fighter and Dana just threw the belt at Silva.

  39. David says:

    Anderson i can’t wait, i want to see that trash talker downnnnnn !!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  40. MMA!2 says:

    I think chael still has the most motivation (his dad’s death), gonna be a good one people

    • You Cant Be Serious says:

      His dad was dead before the 1st fight too. We all saw how that ended. Im sure his dead dad is real happy with the way his lame ass son is acting. Chael is a true chump, and the champ of nothing except not being able to defend submissions.

  41. Sonnen says:

    Good god! I would withdrawal if I heard that from Silva. I worry about chael now and I don’t even like the guy!

  42. mmadred says:

    silva said, he “gone change the image of the sport” that what im talking bout. thats the type mess he suppose to be on. once chael disrespected silva’s family he lost all respect from me as a fan. i hope silva does exactly what he wants to with him.

  43. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Yeah Boy! That’s what I been waiting to hear ever since Phael started popping off at the mouth after the first fight! Hope he can’t even eat out off a straw when the fight is over! It’ll give him some time to keep his damn mouth shut n think of all the stupid stuff that he has shitted out of it

  44. EP says:

    Dude its honestly not even funny what Silva is going to this clown. He asked for it though. Now he is sooo fucked. Throughout his whole Career Silva has always been cool calm and collective and never said anything like that about any fighter. Chael have fun in hospital bitch boy. Anderson is send ur “all talk” ass to the wwe where u belong. WAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR SPIDER

  45. CanILive says:

    I just love seeing how fast comments pile up when it’s on this subject

  46. WrestlingRules says:

    I’m just wondering if any of you Silva zombie boyz ever been in a fight??? Cuz you if you have and when anybody ever loses it like Silva is doing, they get beat!! I always beat baby’s that get this mad before a fight. Sonnen is gonna annihilate this guy….Medium Rare Waiter….

    • helio says:

      no one gives a a fuarkk about you wrestling your retarded brothers, you havent been in a fight or beaten any “babies” up

      • WrestlingRules says:

        They maybe retarded, but they would beat your weaselly ass. Your right I don’t fight, I have NO idea about anything and you KNOW everything……rofl…..

        BTW: I know some friends who have a REAL mentally retarded family member and they sir are much less crude than you and I would say has much more intelligence than you. You owe every truly mentally retarded person a heart-felt apology for slandering them by thinking a wrestler is as good as a retarded person. Geez the bs that flies on this site!!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          p.s. byotch! Lady Gaga all the frickin’ way!! til’ death.

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Howdy Coward…..feeling good…hehehehehe

        • You Cant Be Serious says:

          You talk alot of shit behind your keyboard. You wouldnt last 1round in a fight. Gaurdian MMA mufreesboro, tn. Ask for kuku, thats me. I DARE YOU TO SHOW RUNNING YOUR COCK HOLSTER

        • WrestlingRules says:

          @ You Can;t Be Serious…First the post you commented on is actually not me. The Lady Gaga and homosexual references come from the coward(s) named ddecker_06@* signs in under may name and does her little schticks…..

          Now that we have that straight, I am assuming you are actually wanting to speak to me. So I will comment on your comment. First though, Is that gym in TN is that where those fuckin; muslims are building that huge mosque?? Second, I am sure you know all about me so I accept your kind offer. I will definitely look you up when I get to TN. But in the meantime, I do travel a bit and spend time in Dallas, Vegas, Stockton, Boston, Iowa., Albuquerque. Florida. If you find yourself traveling and will be in those places, Let’s meet. I;m sure I can learn something from you.

        • You Cant Be Serious says:

          Yes. Youre correct sir. That is where the muslim assholes are trying to build a mosque. Its quite pathetic. I wasnt sure how sincere you are about coming to the gtm where i train, but you definitely have an open invite. We could probably learn a thing or 2 from one another. Maybe :)

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Thanks on the invite. I don;t get over there much, but I will if I am close. We might be near Nashville in the fall. I will be more than happy to work with you on wrestling. I am a decent boxer as well. What do you train there? Is it juijitsu? I weigh in at 185. Yah these fuckin’ muslims are going to have to be addressed soon. I think they need to be deported. soon.

          Anyways, I would be honored to train and/or fight you..Peace..

  47. helio says:

    Sonnen is getting smacked the fuck up this fight, i cant believe people actually buy the horse shit he spills. he was beaten by bisbitchhhhhhh

  48. helio says:

    remember when Sonnen was adament Okami was going to win the his fight against Silva? hahahahaha

  49. USA says:

    For all you Americans cheering for Silva. Go fcuk yourself and move to 3rd world Brazil.

    • WrestlingRules says:


    • Nuitari X says:

      I’m as American as they come and I hope Silva mops the floor with Sonnen. It doesn’t really matter where a fighter comes from, It’s about how they fight fool. Sorry to burst your bubble but every good fighter in the world doesn’t come from America. The kind of trashy disrespectful shit that Sonnen talks makes all Americans look bad and I hope he retires like he said he would when he loses to one of the greatest fighters of all time…….AGAIN!!!

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      You sound so stupid and corny with that shit. As if the only people we can root for have to be Americans. Freedom of choice is part of what being American is all about, dumb ass

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Never said you couldn’t or HAD to root for an American. I only said that I believe you are unpatriotic if you DO root for a non-American if they are fighting an American . You got it now stooooopid. Well are you patriotic or NOT?? Or do you think being Patriotic is corny and stupid??? What is it with you??

  50. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Silva left out the FACT Sonnen is nothing but a ROIDER who can’t win without being JUICED UP

  51. Finally! This shouldn’t even be the case. Some no rep Fael comes in and almost defeats a greatโ€ฆgimme a break. We’ll see how lame this no name is and he can go back to the ranks of nobodies again. Lol.

  52. Bob says:

    The greatest of all time is fucking pissed!! Play time is over fuck chael!

  53. Boozsh says:

    Anyone who is a fan of phael is not a fan of martial arts. He is not humble at all n all he does is talk. Ya hes won some fights. He bashes on silva n says things like “who did he beat?!” or how he thinks silva had a padded career. Dude who did phael ever beat? The dudes a joke. N someone on here said that phael will beat silva w his wrestling…that means that he wants phael to win by decision? Some of these fans or here i tell u. Ignorance is bliss. I hope silva does everything he says he will cuz that disrespectful bastard phael deserves it.

  54. Chael P. Sonnen says:

    First to my supporters and fans I can promise you one thing i will leave with that belt even if i have to put all of you silva fans to sleep long with Anderson!

    Oh and Anderson if you see this here is a tip for you, if you want to knock my teeth out you had best bring a good old fashioned AMERICAN Louisville slugger with you. Brazil’s best fighter might do better of his back than his wife!

    • Joe Eckman says:

      chill chael lol dogg your very smart, tough, and obviously have hard work ethic.. My 14 yr old nephew loves ya man… its fun for me cause I’m a huge silva fan and cant wait ta watch the fight with him! But I worry if you ever met him he d go home acting like you.. I know your doin it cause you wanna win, maybe sell the fight more and honestly truly hate anderson! your a clown an like it that way, thats kool! But do plz keep in mind your a bit of a role model now… I m not telling you how ta act, simply asking ya ta chill on the wife comments an shit like that! kids in my family and my friends families watch and read into this stuff, I try ta stop em from readin into it by bein a good role model an doin shit with em you know… look forward to the fight! I d like ta see silva crush ya:)

    • GRZ says:

      Your a fag can’t wait to see you take a beating

    • Chael's syringe says:

      Juice some more nutless wimp.

  55. People Are Dumb says:

    So Chael was actually able to get into his head after all.

  56. silva the man says:

    Just so the chael. Fans remember silva was not fully healthy the last fight and wasn’t chael doing steriods I feel bad that u have to be jucied Up to fight but either way Silvan is fully healthy chael will get owned

  57. Mininakis says:

    Anderson looked like a fool in his and Sonnen’s first fight, however; this fight Anderson will come to destroy Sonnen. Sonnen is a good fighter and Anderson does not need to underestimate him. Sonnen has the power and ability to finish anyone, but in my opinion Anderson is just to good of a fighter for Sonnen. So in my opinion I think that Sonnen will not be able to handle Anderson this time.

  58. Chisel Chest says:

    Cant we all just get along? lol
    Regardless of who your rooting for, it should be one hell of a fight!

  59. jones says:

    i can see anderson has no confidence that he will stand or stuff takedown sense he is talking about hurting sonnen from the bottom,,,,however i can see cheal is going to wi this fight y DQ,.the way anderson is talking about broken bones he is ready tto get kicked out the ufc to hurt sonnen…he has enough money ,legacy,and he is near 38 and retires time anyways….i think staven seagal willl show him really illegal but lethal leg and arm breaken moved from the bottom mount…..look for this to be anderson last fight ,,uu are gonna want to have this classic cuz it will prob be band from taping if anderson keeps his promise…..i hope seagal can really teach same dangerous shit..sonnnen needs to learn when to stop selling a fight…sonnnen admiting pretty much that he was a quitter ..he lost 8 fight by sub in the 2nd round and admitted he was looking for the way out….sonnen is a bitch and i hope he will never be able compete again after this…there some things you dont say

  60. Politreco says:

    Folks, I’m in Brazil and I have listened to de” interview” call a lot of times. I’m shure the mam on the phone isn’t Silva, but a guy with a similar voice. It’s probably going to be on the news tomorrow!

  61. Iplk says:

    Folks, I’m from Brazil and I’ve listened to the “interview” call a lot of times. I’m pretty shure the guy on the phone isn’t Silva, but a guy with a similar voice trying to make a joke. You will probably read about it tomorrow!

  62. Igor Darian says:

    Folks, I’m in Brasil and I’ve listened to the ” interview” call a lot of times. I’m pretty shure the guy on the phone isn’t Silva, but a guy with a similar voice. You are probably going to read about it tomorrow!

  63. CombatRusse says:

    I LOVE this attitude
    It fires me so much
    Anderson SIlva the ARTIST will combine his artistic skills with murder intentions!!
    That will be AWESOME!!
    Remember the Forrest fight, and ask that big tough guy how hard and accurate does Silva hits while he had no bad feelings
    This fight will be a LESSON OF VIOLENCE and I do believe that Sonnen will become a depressed junkie after this fight

  64. ry tay says:

    HOLY SHIT this is going to be EPIC!!

  65. fight fan sydney says:

    How can anyone take Sonnen seriously? Iv never seen him do anything more than talk.
    To anyone who’s not a fan of his I fail to see how u could consider him anything other than a total moron.
    All that patriotism crap is ridiculous. It’s the UFC brah, not the Olympics.
    Look,, just shut the fuk up for 5min(if u last that long) and take the beating uv been begging SIlva for for so long.
    Sweet dreams sir

  66. sam says:

    sonnen you cant beat silva he is a next level 2 you!!! infact your shit all you do is wrestle when was the last time u knocked some1 out u mug hahaha enough said

  67. beag says:

    To the more open minded, clear thinking, and largely non predudiced viewers of this sport and Martial Arts it is beautifully clear how special Anderson SIlva is. In every walk of life the great and the wise live to achieve ”the next level”. Anderson lives on the level, from both a mental and physical perspective. If he was a buddha one could say he has achieved Enlightenment. Anytime I have sat down to watch an Anderson fight I get nervous and excitied in a manner which makes me feel as though im watching human history take place. And on that note I can honestly say I am wetting myself at the prospect of this fight and the display of human capabilities Anderson Silva will exhibit.

    War indeed Silva

  68. Xaninho says:

    Anderson beating the shit out of Sonnen while yelling “Who’s the champ bitch?” at him…Can’t wait!

    • James says:

      I would not want to be Chael at this point. I have a feeling that Anderson is going to wreck him. You don’t usually see someone that nice get that pissed, this is going to be a slaughter.

  69. Zack says:

    Ohhhh yeah this one is gunna be ugly for sonnen. Add to the highlight reel for silva.

  70. Born in San Diego says:

    Intertaining comments, now let’s talk fact.
    #1 Anderson is just a better mma fighter argue all you want it’s a fact.
    #2 Sonnen is fortunate the fight has been moved out of Brazzo land he surely would have come home in a box.
    #3 Sonnen has a chance now.
    Thank you,

  71. B-rad says:

    Well after reading this it is pretty obvious, chael is in his head. I dont think silva has ever tried making a prediction about his fights..i know he will still be a calm collective striker but if he comes out to agressive hes just gonna get put on his back

  72. Mike b says:

    Ive watched a lot of chael’s interviews and the first thing that came to my mind was,this guy is fuckin insane…..I think all those triangles he got caught in fucked with his brain.these guys are both good fighters and I just hope to see a exciting fight.all this other shit that’s being said really don’t matter.

  73. bt says:

    Finally silva gets pissed although I doubt its really him but if it is sonnen your dead all that shit talking well see if it gets you anywhere if he’s really that pissed we are going to finally see what happens when you piss off one of the worlds best strikers by now sonnen has to be thinking of ways to puss out

  74. QQQQQQ says:

    Chael gets asses in seats as much as Silva does. He has to go about it a different way by talking trash about everybody’s beloved Silva. But he gets the business paid. And he gets paid.

    With that said, he seems he needs to get into Silva’s head because he knows he could get smashed in a split second. He knows that Silva was injured in the first fight. So he needs to do what he can to swing things in his favor. If this is what he has to do how can you fault him for it? Penn often does similar things…

    In any case I don’t care who wins this fight, although I would like to see Silva lose. I want to see him stay around a little longer. I am afraid he may retire if he beats Sonnen!

  75. jakin says:

    What excuses will all you fucking silva nut huggers have when silva gets smashed. Will it be Anderson had an injury or sonnen cheated. It doesnt matter silva is getting fucked up.

  76. GRZ says:

    I always hated cheal, now I have no resect for his fans, I can’t believe the shit that comes out any mouth involving that pussy bitch sonnen, and on July 7 my wish is going to come true, wooooooooooooppoopoooopoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Seriously there is a reason sonnen, didn’t stay on the line and keep talking shit, he know he is fighting a NEW KINDA MONSTER

  77. GRZ says:

    O ya go stick another meddle in ur ass u junkie, never champ to much of a chump

  78. GRZ says:

    What is this aobut

  79. Chael's syringe says:

    That dude has been juicing throughout his whole trainingcamp and never was subject of random testing. The NSAC should have done a few surprise tests to make sure he isn’t training on extra testosterone. Testing him right before and/or after the fight is useless because this time Sonnen will make sure his levels are back to ‘normal’. 6:1 is nowhere near normal or natural, but it’s legal so you can be sure Chael Sonnen will have 6:1.

  80. J says:

    Chael: ” I will be him for 5 full rounds again”, this guy is dumber then his wwe fanbase. He didn’t even go 5 full rounds.

  81. I’m extremely inspired with your writing abilities and also with the structure in your blog. Is this a paid subject or did you modify it your self? Either way stay up the excellent high quality writing, it is rare to see a great weblog like this one today..

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