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Saturday, 07/07/2012, 07:19 am

"Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Are Going Do Just Fine Saturday Night" I MMA News

UFC President sits down with Todd Grisham of ESPN to discuss everything from boxing to Tito Ortiz to fighter pay in a fantastic interview leading up to the biggest UFC event in history. Dana White has been extremely busy as of late, expanding his company and giving fans around three UFC events each month.

Now, with the biggest event in history looming just over his head, Dana somehow finds time to sit down, relax (seemingly), and discuss his sport and where he believes its going in the future.

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0 Responses to “"Anderson Silva and Chael Sonnen Are Going Do Just Fine Saturday Night" I MMA News”

  1. e says:

    yup i feel good bout this. gunna be an amazing fight. one of the best we’ve witnessed.


      where wrestlingrules ie: lay n pray boy. he what happen you boy Sonnen got his brains pouned in? Did you hear crowd booooooooooooooooooing your boy Sonnen. Thats pretty bad when an american crowd BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOs an amercian fighter vs a Brazil fighter. Noone wants to see a scumbag ROIDED OUT FELON win. Too bad we all know CHEAT Sonnen will never honor his promise to leave the UFC forever. by e bye pillow hands layn prayers

      • Michael says:

        Fuck you you fucking douchebag do yourself and the rest of the world and hang yourself you are a fucking pussy who lives to post on this website! Make the world happy and kill yourself pussy!

      • Sam P says:

        your on your computer 24/7 you must be one sexy bowl of nerd juice Me and a group full of fellas would fill a cup with and drank it while discussing beyonce’s new baby bump your word have so much meaning and class “lay and pray” yes please!!!!!!!!!!1

  2. Tapitout21 says:

    This will either be a repeat of the first fight or a complete destruction of Sonnen which is what my money is on

  3. Xaninho says:

    at 10:30 DW finally says it. Fighters needing TRT abused roids in the past.

  4. Brend0magic says:

    Dana is the man, really respect him for “coming clean” on the trt issue, and for generally speaking his mind.

  5. Dee says:

    I agree with Dana finally!! Boosting your testosterone should be illegal. I remember when Mark McGwire was taking performance enhancing drugs. One year what he was taking was legal and the next year it was illegal. The government might be saying the stuff is ok to take today, but tomorrow they may change their mind. The one thing that doesn’t change is going natural.

  6. Sam P says:

    you said it not me dana yummy to beefy men can stop by my man gina any day


    Yep i e-mailed tyhe fight Doctor 2 days ago and told him what i thought of nTRT-ROIDING an fdhe said that he and a bunch of otehr doctors were providing the evidence that TRT provides massive stregngh an d endurance gains and is same as steroids. testosterone is an anolbolic steroid. mark my words TRT will be shutdown by end of year but all current TRT abusers will continue to shoot up testosterone without theri CHEATER exemption unless the commissions implement random testing and they start testing fighters for SYNTHETIC testosterone (Sonnen and nate “THE CHEAT”) then the Sonnens will ahve to retire. Sonnen is less than half the fighter without his ROIDS

    • Sam P says:

      you are making suck a difference in mma i want to rub you balls in a hot tube full of I can’t believe it’s not butter with chris brown bumping through the speakers big boy!!!!!!!!!!!

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