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Thursday, 09/26/2013, 11:36 am

Anderson Silva: Chris Weidman’s knockout win was ‘definitely lucky’

Former UFC middleweight champion, Anderson “The Spider” Silva, recently participated in a Q & A session (via Fight Hub TV) where he was asked to comment on the combination, thrown by Chris Weidman, that put him down at UFC 162 in July:

“Lucky, definitely lucky.” Stated the former champ.

When asked to clarify if he considers the upset win by Weidman to be nothing more than luck, Silva simply laughed off the question and refused to answer, asking for the next reporter to give him a new question.

Silva’s response to Weidman’s fight-ending combination came as a surprise, considering how the former 185-pound kingpin has been so adamant in asking fans and media alike to show Weidman, the respect he deserves.

Regardless, Anderson has stated that he plans on “Returning the knockout” when he and Weidman rematch at UFC 168 this December.

What do you think Penn Nation? Was Chris Weidman’s knockout of Anderson Silva ‘Lucky’, as “The Spider” suggests?


75 Responses to “Anderson Silva: Chris Weidman’s knockout win was ‘definitely lucky’”

  1. no gi bjj says:

    not sure why would you call it lucky, dude meant to punch you in the face and he punched you in the face, Chris’s eyes were open when he put those combo together, it wasn’t like he did it out of panic, he closed the distance, judged his range, threw a beautiful combo and a few landed…that’s no luck mang, now can he do it again…don’t know mang lol

  2. Sebastian says:

    Okay after watching the fight over and over again.

    I can say that simply, Anderson got clipped, Weidman got Anderson down, but couldn’t keep him there with anything TRULY threatening.

    For the KO, Anderson got clipped, that “combination” looked really amateur, powerful, but looked like swinging more than technique.

    Now the rematch, if Chris trains harder on his cardio, he may actually win again.

    For Anderson, if he doesn’t fuck around, he will put Chris away.

    People who disagree with this, I hear you, but let me ask you this…

    Did Dan Henderson in 2007 hit harder and was he tougher than Chris Weidman?

    My answer… yes he was.

    So let’s see what happens

    • squid says:

      yeah i agree chris weidman is a beast and he definitely has a good chance of winning. however, if anderson doesn’t play around and respects his opponent this time, i definitely think he has a good chance of knocking weidman out. i hope the spider gets this one back

    • 757 says:

      Wow great. He knocked out the world chap you fucking moron! Have some respect for the fighter and the sport. Stop making excuses. I like Anderson but he got beat!!! You fucking whiners are stupid. He got knocked out!!!!What the fuck do you know about what looks amateur or not. Any idiot that makes a statement like that doesn’t know jack about any sport let alone fighting

  3. Big J says:


    I hear your argument, but even Anderson said “his playing around” is his style of fighting. I think it’s hard for people to acknowledge Anderson was trying in his last fight.

    He will do the same this time around, “play around,” just like he did last fight, because this is his fighting style. It’s true, Hendo may have had more power, but Hendo doesn’t have Weidman’s foot speed or the same ground game as Weidman, which makes Weidman a greater threat.

    I have Weidman defeating the Spider again, and hopefully this time he gets the respect he deserves!

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    That ‘combination’ Weidman was throwing was ridiculous. It looked like he just stepped into a gym for the very first time and still needs to learn how to throw a decent punch.
    The reason why Anderson got KO’d was because he leaned right into that half assed semi hook Weidman was throwing.
    Weidman took him down once in the first round and didn’t do shit with it. Second round Silva stuffed every takedown attempt and forced Weidman into a striking match which he should have won with one hand tied behind his back. But anything can happen in the ring or octagon…Literally anything.

  5. LoneWolf says:

    Silva wins by TKO with a head kick in 3rd round after softening Wiedman up in the 1st and 2nd rounds.

  6. UFC 84 Forever says:

    Both guys were coming off of injuries/surgeries and neither guy was themselves 100% in the first fight and yet we still saw brilliance from both sides. This time it’s going to be the real match up. Don’t count out either man out – simple as that.

    • 757 says:

      Moron….AS clowned around, got hit in the face and went to sleep. Other fighters and anyone with a brain chastised him for it and your saying brilliance…ha ha whoa

      • 757 real name: Chris Weidman says:

        Chris calm down we all know thats you bro. Second of all… It was pure luck what happened… Puncher’s Luck! everyone that knows anything about the sport of mma knows that Anderson handed belt over to weidman tied with the bow on a silver platter. He could have finished that fight at any point in time, he chose not to bc he didnt give a f*ck… Weidman had nothing to offer Silva round 1 standing or taking him on ground. Silva dropped his hands , Weidman threw sloppy combo Silva leaned into hook, and he got clipped. If he would have taunted and FOUGHT that fight ends early and by however Anderson wants it to. NOW… he has a reason to be motivated to fight Weidman and i guarantee u will see total domination and destruction and Anderson will dismantle and finish Weidman. There is no question or doubt in my mind!

  7. 123 says:

    I like him but if 2 men fight & 1 gets knocked out how is it lucky, Anderson Silva was being disrespectful as always & got what he deserved.. next time Chris Weidman will have him tapping out.

  8. Kmart says:

    No matter how humble and respectful he pretends to be before and after fights his true colors always show… Phony!

  9. mean170 says:

    Luck can be created. Silva kept his hands down and dared Weidman to hit him. A lot of other fighters hesitated to throw punches at him in the same situation. You miss 100% of the punches you don’t throw. Weidman kept attacking and Silva moved right when he should have moved left, and the rest is history. For the first time in 5 years or so fighters truly believe they can go in there and beat Anderson. It may have been a fluke, but fighters now know that they can take down the best fighter in the world with one well-placed punch. Hopefully we see the ‘Spider’ with his hands up respecting his opponents striking as we did against Vitor and Dan Henderson. Otherwise, we may see him lose a few more times before his 9 fight contract is up.

  10. wes says:

    There is no luck in fighting.
    Weidman has a strong mind to stay calm fighting the champ.

  11. Demetrious says:

    you people crack me up you watched the fight how many times and still don’t get that it was the second shot on the ground that ko’ed him everyone keeps say the left hook ko’ed him it dropped him the second shot bounced his head off the canvas and put him out

  12. 100% haole says:

    wat is luck wen u fight ? anyone that that fights (not with a keyboard) knows that wen you want to land a knock out punch, da jaw is da place you want to hit, especially with 1 hook. Weidman is one of the best wrestlers, he has a strong mind to stay calm in front of the world and believe in himself fighting one of the best. every dog has there day……

  13. Dddddddddd says:

    I’m suprised to hear Anderson saying such stupid sh!t. The luckiest fight I’ve ever seen was Anderson’s last minute finish of Chael. Now that was lucky and sloppy. I hope Anderson and Vitor lose and have to rematch. I’d love to see Vitor get lucky and nuke Anderson.

    • zack says:

      That was not luck. It was stupidity from chael. Watch the fight again anderson had his wrist for at least 45 – 60 seconds before he threw up the triangle. Thats what happens when u try to coast to a decision.

      • zack says:

        And im not sayin weidmans KO was luck either. That was stupidity from anderson. Luck would be u two guys gettin some p***y.

        • Se7enhollow says:

          Hahahahaha that was the funniest god damn thing I’ve heard this entire post! Who gives a shit if it was luck or not, it happened…..Anyone who is dumb enough to stand there with your hands down should be humbled! I am a Silva fan, I don’t like Weidman, not because he beat Silva, just because I don’t much care for his sloppy style….He caught Silva being a retard and ended his Reign! Congratulations…Do I think he will beat Silva in the rematch? That depends on Silva, I honestly believe only Silva can beat Silva! Like the last fight. People coming in here calling other people morons based on their own opinions well…… a Moron! Just sayin!!!

  14. NICK says:


  15. Brett says:

    When Silva stood up near the end of the 1st round, is was clearly evident who was the superior fighter. I was just waiting for Silva to fire off his combo and put Weidman away. Unfortunately, he danced around a little too long and paid the price. Next fight, Silva wins by KO rd 1.

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