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Saturday, 12/28/2013, 10:10 pm

.gif | Anderson Silva Breaks Leg In Half During Main Event (Replay)

Anderson Silva broke his leg while kicking Chris Weidman tonight in the UFC 168 main event.

This gruesome ordeal is unfortunate, but for those who really want to see it, we have the animated .gif of the entire thing. Just jump to page 2.

Warning graphic!
(Make the jump to page 2 now)


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0 Responses to “.gif | Anderson Silva Breaks Leg In Half During Main Event (Replay)”

  1. mike says:

    That just looks so damn painful . Like him or not Anderson is a true warrior who has reached the time to throw in his towel. He has earned that right by being the most dominant fighter in ufc history. He has made a lot of cash and now he can enjoy his winnings and take it easy or he can heal up train real hard and make another run at the belt which if anyone could do it I think it would be him..But as someone said he broke his leg intentionally , that’s gotta be the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. I think you just said that to get a rise out of people because who could ever believe something so damn ignorant.

    • Gerald Raikes says:

      I had a similar injury in an accident. A compound radial fracture of my tibia and a fractured fibula. I had an internal fixation device installed “A rod and 14 screws” and made a pretty good recovery..It was indeed the worst pain I ever felt in my life and I have had several serious prior injuries.

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