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Wednesday, 01/22/2014, 06:47 pm

Anderson Silva Eyeing Roy Jones Jr Boxing Match Before UFC Return?

It is fair to assume that Anderson Silva’s year is going to be full of rehabilitation for his broken leg. However, “The Spider” has made his desire to make a comeback very known to the public.

Along with a return to the Octagon it seems that the former UFC middleweight king still yearns to have a bout against one of his heroes, and one of the greatest boxers of all time, in Roy Jones Jr..

Silva has stated that he has big plans for his return, including claims to take his shot at Hollywood, but first on his list is the supposed match up with Jones Jr. which Silva called his “biggest goal”.

This match up, obviously, would take things falling into place just right. Silva is still on contract with the UFC, and we all know how touchy Dana is with sharing. But the fact that White has been close knit in the boxing community for years may prove beneficial for Silva.

This alleged match up could possibly happen before we even see Silva in a cage as he stated that his return to MMA could take some time. Understandably so considering the severity of his injury, but Silva was clear to say that even though he may not be in a cage anytime exceptionally soon he plans on making this hoped appearance “as soon as I can fight again”.

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