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Friday, 10/19/2012, 11:42 am

Anderson Silva Changes Tune: Right Circumstances And He Will Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS

Anderson Silva is not aspiring to leave his UFC middleweight belt, but if a bout opposite Jon Jones goes down – it would be at a catchweight.  During a a promotional event in  Rio de Janeiro  the  middleweight kingpin tells Brazil’s SporTV

“People are talking about it.  I don’t have such intentions, there isn’t any motive to do so, mostly because there are several people form my team who belong to his weight class Minotouro, Maldonado, Feijao, Caldeirao.  My weight is 84kg, that’s my title.  But lots of people talk about it, and some of those are UFC’s emploees.  

It’s obvious, I might be saying that I don’t want, but if he accepts the money Dana offers him?  It is going to get tough.  It isn’t the cash that makes me do what I do, I fight because I like it.  I don’t know…I wouldn’t like.  But if it’s going to happen it would have to be in catch weight.  His belt wouldn’t be on the line. I already have my title, I don’t want my title to be on the loose.”

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65 Responses to “Anderson Silva Changes Tune: Right Circumstances And He Will Fight Jon Jones | UFC NEWS”

  1. Cel415 says:

    and everybody can start goin crazy……… NOW!

  2. Nick says:

    Damn! This fight is gonna happen. And the GOAT will come out on top!

  3. DatGuy says:

    i hope this is not only talk -.- i hope it really happends

  4. Carl says:

    All I want 2 knw is when is the fight between silva an miss jones. Ps silva all the way

  5. Wez4real says:

    And then hopefully they’ll do another and another and it will draw in so many more UFC fans. The chuck liddell and randy couture trilogy got me hooked on UFC.

  6. Roberto says:

    Spell check and proof read your articles before submitting for all to enjoy.

  7. 123 says:

    it should be anderson silva coaching on the ultimate fighter against jon jones, not chael sonnen.

  8. Scotty says:

    A catch weight, if they decided to do it, it most likely be at 195.. Can Jones even cut 10 more pounds without completely draining himself? I mean he probably could be would he want to? I guess he might since he is all about money and this fight would bring him lots of money.. Dana lets make it happen!

    • This is just getting SAD says:

      My bet is no. I don’t think Jones could get his weight under 196 without making himself a physical disgrace. He’s got 205 down to a science and wouldn’t want to go lower in my opinion.

  9. Zack says:

    Just like I said. I bet jones is shittin in his pants now.

  10. Know your shit. says:

    Roberto. Really man? If you wanna be a fucking grammer jew, go be a teacher somewhere and stay off these sites! People like you are annoying as fuck..

  11. Finn says:

    Even if it has to happen at 205, I know Dana is desperate to make this fight. He may even cut some corners and make it a 205 non-title fight if that is the only thing Anderson will agree to. Dana will do anything he can to make it happen, he’s said so himself.

  12. mezzanoche says:

    This would be so fucking insane…Dana will make this shit happen because I think GSP has zero intentions of fighting Anderson. Let’s get this on asap.

  13. Rich says:

    Lets go Dana White, cancel tuf show and make this happen…I want you to shit on Chael dream to get more publicity this would draw huge numbers and you could save face!

  14. Dr Gonzo says:

    This is the biggest fight ever – its like Mayweather vs Pacquiao – please just get it on

  15. Glenn says:

    Why go down in weight? Have a catch weight at 215 lbs. Anderson walks around at 220 (He said so when he was on “cribs”) and he doesnt need to weigh the max limit (he can be underweight as seen in the Bonnar fight). I think this would be more sensible than 195,which Jones couldnt make, Or a Non title 205 bout, which wont happen..

  16. Jonny says:

    Hmmm interesting… Especially his last few words…. I don’t want titles on the line I don’t want to loose my belt.

    Kinda sounds like he thinks he could lose…. Calm down trollers… Silva is also a pretty humble guy!

    I would prefer to see this over gsp vs silva, Silva too big for gsp and would roll him.

    Now jones would be a challenge I think, but silva is a freak and would beat him…. Good note to retire on as well… I’d love to see jones get tuned in by him!

    • ballsackface says:

      anderson said himself that he has 5 years left in him
      only 2 fights on contract but wants to fight for another 5 years

    • Joseph says:

      Right, so Silva is too big for GSP…but Jones isn’t too big for Silva? I hope you’re kidding. Silva even looked small against Bonnar…and Griffin. Some people just don’t realize how big Jones is. The kid could fight in HW and still have a comfortable height and reach advantage. I think Silva would beat Jones, but let’s not say stuff like Silva’s too big for GSP when everyone wants to see Silva fight a much bigger Jones. That’s just hypocritical.

    • Xaninho says:

      I think he feels like he has to give up the 185 belt once he beats Jones in his own 205 weightclass. He doesn’t want the 205 belt because he would have to defend it against his friends. In 185 he doesn’t have to fight his friends.

  17. stfn says:

    Jones already stated he’d like to fight Andy back in 2011, in GracieMag of July.

    Make this fight happen. Anderson grows older every month and it would be blasphemy if the best of the world, never fought each other.

    I’d prioritize this fight before something bad and unforeseen, could ruin the chances of it ever happening.

  18. Black Jesus says:

    Grammar Nazis are pussies!!!

  19. Alex says:

    Dana workin’his magic

  20. Generation X says:

    Who ever thinks that Anderson Sylva can beat Jon Jones is on the crack pipe. Jon Jones will wear Anderson Sylva slap ass OUT!!!

  21. RET says:

    Anderson Silva vs Jon Jones
    George St pierre vs Nick Diaz
    Ronda Rousey vs Chris Cyborg

    all in one, cowboys stadium 2013

  22. kyle says:

    i hope this happens…it has to

  23. KIDD433 says:

    I’d rather see Jones fight someone actually his size.He should be fighting Cigano,Not smaller fighters he’s been fighting.He’s freaken huge,he should’ve been fighting at HW in the first place

  24. Tapitout21 says:

    This must be a Pedro story…no where in there did silva say he had changed his mind. All he said was it would be a catch weight which had been the case Dana has said all along, this fight and silva/gsp never happen

  25. Nikols says:

    It should be Silva and Jones on the next TUF now that this news is out!

  26. Bawlls says:

    If silva/jones were coaching on TUF think of all the extra tension between them when they fight itd turn into a war i hope haha, tho silva said he wants it to be promotional fight where as TUF isnt a promotion its is an exhibition.

  27. Omoplata says:

    If this fight happened it would not be in Brazil . It would be in Dallas at cowboys stadium , this is the 100,00+ crowd Dana has been talking about.

  28. Dick Diaz says:

    this fight will not happen.

  29. Sonnen blows Dana White says:

    This fight will never happen neither will gsp vs silva it’ll probably get canceled cause jon jones cant find his bible

  30. 2lowtoe says:

    gsp or daiz first there is all the tyme in the fucking world lets get the fuckin thing man

  31. 2lowtoe says:

    bj penn i love you more than life it self my nef-u name is bambam he had cancer he is well now he wants 2 fight so bad but he dont kno how 2 train like a champ i ben with my girl now4 20 myears with kids i am a speed sk8er i am 40 i love 2 watch mma
    if u could only show my little homie the ropes it would b so nice bjpenn .com baby
    if u like halla at me i will try 2 send him 2 u so he can learn from the best he has never fought b4 but cant wait 2 dias is his fav but think u got more 2 offer please think on it halla back this is a dream

  32. Kjtrlt says:

    Someday maybe we’ll see this. The circumstances will have to rhyme with “dumptruck full of honey,” to make Silva risk his legacy.

  33. Ninja87 says:

    Silva’s fought at LHW three times already. It seems kinda suspect that he’s only willing to fight, Jon Jones at a catch weight. Plus who knows if Jones could even cut to 195 without dehydrating himself. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see

  34. Josiah says:

    @Joseph….have you seen GSP fight in 185? NO, thats bullshi*t he’d look like a miniature roy nelson. how about silva, have you seen him fight in 205? well i know i’ve seen him, looks healthy too and he pretty much played around with his opponents like little kids.
    **so still got a problem bout silva being too big for GSP and jones not being too big for silva?

  35. BJ is KING says:

    God, so much respect for AS atm if he isn’t talking shit. First champion thats been so dominant who is willing to “tarnish” his record for a shot at eternal glory. Just the fact that he would challenge JBJ and GSP makes me impressed, now Dana make it happen.

  36. fuckoff says:

    I call bullshit on this entire article

  37. GET RID OF GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:


  38. CombatRusse says:

    This fight will be better than Mayweather vs Pacquiao.
    And there is a chance it wouldhappen. This is the only one positive point from Dana White’s dictatorship in the MMA world

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