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Saturday, 02/18/2012, 06:00 pm

Anderson Silva Gives An Update On His Injury Status, Still Not 100% (Video)

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, gives an update to about his string of injuries that have kept him out of action for the past several months.

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34 Responses to “Anderson Silva Gives An Update On His Injury Status, Still Not 100% (Video)”

  1. BURGER KING says:

    Pathetic. He’s so scared of the real MW Champ Chael P Sonnen.

    • The Dude says:

      Go back to Burger King. You’re “real champ” Chael P Sonnen does NOT have the belt, and did NOT beat Anderson. You cannot contest that, it is a FACT. “Oh but he beat the shit out of Anderson during that fight.” Yes, he did, but did he win? No he didn’t. Luckily for him he will be getting a second chance, so maybe then you can REALLY call him champ.

    • Caleb says:

      The P stands for pussy.

    • Diego_Brandao says:

      True that. His doctor said at the beginning of January that he was 100%, then a week later he came out and said she was lying. Seriously why would she lie? A patient of that stature is not something a doctor would risk losing just to lie for whatever reason, you’d have to be a moron to think the doctor was lying, she doesn’t have motive, Anderson does have motive. I can’t believe these Silva fans think the guy is this untouchable invincible god, have you guys forgotten his fight with Demain Maia? or any of the other fights he was acting like a total asshole? not to mention the fights he has lost or performed terribly? Face it, he’s not perfect. Nobody is but most fighters don’t have huge weaknesses like he does.

      • Raven Blaze says:

        Think about the times Anderson Silva has lost it’s been through some fictional out of no ware once in a life time shit. Like that heal hook he got caught in an tapped out. Tell me 1 fighter who can stop Silva right now an please don’t say GSP or Jon Jones cause they would get crushed by Silva. Though I think Jon Jones would put up a better fight but even he 2 would fall. It’s quit simple Anderson Silva is our Modern day Bruce Lee.

      • Xaninho says:

        Hahaha you’re so dumb it’s not even annoying anymore! You just make me laugh real hard about your stupidity.

        Ofcourse you believe everything Sonnen says is true huh? Like when he says he’s the real champ, and like when he says he didn’t tap, like when he says he truly needs TRT replacement…

        He even got caught in the middle of a fraudulent real estate scam!

        Please post some more of these comments so we all can laugh at your ignorant ass!

    • Raven Blaze says:

      1 When Silva fought Sonnen he had broken ribs their no way in hell a healthy Anderson Silva is going to get out struck an kept on the ground from take downs. We saw that with Dan Henderson who got choked into submission by Silva an Hendo is an Olympic Wrestler who couldn’t keep Silva down. What do you think a Healthy Anderson Silva will do to Cheal Sonnen especially to avenge that last performance especially in Brazil yeah Sonnen will get beat.
      That’s if he makes it to the areana for that fight without getting killed for his rude comments about Brazil. In fact isn’t that why he didn’t go there to support Okami because the UFC got death threats on that motherfucker for running his mouth? Another fact Cheal barley beat the Brit Micheal Bisping what do u think a Healthy Anderson Silva will do to Cheal? I’ll tell you break his spirit then break him.

    • the truth says:

      ahhaha like chael sonnen trying to hide from vitor. get ur mouth straight chael is not even close to be facing vitor and anderson. hes fights are so boring like two man making love in the ring

    • mean170 says:

      I could submit Chael Sonnen. Anderson shouldn’t even fight that clown. Feed him Bisping or Munoz, or let him stomp out Rampage or Dan Henderson(again) or someone else. The ufc needs to stop encouraging the Chael Sonnen nonsense

    • Chael sucks says:

      You didnt just say that HAHAHAHAHA.
      That sorry ass of a bad looser, he cant admit he’s not the best.
      U might guess why that is, because of he isnt the best, he choked out by anderson silva in a triangle where he didnt need to be on the ground, stupid mistakes by stupid fighters @ Chael sonnen…
      he’s not even a martial artist, theres no meaning by this word anymore.

    • Lazar says:

      ..Sonnen has a chance to beat Anderson, as the worm on the hook..

    • Juarez says:

      Someone should tell the ufc. the stupid fucks still think anderson won!

  2. mma is my religion. says:

    the real champ sonnen, yeah right. You have to be one stupid fuck to believe that sonnen is the champ. sonnen fans are fucking idiots. All sonnen speaks is bullshit. Calling himself undefeted with 11 losses. He needs to go to the WWE with that bullshit.

  3. Chartmonster says:

    Too fkn bad I can’t reply some of these fkn idiots on here..the Chaelmonster is going to kick his ass again and nothing ..not even his country can help the injured spidey. Can u say..retirement!

  4. the truth says:

    ahhaha like chael sonnen trying to hide from vitor. get ur mouth straight chael is not even close to be facing vitor and anderson. hes fights are so boring like two man making love in the ring.

  5. mma is my religion. says:

    cheal is joke. His stand up is one of the weakest in mma. He only relies on his wrestling. cheal sonnen shouldnt be running his mouth with that weak ass record of his. shit maia made his ass tap. Hes lucky it was bisbing and not munoz he fought.

  6. Mike McMack says:

    If Anderson can tapout Sonnen with cracked ribs then he for sure can do so with a sore back and shoulder. Before the Okami fight you can see the trainer working on trying to loosen the lower back of Anderson, and while Buffer was doing his intro Anderson was trying to keep his lower back loose. I don’t think any fighter shows up on fight night 100% because of the rigors of training.

    Anderson is getting old, he should look at retiring after 2 maybe 3 more fights. Every champ’s reign comes to an end and I just hope Anderson chooses to step out on top.

  7. vic the brick says:

    this video is old as hell… Ive seen this like 6 months ago

  8. Nuggets says:

    So in this interview hes still doing physical therapy and not back to training hard, but in an other interview hes “ready and back to training hard”. So which one is it?

  9. Pijan says:

    Easy fight for Silva..assuming Chael isn’t doping up this time around.

  10. DBKlein69 says:

    @ raven blaze, dont be so gullible. anderson would never have been cleared to fight if he had broken ribs. the only reason he said that is because he was embarrassed at how chael ragdolled him in front of the entire world.
    as for an update on his injury status? lol i’ll give u an update on his injury status: anderson will be 100% and ready to fight when chael is no longer next in line to fight him. lol
    anderson silva is afraid of chael sonnen. plain as day.

  11. Chartmonster says:

    More fkn dumbasses on here like usual. Chael this and that! Shut the fkn up morons..Chael will destroy Andy and his injuries. Everybody knows he’s hiding, and Chael will chase him all the way to brazil..

  12. yeah silva is probs shitting himself on account of chael giving him more hits than he has had in his entire mma career by the end of round 1. Plus the guy below me is a arabian bi sexual carpet cleaner

  13. Dee says:

    It’s called age. It’s sad because Silva should be enjoying retirement right now.

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