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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 04:34 pm

Anderson Silva Favors GSP Fight Even If GSP Loses To Condit | UFC NEWS

“Regardless of who wins, even if St. Pierre loses, a fight with me can happen. A fight like this is above anything else. St. Pierre is one of the greatest of the UFC. Right now, a fight with Condit is meaningless.”

UFC middleweight champion, Anderson Silva, seems to have his eyes set and locked on a potential match up with the welterweight champ, GSP. So much so that when asked if the UFC 154 bout between GSP and Carlos Condit would have an impact on his decision, the champ said no.


(quote credit: Brazilian media outlet SportTV)


65 Responses to “Anderson Silva Favors GSP Fight Even If GSP Loses To Condit | UFC NEWS”

  1. Abeyta says:

    OH SH*T!!!!! This fight is really going to happen!!!!!

    • UFC Fan says:

      Let’s hope to god that it does.

    • Magoo says:

      If Georges losesto Condit, what’s the point! The mystique would be gone, but we all know he won’t so hopefully they make it happen!

      • Nicain says:

        There was never any mystique, we just want to see Silva destroy GSP so even if he loses to Condit, the fight will still sell the same.

        Even if GSP wasn’t overrated, a loss after a year lay off isn’t a huge deal.

      • Jon says:

        I can only see GSP losing by decision, and even that’s unlikely. I think the fight would be good, just for the fact that both guys have dominated their divisions. I’d even say GSP has faced better competition than Silva, it’s just that Silva’s fighting style is much more interesting. Win or lose, I’d like to see who takes it.

  2. Tapitout21 says:

    No this fight won’t happen and I’m a huge silva fan. He would destroy gsp but it’s all hype and will never happen.

    • says:

      You are wrong then right… I’ll explain.
      !Anderson Silva vs GSP? …Yes!! You are Dam right!!… What do you think he is trying to do? Hype what? Hes calling GSP out and he will get him 100% . UFC hype fights. This is not a popularity contest is a business… It might not happend this year but your are right is a hype for a fight that is going to happend. This will be one for the ages!!!

    • oh really says:

      thats interesting that you know the future, how will the fight end? and in what round?

  3. Sr.stinson says:

    Well, it doesn’t really matter because GSP will smash Condit and by smash I mean lay and pray on him once he catches rundit of course, and then hopefully silva will smash GSP and by smash I mean kick the shit out of him.

  4. Diaz bro says:

    If he is so interested In big fights, then fight Jones, It’s a pussy move to want the fight with the great welter weight, and not the great light-heavy weight, especially when Silva has no problem fighting at 205, and has had success.

    • scotty says:

      Just shutup already with the Silva vs. Jones, its not going to happen! They both said they dont want to fight each other, the end!

      • Diaz bro says:

        Never said the fight was gonna happen dbag, your saying what I’m saying they both won’t fight each other, and why? Are they long time friends, are they from the same team, do the have the same agent? NO! It’s because they don’t want a loss on they’re records at this point , because of the money they are making, and that isn’t what the greatest of all time do, the greatest want to fight the very best.

    • scotty says:

      I think Silva just wants one Superfight, a huge payday then retire! I think if GSP wins, Silva vs. GSP will happen on superbowl weekend, will crush the PPV buys and Silva leaves the UFC the greatest ever and with a huge paycheck to rest on!

    • Pancho says:

      So true. The Jones/Silva fight is something more people wanna see plus he can fight at 205 no problem instead of being a bitch and fighting littler guys

      • KIDD433 says:

        It’s not a fight I wanna see.I wanna see Jones gay ass actually someone closer to his size.He walks around weighing more than Dos Santos,He should fight Dos Santos

        • KIDD433 says:

          Pancho ur retarded.Jones is the Bitch for fighting lil guys.He cuts 35 lbs,and has a 10″ reach advantage over these small ass 5′-11″ and 6’footers.That’s the only damn reason he’s running over these big names

        • Pancho says:

          Poppin someones a real jones hater? Probably cause he destroyed your favorite fighter right? He’s the future whether you like it or not, and even at HW his reach is still longer than there’s. The only people that don’t wanna see Jones vs Silva are Silva dick riders like yourself that don’t wanna see him lose

        • K2 says:

          Hey Pancho! Speaking of dick riding…. Is that a chocolate, mushroom-looking, JBJ-flavored lollipop you’re sucking on?

      • blue says:

        Very weird that a champ would call out a champ from a weight class below him. Can you imagine JDS calling out Jones? Or Bendo calling out Alves? Pretty stupid if you ask me, especially when Silva already said he wouldn’t fight Jones…


          @BLUE.It would make perfect sense for Dos Santos to call out Jones.Jones weighs a lil more than him and is actually much bigger in overal size.Yet Jones still fights at 205,IRONIC

        • Jon Heffner says:

          UhmBlue… get your facts straight dude, Silva offered on 8 days notice. He wasnt even training. It was Jones who declined.

    • Reality says:

      @Diaz Bro The simple answer is lower risk and higher reward. Jon Jones would be higher risk with the same or lesser reward. In addition to that GSP has been the reiging champion with an unbeaten streak much longer and said he would fight Silva. The stage has been set for a long time. By the time Jones has the accolades of a GSP or Anderson Silva the Spider may be too old abd ready to retire.

  5. drew says:

    hahaha id love gsp to win and anderson brings his MW belt that same night knowing that he will be able to hold both up and and then gives dana the welterweight belt at the post press conference and just keeps the mw belt hahahaha dude how fuckn boss would that be

  6. Shadleigh says:

    He is all for fighting GSP cause he knows he will win. I wish he would fight JBJ and give the fans the superfight we want to see the most!!!

  7. Legends says:

    Its a GOOD pick because GSP’s run as CHAMP is Longer and More acknowledged NOW than Bones is…even though BONES is the Ex-Champ KILLA he hasnt even been Champ for a Year now…………….GSP vs SPIDER Vegas Baby!!!

  8. Shadleigh says:

    JBJ beat shogun march 2011. Been champ for almost 1 1/2 yrs

  9. Tommy gunnz says:

    Gsp is going to make babies with condit then silva will Forrest Griffen gsp.

  10. Nick says:

    Who wants to see a fighter going into his prime fight a fighter coming out of his I mean if there wa a way to time travle and Jones and Silva fight when Silva was a few years younger.

  11. Baconz says:

    Yes! Yes! Yes! Make it happen!!!

  12. ChosenPredator says:

    It would be funny if GSP dominated Silva the shock that would be surging through the core of the internet would be hilarious, the guy who lost his mojo when serra knocked him out and became a pure wrestler to win fights gets his mojo back by a brutal Andreson silva knockout…who knows obviously its hard to doubt silva would even be close to losing to GSP but we shall see.

  13. Tokofeigy says:

    This fight will end so fast that all of our built up adrenaline will have no where to go and end up with us kicking each others asses blaming the person who ordered it…..Silva via 1st rd KO

  14. BruceGenre says:

    I thought he wanted a challenge, GSP has no chance against him and he knows it. Yes he would get taken down, but GSP’s ground and pound wouldn’t work against a bigger foe who’ BJJ isn’t bad if you ask Sonnen. If he won’t fight his friend than fight is countryman JDS. Now that would be a good stand up fight.

  15. co22wen says:

    hey! this is going to be a real fight and dont doubt GSP! theyre both smart and skilled fighters. this should be a very very interesting matchup

  16. stephen riddle says:

    I respect both fighters regardless of styles. I really think silva would take this too easy if gsp trys current ways but if the old gsp shows up with improved boxing who knows?

  17. Rob says:

    Silva said if Jon makes 185 he would fight him

    • Pancho says:

      That’s the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. He knows that’s out of question. And he fights at LHW just fine. He’s SCARED

      • Diaz bro says:

        100% he is fkn scared homie

        • 8boll says:

          Erm Silva will fight anyone foolish enough to step foot in the MW division. Silva’s frame is not built for LHW. Did you see how out of shape he looked vs Forrest? He looks fat and sluggish at LHW so why should he step out of his natural weight class? He started as a WW ffs! Quit with the Silva must step up to LHW, i’m sure he knows himself better than you do…

        • Diaz bro says:

          Yeah he looked real slow, ur fkn dumb, he wants to fight the smaller fighter, he is 2-0 at lhw in the UFC, he could fight 205, and Anderson is already ducking Weidman, don’t give me he will fight anyone @ 185, he has tried to pick and choose his fights for along time now, BJPenn fights out of his weight class for the challenge and to fight the best cuz he has heart, Silva said he would fight anyone at 205 But Jones lol.

      • jersey says:

        What if gsp called out benson. U would all call gsp a pussy. Anderson only wants easy fights

  18. Good Fight says:

    Silva seems to want a piece of GSP now if Condit bitch kicks himself to victory I think it still makes for a good fight…

  19. 9lives304 says:

    I’d love to see this fight, cuz GSP is a better & stronger wrestler than Sonnen and we seen Sonnen repeatedly put Silva on his back…he couldn’t do shit once he got him there, but got him there nevertheless. We all know what skills Silva possesses but i’m REALLY hoping GSP puts on a good show against Condit and actually finishes a damn fight…that would make the Silva vs GSP matchup even more anticipated. GSP has the skills to finish fights. It just seems like he doesn’t wanna risk the damage to himself, or put himself at risk to get caught with a wild punch or kick…..he’d rather put u on ur back and eek out a victory…which of course is still a W, but not at all exciting or fun to watch for us fans. I like both fighters, and i think it’d only be fair for them to fight at a catch weight that way either both belts are up for grabs or neither belt is up for grabs….how else would u do it?

  20. BJ is KING says:

    This is good, coming out of the lions mouth. I want to see if GSP studying the Spider will work for him, if he can spot a weakness that few of us can (I’m guessing that he will punch and shoot for the takedown). This will be the greatest fight in UFC history (I hope).

  21. Jeff says:

    I think Silva vs GSP is a one sided fight. I’m a fan of neither but hands down Silva is a better fighter. I think GSP is a terrific athlete, “Athlete”. Silva is a talented “Fighter”. The better more practical matchup for this “Super” fight is without a doubt , Jones vs Silva. Coming from a fight fan perspective because none of these three athletes are my favorite fighters but without a doubt are the best in the world. I think Silva is only choosing GSP is because he truthfully knows that’s the easier matchup for him out of those two champions. He does not want his legacy to end in a loss.

  22. Bjj BB says:

    And this is why people!! why jbj said no to sonnen, cause its meaningless!!!

  23. stop being stupid says:

    Are u all fucking kidding me? or are you just trying to deny it? GSP would dry hump silva for 5 rounds lets all be honoest and stop being byassed its plain and simple, Phail Sonnen easily took silva down in both fights with little effort and compared 2 GPS sonnen is a fucking high school scrub wrestler GSP as by far the best wrestling in the buisness it would be another win for GPS via dry hump with no lube plain and simple

  24. Desan says:

    This fight will not live up to the hype. GSP isn’t the same as he was back in the day… back then he was hungry and wanted to win hence he was destroying people… and now he’s just been on top too long and fights to not lose (point fighter). If the old GSP the way he used to be took this fight it would be a good one… but as he is now ? Silva will just kick he’s head off like he does to everyone else. If he lost to Condit he may be more motivated for a fight of this calibar.

  25. Galfano says:

    Ed Soares said that Silva would fight JBJ at a catch weight. The same thing that GSP said for Anderson Silva. Now Silva is calling out GSP and it is looking like it could happen. The only way we would see him fight JBJ, is if he does the same. Instead of asking Silva to step up, people should be asking JBJ to look for the fight. JBJ has also mention he wants to fight at HW, which I like the idea because I would love to see him match up to JDS, Cain or Overeem.

  26. CombatRusse says:

    GSP might loose to Condit intentionally just to have the rematch and avoid being humiliated by Silva.
    Just kidding, although I’m not the biggest GSP fan, I hope he’ll win against Condit and that he’ll still healthy and that he doesn’t get scared and that Fucking Greg Jackson doesn’t get scared too, so that we can watch the biggest combat sports fight in human history

  27. CombatRusse says:

    GSP might loose to Condit intentionally just to have the rematch and avoid being humiliated by Silva.
    Just kidding, although I’m not the biggest GSP fan, I hope he’ll win against Condit and that he’ll still healthy and that he doesn’t get scared and that Greg Jackson doesn’t get scared too, so that we can watch the biggest combat sports fight in human history

  28. Chaelisdead says:

    Much more interesting than carl weidman thats for sure

  29. 123 says:

    anderson silva vs jon jones makes more sense. GSP is going to get knocked out by carlos condit.

  30. Brend0magic says:

    Fight wont happen. GreaSP is scared of fighting Anderson, and we all know he should be. Silva will smash him unless GreaSP can take him down and lay n pray.

  31. CTH OvE says:

    Anderson will win by however he wants. GSP cannot stand with him. GSP might get takedowns but he is not as tough as Chael and cannot take as much damage, and he cannot GnP as well as Cheal.

    GSP gets merked in the 2nd round. But Really whenever Silva wants.

  32. matt says:

    First off silva vs..gsp will never be a better fight then silva vs. Bones..and second bones is the biggest bitch in mma today!!sonnen wouldve kicked his ass..thats why bones didnt take the fight cause hes a coward!!plain and simple!!

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