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Wednesday, 05/29/2013, 03:23 pm

Anderson Silva Camp Refutes Rib Injury Rumors

Following the shocking rumor that UFC middleweight champion Anderson “The Spider” Silva has suffered a rib injury this week, a great concern has risen for the UFC 162 main event coming up this July in Las Vegas, Nevada. Silva is slated to face-off against no. 1 contender Chris Weidman Independence day weekend at the MGM Grand Garden Arena, and now a report suggests the bout may be in jeopardy.

Luiz Prota of Yahoo Esporte Interativo published an article (in Portuguese) where sources within a Rio de Janeiro clinic that claim Silva came in for an examination that revealed ‘The Spider” suffered a broken rib, and the extent of the injury is unknown at this time. Silva’s head trainer Rogério Camões denies any rib injury suffered by the pound-for-pound king, as well as UFC President Dana White, who told Ariel Helwani that the rumor is simply “not true.”

While White and Camões stand by their statements regarding Silva’s health, Luiz Prota quickly took to Twitter to reinforce his claim, stating that Silva is not pulled from the fight, but he stands by his sources.


Most of the MMA community should remember the UFC 117 bout between Chael Sonnen and Anderson Silva, where Silva submitted Sonnen late in the 5th round after being dominated throughout the fight. Silva revealed after the win that he came into the fight with a broken rib, and thus his performance suffered. Many disputed the claim until the documentary film about Anderson Silva titled ‘Like Water’ was released. The film displayed Silva in serious pain during his training camp leading up to the fight with Sonnen, although the film did not reveal how the injury occurred.

Hopefully this rumor becomes completely disproven in the near future and Anderson Silva remains the main event attraction. Pray to the MMA Gods fight fans!

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14 Responses to “Anderson Silva Camp Refutes Rib Injury Rumors”

  1. 757 says:

    If he cant fight offer it to Vitor. He just fought and should be next anyway.

  2. It was said two months ago... says:

    …that an injury would get Anderson out of this fight. With GSP and Jones saying “okay” to superfights, the UFC and Silva are risking huge paydays on this fight with Weidman. If the fight still happens, I will be surprised.

    • Whawhawhaaaat?! says:

      GSP has absolutely *NOT*agreed to a superfight! Where do you get this crap that he did?? Why do you think Dana White changed his mind and was pressing for Jones vs Silva instead? Because GSP refuses to agree to a fight with Anderson! Dana said that himself.

  3. Rain man says:

    Who knows with this guy. I’m sure hell be ok to fight in a couple months, but won’t train as hard. Idk. But maybe sonnen or belfort (TRT) or just about anybody could match up w weidman. I still think he needs one more fight before a title shot anyways (just my opinion). I feel the same way about Gustafson in the LHW. He’s definitely a contender, but I feel like some fights are mismatched. I would say machida “deserved” it, but that hendo fight was awful, and I’m a huge fan of both fighters. I WISH THE UFC WOULD LET THE FANS VOTE FOR ONE MATCH UP A YEAR (in a specific weight class). It would be a big draw and probably a good match up. Off topic but there u go :)

  4. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Weidman weaseled his way out of a fight with Belfort, so if Silva does have an injury I’d say let Weidman fight a real top contender in Belfort. Up until now Weidman hasn’t faced any top quality middleweights. Only names are Maia in one of the most boring fights ever and not even convinvcing since the split decision was a very controverial one and a pudgy Mark Munoz who obviously wasn’t well prepared.

    But I hope Silva isn’t injured so he can send the next great white hope packing.

  5. Dee says:

    Or better yet let him fight Bisping! Weidman has dodged everyone in the past year.

  6. 757 says:

    Bisping is not and should not get another fight with a contender. Right now they are calling Weidman a contender. Bisping has lost every “next one” fight. Give somebody else a chance for God’s sake! Vitor has beaten enough people to get the rematch. Bisping can take a seat for a little or at least until he can prove that he is a threat to actually win the big fight…..Belfort vs Weidman if Anderson is hurt !!

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