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Saturday, 04/28/2012, 11:56 am

Analyzing The Poll | Why Is There No Love For Jon Jones?

By: Red Mattos

Jon Jones has beaten four former light heavyweight champions. His only loss, a disqualification – because he threw an elbow from the wrong direction – is the only blemish on an otherwise amazing record. Given his age, meteoric rise and sheer dominance over all his opponents thus far, it seems like he should be a shoe in for pound-4-pound king, right? Well, not exactly.

In a recent BJPENN.COM poll Bones was pitted against Anderson Silva with the question being simply ‘Who is better?’. The disparity between the numbers was larger than I had anticipated. 77% in favor of Silva. If this was an election, Jones would’ve given a concession speech minutes after the polls opened.

But why? Would Jones have faired the same if he were against other p4p “champions” such as Aldo, GSP or Cruz? In my opinion, yes. Explaining why, though, isn’t quite that easy. There are a few issues that I suspect may be the reason for Jones not getting any love.

1-His humble arrogance. I know this may sound like an oxymoron and it could possibly be one, but Jones’ “destined for greatness” attitude rubs people the wrong way. He never really talks trash about his opponents, in the same style as a Sonnen or Koscheck, he simply shows confidence in his skills. Granted his confidence has grown to gargantuan levels, but who could blame him? Could you imagine any other fighter – with the exception of maybe GSP – not being a little full of him/herself after doing what he’s done thus far?

2-The UFC sponsorship. A fellow mma-enthusiasts equated the UFC’s sponsorship of Jones to Nascar sponsoring a driver or the WBO sponsoring a boxer. Now, I don’t watch Nascar, and I can’t remember the last boxing match I saw, so I’m not going to say for certain that these things don’t happen. But it does make one think. After reading the comments on here, more than a few people aren’t happy about this. But is that really Jones’ fault? Should he be receiving flak for taking on a sponsor?

3-His religion. Before the hate mail starts let me just say that I personally have no issues with Jones’ faith, or anyone else’s for that matter. However, I have noticed that some seem to get quite irritated by the man wearing his religion on his sleeve, or chest. This never really made sense to me. Jones certainly isn’t the first fighter to give credit to God after a win or to thank God for the physical gifts he’s been given. I’m pretty sure he’s not the first fighter to have a religious tattoo, either. So what’s the reason for all the hostility?

4-He’s still ‘new’. Jones may not be new to fighting – he points to the scars on his face as proof – but he is relatively new to mma and the UFC. The fact that he hasn’t ‘paid his dues’ is a matter that a lot of people seem to take issue with. I could only find a record of him having six fights – all wins via stoppage – before entering the UFC. Is that not enough? Maybe, maybe not.

Perhaps it’s something else, something that can’t easily be put into words. For some reason, people just seem to think he’s full of it. I’ve never met the man so I can only go by what I see and hear in interviews and shows. I think what we see is him, and to contradict Dan Henderson, I think he is genuine. I’m just not sure if that makes it better or worse.

So what could Jones do to win over more fans? Win? He’s already doing that. I think the answer is the exact opposite. He needs to lose. Now, I’m not saying he should throw a fight. That won’t get him any fans. But if Jones were to lose, really lose, not just a DQ, but get stopped or even lose a unanimous decision- that would be something. Because after a loss, you get to see what a person is made of and you get to see something that Jones hasn’t had to use in his fights, heart.

It’s not how many times you get knocked down, it’s how many times you get back up – to quote every action movie ever – and we’ve never seen Jones get knocked down. Say Jones were to lose to Henderson via (I hate this name) H-bomb, then come back and defeat Henderson in the rematch that would most definitely take place. Think of how many fans would find a new found respect for Jones.

Of course, I could be completely wrong and a loss would only add more fuel to the Jones hatred brewing in the belly of many a fan. What do you think could be done, if anything at all?


149 Responses to “Analyzing The Poll | Why Is There No Love For Jon Jones?”

  1. Thom says:

    Love or hate is irrelevant in the poll.. The question was wether Jones or Silva would win, and Silva is the obvious choice because he’s a better fighter.. It’s not like Silva is the most loved guy in the USA.

    • Jaedr says:

      people don’t like him because he talks big but his voice carries no swagger or confidence, also sometimes the way he phrases things makes him sound stupid sometimes. He hasn’t developed any type of character or bravado that people believe because he’s a bad actor.

      • Rashad vs Machida II says:

        Bad actor or not one who knew how to speak in a public arena? Colleges offer introductory Speech classes for a reason: so students learn how to speak in public. Even if you take the class like I did and pass, it doesn’t mean you’re great at public speaking.

        Compound that by 1,000,000 and now you have the life of a celebrity UFC fighter. It’s overwhelming and intimidating to have every single word that comes out of your mouth analyzed and criticized.

        • Jaedr says:

          yeah, he needs to nut up and stop caring so much. He is a CHAMPION and he doesn’t really act like one. And his shit talking is weak.

        • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

          i dont think he does car that much, its everyone else caring about it

    • Silver Star says:

      I agree Anderson is a much better fighter. I would love to see that fight but it will never happen Dana is to much of business man & doesn’t care about what UFC fans want to see. That should be the next fight even if it is at a catch weight. Anderson Silva is not getting any younger…so let’s make the fight now!

      • Pijan says:

        That’s because if Anderson loses to Bones it could very well be the end of his career and he’ll finish with a tainted legacy of ‘well, maybe he’s not as good as we all thought he was’. If Anderson wins, it’s a better situation, maybe Jones just has some room to grow or some things to learn, but it’s still going to make him look bad; Having your two powerhouses of any division fight is a lose/lose situation. Fans want to see it, it’d be a great fight, but from a legacy and from a individual standpoint where each fighter is supposed to look ‘invincible’ and ‘unbeatable’, it’s a bad fight to make.

    • yeah wtf? says:

      The poll was if silva or jon jones would win in a fight. Nothing about love or who you think is the better person or who’s personality you like better. This is stupid

  2. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Silva would win and as far Jones goes the man is a arragant prick. Actually what i hate about him the most is how he always trys to kick the front and side of his opponents knees in every fight. Yes its supposly legal but its cheap ass shit thats even considered dirty on the streets. Yes A. silva does it to and i’m sure thats where he picked it up from.

    • deeznuts says:

      Anything and everything is considered legal in the streets

      • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

        Kicking in someones knees, biting, groin strikes, snapping collar bones, eye gouging… They are all free game in a street fight.

        But, in the Octagon they’re dirty as hell.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Oh and finger locks. I forgot about those…. I hardly see those.

        • K2 says:

          I believe small joint manipulation is illegal in the UFC.
          I like big joints anyways.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          It is illegal, the thing is you can’t have someone fight more than once a year with broken fingers and damaged knees, which is why they should get rid of cheap tactics like kicking the knees. Damaging the knees shortens the career. You can’t even train if these are damaged or broken.

    • Kalab says:

      It’s called muay Thai there genius

  3. slacker says:

    Silva is just better than him. His hand – speed and punching accuracy and power would be too much for Jones.

    • Au Contraire says:

      people act as if jones would just shut down in front of silva which is totally ridiculous. i cant even bring myself to say either way that the other would be totally dominated, because its not true. people who think that are totally mental.

  4. EBM FTW says:

    I don’t care about his arrogance. He just acts to be humble/good guy, wich he isn’t. I like Koscheck, mainly because of his attitude. Same goes for Lesnar. But Jones, he doesn’t show who he really is. I hate it when people who don’t behave as they normally do.

    Also, his fanboys are the most annoying fans of all, which contributes a lot to the hate.

    • Popp24 says:

      No wonder you like two douche bags.

    • James Troy says:

      actually he is a humble and good guy, if you knew him personally and stopped judging people just because youre jealous and miserable. the only people that hate on jon jones are ignorant douche bags like yourself who think they “know who jon jones is” when they dont. or they are jealous anti christians who cry anytime someone mentions anything related to christianity.

      you dont know jon jones stop acting like you do. stop the ignorant and needless jealousy and hate. jon jones is awesome, deal with it.

      with that said hes no where near as awesoem as chael sonnen, the greatest human being to ever live after jesus christ.

      • But these guys do know Jones says:

        why would they say he was arrogant and fake if they didn’t know him? they were the guys that jones beat up in middle and high school and this is the way they get their revenge. they come on and post stupid shit and then get on that number 8 bus right to work at taco bell. they get off 8 hours later with their free meals in hand, back onto the bus, and then home to enjoy their free soft tacos with hot sauce. they then reflect on the $56 they made while working that day and look forward to doing it all over again tomorrow.

    • Joel says:

      Jones does show who he really is. My cousin has wrestled Jon’s brother who now plays in the NFL and has talked and hung out with Jon many times. Jon is a very down to earth humble person. He just happens to be great at what he does. If I could fight like that or if anyone for that matter could I’m sure you would be confident in yourself and abilities. Koscheck on the other hand…the man fakes eyes pokes for crying out loud.

    • scenefiend says:

      Actually it has been stated many times that Koschek, although he commonly act that way, is not an ass in person, and that he created that persona to sell tickets to his fights. So unfortunately one of your favorite fighters also puts on an act, and doesnt behave as he normally does. I’d also like some evidence of Jones doing anything that proves he is not humble or a good person besides your gut feeling or how someone who does not know him personally preceives him.

  5. matty burns says:

    for me, it was when he said he used to snitch on people in high school for smoking weed. I got no problem if you choose not to smoke, but no way in hell do you get any respect for telling on others. If you dont like it, then just dont do it yourself. Getting other people in trouble because they dont believe the same as you is the most selfish thing in the world.

    • Lebron says:

      Hahahahaha go kill yourself, that’s why you hate him? Because he follows what the law clearly states? Who needs to be baked in school anyways? That is why he’s successful and you’re an f student and a reject.

      • put the coolaid down sheep says:

        Dude the highest scoring students and the lowest scoring GPA students at my high school had one thing in common they all smoked weed. Saying weed makes you a failure in life you need to either get your ass out that cave you live in or stop nut hugging the bullshit propaganda your drinking. People on some of these threads are jackasses.

        • Said the kettle says:

          If it’s propaganda, walk around in public smoking weed then, big shot. Tough guy. Big dog. You’re so full of shit, dude.

  6. i hate hows hes a cocky dude but desperately tries to come across as humble and respectful

  7. Nando says:

    The question wasn’t who you like more, the question was who is the better fighter. Anderson Silva is the better fighter, look at what he’s done in his career.

  8. human_error says:

    Simply because people are insecure, jealous and afraid of what he can still do in his age. This kid is showing pure talent and skills.

  9. kingrog1989 says:

  10. jbeamazing says:

    jones is way to big for a silva people are retarded does anderson have better stand up yeah but jones would take the man down easy and finish him but the poll will say different because jones is a asshole and hated but in all reality he would smash him I like anderson more but he would get smashed

    • Joe Bidden says:

      Silva walks around at close to 220. Silva could fight as a small heavyweight.

      Jones is larger, but not by much. I remember…Joe Rogan? Talking about how much Silva weighed during his fight with Griffin, if I’m not mistaken.

  11. Lebron says:

    If any of you guys knew anything about the UFC you can tell jones would actually put up a fight against Anderson and possibly win. Let’s be honest, chael sonnen isn’t the best fighter and he should have beaten silva. Silva hasn’t fought anyone big in a while. Jones for sure has it on him and what is there to hate about the man? Sure he is cocky, but he is blessed and open about it. Get over yourselves people

  12. Cheese says:

    I don’t hate on him, I’m just not ever gonna buy any ppvs as him with him in the main event s

  13. Cheese says:

    I don’t hate on him, I’m just not ever gonna buy any ppvs as him with him in the main event sInce we already know what’s gonna happen

  14. The reason that I’m not a fan of his is because of how disingenuine he seems. Everything he says and does seems almost scripted to me. I get the feeling that the Jon Jones that we see in front of us is nothing like the real Jon Jones. I may be wrong, but that’s the impression I get. He very well may end up being the greatest fighter ever, but that doesn’t mean that I have to be a fan of his. I’m sure that many share the same opinion of him that I do.

  15. Paco says:

    Wow the amount of arrogance on this page is just immense. First of all Silva wouldnt win one simple reason Sonnen manhandled Silva for nearly 5 rounds now imagine what Jones would do. Jones is simply too tall and his reach is about 10 inches longer trust me thats a big difference and its a great attribute if the fighter can use it properly and we all know Jones can. I dont understand why people hate him so much at the beggining i really liked this dude but yeah over the time he became less hunble and more arrogant but i dont see why people hate him that much all the other fighters been even more arrogant then him and they dont recieve so much hate okay maybe only Kos cos Kos is jus a dick nevertheless WAR JONES! Good luck to Silva fighting Sonnen!

  16. A.James says:

    Jones is winning more because of his size than skill. Yet he can’t knock anyone out. I liked him until the refs (who must’ve been paid off) gave him that first round against Machida.

  17. hahahanninen says:

    Who said people don’t like Jones?? He fights the same way GSP does, both coming from Tristar under Greg Jackson, should he really be blamed for dominating people without taking a lot of damage? no.

  18. This guy owned u says:

    Just to comment on the article, I fully agree with what you’re saying especially your fourth point about how he hasn’t paid his dues. Its funny that we live in a society that puts so much emphasis on youth yet we get irritated when a younger newer coworker does better at the job than you or like in this jones/silva case. I think the jones/silva matchup has (obviously) exciting prospects for both fans and the ufc. Its so difficult to try and guess who’d win but I gotta say youth trumps experience!

  19. Pijan says:

    I don’t know who Jon is personally, so I can’t say whether or not he’s fake. I haven’t seen too many of his fight’s, so I can’t say whether or not he’s cheap. But he is young, he has a lot of room to grow, and I’m just not sold on the fact he’s unbeatable. He’s a great fighter, I respect him in the sense he is so good as young as he is. I can’t bitch about his ‘destined for greatness’ attitude because I too am guilty of that, and I think it’s a great attitude to have. I will say the main and probably only reason I don’t like Jones, and I probably won’t no matter how many fights he wins, are his stupid ass fan boys. Almost as annoying as Chaels. Maybe if they were to take his metaphorical dick out of their mouths every now and then I could learn to like the guy, until then….

    By the Way, Anderson is the greatest fighter to step in the Octagon, can Bones succeed Silva’s throne, maybe, but he’s got a while to go til he get’s there.

    • reealist says:

      so u dont like Jon jones cause of his fans?? lol…omg…the stupidness is just amazing.

      • Pijan says:

        Exactly, because most of ya’ll, including yourself, act like a bunch of mindless moronic sheep that act like Jon Jones is the fucking greatest thing to ever hit MMA. I’m tired of hearing about how unbeatable he is. I’m tired of reading articles about Jones, next title fight before he even fights to defend it. I’m tired of his shit spewing idiotic fan base. And yes, fans play a big part in any sport. You see a bunch of loud mouth fans talking about how great their team is cussing you out in the process, odds are, you aren’t going to like that team.

        • You seem to be says:

          tired all the time. Get more sleep then.

          And you must hate BJ Penn because his fans think he’s the greatest ever. But yet you come on his website to shoot the shit.

          The next title fight is, what, JDS & Mir. Guess what genius? A lot of articles and and videos are gonna come out hyping that fight. Followed by the next one, then the next one. You mind as well state you hate all fighters. Saves you time.

          Until someone beats Jones and judging by who he has beaten, he is ONE of the best fighters out there, in the company of Cruz, Aldo, GSP, and Anderson. If you’re unable to appreciate a good fighter, why the hell do you even watch then?

        • Pijan says:

          Lol, very logical comeback. You must know a lot. I forget that people over the internet know every single detail about me, not that they do, but since you’re so interested. BJ Penn happens to be one of my all time favorite fighters next to Anderson Silva and Rich Franklin.

          Call me stupid but I had no idea videos and articles were used to hype fights. OMG I’m so giddy right now, you learn something new everyday I guess, why don’t you try reading that again dumbass.”I’m tired of reading articles about Jones, next title fight before he even fights to defend it.” – Key word here would be BEFORE, as in, BEFORE he fought Rashad Evans, Jones vs. Hendo was already being hyped.

          Until someone beats Jones, he is one of the best. You got that much right. But you probably read over the part I said he was a great fighter I’m just not sold on the idea he’s unbeatable yet. And I do appreciate a good fighter, I just don’t appreciate their asinine fan base. In case you didn’t notice I find you highly annoying, a perfect example. I probably could stand to get more sleep though.

          It’s funny though because out of everything you did choose to read, you didn’t read the part where I said I am tired of his shit spewing idiotic fan boys. Selective reading I guess.

        • OJ says:

          lol’d so hard

        • K2 says:

          Yeah, +1 Pijan

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          +20 to Pijan

          Jones, Bones, Trolls, should be strung up by their toes, from the bridge which they came.

        • Pijan, you're stupid says:

          you said to call you stupid. So, you’re stupid.

          But you probably know that because you’ve been called at least that your entire life.

          Jones vs Hendo was being brought up during interviews and conversation. But how many Rashad/Jones stories and videos came out prior to the fight? Tons. Reminded me of the lead in to Jones-Rampage. Jones-Hendo hasn’t even started being hyped yet–it should get crazy. Then again, it might not because it was the personalities of Rashad and Rampage that really hyped up their respective fights~~Jones just came in and kicked their asses.

          I respect fans who go crazy for their fighter and even make retarded statements about who will win and how. But when someone like you come down on people like the way you do, it’s comedy to me. Why would you be so offended by someone celebrating their fighter?

          I actually feel sorry for you. I really do. You come down hard on people and feel good about yourself, probably smiling into your monitor thinking to yourself, “yeah, Gotcha.” May God bless you in many ways.

          Simple minds think alike, like yourself and two imaginary fans. Stay in school and do something with your life.

        • Pijan says:

          Aww, you spelled my name right. Thank you, because no, I haven’t been called stupid my entire life, BUT I have had to deal with people mispelling and mispronouncing my name. It was actually in a news paper once, and yes, they spelled it wrong. But besides that it’s still clearly evident to me that you have no idea what sarcasm is, that’s okay…well, I actually don’t care, it’s your problem. Do you know how many articles I read-before the Rashad fight- already comparing stats between Hendo and Bones? No, you don’t, but I wouldn’t expect you to either. A few of those articles though were even on ESPN.

          I do respect when people represent their fighters. It’s how it should be, but I don’t respect when they make stupid comments, nor should I. Neither should you really. Yes, the way I come down on people is comedy, your finally starting to understand sarcasm, kudos. Though I can’t say I was ‘coming down on anyone’ until ya’ll started coming at me with stupid comments. I was simply stating my opinion.

          God has blessed me, in many ways, I don’t need you telling me that, thank you. Don’t feel sorry for me. You’re simply wasting your time, you should be more worried about yourself. You seem like you have some issues friend. Simple minds lol, you still can’t come up with anything logical. You even dedicated you’re name to me, If I’m a simple mind that really say’s a lot about yourself. Graduated with a 3.5 btw, how about yourself?

  20. reealist says:

    Who gives a flying fuc why people dont like him?? he is the champion and no one has beaten him.Lol…this country is turning into a country of fucin losers….

  21. Pijan says:

    Another reason is I think Jon Jones should be moved up to HW to really test how good he is, naturally. And I think this website needs to post a video of ‘Like Water’ so we can stop hearing ‘Sonnen almost beat Silva’ and ‘Silva could barley make it past Sonnen’ cause IF YOU “knew anything about MMA,” you would know Silva went into that fight looking for a submission. Which he got. Did it take him 5 rounds? Yes, but he’s also not a wrestler, he beat Chael at his own game which is exactly what he wanted. Personally I think that’s better than knocking him out Rd 1 (Though I’d rather see that happen this time).

  22. LOL says:

    He should have 2 disqual on his record or a draw…. the elbow that got bonnar was to the back of the head.. No one seems to want to accept this

    • Accept This says:

      Jones wasn’t facing Bonnar at the time of that elbow, and it barely got the back of his head. A fighter’s foot often lands in the back of the head when they land a kick, but fights are not stopped. Unless it was like a direct strike for the back of the head, refs are not going to stop the fight because of that. Accept that.

  23. fuckyomudda says:

    Seriously, why the fuck does everything revolve around silva and jones? holy fucking buttshit eater!!! McKeever u need to find a new subject to write about dude, Jones acts like he’s jesus christ in the flesh, thats why he is hated. Seriously, talk about something else.

  24. Shawn says:

    I don’t hate him or love him. But I do have less respect for him now, than when he first came onto the scene and before he got the belt. Not as a fighter, but as a person. As a fighter, he’s the best at 205 no doubt, and that can’t be taken away. As a person, he’s gotten arrogant, cocky and a fake. He’s so wrapped up in his own hype, he failed to see his change. Its a simple as comparing his interviews early in his career, and his interviews after he won the title.

  25. Coco says:

    Jones have to pick fights with guys he’s size!
    Goofy let the smurf play alone

  26. aaron says:

    I do honestly think that silva is better but you cant deny that jones is a top fighter and if he were to fight silva it would be one hell of a fight.

  27. all says:

    I think it is a bit of conflict of interest that UFC is sponsoring this guy when they also get to pick the fighters that he go up against.

  28. Montel Williams says:

    I love him

  29. mike says:

    i wouldn’t say losing is what he needs to gain fans or make him better…in the case of feydor with his old record of 37-0 after he lost his first fight, fans respect didn’t change for him, nor did he gain any, he just remained loved by his fans, and hated by his haters, everyone has true fans and true haters, not much one can do about it. if he changes he could lose fans, or gain fans, jon jones just needs to keep doing what he’s doing, and make a name for himself. if he does things differently then so be it…he’s a great, talented, young fighter that still has a lot of growing to do in the cage.

  30. Jimmy fingerz says:

    Get off silva’s nuts dude, is that all u write about?

  31. King Prodigy Levreau says:

    It’s because he’s so good that he has beaten everyone that we have loved to watch for so many years and he just makes it look so easy. I think everyone wants to see Bones lose just to see what kind of champion he really is. I hate..but I also appreciate. WAR BJ WAR! H.O.F. – 2012

  32. Violent Marv says:

    Silva is a better fighter its that simple. The reason people hate jones, is the same reason people hated on Brock Lesnar or Semmy Schilt. We as fans give you no respect for being a freak of nature, it dosnt take skill to be unnaturally huge, tall, or have a massive reach. Think about it this way, after seeing Bones VS Rashad, who do you respect more? Sure Jones did allright, showed a few moments of brillance but overall it wasnt a very impressive performance. Rashad on the other hand impressed me. He took round one, that was clear as day. Altough he lost the other 4 rounds, i give him a lot of credit. He survived some vicious elbows at the end of round 2. He showed heart and a die hard will, which speaks to the fans. “Beating me isnt enough, you gotta finish me,” was the mentality he had. Most of all he survived the whole fight, he is the first person to go the distance with Jones since 2009 that to me speaks volumes. Anyway just my 2 cents.

    • KidDragon says:

      true. we dont root for freaks. we root for avg joes that smash freaks.

    • China Man says:

      Could it be that some people overlook Jones’ fighting skill because he has the reach and is tall? Why look down on a fighter because of his natural attributes? Also, he’s been training for only three years and hasn’t had the time to develop all the different areas of fighting.

      His grappling his second to none. That is one area that puts him into positions to submit his opponents. His decision-making while fighting is unbelievable. His boxing is weak, but has a good jab and overhand punch.

      Why does a fighter have to be beaten badly like how Rashad was in order to gain respect? Rashad looked like a lost fighter out there. At one point, Rashad threw two punches and a kick at close range and Jones didn’t even flinch (in the 4th or 5th), that’s how much Rashad had left at the end. And that’s respectable? Rashad talked so much trash leading in to the fight, yet got beat rather easily (stats don’t lie).

      I will never understand why people disrespect Jones as much as many do.

  33. Ronda shite says:

    because he’s a dick thats why!

  34. Steve says:

    was going through the list and was looking for “because he’s young and black and has a white gf”. I got nothing against that, I think a lot of white fans do though.

    • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

      That’s ridiculous welcome to 2012.

    • Of says:

      Looking at all of the people who dislike Jon jones, those who do so for this reason are definitely a minority in the large picture. However it’s true. I’ve read my fair share of comments on YouTube and other sites with people bashing him for having kids with a white woman. Dumb reason to dislike him, but what can you do?

  35. Bear says:

    I don’t like the guy mainly because of the way he fights. I tend to dislike fighters who’s objective is to cut with elbows. It always seemed like a bitch move to get out of a fight.But it’s legal, unfortunately.
    The second reason is his size. He looks to have an unfair advantage because of his height. 5’11 rashaad against 6’4 jones? Come on!
    If he were fighting guys his height( with the exception of Brandon Vera) I might soften.
    I’d love to see him some of the smaller heavyweights.

    • Axe says:

      I agree. I hate Jones. What he is doing is cowardice. I hate Tall fighters (Jones, Paul Williams) fighting small fighters. What the hell a 6’4″ fighting 5’11″s??? He should fight in the heavyweight division. He should fight Overeem, JDS, Brock, Kongo, etc..Sounds fair. now on the other end, I love small fighters (Manny Pacquiao) fighting tall fighters.

  36. Saxxan says:

    I agree totally with this article the hate comes because he came from no where and just started dominating and he has a bunch of god given things like his height and reach and just how big he is at light heavy weight it almost seems unfair to be honest now if he went and did the same thing in heavy weight it would be a different story.

    • Axe says:

      Jones spelled C-o-w-a-r-d-i-ce! Trying to avoid fighting someone his own height and reach. Just like you said it will be a different story. What I am seeing now with Jones is he’s like a Highschooler beating the crap out of gradeschoolers and being boastful about it. Very Cowardice! Fight someone your own size or bigger than you! This the reason why people love Manny Pacquiao, he is fighting fighters bigger, taller and stronger than him.

  37. Brian Matheson says:

    Stitches for snitches!!!

  38. AHR says:

    He could step up to heavy weight, be more of a challenge. No one likes it when a fighter seems to win effortlessly.

  39. JBroce says:

    It’s because his talent doesnt match his physical dominance. We all know without his reach, he wouldnt be beating all these fighters. Shogun and Evans Probably would have beaten him, But when a guy has such a huge advantage in the range department, it makes it almost impossible for him to be hit, or even taken down since by the time you get to him hes already gone. Not really his fault,its what God gave him but it really pissed people off to see physical mismatches. In this case, its just as bad as watching two different weight classes fight. but if he could do the same thing at heavyweight, where we have a bunch of people his height,it would be a fair fights, and i think he would have the crowd behind him even if he dominated. Silva gets all the credit because he did just that. He moved up a weight class a few times and still showed how great he is. And while he does usually have a reach advantage, he doesnt tower over people and always have an arms length to keep people away. Remember Tim Sylvia anyone? Everyone knows the reason he won so many fights in UFC was because of his reach, not his ability, and people hated him for it. Jone has way more talent and ability, but the example still stands.

    • Kyle says:

      Perfect! I was having a hard time pinpointing exactly why I don’t like him but this is exactly right. Put some meat on those little chicken legs and fight people your own size!

    • Axe says:

      Jones mentality is “I will fight in the lower weight so I will win because I will be too big for them” ” I will not fight someone my own size, I will lose!”

  40. Mc says:

    It simple Move to HW to fight people his size and stop push kicking people in the knees tryn to hurt them.

  41. JBroce says:

    oh yeah and I forgot he uses the dirtiest legal move in MMA which is the push kick to someones knee. That should be banned, it doesnt just hurt someone its looking to injure someone and put them out of fighting for a long time. Knee injuries are serious, and that move is the biggest dick move you can pull.


  42. foREVer says:

    I am not a fan of Jones, not because of his self confidence or the way he’s portrayed as the future of MMA, I don’t like him because I find his fights un entertaining, his fights seem really repetitive, it’s usually him taking his opponent down throwing elbows, using his reach to jab, and just throwing knees. Hes done great things in the sport and is the best fighter in his division but I find him boring IMO

  43. Gene says:

    what? The reason the results are so staggering have nothing to do with the obscure variables presented here. It’s because the poll on is not a scientific poll. Anyone can participate in the poll. Which means an oversampling of Silva fans could have occurred. Go find a survey methodologist and let him conduct and write about the results. Better yet, I happen to be one…hit me up and I’ll show you how to do it.

  44. Kyle says:

    I don’t like him because he fights guys half his size and he usually has a 10-inch reach advantage. If he was the same size I don’t think he would have beaten half of his opponents.

  45. k says:

    They do weigh in u shmukz! Jones givez up strength for height. Dont fault him for having enough toughness to cutt weight the way he does.

    • Axe says:

      do you think a 205 lb doesn’t have strength???? a 205 lb is still strong enough! Every fighter knows this kind of coward mentality “I will fight in lower weight, I will still be strong and will be too big for my opponents, if I fight someone my own size, it will be a fair fight, I might lose, and it’s going to be difficult, I want an easy fight, I want to fight the little guys!

  46. Gareth Hobbs says:

    I think it is his physical attributes. Jones is like a swimmer with size 18 feet. It’s unfair.

  47. Thomas Staten says:

    if shogun was healthy when he fought, Jones would not even be the champ right now. Secondly Jones has no real skill, he’s just a tall fighter with a reach advantage. And last but not least, if given the chance, Dan Hendo would test out his suspect ass chin…if not, Ryan Bader, Forrest Griffin, or Brandon Vera can

  48. James says:

    Jesus loves Jon Jones.

  49. Karen says:

    People hate John Jones because of what Rampage said and Rashad have said. Jones backed out of the Evans fight originally with a thumb injury that he was SUPPOSED to have surgery on. He never had surgery and then Rashad had to take another fight. And Rampage found a spy at his camp….not to mention what Greg Jackson said, “check on him, get some fans”. Im over it, he is far from invincible.

  50. enlightened says:

    he is physically long. we are talking MMA for every advantage your opponent has don’t you have a potential weapon. if it were just his reach someone would take a few hits to close the distance and take him down easy (that’s what they expect Hendo to do). Mike Tyson with T-Rex arms was destroyed guys with much longer reach. Lets be honest you are a bunch haters.

    i do not like sponsorship by UFC. It leaves a sour taste in my mouth for what was a great fight. Did any of you guys notice that guy ram a soda or something into Jones’ hand as he was leaving the ring. Even worse is TUF Brasil; the product placement on that show sickens me…. and makes me laugh.

  51. deep_sea_moose says:

    he’s an over-rated hype train. im sick of having him pushed down my throat by an ever increasing “company man” style attitude with ufc commentary/reporting, and that includes joe rogan. also he is a disrespectful douche, look at the way he dropped the dragon to the canvas from a standing guillotine, knowing he was out and not giving a fuck. i long for the day when bones gets knocked the fuck out. it wont stop the hype surrounding dana’s cash cow tho

  52. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    I think pretty much most fans agree regardless of his skill Jones is a pure fake plain and simple. I can’t wait to see him fight guys his own size even if they still have half the reach cause when he gets his chin touched he will go down

  53. OJ says:

    come on! his reach? what of struve? is he the only fighter with a physical advantage? how wwell has struve done if its all about that. also remember, he’s only gotten bigger in the past 18 months or so. he’s said himself he never used to cut much weight. all the “Jones to HW” talk is a bit premature. also, he has said he plans to move to HW. the reasons for hating him are beyond unresonble

  54. MMACRAVER says:

    The reason some people take offense to other people wearing their religion on their sleeve is that.

    Religion is actually one of the worst things going on in the world right now. To quote the christian god and claim that he gives you strength and answers your prayers is ignorant and annoying, especially in this day and age.

    God helps John Jones be a winner but thousands of African kids are shit out of luck?

    Yes people will dislike you purely because you talk about your religion…. Because it’s fucking stupid… Religions are actually destroying the world. If you disagree then you don’t watch the news.

    Call yourself a christian? You better give up 10% of your fight purse… Tithe bro.. you don’t wanna go to hell, do you?

    Oh wait sorry… they erased that part in the new testament… Yup they can just change the bible whenevz.. Now its called a “freewill offering”

    Also priests fuck little boys… Fuck you John Jones for supporting child rape.

  55. Sick Brah says:

    Cos his a faggot and a nigga (not srs)

    Same reasons others have said, his a freak, long reach, tall. He has a huge advantage naturally, so its not that impressive. Him being religious pisses me off, firstly cos, its fucking stupid, secondly cos he should be saying ‘thank god for my long arse gangly arms and legs’ if anything, not whatever shit he says.

    And his fucking chicken legs, seeing those things every fight is wrong.

  56. Bear says:

    Hopefully the UFC will realize that we are knowledgable about the sport an realize we know when obvious mismatches occur. When the Ppv buys drop on Jones, and we all heard the boo’s at his entrance, he will have to fight guys more his size.
    I’ll respect him when he fights big Ben , the skyscraper , or travis Browne. We can’t ask him to give up 55 lbs, but some of the smaller heavyweights would be entertaining. And I’m sure he thinks he’s above fighting Travis Browne , but I truly believe he would have no more cakewalks if he stepped up.

  57. Kelly says:

    Who says there’s no love for him. Who is running the polls? And who are they polling? Because everyone I know in north carolina and south carolina have all kinds of love for Mr.Jones. Frankly I never hear anything negative about the man. So is the media just trying to give people something to talk about?

  58. jkljk says:

    I just think that he is so fake

  59. Oscar says:

    People who dislike jones are plain ignorant

  60. Norb says:

    He just seems like an asshole……also because i read something about him snitching on people that would smoke weed ewww

  61. John M says:

    What confuses me about this article is when Mattos says Cruz is one of the P4P best? Not a chance!

  62. Law3056 says:

    You can speculate all you want about who is more experienced and who would win. but really what good does it do? Back when Silva fought Ryo Chonan at Pride Silva was 14-2. Chonan was 7-4. He was being dominated the whole fight. But I guess we expected Chonan to bust out a flying heel hook to take the victory right? I guess we expected the Korean Zombie to knock out Hominick that quickly in the first round to right? Or maybe the front kick that dropped Belfort.

  63. David says:

    You also forget to mention that he’s a snitch too

  64. Brandon says:

    Ice hated jones since the beginning he gets to cocky with elbows the spinny twirly things that he loves to throw ill admit it he gets lucky he got lucky he didn’t get knocked out in his fight against rashad he through an elbow I got countered right to his face it doesn’t make sense to me.

    • Really guy? says:

      Lucky? Is that the best you got? You don’t gotta like the guy but please show me a fight where Jones has been in any real trouble, rocked, taken down, exposed.

      • Axe says:

        “show me a fight where Jones has been in any real trouble, rocked, taken down, exposed”.-Really guy?

        There is none because he avoids those fights. He wants to fight the little guys so he can have an advantage. What the hell 6’4″ fighting 5’11″s. Come on!

        He’s a coward and he knows it! He doesn’t want to fight fighters with his same height and reach! Fight someone your own size!

        • Really guy? says:

          He avoids those fights? I’m sorry to break it to ya kid but his last four fights, Shogun, Machida, Rampage, Rashad, those are all former champions. Name me another fighter with Jones reach within his division that deserves a title shot cause I would like to know about him. As a champion he is fighting the most qualified fighters for his title.

        • Axe says:

          He should get out of that division (he doesn’t belong there) and fight fighter’s his own size:
          Junior Dos Santos a 6’4″.
          Travis Browne a 6’7″
          Phil De Fries 6’5″
          Shane Del Rosario 6’4″
          Dave Herman 6’4″
          Cheick Kongo 6’4″
          complete list are here

        • SizeMatters says:

          he’s a good denying that. but Size matters. I didn’t believe it till the rashad fight but he dominates because of his length. he had a foot reach advantage. Dana knows he’s too big but dana also knows he’s not that good. They are grooming him and building his record with the smaller guys. if he got in the ring with a heavy weight and got caught with a over hand right like rashad hit him with he’d be laid out

        • Really guy? says:

          None of those guys match the reach you mentioned. And just because he’s good in his division he doesn’t belong there? So I guess Silva doesn’t belong in his division either. Oh and Jose Aldo. GSP. What happens when he does lose to someone? I guess they won’t belong in that division either. I agree he should move up to fight a few fights as Silva did, but as for permanently why should he move up because other fighters aren’t rising to the occasion?

        • DBKlein69 says:

          lol how about andyboy silva move up to 205 and fight guys his own size. oh wait thats right he had no prob doing it to fight the great forrest griffin or the legendary james irvin. but with the guys at LHW now?? nope. andyboy thinks it’s best he just stay put at 185.

        • GreezyKid says:

          Wow, these guys are professional fighters, jones is not the first fighter to have a huge reach advantage. Just the first one to be dominant. U still have to be focused and have good technique no matter your size!

        • brandon says:

          Shogun was his size except for height

      • jTap says:

        Well Im assuming you obviously didn’t see the 1sr round of Jones vs Machida, cause sayin he aint been rocked or none of that bullshit you talking is just ignorance!

        • Really guy? says:

          If you wanna call that being rocked sure. But if you really wanna see what being rocked is then Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  65. Uhhhh says:

    If that fight were to happen i’d bet my money on Jones and say it’s a pretty safe bet, Anderson would be the underdog based on age. When they would do that stupid analytical bullshit at the beggining of the fight it would be “Experience” for Anderson and “Reach” for Jones. Which correlates to “Been punched in the face heaps and is old, but wins!” and “Has really fucking long arms”

    Fight could go either way I just feel Anderson would be the underdog even with his skillset Jones still has the superior tools which is the case with Jones vs Anyone in the UFC in its current state.

  66. Tyler says:

    I just dont really like him because he is a big guy beating up on little guys. I dont wanna say he doesnt have good technique, but he basically is just bigger than everyone he fights and that is what wins him his fights. MMA is suppose to be about who is the best at their disciplines not who can get the biggest advantage through size and weight cutting.

    I dont really hate him though, but if I had to pick a reason to dislike him that certainly would be it.

    • Boss says:

      Jon jones’ work ethic is the main reason for his success. It takes hard work to make weight yet be in as great shape as he is. He’s a tri-athlete like Diaz an that’s what allows him to do what he does. He does things in training that others aren’t. That’s why in his fight with rashad there wasn’t a single moment he looked tired. Hard work/technique/ and confidence

  67. Kawikthegeek says:

    Jones will win me over when he stands with a good striker and doesnt use his wrestling like he did with Machida. Wrestle with the wrestlers and strike with the strikers. I do agree that he should fight guys his size.

    • GreezyKid says:

      but thats not MMA, if u wanna see one skill then just watch boxing or NCAA wrestling if someone is more dominant than you in a skill why would you play their game? Randy Coture Didnt Box with That Boxer, he ran in there shot at his legs and pinned him against the cage. This is Mixed Martial arts you use the tools that you have to win!

  68. Damnu says:

    This is that same mccreepy guy that wrote the other article on hendo

  69. GreezyKid says:

    Listen When bones moves to Heavy weight If by any chance he continues to dominate the haters will just find another reason to hate him.

  70. Donnybrook says:

    A bunch of wining bitches here talking about “he’s too big for the division fighting smaller guys” and “he’s too cocky” ect… fact of the matter is, they are envious of his success at such a young age, or they’re just pissed that he smashed one of their man crush hero’s (Hendo’s next)… believe me I’ve seen it first hand with buddies of mine screaming foul play with the same reason’s people screaming about here. Jones is the LHW Champ and he is going to remain the Champ for as long as he wants so deal with it people and enjoy his fights because you cannot deny the fact that he does put on exciting fights even if he is smashing one of your hero’s.

  71. The natural says:

    Cocky arrogant too big for division doesn’t no how to shut his dam mouth big headed goofy bastard also has nothing too do with his demeanor but it’s not like he’s not what he is comes from a slave traded fam as in which whites breaded bigger blk men and woman to get the best biggest for there money it’s a fact and I’m not Raciest look at all his brothers and fam off topic but its not god giving talent cmon I guess but anyways theres the one reason y we can’t stand him and it’s GREG JACKSON. It has nothing too do with hate or jealousy I’m glad that somebody has been able too hold onto belt in that division it was like a swat meet and I always thought Mach shogun Jackson rashad were all overrated but he talks way to much about himself and it’s not like he’s a smaller guy beating bigger guys too prove some he’s beating all guys that he tower over please get off his nuts he did it to himself you don’t c people hating Anderson or gsp as much he’s a clown

  72. Bjj BB says:

    Every1 keeps saying his bigger then every1 in his weight class, he was always skinnyer then every1 but just taller, hes been in the ufc for awhile now and has gotten more mustle, working out will do that to u dumbass’s!! My point is, he came into this sport a tall skinny fighter with skills and wins, now that hes on top ppl will always have there reasons to hate on him as if they know him personaly, i watch the ufc to see the best fights, i dont know any of them on a personal level so all i do is respect them if they have skills, and love it when i get my moneys worth, every1 should do the same and stop acting like u guys know jbj on a personal level, hes a fighter with skills!! And if u hate on that then your are watching the ufc from a ex girlfriend kinda view!! PHYCHOS!!

  73. Robert says:

    its definitely some of that humble Arrogance. He does somewhat portray himself as someone who’s destined to be the greatest. In a way its saying “since i’m destined to be the greatest none of the people before me and none around me will ever be great like me and neither will anyone in the future. I will be the greatest thing to ever happen to this sport and i know it this early on” he’s taken that attitude up more after he won the belt he got alot more confident. He also tries to reassure us how humble he is but if its true he doesn’t need to. The religion thing i can also understand. My dad put it right the best one time because he said “it never really sat right to me when people brought god into everything. i have strong faith but you would think that if your faith is strong you would not need to tell everyone about it” Jon jones uses faith like a politician uses faith. Its a tool to gain fans and supporters because they feel that you speak for them or that you are one of them. He’s like a politician in MMA

  74. Dick Diaz says:

    i mean its not too impressive when you’re fighting people whose arms are 12 shorter than you’re own…

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