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Wednesday, 03/14/2012, 12:10 pm

Anderson Silva | Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Deserve This Rematch

“(What does Chael Sonnen represent for my career?) Nothing! He’s possessed by a demon. That’s the truth. He’s an athlete that failed the drug test, I fought him while injured, and he had problems with the American Justice system. He respects nothing and he didn’t respect our country. What does he represent? Nothing… I respect the opinions and the positions of the promoters of the fight and the owners of the event, but in my opinion he shouldn’t get the chance to fight me again. But that’s not something that I can decide. I will get ready for the fight just as I would with any other… He disrespected our idols that made history in the world of sports, such as Lance Armstrong. This guy is complicated, he’s got personal issues. The attention that the Brazilian media gives him, the attention that Palmeiras gave him, it’s very bad. If any Brazilian would be in the position that he finds himself in, if they would talk about the US and he does about Brazil, and the American idols, we wouldn’t even have the same opportunities of going in their country or talking to the American media. I think that Brazilians should be more patriotic, like the Americans.”

UFC middleweight Anderson Silva is no longer sitting on the sidelines and taking the brash trash talk from Chael Sonnen quietly.

As he tells it to Brazilian media outlet, SportTv, he believes Chael Sonnen is a disrespectful American possessed by a demon.

As this matchup gets closer the heat and talk will surely pick up, who ya got BJPENN.COM?

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0 Responses to “Anderson Silva | Chael Sonnen Doesn’t Deserve This Rematch”

  1. lex walker says:

    “He’s possessed by a demon” lmao

    • Surf Honolii says:

      In the beginning I thought Chael was funny; I’ve always been up for a good joke. However, much words have been said since then and the Bisping fight put the last nail in Sonnen’s coffin for me. Anderson will cream him. lt’s one thing to be funny, another to be disrespectful. I hope he doesn’t make it out of the country after he loses, no need for him anyway.

      • Dillinger says:

        Lol, would you like the people of Brazil to kill Chael? That’s a little extreme, don’t you think?

        • brazilians, what do you expect says:

          idk how people cant tell chael is a troll, i doubt he actually acts liekt hat

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          he looks like a troll

        • haha says:

          it might be kind of a funny story… at least chael can go down in history for something. he’s obviously a failure and will never be number 1. may as well go down in flames.

      • James Troy says:

        get over it cry baby. nothing worse then someone who likes someone else then decides to stop liking them for the same reason they liked them. thats what we call fronting fake ass niggas. 2 faced cowards. thats you bro. a 2 faced no humor fake ass coward.

        soonnens been “disrespecting” brazil since day 1 and now u decide its different? how do people like you survive in the world? where im from people like you get shot and left in an alley. so for th elove of mma and humanity go shoot yourself in an alley.

        and i wont even get into people not liking sonnen at all. how anyone could not like the greatest human being to ever grace gods green earth is just crazy. (but at least they didnt put on a front like a fake ass nigga.)they must be jealous miserable haters who cant stand seeing such a wonderful man like sonnen. so talented and the greatest fighter.

        no one gives a shit about silva. they only want to see sonnen smash his face for 5 rounds again.

        • Michael says:

          You mad bro?

        • haha says:

          where you’re from?! lol… they have wifi in these alleys? get the fk outta here you troll. you typing w/a gun or something? go back to world of warcraft, you’re the fake.

          i never seen no real thugs talk about chael like you. get his nuts out your mouth, you pretty little girl.

          mf hater.

        • trollolol says:


        • J.P says:

          ”..haters who cant stand seeing such a wonderful man like sonnen. so talented and the greatest fighter…”
          ”how anyone could not like the greatest human being to ever grace gods green earth is just crazy”

          You’re gay bro. Stop act like a gangsta cuz It makes you look even more ridiculous.

        • primalmasher says:

          AHAHAHAHA pussy you’d freeze to death on a t shirt weather day where I’m from. much less fighting and shooting here. get back to your cod and “get shot in the alley” ROFLMFAO

        • jonesy says:

          you such a fake gangster buddy….grow up you dont sound coool

        • j says:

          Is that you Chael? (“greatest human being to ever grace gods green earth”) HAHAHA why don’t you do us all a favor and remove Chael’s nuts from your chin since it seems to distract you from your typing skills gangsta!

        • Jim says:

          Best commentary I have read in a long time.

        • mmaislandjunkie says:

          jon cena over here lol…chael would be proud to have brainwashed a moron like you!

  2. true mma says:

    Sonnen shouldn’t be un the ufc. He acts like a kid not a man. The ufc isn’t about the srupid nonsense that Sonnen says. And if your a person who finds the stuff cheal says funny, entertaining you need to grow up. This isn’t the WWE.

      • John says:

        You shut up, dumbass. He’s right. Maybe you should stick to watching wrasslin or something. Leave mma to the fans of martial arts.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Fuck Martial arts , MMA is about FIGHTING not martial arts , martial arts are only one aspect of the Fight .

          If Sonnen keeping it real isnt making your pussy wet then go watch some old fixed Mike Tyson pantomimes & get yer wee prison queer thrill imagining the violence of it all .

          Sonnen is a top class sports man , keeping it real & alienating nobody apart from litle thrill seeking wannabe prison queers like you .

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Thats tellin tha girlish little cunt eh Lex ?

        • GRT 3000 says:

          other way around cockface. fighting is an aspect of martial arts; besides each to their own – you don’t have to cry just b/c others can appreciate that it takes more to win than just body slamming someone. no go fill your empty head up with some of that WWE. it’s just sooo real.

        • haywood jablowme says:

          idiots…”sonnen keeping it real” lmao. phael has even said himself its an act. pull your head outta sonnens ass! he’s hyping the fight! so people will buy the ppv to watch get his ass whooped…just like…(insert bad guy from rasslin here)….

    • uh says:

      TOo MANy eRRORz CaN Not UndErStanD?

    • James Troy says:

      ive seen some miserable haters. but you take the cake bro. go hug some puppies. get laid. or kil yourself. just decide quickly and stop crying your tears all over everyone. faggot.

      • haha says:

        such a hater… i’d be mad too if i was a p*ssy that never say one.

        look at the mirror. you talking about miserable haters and you the biggest one. but i guess thats okay where you’re from, right? the alley?


    • Really? says:

      It’s not the WWE, but it’s still a business…Chael is just selling his fights…how about you grow up and look at the big picture

    • hem says:

      Why can’t UFC be Entertaining and funny? you are the one that should go watch WWE. at least he can beat your ass while you think you are a true mma.

      • John says:

        That doesn’t even make sense. What are you, 12?
        And how do you know chael can kick his ass? I’m 6’4″ 230lbs with a BB in TKD and a brown belt in BJJ. I’d ko or sub his scrawny ass in under a round. Who knows, true mma could be even bigger that me.

        Go back to your video games and get off these mma web sites.

        • hem says:

          you 6’4 and 230 lbs.? go back to haul trash. bb in tkd and brown belt in bjj means nothing if you never fought…. you can practice all day all night in the gym but you get your ass kicked anyway. im bb in tkd for 8 years and been practicing thai boxing for 5 years. i competed wtf tkd for 4 years in high school. im 175 lbs. probably can beat your ass pretty good too. now. go back to haul trash. this is mma. I guess you are probably the one that think i’m so cool to have black belt on the waist and walk tough in the gym.

  3. josh edwards says:

    Going to be interesting to see how Brazil reacts to there superstar saying they should be more like america

  4. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Okay, he got busted for elevated testosterone levels but he did get suspended for a year. He also handed you the only whupping you have ever had, dominated Brian Stann and beat Bisping although in a lackluster performance. He is your Lex Luther! Biggest fight of your career quit acting like it isn’t.

    • carlos says:

      Nah man watch silvas earlier fights and check out his training videos….theres a reason hes as good as he is “Cigano..he punch me in face everyday!” Have u seen the people he trains with?? you gotta get a whuppin during fight camp

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        I’m just saying he’s trying to retire on top, undefeated in the UFC and Chael gave him his toughest test. Now they need to settle it once and for all.

        • primalmasher says:

          imma enjoy phael get smashed, ooooo can’t wait!

        • John says:

          There’s nothing to settle, dude. Silva beat him fair and square, despite his injury and despite sonnen cheating. He’s no lex Luther…haha. Get real. This fight won’t even be close.

  5. Andy klemmer says:

    Of course he deserves sonnet set the ufc record for most strikes in a fight landed but he got caught in the end but that’s the only real fight silvas had to fight so let’s put him in the heat again and see how he handles it

  6. Mat says:

    I can understand why Anderson doesn’t like Chael, in fact I’d be shocked if Anderson ever says anything positive about Chael. The point is though that Chael does deserve this rematch. He deserved it immediately after fighting Anderson, although the TRT thing did rightly put a delay on that. He deserved it after destroying Stann, a guy many people thought was the next big thing at 185. He definitely deserves it after a decisive, if not dominating, performance over Bisping. You don’t have to like him, but he deserves this rematch. And you all know this is the fight coming up that your most excited for, even though fights like JDS Reem and Bones Rashad are gonna be awesome as well!

    • THANK GOD!! says:

      Somebody that uses common sense…thank you, you just made my day

    • Mike says:

      he looked like a rank amatuer against biz. what the hell you talking about. He was on ROIDS when fighting an injured Silva. he really doesn’t deserve shit except a pink slip. He’s making the UFC look exactly how it shouldn’t.

      Chael is 10 levels below Silva and will be destroyed.

      • Brooks says:

        Sonnen has been successful with his actions and that was getting the MMA world talking about him and his fights. Believe it or not, Sonnen doesn’t believe 99% of the crap he says, it’s done for show. Now he served his punishment for the TRT thing. Give the man a break, a let him try and redeem himself. That being said, I think Silva is going to destroy him this time around.

    • toneloc24 says:

      Decisive if not dominate performance over Bisping? you’re an idiot

    • Xaninho says:

      Decisive performance over Bisping? Did you even see the fight? Bisping got robbed! SMH dude SMH!

      clueless nuthuggers….

  7. baldy says:

    the REAL champ anderson silva by KO…late first early second.
    sonnen’s like a booger stuck to silva’s finger…just wipe it off champ…just wipe it off.

    • charlie bronson says:

      ^^^AAAAAAHAHAHAHAAAAA^^^ thats the best description of silva and sonnen ive ever seen.
      “gotta booger on my finger and it wont come off”….lmao!!!

  8. haha says:

    EVERYBODY… whether you love or hate Chael. I have one thing to say that is VERY IMPORTANT and that EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW. and i mean EVERYONE.


  9. Nathan Wilcox says:

    I hope Anderson gets destroyed!

  10. Tug Magroin says:

    I don’t understand why people think that trolling is an excuse for bad behavior. So I can call your mom a whore in your face as long as I’m just trolling?

    I can’t wait for Anderson to rearrange Chael’s nose with his knees

  11. hahaha says:

    Whhooping hahah buddy do some research anderson knew exactly what he was doing notice his unscaved face at the end, he did more damage from the bottom, dana wanted an exciting fight anderson created it, read between the lines, the next fight will show even more so that sonnen isn’t even on his level

  12. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    Chael is one shady human being but he can promote a fight better than most. Whether he believes his own trash talk or not….. Most likely not.

    I bet he has a Brazilian girlfriend and eats Brazillian food everyday! LOL

    Oh, irony is the best!

  13. Mike says:

    I’m glad Silva is finally speaking out instead of remaining silent. Chael TALKED himself into this fight. The fact that he would DISRESPECT the UFC and ROID before a title fight should mean he NEVER gets that chance again. period.

  14. $money says:

    Chael is the or lose he’s the man.he comes to fight. He didn’t do good against bisping..but he still is a great fighter. He didn’t dance around like anderson..

  15. Nigga ass says:

    Lol looks like Chael is getting inside Anderson head. I think Chael might pull this fight off to be honest with you.

  16. A. Chung says:

    I don’t really want to see this rematch. All of Silva’s points are valid. Sonnen is a cheater who was beaten by an injured fighter. Why does he deserve a rematch? If by some chance he had won his first fight with Silva, his title would have been stripped from him for being a cheat! Just because he is good at trash talking does mean he deserve another shot. He should start from the bottom and work his way back up clean. That is the only why Sonnen can justify another title shot.

  17. Gomi says:

    Chael still beeing in the UFC and beeing able to talk himself into a title fight again just shows you that UFC isnt run like a league or a serious sport with rankings within the brand.

    Just look how they handeld Bendo vs Edgar.
    They gonna rematch every fight in the LW division now?

    Im glad i didnt pay for extra channels and shit to look at UFC every weekend.

    Illegal streams FTW!

  18. Myname says:

    Sounds to me like Sonnen is getting under Silva’s skin a bit…Silva has gone from being silent and respectful to saying Sonnen is “possessed by a demon.” yeah I’d say Silva is getting frustrated with Chael. Maybe itll have an impact on him? Who knows. But Chael handed Silva a nice beat down up until the end of that fight. Sonnen took out Stann and then Bisping (in a fairly uneventful fight, but still) I think Sonnen definitely has what it takes to beat Silva, and yes obviously Silva has been working on his takedown defense, but he wasn’t bred as a wrestler like Chael was. Go ahead and talk about Chael and his elevated testosterone levels, for those that don’t know specifically, .5 is normal, Sonnen’s were .6

  19. Zack says:

    Go to YouTube type in ” Anderson silva toys with Ryan bader” watch that video and if you still think chael has any chance at all you are mentally retarded

  20. Big Genitals says:

    Chael Sonnen WILL bury that joke anderson. He’s scared to receive his all American beatdown!!! Let’s gooooo SONNEN!!!!!!

  21. Bloodhound says:

    Anderson had pain killers didn’t he? Tested positive for it in the same fight?

  22. Boris says:

    Even if you hate your opponent, it doesn’t mean that you should not respect him.Chael isn’t a real fighter, he is just a punk with good ground skills and a big mouth.
    And Anderson should stop playing the ”nice guy” character, and act like a real man, defeding his family,his country and his own honor. It’s patetic to see how he pretends to be so humble, and ends up giving the impression of weakness. That’s probably why Chael speaks so much. Look at Bisping fight, Chael avoided the trash talking.
    Chael is acting like a child, and Anderson like a girl.

  23. STEPHEN HORGAN says:

    SILVA SOUNDS LIKE A PUSSY,jesus if i was him i would relish the oppurtunity to whoop chael…but he sounds scared

  24. Chlamydia Pants says:

    I firmly believe that Chael and Anderson are trolling everyone. They have taken the Good Cop / Bad Cop game to a whole new level. Someday Anderson will write about it in his memoirs of the UFC, and how him and Chael cooked up their scheme one night at Spearmint Rhino in Vegas.

  25. Jpeech says:

    silva is an idiot and does sound like a bitch.If you are so tough and this fight is going to be so easy for you shut up and whoop chaels ass. chael deserves the shot out of everyone in the MW Division. I am excited for this fight i want chael to win but its going to be a battle….i just hope he has been doing a ton of sub def training lol

  26. BatWing says:

    Chael is going to dominate this rematch on the ground again. He wasn’t on roids like 75% of you keep on claiming he was never busted for roids, he had TRT. Anderson has always strayed away from talking about Chael because he got smashed by him. For as injured as he was he couldn’t put up any defense against him. Also you could tell that Anderson has been looking to retire even before the Chael fight he didn’t fight anyone tough he just look like a fat body in there. Like that fight in Iraq that Dana just threw the belt at him. He didn’t even want to follow the guy to the ground and finish him. He just wants to have a nice record and stay perfect. Just like Joe Calzaki that english boxer who never won any belts but was undefeated and beat nobodys and over the hill champs. If Anderson wants to retire he has to do 2 super-fights against GSP and whoever the light heavyweight champ is (mattering if Rashad wins or not)

    Why is it that most champions that are *supposely* tough when they open their mouths’ they sound like little girls. Anderson, Mike Tyson, Lenix Louis, Frankie Edgar. All have little girl voices. Like their balls haven’t dropped yet

    • Xaninho says:

      You are clueless dude. He was on TRT yeah but he intentionally took way too much testosterone. And claiming TRT isn’t steroids is stupid, cause in FACT testosterone is a STEROID HORMONE dumbass!

      • Meisha says:

        Xaninho doesn’t ur mom take TRT thats y her thing is bigger dan urs

        ur a fool his body coulda made 2 much it simple science

        like u said its a hormone not a roid so i will agree with WingDing up there its not fair to call him a roider since roiders actually use anabolic steroids.

        wash ur mouth out with jagermiester right now

  27. John says:

    Well it’s true…he’s a disrespectful turd and doesn’t deserve a title shot at all. But whatever, it’s an easy win for silva and hopefully we’ll get a highlight ko or something and people will finally just forget about sonnen.

  28. jbeamazing says:

    if you take Chaels talk for real and he pisses you off kill yourself your an idiot he is only trying to get you to either hate him or like him he is trying to entertain you i guess you would rather hear gsp talk that real right? no its fucking boring
    anderson silva is fake he has no personality or respect for anyone but his twin boyfriends the nogs look how he treated fellow Brazilian maia and that was just cuz maia wanted to compete for a title

  29. jbeamazing says:

    anderson should love chael he makes anderson relevant and makes people forget the so called best fighter ever has only beat 3 good fighters in his career and one is chael

  30. Jpeech says:

    Who deserves the title shot more the chael??? please inform me

  31. jbeamazing says:

    m w is the weakest division rashad could do what silva has easy and he looks more like a mw lol

    • Zack says:

      Rashad started as a heavyweight. He has to cut to get to 205. 185 is out of the question. And silva would leave rashad doin the stanky leg again

      • Quazzi says:

        Pretty much. It is obvious that rashad could easily make 185. And the prick would prolly be the 2nd best mw if he did. Hate Rashad Evans

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          Rashad has FATTTTTT legs and has to about kill himself to make 205. No way in hell could Rashad make 185. Hoiwever Kenny Florian walks around at over 180 pounds without any fatt on him whatsoever and he hired best people money could buy to get him down to 145. His head looked like a medicine ball and his body was skin and bones with less than ZERO muscle tone. If Kenny could make 145 Rashad should be able to make 170 theya re same height so i stand corrected. How could it be made out to be some kind of great accomplishemnt for Rogan and Goldie to preach how Florian ahs fought in 4 different weight clases? maybe if it it was like Dan hendersen and he was going up in weight and fighting guys 40 pounds heavier but not fighting guys ahalf your size. Joe rogan has turned mma broad casting into his own little propaganda machine. if you were to listen to a fight with one of Rogans OBVIOUS favorites like say Bisping then go back and actually watch it later with sound down i PROMISE you will see a completly different fight than what Rogan tried to spin and turn around into making his afvorate fighter sound like they won. Worse ever had to been the spin Rogan put on Diaz vs Condit. Rogan had Diaz losing every second of that fight and 50-45 condit, If i was Nick Diaz i would walk up to Rogan and knock his teeth out just for general purposes. I think UFC is gearing up to replace Rogan and goldie with either Jon Anik, Florian, or that guy use to do WEC and world strongest man ???? harris. rogan has gotten way to politicaly out there with his PEACE LOVE DOPE speaches and his BIAS is out of control. he is unable to call fights anymore without OBVIOUS total BIAS against fighter she don’t like. I think thats why he’s going back doing that show “Fear factor” I may be wrong but i have a GOOD feeling Rogans days are numbered

    • Anthony says:


    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      Only in MMA would a athlete who CHEATED with off the charts basically un heard of amounts of steroids in his system during championship fight be granted a rematch after being suspended for a year for CHEATING. How is anyone suppose to take this sport serious when someone like Sonnen was CONVICTED of aFEDERAL FELONY FRAUD charge while employeed by the UFC and in same short time span he was also CONVICTED of CHEATING. what kind of meesage does this send to general public or the politicians that makes laws of our land in the USA. If this same thing happeded in Football he would be Banned from sport. What about meesage thsis ends to kids. its ok to CHEAT and take massive amounts of STEROIDS like Chael Sonnen and get convicted of a FELONY and you will still be awarded atitle shot against the same guy you CHEATEd against when you got busted first time. ANYONE else in any otehr sport would have been released for life banned for discracing their sport. Dana whit acts like sonnen did no wrong and has NEVER even publicly condoned Sonnens actions. Bascially Dana whit was critical of the Nevada athletic commosn during the whole process of suspending Sonnen even after it was PROVEN and Sonnen admitted that he LIED to the athletci commiosn under oath. What kind of sport would go against the governing body that oversees them for one SCUMBAG CHEAT-LIAR of a person like Chael Sonnen. To me that right there PROVES Dana white is all about the $$$$ and could careless what anyone thinks PERIOD otherwise he would have fired and BANNED Sonnen for life for his lying, CHEATING and FEDERAL FRAUD convictions. Now ay in hell Sonnen desrves anotehr shot at title. However i can’t wait to see Silva ripp sonnen head off

  32. Bla DeBla says:

    Looks like I’m not the only one who thinks Sonnen has Silvas number , apparently Silva thinks so too !

    Last time I seen a so called champion this psyched out before a fight , Steve Collins went on to beat the fuck outa Chris Eubank & take his title off him in Ireland .

    I can see Sonnen making Silva look very ordinary again , using nothing much more than Yank aggression , courage & old fashioned Hard Work & Will To Win , taking the Title off him & upsetting a whole loada Brazilians into the bargain .

    Sonnen might even get a stoppage this time .

    • DanaTheBoss says:

      Bla DeBla, don’t be retarded.

    • baldy says:

      @bla debla…the champ finally gives phael a taste of his own medicine…and he’s psyched out? probably not…i think the champ’s got a little more mental toughness than that.
      lol…who the hell are steve collins and chris eubanks? nah nevermind, dont answer that…noone gives a shit.
      i dont see phael having the same luck the second time around. its true, phael worked real hard and got some take downs, but, look at the post-fight photos and tell me who looks like they spent 4 1/2 rounds gettin their ass kicked. fact is, the champ did more damage to phael’s face from the bottum.
      will phael work real hard again and get some takedowns? yeah probably…
      will phael win? nope
      will phael finish the champ? lmao!! hell nah!!! he rarely finishes anybody…

      • Bla DeBla says:

        What tha fuck do you think this is ?

        A fucking beauty contest ?

        Its a fucking handsome Husband/Master you are looking for not a good fight to enjoy !

        Listen up faggot , I dont care if Sonnen was bruised & cut to ribbons or not , fact of the matter is he beat the shit outa Silva .

        Silva has been reduced to crying in public & trying to explain why he has been such a limp wristed coward & ducking a rematch for the best part of 2 years .

        Before I go heres a clue , not all races are created equal , some show bruises on their lighter complexions quicker than others with darker complexions & some cut easier than others & some are smarter than others & some are just there to be beaten upon & if you look at the history of the planet who is which should become very clear to you .

        Lying on yer back , surviving & luckily saving yerself with a choke , eye gouge or a groin strike does not a champion make , it makes only a female who is very well versed in both being in that position & self defense skills …. like a $10 back alley hooker .

        Champ ?

        Champ of what ?

        He is a fucking disgrace to the male of the species .

        • baldy says:

          ok…lol…keyboard toughguy..first off, silva hasnt been ducking sonnen. phael was suspended for a year. phael also had some legal issues to tend to. then phael had to work his way back into contention…thats why its been 2 years you turd!
          your racial bs is your own. got nothing for ya there…fwi…black folks bruise, cut, and even sunburn just like white folks…if thats what your getting at.
          so now securing a triangle choke/armbar combo is equivalent to an eye gouge or groin strike? submitting someone is cheating!? do you even really watch mma. submissions are a huge part of mma. it is basically the base of mma….you turd.
          champ of what? lol well…first he the middleweight champ, he’s also widely known as the pound for pound greatest , joe rogans referred to him as the greatest mma fighter in mma history (allbeit a short history)
          just stop dude…every word you type makes you look more and more stupid… turd.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Joe Rogan squeels like an excited school girl every time he sees a man on steroids , he & his like may be your God , Lord or Master but to me is half a fag paid by a promotions company to say what they want him to say .

          I have no problem with Submissions , Damien Maia Submitted Sonnen & it was fantastic , Big Nog went to War With Silvia & pulled out a classic win by submission , Mir went toe to toe with Nog & at deaths door he pulled off a submission , like the saying goes it aint wat ya do its the way that ya do it .

          You are simply nit picking & oversimplifying the issue , during the year Sonnen was out why wasnt Silva demanding a rematch ?

          Are you honestly saying that if an underdog performs like Sonnen did against a heavily favored Champion like Silva was that he shouldnt get a rematch ?

          Fact is Silva is running scared , like a thief holding onto something that doesnt belong to him .

          I’m judging the man by his actions & nothing else .

          As for blacks bruising I kno they do but because of how their skin tone contrasts on a monitor or tv screen it isnt instantly apparent & therefore you & yer like judging the outcome of a fight by the appearance of “Damage” isnt just perverted & blatantly homosexual its just plain fucking stupid .

        • Xaninho says:

          @Bla DeBla,
          Why the fuck should Silva demand a rematch against some roided bum he already choked out?

          Silva wants to fight the best, and Sonnen is not the best.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Silva took a beating then claimed he only took that beating because of an injury so obviously if he was telling the truth he felt the need to excuse his performance & obviously if he felt the need to excuse his performance then he should want the opportunity , he should demand the opportunity as a Champion to prove his doubters wrong .

          Silva never once mentioned Sonnens use of legally prescribed medications or tried to use them as an excuse for the beating he took .

          He said he performed poorly & made an excuse about a fake injury .

          So to answer yer question of “Why”

          Because he needs to prove he has integrity , honor & courage , thats why .

          Didnt yer father teach you anything ?… or are you one of those whose selfish slobbish lazy cunt mother decided to impose upon Society at large to raise on her behalf ?

          Either way , you need to man up .

        • Xaninho says:

          hahahahah you’re even crazier than I thought!

          So after choking out a guy that ABUSED his TRT prescription to ROID himself up, cause he was TOO SCARED to try and fight Silva without PED’s….And now you’re saying Silva is the one that needs to show his INTEGRITY, HONOR & COURAGE?

          hahahah dude you need to think before you type, cause you’re making it worse and worse for yourself!

          Hahahaha I can’t stop laughing at your dumb comments!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          If yer laughing at my comments its obviously a girlish attempt to mask yer embarrassment at the way I am man handling you with ease .

          Sonnens Dr testified at his hearing , Sonnen was receiving injections of medication from his GP so if there is anyone to blame then it is the medical professional who was not just prescribing the medication but was also administering the dosage .

          As for what I am saying I have already said it & now you are trying to re create a context to suit your own weakling perverted needs .

          You asked me why should he ?

          I answered you in plain & simple English .

        • Xaninho says:

          Only man you’re handling is your bf dumbass.

          You’ve chosen your name well, cause you could just erase all the text you’ve written and replace it by Bla Bla.

          So you’re saying Sonnen couldn’t have bought some steroids from the black market, and inject it himself right? That is absolutely impossible for a proven fraud, right?

          Dude you gotta stop, just stop, please, I don’t want to laugh anymore. You’re truly dumb.

          In fact you’re so dumb, you think martial arts are paintings made by a sheriff.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Jesus ! , talk about a drowning man clutching at straws !

          So now Silva has said Sonnen bought illegal narcotics , injected himself while possessed by a demon , then injured Silvas rib , then beat him up for 4.5 rounds before Silva luckily saved himself from unconsciousness with a last gasp submission & thats why Sonnen doesnt deserve a rematch ?

          Or have I missed something out in my summary of yer most recent posts to me ?

          Like yer a deluded girlish cunt living in a dream world & talking about if buts & maybes to a man who is publicly slapping tha shit outa you .

        • Xaninho says:

          You’re taking the word of a convicted fraud as being the absolute truth oh little cocksucker….I don’t care if his bogus doctor says he had a prescription. That doesn’t explain why his levels were 16 times as high as that of a normal athlete. A doctor could misscalculate, but not by that much.

          Keep dreaming dude..

          And again the only one your slapping is your bf.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          More girlish fantasizing by Xaninho !

          Or is that libelous slander ?

          Either way you have gone from asking stupid wannabe loaded questions to now slandering Sonnens Dr , Sonnen himself & making up false medical reports .

          Does yer husband know you are online unchaperoned embarrassing his familys name ?

        • GET RID OF FITCH says:

          blah bla blah what cop out for a name. all you need to do is look up on Sonnen sWIKI page and it explains it very wellw aht Sonnen di and why he was suspended for a YEAR. he blatenly CHEATED and ABUSED steroids so afr and beyond what his doctor had injected him with. if you knew anything about TRT you would know NOONE even OLD men don’t get more than maybe one shot a month. Sonnen was shooting himself up DAILY and that is why he set a world record for having a 3400 testosterone level. a sk any doctor and you will find out hoiw much of an idiot you are for trying to stick up for the WORLDS BIGGEST CHEATING LYING FRAUD OF A PERSON Chael “CHEAT” Sonnen. everything that come sout of that mans mouth is damn lie. he is incapable of telling truth. Sonnen has been ABUSING STEROIDS sinc ehe was in high school ask anyone in west linn oregon about hiow it was common knowledge all thsoie years leading abck to early 1990’s. Sonne is truly the biggest cheat cumbag of a person to ever set foot in cage

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Spare us the Amateur dramatics GROF !

          Even if what you say is factual & I am in no way accepting anything you claim is fact , Sonnen submitted himself to the relevant due process , accepted their decision , served his punishment & has carried on with his life .

          What the fuck do you want ?

          Blood ?

          Plain & Simple Anderson Silva has disgraced the sport above & beyond anything Sonnen may or may not have done .

          Silva has made none of the claims about Sonnen you are making .

          We are discussing the Claims Silva has made , the excuses he has made , his cowardly disgraceful behavior in ducking a rematch & the disgraceful pathetic cry baby article above where he more or less admits all I have said about him without even an ounce of embarrassment .

          You need to get a grip of yerself , yer running around there like a demented ex wife or a woman scorned pouring yer heart & soul into slandering Sonnen & Fitch , who by the way is an outstanding fighter .

          Sort yer head out , Creep .

    • allmightysandman says:

      I think Silva is scared. That’s my opinion.

      I also think that someone that beats you for 4 1/2 rounds, and then gets two more wins, DOES in fact deserve a rematch.

      Time for the belt to change hands.

  33. Biff says:

    Anderson is the man to beat! Sure the last fight was a tough one. Bottom line he is still the champ. As far as Chael, he does have issues. But it’s not demons. Looking forward to watching Anderson beat the crap out of this guy once and for all. Chael does deserve the ass-whoopin’ he’s got coming.

  34. John Blaze says:

    You are all a fatbitch.

  35. Mark L says:

    Here’s a fan of Chael’s hoping he gets it done 2nd time around. He does deserve the rematch due to the fact he’s the only guy outside of Henderson’s first round to push Silva, has served his punishment for TRT, and has come back with wins over Brian Stann and Bisping (sloppy though). Who else does he need to beat at middleweight to be the number one contender?

  36. Xaninho says:

    I’m pretty sure Sonnen knows where the pot o’ gold is!

  37. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Whatever, Silva will destroy him this summer.

  38. g says:

    No one in their right mind thinks Sonnen can finish Silva. I would bet everything I own that he won’t finish Silva. I cannot wait to see Sonnen lose again.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Didnt you see the first 4.5 rounds of their 1’st fight ?

      That wasnt imagined .

      That was real , very real , Chael Sonnen beat the fuck outa Anderson Silva who was lucky to save himself with a submission so late in the fight .

      Sonnen even out struck him in the stand up during that fight .

      Luck changes , it is never constant but guts , hard work , courage & will to win dont change , you either have em or you dont … Sonnen has em , Silva doesnt .

      The bookies rarely get it wrong & I guarantee you the closer it gets to fight night the odds on Sonnen are gonna get shorter & shorter .

      • Mike says:

        What he’s saying is he won’t be finished. Which I agree with. I just don’t see it happen. However Sonnen beating the hell out of Silva for a full 5 rounds? Very possible, but I’m sticking on the sidelines with my predictions.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          If you dont think a 200 + lb on the night professional fighter , punching down on a man with his head against the floor for 25 minutes is capable of getting a Knock Out or TKO or opening a bad enough cut or closing an eye or two bad enough to force a stoppage then thats your business , what I’m saying is not that its going to happen what I’m saying is that its very far from the realms of impossibility especially if you look at their last fight & their fights between now & then which is what the book makers will be doing when they set the odds .

          One has improved noticeably while the other has at best gotten no worse .

          Watch the betting & you will see that Silvas price wont fluctuate much between now & fight night while Sonnens will … I expect his odds to come in drasticly in the hours before the fight especially when the big money gamblers in Vegas place their bets & they wont be laying that kinda money until they get word from their inside men on the ground behind the scenes at the event . that all is well & ready to go & none of the fighters are reporting any problems .

          We are talking millions of Dollars , the kind of bets that change the book makers prices all around the world .

          Keep an eye on Sonnens price , it will be an out shot to attract the small fry in the weeks before the event but in the days before the fight watch it come in , thats when ya know that the heavy hitters in Vegas are making their enquirers .

          If yer a betting man , leave it late & follow the money .

        • baldy says:

          phael did it for 20 mins in the first fight and couldnt knock him out…who has phael knocked out? does he have ANY knock outs?
          you look at phaels last 2 fights and think he’s “improved noticably” lol…your crazy.
          phael fought brian stann and mike bisping. stann is not an elite fighter… yet. he’s getting there but not yet. bisping is elite and arguably won that fight.
          silva knocked vitor belfort into next week with a gnarley kick to the face and dominated ushin okame. silva dispatched of higher quality opponents much easier than phael.
          again…phael’s got no chance what so ever at finishing silva. and betting lines really have no baring on anyone thinking anyones gonna win. they are set and tweecked to keep money flowing in…

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So wat yer saying is that because it didnt quite happen its not going to happen ?

          Thank fuck you arent a risk assessor or nobody would be able to afford car or home insurance !

          Fuckin idiot .

          Money dictates the odds , I have yet to learn of a poor bookie anywhere in the history of mankind .

          You think there is no such thing as Casino security ?

          You think there is no such think as Government mandated Betting regulators to watch how much money , where its from , when it was placed & on on which fighter it was placed ?

          You are dumber than dog shit .

          Money dictates the odds & organized gambling is as old as currency !… nobody nowhere has to entice anyone to gamble because like fucking … its simply going to happen !

          Fucking moron .

          Go back to yer crack pipe .

  39. jbeamazing says:

    @Anthony so who at mw should fight him that hasn’t before?nobody the mw is weak as hell your retarded it’s hendo chael or vitor and they all have fought him before who else should get a shot???? you there anthony our are you beating off to a anderson poster still

  40. jbeamazing says:

    or maybe dan miller lol

  41. jbeamazing says:

    anderson will win 1st round but out of ever man in the ufc cheal gave him a fight but the real question is why can anderson fight forest and james irvin at lw but anyone with real talent up there he wont fight mmmmmmm……..
    somebody sign the rematch with Patrick Cote the brain washed fans will see a Patrick Cote hype video and think when anderson beats him it means something

    • VegasBeast says:

      Forrest was a LHW champ, don’t discount that. Plus Forrest drops weight, alot of weight to make 205. I’ve rolled with him in person, he’s big. Anderson had to put on weight and he ran right threw him. Figure it out.

  42. Ramon Medina says:

    anderson will beat the shit out of sonnen he got nothing against him and he did not beat bisping he got a gift from the refs please that wont past 2 round is gonna last till silva want him to last hes gonna make an example out of him beliveme after this fight sonnen he should retired and whocares about the last fight he won dont get me wrong sonnen was winnig the fight untill the last round and this is mma dont leave it on the judges hands thas it

    • Bla DeBla says:

      What do ya mean he got nothing gainst Silva ?

      Hasnt Silva just cried in public saying he is afraid of Sonnen in the article above ?

      Any underdog who puts on a performance like Sonnen did against a heavily favored opponent let alone a so called Champion deserves a rematch no matter what but according to Anderson Silva some how there should be a different law of Nature where Chael Sonnen is concerned .

      If Silva had even an ounce of pride , an ounce of integrity , an ounce of courage or an ounce of Champion Blood in him he would have not just offered Sonnen a rematch he would have been publicly begging Sonnenn to accept a rematch .

      But no , the gutless cowardly Silva like a typical beaten & frightened man would , refused to accept a rematch & only accepted after Sonnen beat Top contenders Brian Stann & Micheal Bisping & then only accepted it because it is in Brazil where he is hoping for favoritism to save him .

      As for Sonnen V Bisping , it was a close fight but Sonnen edged it & if or when they fight again it will be close again because make no mistake about it , Micheal Bisping would beat fuck outa Anderson Silva over 5 rounds , he may not finish him but he would out work him & out strike him at a crazy “English Drummer Boy” high tempo .

      Only The H Bomb has stopped Bisping , give the man the respect he is due .

      No Champion would want to face Bisping in England , especially not in Sold Out Soccer Stadium in Manchester or Liverpool .

      • DanaTheBoss says:

        There is Bla DeBla acting retarded again. “the so called champion” ? Silva holds the RECORD for being the LONGEST REGNING CHAMPION in the HISTORY of the UFC. Dumbass.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Big fuckin Whoop De Doo !

          The UFC is not a World Governing Body it is only a MMA promotions company owned by a Media producion company .

          Only carefully selected & then contracted fighters can fight within it … kinda like ummmmm The WWE !

          Ya may as well have told me that Hacksaw Jim Duggan held his title longer than the Junk Yard Dog did !

          Fighters who fight Silva all have a boss & no one who believes he is being paid his worth bites the hand that feeds & seeing as no one put a gun to their head to make em sign that contract that tells me that they all believe that they are being paid their worth !

          Silva is a fake , a token , a paper champ presented by a promotions company that would like us to believe is an actual world governing body of MMA which it most definitely is not .

      • Bla is an idiot says:

        your a dumbass with no mma knowledge. sit back and watch sonnen get destroy this summer u fuck tard.

        • baldy says:

          ^^^thats a fuckin understatement…whatta doosh!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          ^^^ Wee faggoty mammys boys crying coz tha big bad gangster came along & took a big steaming piss all over thier wee Sesame Street inspired delusions .

        • baldy says:

          hey turd…still waiting to hear who sonnens knocked out and how many knocks he has…
          fuck it ill tell ya..yer boy phael has 0 thats 0 a big ole goose egg nata nill no fucking knock outs….lmfao!
          matter of fact his record (according to the ufc website) is a farely pathetic 9 and 5.
          he’s all talk no balls…just like your little punk ass….you ignorant little turd.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          What the fuck are you talking about ?

          Get yer self together ya scatty drug addict , whatever questions you asked me have been answered where they were asked .

  43. Hipster Durfess says:

    i am the smartest man alive!!!

  44. mj says:

    Honestly I dont think silva was as injured as he says, no x rays were released showing broken ribs. He didnt cringe one time while chael was in his guard, but he was losing… he was given an arm by chael and he took the present. I hope chael can repeat and win, but I honestly think the only person that could finish Silva would be a rematch with Belfort. He tagged Silva, caught a kick and dropped him…silva didnt want to exchange with him so he threw a very well placed kick(but low percentage) I would like to see what that fight would have been.

    • jbeamazing says:

      the doc like water silva made he acted hurt

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Sensible comment mj .

      Make no mistake about it , Chael Sonnen has the formula to upset Anderson Silva each & every time they meet .

      When Sonnen was knocking him wobbly with his big overhand left to set up his takedowns was it Silvas ribs that were tha problem ?

      No Way !

      He couldnt handle Sonnens non stop aggression , Tempo , heart & courage on the night & was very lucky to save himself with a submission so late in a fight .

      I dont care who the Champion is , you put Sonnen in against him & Sonnen is gonna take him to hell & back , its the way he was brought up , he has been trained by Randy Couture , one of tha best pressure fighters of all time & Matt Lindland an Olympic medalist & UFC Title challenger since he was a high school kid .

      As for Belfort ?

      Look man , when a professional fighter lands on an equal sized opponent he has been training specifically for , for probably 2 months or more ?

      Sparks fly .

      Silva probably studied tapes of Belfort & seen there was a flaw in his style that left him open to that kick .

      Could he do it twice is the question that remains ?

      I personally think Belfort would finish him before the end of the 2’d round .

      • JJ says:

        That’s funny. It is harder than you think to recover from big shots with hurt ribs. you can’t take deep breathes and you suck air sooner. so yes the big shots he was getting from the left were affected by his hurt ribs.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Unless yer 3 foot tall then ya dont land an overhand left on anyones ribs & even if ya did ?… it would be hurting his right hand side not his left .

          But thats just making funn of your idiotic bullshit .

          Fact is Sonnen landed on Silvas chin with his over hand Lefts & wobbled him then took him down off the back of those shots .

          You like Silve just cant handle that so yer making faggoty excuses .

    • baldy says:

      i think belforts the only mw whos got a chance at beating silva…honestly i think the mw division is silva and belfort…then everyone else.
      phaels a distant third…

    • GET RID OF FITCH says:

      I agree i think belfort could beat Silva if given anotehr chance. By the way can someone please explain to me how in the hell all these bullshit Rankings like sherdog have Bisping ranked higher than Vitor Belfort??? EVERYONE knows Vitor has been begging UFC for a fight with Bisping and he has been turned d own everytime because LIKE EVERYONE knows The UFC protects Bisping since Hendersen KO. Vitor would tear right thru Bisping in less than 2 minutes of chasing him down. Rich Franklin would beat Bispings ass and we saw waht Vitor did to him in 30 seconds. Why doesn’t UFC make Bisping fight Munoz, Belcher, Palharis, Weidman, Boetch, ANSWER the UFC picks and choose Bispings fights very carefully. i’m sure Bisping next fight will be with say Dan Miller again and they will call it number 1 contender fight. the only reason UFC let Bisping fight Sonnen is they knew ole pillow hands wouldn’t be able to KO him. Bisping did absolutely nothing in that fight exacpt hold Sonnen (WHO I HATE) against the cage and friggen Dana white says Bisping won. I agree it was a shitty fight but obviosuly Sonnen got all the takedowns and was the aggressor the entire fight and Bispimng just survived. Just liek in hamill fight except hamill beat the living piss out of Bisping and CORRUPT judges gave it to Bisping. its obviosu BVisping is their propanganda boy to use as way to get european fans. NO WAY Bisping will ever be REAL #1 MW unles the UFC somehow keeps letting him avoid fighting Vitor, Munoz, Palharis, Belcher. wait and see they will amke all thsie guys fight each otehr but Bisping will get to avoid all of them

  45. jbeamazing says:

    bisping has fought some tuff people it’s just the whole beating them thing is his only prob lol

    • Bla DeBla says:

      You are giggling like a clueless school girl about sporting results .

      Look at his performances against the men who decisioned him , Rashad Evans got a decison against him at Light Heavyweight because of takedowns he done no damage from & Wanderlei Silva squeaked a decision against him because of his final round in a close fight .

      Bisping is a top fighter , like it or not .

      Dan Henderson done him with a thunderous H Bomb , Hendo is the only man who has bragging rights over Bisping but remember that Hendo has one of the hardest single right hand shots in the history of combat sports .

      He knocked out Fedor with it too , theres no shame in getting sparked by Dan Henderson .

      Bisping is a genuine top 5 contender & remember he has now relocated to the USA to train full time as has Dan Hardy instead of to’ing & fro’ing from England … improved performances wont be long in following either or both .

  46. jbeamazing says:

    @ Bla DeBla you must be tea tipping I dont hate bisping but i still don’t think he can beat tim boetsch or should go anywhere near anderson silva look if you re watch your hero against chris leban he should of lost add that to your list
    truth is if bisping had ross person heart he might be someone

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Listen , I’m not English , I’m not even British I’m just callin it like it is .

      Micheal Bisping is a top class fighter in a top class promotion , theres nothing funny or giddy about that .

      Ross Pearson is an excellent fighter too , he went to Brazil & gave Barboza a hell of a time in his own back Yard .

      Pearson is from Englands North East & they breed em tough up there , just ask Frank Mir .

      Pearson is paying his dues at the moment but like a true fighter he is improving whether he wins loses or draws .

      I dont know how you can question Bispings heart , he has never been submitted & has only been stopped once , as a matter of fact all The English boys in the UFC have all shown that whatever they dont have they do have the heart to go out & put it on the line & fight to win no matter who is in front of them .

      Anderson Silva cant say the same thing .

      • Xaninho says:

        “The UFC is not a World Governing Body it is only a MMA promotions company owned by a Media producion company .

        Only carefully selected & then contracted fighters can fight within it … kinda like ummmmm The WWE !”

        I just took one of your own quotes douchebag….

        You said that a few comments above this one, and now you’re saying this”Micheal Bisping is a top class fighter in a top class promotion , theres nothing funny or giddy about that .”

        WHAT is it? make up your mind you delusional dumbass.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Make up my mind about what ?

          The UFC is a top class promotions company & so is the WWE , neither one is a world governing body in the sport they promote tho , whats yer problem ?

          You are obviously confused or yer ex wife syndrome or yer penis envy has gotten tha better ov ya & you have allowed it to make a fool outa you in public yet again .

          Try getting in touch with yer masculine side for a change & then get back to me .

        • Xaninho says:

          Don’t worry about my masculinity and my penis, cause I don’t. I’ve never been married cause I’m not monogamous enough for that, so that’s not it either.

          Yet again you have no valid reply and you resort to dumbass comments making yourself even more stupid. But go ahead you’re a fun break from work. Every now and then I like to expose douchebags like yourself.

          Unfortunately it doesn’t cost me the least bit of trouble since you’re doing a great job at making a fool out of yourself already.

          I think my work here is done, like you’re done.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          I’m not one wee bit worried about you in any way shape or form , I just kindly pointed out you were exposing your obvious weakness in public by yer behavior which resembles that of penis envying womin who have taken it upon themselves to let me know how that feel about me & like ex wives who have decided to follow me around in the hope of making my life hell .

          Thanks for the opportunity to publicly humiliate you again , please dont leave it so long next time because I really do enjoy it , it gives me so much pleasure , you girlish little cunt .

  47. GetOffSonnensNuttz says:

    Um Somebody is swingin on chaels nutta pretty hard lol

  48. GetOffSonnensNuttz says:

    You can talk all the shit u want about the fight Silva still won so stop crying I see silva makin chael eat his words those 4.5 rounds dont mean shit who won the fight?

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Sonnen clearly won the fight .

      He won is so clearly he has reduced Silva to publicly crying in the article above declaring how he is afraid to fight Sonnen & how he doesnt want to give him the rematch he has ducked for the bast part of 2 years .

      Silva merely survived & very luckily pulled off a submission & won a sporting contest within the rules of a sporting contest but he did not win the fight .

      The whole worle with at least an average 1’st world intellect knows Sonnen beat the shit outa Silva & the whole world recognizes that Silva has behaved as a disgraceful thieving coward while Sonnen has behaved like a true Champion since that fight .

      You are stupid , no doubt about that but I can tell that even through your stupidity you kno I am only stating the facts & nothing more or nothing less .

      • Bla is an idiot says:

        this guy is what we call in the mma community a fucking nut hanger and troll.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LoL @ MMA Community !

          Like its some secret niche activity community like the GAY Community !!!?

          Fuckin shitstain !

          You need to learn when to keep yer stupid mouth shut before ya dig yerself nothing but a grave .

          Community !?

          Ahahahaha !!!

          Way to go gay boy !

        • baldy says:

          aaaahhh shit…the turds gettin pissed. lmao!
          what r ya gonna do…type some really mean stuff at him? lol.
          your not even coming with any facts. your just typing stupid shit to get a response…thats what a troll is. talkin shit is fine but at least bring some knowledge and some facts….you turd.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          You are following me around like a bad smell or some curious stray animal looking for a Master .

          Go smoke some more drugs wise guy .

  49. the original steve says:

    sonnen is the only one at 185 that could challenge silva.

  50. Tyler Hills says:

    So why do all the sonnen lovers hate on Silva? I think sonnen does one thing very very well and it just might be enough to beat Anderson. But cmon u fucking trolls. U were all on Forrest Griffin’s sack when he beat shogun and Rampage but when Silva makes him look like an out of place 10 yr old, all of a sudden Forrest is washed up. Hendo and rich franklin are two of the best Silva crushed them.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Its enough to make ya wonder if its scripted or is it indeed as Real as It Gets as they would have us believe ?

      I mean Damien Maia who has now dropped to WW was KO’d in one punch by Maraquart but went the distance with Silva & then theres Griffin known as one of the toughest SOB’s in the higher LHW division getting KO’d by a fuckin JAB from Silva , then getting up & RUNNING outa the ring all the way back to his dressing room !?!?!?!?!?

      I wonder does 2+2 actually = 4 ?

      • Bla is an idiot says:

        its called anything could happen in the sport of mma num nuts

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Anything can happen when a media company like lets just say … ummm … Zuffa for example , buys a MMA promotions company like say … ummm… The UFC & then carefully selects its actors & binds them to exclusive contracts .

          Oh did I say Actors ?

          I’m sure I meant to say fighters .

        • baldy says:

          you make absolutely no sense whatsoever…i gotta hand it to ya though…your one of the best trolls ever to be on this site (and thats sayin something). youve polluted this site with your garbage, youve done your job now please just go…you turd

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Beg some more & I may just consider yer pathetic plea .

  51. VegasBeast says:

    You guys going for Sonnen must be fuckin high! Smokin the same shit Sonnen is!!! Do you guys even watch fights or are you on here to just talk shit? Anderson has beat every “top” contender in a dominant fashion. Chael isn’t shit but talk. Oh hold on…. like you guys… must be in the water wherever the fuck you’re from.

    • Mark L says:

      Watch more than a highlight video off youtube before you comment. I am respectfully rooting for Chael because I like his fight style and can relate to it. As far as Anderson beating every top contender in a dominant fashion – obviously you missed one there. And don’t give me the hurt ribs crap – if you’ve ever fought, or cornered someone, they run fighters through a physical that discovers those injuries prior to allowing the fight. Silva got his rib cracked about the 2 minute mark of the 3rd Round by Chael. Chael will be the new champion when Anderson finally stops crying about his shoulder and fights.

  52. Luke says:


  53. JAGGedKnife says:

    Silva is gonna have to go easy on Chael if he wants him to last at least a round and a half. That way he can make him pay. Its personal this time. Silva is not scared he is angry.

    • Mark L says:

      Yes because Sonnens been knocked out zero times in his career. But the guy who was rocked twice in the stand up of the first fight is going to completely destroy him with the greatest ko ever known to man. When Sonnen’s done, send in Paulo so he can defend the WEC belt he got screwed out of.

      • baldy says:

        true, sonnens never been knocked out…he also has 0 knock outs…how many you suppose silvas got? 9 out of the 14 fights (14-0 in the ufc) hes had in the ufc were knock outs. phael has has had 6 ufc fights (5-1 in the ufc) with 0 knock outs. his total carreer record is 9-5 with 0 knock outs. and hes a big middle weight. ild say theres a pretty good chance phaels gettin knocked out.

        • Mark L says:

          I followed you up until the 9-5 career record (believe you are referring to his UFC / WEC record.

          As far as Chael’s chances of getting KO’d by Silva – here are some facts to chew on. Chael is 27-11-1 with to 0 KO losses, and 2 TKO losses. 1 TKO due to cuts, 1 TKO due to corner stoppage (exhaustion from massive weight cut). I’d say that’s pretty damn proof that Chael has one the most solid and underrated chins in mma today. I’d say Andy is in for a long night if he thinks he’s going to highlight reel Sonnen – cuz he’s just gonna keep walking through them.

        • baldy says:

          true enough…sonnens got a pretty solid chin. where im coming from is silvas history. 14-0 with 9 ko/tk0s. hes takin out some dudes with great chins…leben had (and still does) a great beard, franklin was known to be pretty tough, griffin is basically the rocky (the more hes hurt the tougher he gets) of mma…and silva basically imbarrassed all of them. you guys may call it a lucky kick but vitors no slouch either…im not sure sonnens faced anyone that tough this side of silva.
          btw…it kinda refreshing debating with someone who brings actual knowledge and facts…thanx mark!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Ehehe .

          Yea thanks for not beating on my “boy” Mark , that was decent of ya to play the “Good Cop” with him .

      • JAGGedKnife says:

        Sonnen is a darn good wrestler, so maybe he has been able to avoid good the past. Not this time. He is gonna get KO’d with a tippy to jab going backwards watch.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Angry ?

      LoL … took him almost 2 years of running , hiding & publicly avoiding a rematch to get angry ?

      Ahahahaha !!!

      • baldy says:

        actually its been 2 years of waiting. phael served a one year suspension, he also had some legal issues to tend to, then he had to work his way back into contention.
        and i could see silva being pissed. the champs a martial artist, not a rassler. a big part of martial arts is respect for yourself and your opponent. phael has neither.
        you turd

        • Bla DeBla says:

          A big part of Martial Arts is being a pretentious coward apparently .

          Sonnen is a fighter & respects everyman who is worthy of respect , its only Silva he who has any issue with him , every other opponent has no complaints about him .

          See Sonnen has integrity & honesty .

          Cowards , beggars & thieves may not like that but thats how it is .

          Are you saying that you agree with the cowardly Silva who has not just disrespected the Title with his cowardice but also the entire sport of MMA that when an underdog performs like Sonnen did against a heavily favored Champion like Silva was that he doesnt deserve a rematch ?

          Its a yes or no answer .

          Yer either on the masculine line of justice or yer on the feminine side of it begging for favoritism & pleading for one law to discriminate one underdog while having another law for another underdog .

          Chose wisely grasshopper , for the hour is near & those who have judged have only convicted themselves .

        • baldy says:

          not only has silvia beaten EVERY opponent hes faced (14-0 in the ufc) hes knocked out 9 of them… the best middleweights mma has to offer. your boyfriends couldnt even go undefeated in the wec (minor leagues) much lees the ufc.
          go back in the little hole you crawled out of, learn a little something about mma (im not the only one whos told you this, even your fellow phael nuthuggers have told you) then maybe you could come back and look like a complete jackass. and stop with the little keyboard tough guy bullshit. even if you thought you could you would do shit to anyone on this board. the fact that you talk so much shit tells us all just how big a pussy you really are…hollar upstairs to your mom and her she better have my dinner ready when i get there…or shes gonna catch another beatin….thanx turd. 😉

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Quit tha jibber jabberin & mumbling when yer down there shining my shoes , boy .

  54. damjan says:

    You know what’s cool about Silva’s submission? He told his training partner that he will not KO Sonnen but submit him and that was about 5 days before the fight and around that same time his rib got injured. When the fight came, he fought with an injury and kept his promise.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Arent fairy tales supposed to start with

      “Once upon a time … ”

      & end with …

      “and they all lived happily ever after ! ”


    • baldy says:

      @damjam…i dont about the ribs…but he did say he wasnt gonna knock sonnen out, that he was gonna submitt him after sonnen ran his mouth about earning a black belt from the nogieras. thats why he wore his gi to the cage for that fight (which he never does). i have a feeling hes gonna just going ahead a knock phael out this time and leave no doubt….

    • Mark L says:

      If we are stating that Anderson fought with broken ribs, then Chael fought with a broken back. Makes about as much sense doesn’t it. It’s why he had to take TRT and had the elevated levels. His back was broken, but didn’t want to back out of the fight.

      This is sarcasm btw. Andy didn’t have hurt ribs until the 3rd round when he was on his back getting pounded on by Sonnen.

  55. haha says:

    there are two things i got from this page and that is Bla DeBla has no life and wants chael to be his baby daddy

  56. James Troy says:

    I love Chael. He is so hot. He’s welcome where I’m from anyway. The things we would do in an alley way.


    • Bla DeBla says:

      I’d actually pay to see Sonnen get you down a dark alley … would save the state rounding you & yer like up & housing you in “Re-Education Camps” until a “Final Solution” can be implemented .

      • baldy says:

        oh! ok…dudes a nazi…this explains alot.
        fwi…arians are about as real as bigfoot or the noch ness monster…mythical creaters…just sayin…lol

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Oh Oooo ! ^^^

          We have a holocaust denier here in print on BJ Penns site !!!

          Someone call the cops & have him arrested !

          12 million is a Lotta dead bodys to have been victims of something that isnt real .

          Not even 70 years since millions of undesirables were exterminated by the German idealists .

          Just over 60 years since the Great Chairman Mao finished exterminating 80,000,000 enemys of the state .

          Not even 80 years since Stalin wiped out 24,000,000 of those under his rule .

          Yea , not real .

          Whos not real ?

          Keep on attacking justice , keep on reducing your own civil libertys , heres enough rope for you to hang yourself …. make sure to grab it with both hands now like the greedy little shit stain upon humanity that you & your like are .

          Tick Tock …..

          Tick Tock ….

          Time waits on no man & your hour is very , very near .

        • baldy says:

          yikes!! lmao!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          You think 186 million mentioned people killed by their own governments is funny ?

          Says a lot about your social conscience & ideas about justice .

          Even the ones who done thier duty & killed those people didnt think it was funny , they only thought it was their obligation .

          You fuckin pig people disgust me .

  57. baldy says:

    holy schnikeys! lmao! was not expecting that!! *takes a deep breathe* ok….so…which justice did i attack?

    sorry guys i had to poke the dumb kid just one more time….also remember the comic book sub-mariner?…thats an arian…aquaman with a pitch fork…not white people, we’re anglo-saxon. arians are the mythical creaters that inhabit the lost continent of atlantis…lol!!!
    ok…back to work…WOW!

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Are Slovaks Anglo Saxon ?

      Are Celts Anglo Saxon ?

      Are Sami’s Anglo Saxon ?

      Are Fresians Anglo Saxons ?

      Are Angles Anglo Saxons ?

      Are Saxons Anglo Saxons ?

      White people are not necessary Anglo Saxons , Anglo Saxons are those white people who inhabited the south east of Britain descended from the Angle people of Denmark & descended from the Saxon people from the Saxon region of Germany .

      You need to get off the drugs dip shit , your mind is in a state of media created mush .

      Your whole argument against me has been that somehow one law should apply for Sonnen simply because he is Sonnen & another law should apply for someone who isnt Sonnen but is in the same circumstances .

      Not liking a man is one thing but harming all of society because of it is another thing .

      If you dont stand for Justice you stand against it & if you stand against it then you are an enemy of the people & if you are an enemy of the people then you are subject to the laws of nature & natural selection .

      You have marked your own card .

      • baldy says:

        what in the fuck are talking about!? you keep talking about all these justices ive attacked…what in the fuck are you talking about!?
        i thought we were talkin about silva v sonnen 2…then you went into this whole genocide and justice and how ive punched my own card rant.
        please sober up or take your “happy” or “normal” pills or something…you are fucking waaaaaay out there man. YIKES!

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Naw I’m not way out anywhere I am bang on target & its making you uncomfortable .

          You want to talk about fine detail instead of the underlying principle & I am refusing to engage on your level .

          All your comments against me are all based upon the underlying principle that because Chael Sonnen is Chael Sonnen he is not entitled to a rematch with Anderson Silva simply because Anderson Silva says so .

          I broadened the angles to expose the stupidity of your comments .

          If you are willing to accept one law for one underdog in society & then another law for another underdog in society then you must accept the conditions you are creating to accommodate your perversions of natural justice & its natural order .

          You cant have it both ways .

          Its all duck or no dinner .

          A feast or a famine .

          You have chosen famine .

          Selah !

        • baldy says:

          check all the comments, i never once said sonnen didnt deserve a rematch. he served his suspension. he work his way back into contention, although i believe bisping won that fight 2 rounds to one, but it is what it is….he has indeed earned his rematch.
          now all this other chatter about genocide, justice, laws , cards being punched, perversions, ducks, and famines….thats just you being a goofy motherfucker…
          im done with your dumb ass.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          LoL . OK .

          Again you are guilty of trying to misdirect us into reading into the fine details of your flawed arguments & ignore the underlying principle & the resulting harm it causes to the society we all have to dwell within .

          Perhaps you are happy to be an irresponsible little prick & perhaps you feel entitled to be an irresponsible little prick but I am here telling you that hell is on your doorstep & its begging to be unleashed .

          You have made yer bed .

          Now lay in it !


  58. charlie bronson says:

    bla debla…yr blinking barking. yeh gormless romp.

  59. charlie bronson says:

    ill fuck off back to yer wifes fanny flaps is what ill dae! ya fuckin cunt ya!

  60. Goku says:

    Its clear that the biggest Silvafanatic and nuthugger is Xaninho all his posts clearly are in defending Silva.

    SILVA was 3 minutes away from losing his belt. TRT or not Sonnen will grind out another 5 round battle with Silva. The only way Sonnen will lose is if Segal walks in and goes underseige on him, but then turn on Silva to take the belt himself. Damn I need to stop drinking………

    Anyways yea silva is scared of sonnen he has never acted this way against anyone other than him. whats the story on that. clearly stann was strongly considered silvas next challanger until sonnen destroyed him. where stann’s wrestling coach is sonnens wrestling idol

    • Frankie says:

      +10 great comment! Plus he didn’t try to defend his cocksucking ways

      @Xaninho is probably licking the dingleberries out of Silvas butt!

      Sonnen destroyed Silva the first fight and will do the same again!

  61. badboy says:

    chael sonnen doesn’t deserve a rematch? yea ok anderson

  62. I’m extremely impressed with your writing abilities and also with the format in your weblog. Is that this a paid subject matter or did you modify it yourself? Either way stay up the excellent quality writing, it’s uncommon to see a great blog like this one these days..

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