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Friday, 03/23/2012, 08:47 am

An Improved Michael Bisping Says He Would Love A Rematch With Dan Henderson

“I would 100 percent be interested in a rematch [with Dan Henderson]. Made a lot of mistakes in the build-up to that fight and I have grown as a fighter.”

Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson have a history.

The two coached opposite each other on the Ultimate Fighter and a grudge grew from the time spent on the show together. Their fight and season of The Ultimate Fighter was dubbed U.S. vs. U.K. and it was one of the most highly anticipated bouts in recent memory.

Three minutes into the second round Bisping was knocked out cold by Dan Henderson and the replay of their UFC 100 clash will forever be a part of Dan Henderson’s highlight reel.

Having improved and matured in all area’s Bisping took to ESPN recently and proclaimed that a rematch against Hendo is something that is of great interest to him.

But would things be different?

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123 Responses to “An Improved Michael Bisping Says He Would Love A Rematch With Dan Henderson”

  1. John M says:

    I would love to see Bisping get knocked out again

    • Turkeykneck fun chav says:

      bisping is a good learner, he has to go against people that can hit like dan to test himself. i think its a good move by him to mention a rematch
      im not sure if he can handle henderson but its pointless anyway, henderson only wants AS or JJ

      • lol.. a learning experience?? says:

        Bahaha, alright. So if I want to learn how to get my arm snapped in half, I’ll go roll with Mir? No, he didn’t get knocked out to “test” himself… His dumb ass thought he could beat Henderson and got KNOCKED THE F*** OUT!!

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Bisping always calls out fights he knows won’t happen but i have to say i would pay anything to see Hendo KO that friggen big mouth arragant basta’rd. Typical Brit. Why did american people ever let FDR saves their limy asses. If it wasn’t for us Americans those ass hole (UN APPRECIATIVE) Brits like Bisping would be speaking German

  2. Bla DeBla says:

    Typical English Cowardice .

    1’st Hardly is looking to get a fight with a semi retired Matt Hughes & now Bisping wants a rematch with a fighter who is on borrowed time .

    Is Dan 42 now ?

    I’m surprised Bisping is brave enough to seek a rematch now & not wait until Dan is 52 before piping up & asking for a rematch .

    Why the delay ?

    Why has he waited so long to talk about a re match ?

    Fuck you Bisping you cowardly English Cunt !

    You done nothing in the 1’st fight to warrant a rematch , you were beat into oblivion , deal with it .

    Dan Henderson is at the stage of his career he has to choose his fights wisely , he only has so many at the highest level left in him .

    So what has Henderson got to possibly gain from giving Bisping a rematch ?

    Bisping is scum .

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You’re a fucking piece of shit, I’ve seen a bunch of your posts and every time you come across as a total cunt, fact. You’re the fucking coward posting shit like your some big man, I bet if you came face to face with either of them you’d grow a vagina.

      The Brits are anything but cowards but I don’t even want to enter to a debate with you because you’re too much of a retard to understand.

      Hendo moved back up to 205lb and wasn’t fighting in the UFC (getting his ass handed to him by Jake Shields) IMO Bisping would beat Hendo in a re-match. Bisping has evolved and even a juiced up Hendo is still way past his best. Hendo has these delusions he should be getting a title fight, he’ll probably get a crack at Jones just on the basis that he’s beat everybody else.

      PS: Fuck you scumbag.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        The Brits may not be cowards but the English are cowardly faggots who never face any opponent until they have every possible advantage , its a globally known & acknowledged fact .

        Why wasnt Hardly calling out Hughes when Hughes was Champion ?

        Why has Bisping waited so long to mention a re match ?

        Why did Lennox Lewis hide from Tyson & Holyfield during their Primes & only mustered the courage to fight them when they were a shadow of their former self’s after between the two of them they had cleaned out the division & fought wars against each other ?

        I’ll tell you why …

        Because they are English .

        Plain & Simple .

        Cowardly English Scum .

        • CoachCrumbs says:

          There’s a difference between demanding a rematch and answering a question asking if he’d be interested in a rematch with ‘yes’.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Even so , the English have a habit which I have clearly pointed out .

        • Kingsforge says:

          Shut the fuck up you keyboard loving prick.

          TUF UK vs USA, 3 out of 4 finalists were brits/english. USA got one guy through, as a stand-in with his front teeth knocked out after one of the USA guys pussied out. And he didn’t even win the fight to be a stand-in, pussy Scottish bloke quit out cos he was a loser.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          The Scottish guy quit because his preparations were hampered by over 1000 years of English oppression .

          On a lever playing field 10 Scots would hammer 100 Englishmen .

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Kingforge how in hell do have Bisping top 3 at Middleweight? Hello Vitor Belfort would KO Bisping in 30 seconds, Rich Franklin, Palharis, Munoz, Weidman, Okami, Belcher, Lombard, Falcao, Even washed up Vanderlei beat Bisping so I ask oyu again how in hell do you friggen arragant Brits even belive your own bullshit. Do you know how many animals from Brazil, Russia and god only knows that would beat Bispings ass without breaking a sweat. I saw 4 Midleweights in Bellator that would CRUSH bisping so to say Bisping is even top 10 in world is a total joke. Who has Bisping EVER beat in top 10 in his entire career? I wonder waht would happen if bisping was to fight Fedor? You talk like Hendersen is all washed up even though he just KO’d a legend in Fedor. Bisping wouldn’t fight Fedor in a million years and if he did he would get KO’d in 30 seconds or less. I even would be willing to bet that Watson another Brit would beat Bisping. Hamill beat the crap out of bisping for 15 minutes non-stop regardless of waht FIXED CORRUPT judges said. Bisping is so friggen overrrated. The UFC will continue to only put NON-strikers in front of Bisping and protect him like they have since Hendersen fight.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          what a joke comparing American fighters to Brits by a hand full of prospects. Most of the U.S kids were liek 21 and that arragant prick taht hadn’t lived in the UK for over 10 years who teaches martial arts (bald fuck)??? who is from a very wealthy family live sin lagun ahills??? wilkensen who was 34 years old on show fighting inexperiened young kids and taht who you say confirms Brits are better fighters. Dana white took a bunch of inexperienced kids from U.S to make Britains best prospects liek Ross pearson look 10 times better than they actually were. same thing the UFC has been doing with Bisping, their Brit poster boy who is protected from REAL top middlweights in world. Whast even more funny is Bisping couldn’t hack fighting guys at his natural weight of LHW so he tucked tail and ran to MW after Matt hamill beat his ass. I remember JOe Rogans exact words when Goldie asked Rogan while Bisping was getting his as kicked by Hamill he said “Joe What do you think Bisping is thinking right now” and Rogan says i pretty sure he thinking about dropping down to 185 and that was exactly what he did after the ass whooping he took from Hamill. If Hamil would have never been told by doctors on TUF taht he couldn’t fight he would have beat the shit out of Bisping then to. Only reason Bisping even won was because he didn’t have to fight Hamill. Bisping is pillow puncher overrarted by UFC propaganda

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          There you go again you dumb fuck, Brits ad English are pretty much the same thing if you are English you are a Brit, you follow… You literally have no clue and I’m going to school you. Firstly the Brits are recognized historically as having one of the most feared military forces ever hence the British Empire you dumb fuck.. Currently we are per head of population we have the most active military in the world We also have the elite of elite fighting forces in the SAS. That my retarded friend are the facts.

          Now let me turn my attention to MMA, Dan Hardy offering out Hughes is so irrelevant on the world of MMA, who gives a shit, Hardy shouldn’t even be fighting in the UFC until he picks up some wins in a smaller show, and even if they did fight I suspect Hughes might still win. As for Bisping he has fought anyone the UFC has put in front of him and he is a total warrior. Your such a pussy I bet my life you wouldn’t say that shit to his face and if you did he would end you. Why can’t he call out Hendo now, I’d like to see that rematch. I recognize the UK does not have the best MMA fighters but that is because MMA is a very young sport in the UK, we don’t have wrestling at high school or college and don’t have the BJJ coaches, we’ll that is changing, UK MMA is rapidly growing and we now have some of the world elite BJJ guys teaching there, Roger Gracie has a school in London and Braulio Estima has a place in Birmingham. We have a crop of young very talented fighters coming through so watch this space, plus Bisping is a top 3-5 guy in his weight and there is no denying it, read the facts.

          AS for Lewis dodging Tyson and Holyfield that is boxing politics so how the fuck would you know the reason plus wasn’t Tyson in Prison then totally past it when Lewis hitting his stride. Plus when they did fight what happened? Yeah damn straight Lewis fucking battered them.

          You know so little, I bet you’ve never even been to England, if you did and spouted that shit in any pub across the country in 5 seconds you would be knocked the fuck out. The reason for this is Brits/English have fighting in their blood and they never back down, it comes from being a very small island and fighting off invaders, also the reason why we have NEVER been invaded.

          You are scum plain and simple, a keyboard warrior typing away bullshit you can’t back up.

          PS: You’re still a piece of shit coward.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          1’stly The English are not Brits , they are Anglo Saxons & as such have as much legitimate right , which is absolutely no moral right at all , to govern on the island of Britain as do Caribbean’s , Arabs , Pakistanis , Indians , Chinese & Africans who are there today .

          The only “British” there are the Scots & the Welsh who have never invaded any of their neighbors , butchered , murdered robbed & oppressed .

          The English are a parasitical oppressive nation of leech’s & as such have become rich & powerful in the modern world .

          Much like how cancer governs a healthy Body England governs Britain & have built an Empire throughout the world by inflicting its disease upon it .

          Now tha bare bones facts have been established lets have a little “tete a tete”

          The gist of all your boo hooing & bluster is that its merely a co incidence that the English appear to be cowards , I have already stated different so take your outrage that you have been exposed elsewhere , see , because you are an Englishman , have zero credibility .

          As for MMA being a young sport , it is no younger in England than anywhere else & the fact you couldnt oppress the Yanks & prevent them from establishing themselves as the top MMA country on earth is the reality of why England has none of the worlds best MMA fighters .

          Similarly , your Boxers are not the best in the world & nor are your Soccer or Rugby teams .

          As a matter of fact in any matter where there is even a modicum of fair play or equality among opponents the English are always exposed as the miserable excuse making failures that they truly are .

        • mj says:

          22nd SAS Saber sqd is not even close to the best in the world. They are no longer the best in the UK, CTF of mostly SBS are better. CAG and DEVGRU are the tip of the international special operations community. That is a FACT. The US military could destroy The UK navy in hours, control the skies over England in days and as for ground combat.. Your weapons if not US, are out dated.. Your Chalenger would be no “chalenge” for the Abrams… Your warrior is no match for a bradley. AH-64D longbows would have a hay day with the UK mech units. You want another fact, you could barely beat a rag tag army for the balklands. The United States has 24 aircraft carriers. The rest of the world, combined, has 13(brits have 4 jump jet carriers) So your Sea harriers against our FA-18 super hornets, The most powerful Military in the world is the US Military… that is a cold hard FACT. Oh and the spartans still have the rep for the most feared and respected soilders in history. Oh and Hendo proved we can beat your ass in a fight aswell. Anything other opinions you want to pass off as facts? NSW G1 fuckface

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          Your reply shows you are a retard, the English are not British, spoken like a true american who has never left his country, probably even state. You’re the reason why most of the world hates north america. The Brits are about your only allies and 99% of our fighting forces are made up of the English :-) doing all the tough jobs in Afghanistan while your soldiers are shooting civilian childern at point blank range and raping the rest of worlds resources. Those are the facts. And back to the original point, Bisping would own Hendo and the English have more fighting spirit than any other nation.
          PS: Your a cunt

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          MJ – While your soldiers are out murdering woman and babies because they can’t stand the pressure and killing your allies with friednly fire the Brits are doing all the hard work and heavy lifting. Yeah you’ve got a massive army, its so you can rape the worlds resources. And the SAS is stil the toughest elite fighting force in the world. Makes your Delta Force look like a bunch of faires.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          @ JuJu
          The Celtic Isles of Ireland & Britain are where Celtic People come from , Anglo Saxons come from North West Germany & South Denmark .

          The English are the remains of The Anglo Saxon slaves & refugees who inherited the remains of their Roman masters Roman Britain & who as any other refugee have absolutely no right to the land that hosts them & they have no right to rule over those who are from there .

          All historical evidence of culture & religion clearly shows The Scots , Welsh & Irish were on a par with mainland Europe in all aspects of life until The formation of an English monarchy & gerrymandered political jurisdiction .

          The English are the bastard refugee children born into an illegitimate oppressive political state who has since butchered , murdered robbed & impoverished people on every continent on earth .

          The English are not British no more than Jesus Christ was a horse simply because he was born in a stable .

        • Aaron w. says:

          Your ignorance does nothing but make you look stupid. The only people who believe your comments are also stupid and therefore irrelivent in most aspects of life.

          Mma in this country is young, regardless of what you say it is in its infancy here and more so than in most other country’s which have professional fighters. Mma in this country is like ‘soccer’ was in your country 10 years ago. Back then you could barely kick a ball, these days your national teams is getting much better. 10 years ago 99.9 percent of the country had no idea what mma is, most people still don’t.

          The irony is I imagine you are most likely some bottom feeder with little to no intelligence, contributing nothing to wherever it is you come from. Yet on here you have the all the wisdom in the world and the bollocks of 10 men. You make me laugh, no go back to playing with yourself you small small boy.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Watta creepy sick comment .

          So you imagine me as a small boy playing with myself eh ?

          Isnt the courage of the English outstanding , he is brave enough to speak to a small boy like that .

          Too bad for you I’m not , as for your soccer team the US has been at more World Cups since 1990 than England & has even finished above them in the group stages so spare me your ridiculous comparisons .

          Like I have already said the only reason England doesn’t have the best fighters in MMA is because they couldn’t oppress other country’s like the US & Brazil to exalt themselves above the rest .

          Your Goose is cooked England , you are well & truly yesterdays men & history is about to take a big steaming shit all over you .

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Absolutely awesome post by mj. You totally made that Brit sound like an idiot. The Brits have been hiding under our coattails sinc e world war 1. Everything the Brits need to survive PERIOD comes from USA. WE saved your sorry asses in WW2 and you arragant bastards don’t even appreciate that FACT. My uncle fought in ww2 in europe an dhe told me when i was little kid you Brits were beaten by Germans when the U.S. saved your asses. Its one thing if your country actually appreciated it then its all good but your people ALL are just like Bisping arragant bastards who constantly bash and show disrepect for Americans. Canadians also helped saved your sorry asses to.

        • Bla DeBla knows nothing about MMA says:

          Hardy wasn’t in the UFC when Hughes was champ smarty.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          That only confirms his cowardice , he has no place even talking about Matt Hughes let alone calling him out .

          Make no mistake “England” is not calling out Hughes because of who he is or what he does , he is being called out because England see’s he has an outstanding reputation & England also sees he is at the end of his career with a few losses behind him , England see’s a weaklings chance of glory in its own house .

          If Hardly beat Hughes we wouldnt ever hear the end of how …

          “The plucky Brit underdog went to America & against all odds beat the legendary hall of Famer & probably the Greatest Welter Weight of all time , Rule Britannia !!”

          Typical low life English Tactics & low rent bullshit from Yesterdays Men .

      • Ali says:

        I agree man, i dont really see why Hendo is getting so chuffed about a title fight. He beat a few old timers in strikeforce and had a descent fight against shogun. I think Sonnen would be a good fight for Hendo, and also Bisping 2. Then maybe a title shot would be appropriate.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Why should Hendo have to drop 20 lbs ?

          Who the fuck are Sonnen & Bisping compared to Dan Henderson ?

          Henderson is one of the biggest names & most respected fighters of all time .

          The man is a living legend .

          Credit where its due .

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          What the fuck are you talking about he’s already said he would fight Silva….He doesn’t even deserve a shot until he wins at least one fight. Maybe he should fight the winner or Bisping v Silva assuming they both win their fights….

          He is a legend but he still got owned by Jake Shields….That shit was embarrassing. What does Shields even weight, oh shit yeah he’s down at 170lb now right….lol…Can you imagine what Bisping would do to Sheilds…..

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Silva is a champion you fuckin shitstain , Micheal Bisping isnt much more than a good Journeyman at time of writing .

          How the fuck can you compare Bispings status to that of Silvas ?

          Bloody obnoxious arrogant English scum .

        • mj says:

          Couldnt agree more! Im a huge Vitor fan but Hendo beat Vitor…by SD, but he won. Chael and bisbing would get KTFO. Hendo has made a name for himself after getting his ass sub´d in 3 seconds by frank shamrock. He is better then ever IMO. A right that can put any HW to sleep.

    • Ry says:

      All British fighters bring it and are gamers regardless of their skill and standing in the rankings. FACT. A lot of Americans seek to use their wrestling and lay an prey a decision. WW2 it took the Americans years, not months to pluck up the courage and join the WORLD WAR. Yet Britain insta joined forces against the war on terrorism. 1 thing us Brits aren’t are is cowards…we might be a lot of things but scared cowards is not 1 of em. The complete opposite as it happens…think before you speak retard!

      • Ry says:

        We had no reason to go to Afghan or Iraq to support America – it wasn’t our towers they flew planes into on 9/11. You probably didn’t need us out there but it aint the point… we still went and fought in your war. Do you reckon our guys pissed there pants when they were blown up or something boy? Hatton got knocked out cold by Pacman and KO’d against Floyd but he got in there with the 2 best p4p fighters on the plannet…something neither of those 2 seem to want to do.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          The politics of oppression is the only reason Hatton rose high enough in the rankings to fight those guys , he was the best of the bad lot you created .

          The only reason you joined in the war on terror is because you are womin & dont like to be left out but when it comes to finishing what you started you need 20 other nations holding your hand .

          As for WW2 you done nothing but appease Hitler until the French promised to hold your hand & stand against him , The Yanks didnt enter until such time it needed to end , Yanks dont start squabbles they finish them .

        • Ry says:

          Think you need re-educating dickhead. I never once claimed Hatton was great, simply an example of a Brit not being a coward. Talking of finishing wars – hows Viet nam coming along?

          Also to address an earlier subject of yours on English stealing land etc… why don’t you give America back to the natives you mongrel cunt.

          You’re just some dumb kid that gets his kicks out of mouthing off OVER THE INTERNET behind a monitor. On Monday morning when you are walking to school do me a favour and go play with the traffic or see how many on-coming trains you can avoid whilst playing on the train lines.

          As it happens i will stop short of calling you a yank due to you most likely being a scotch cunt / Scottish haggis eating ginger haired fucking nobody. Why don’t you go visit William Wallace’ resting place – ere, theres a bit over there, a bit over here, some more over there and the rest is… CUNT

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Oh look , yet another Brave Englishman fantasizing about killing Children .

          Last time I looked at Vietnam they werent communist , so I would say its Objective achieved .

          As for America giving anything back , The US didnt take anything .

          The US was built upon a pagan land & culture just like how the Roman Empire was built upon Pagan Europe .

          Do you suggest we Evacuate everyone who isnt a red injun & allow North America to descend back into the stone age where it was before European contact ?

          Thats just ridiculous .

          America is as modern as anywhere else in the developed world if not more so , therefore your idiotic advice is not welcome .

        • Ry says:

          Bla bla bla as i’ll call you from here on in… you’re ignorant and a hypocrite. Typical of an American to only see it 1 way for others and another for their own.

          Go read some more wikipedia and confuse yourself with history as it appears thisis the result and effect a little bit of learning has on you. It makes you talk shit and get thing WRONG. You’re clue on the wars, who did what and why. You said we only helped out on terror to benefit…. the 1 reason you cunts got in on WW2 was for that very reason.

          You’re a disgrace to your own people… Scottish or American 98% would think you’re a cunt.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          BJ Penn , if yer reading this ?…

          Please send someone in here with a mop & a bucket to mop up all that idiots tears , he is flooding my screen !

          Apparently the truth is hurting him !

    • Rambling Gambit says:

      WOW. Off the cuff remarks like this literally draw a line in the sand between interest and ignorant.

      First off, no, I am not a big Bisping fan. Nor am I British. I think The Count showed great improvement in his Sonnen fight and in my opinion won that fight. I wouldn’t be opposed to see a rematch and see where he is at this point against a great contender like Hendo.

      I completely agree with CoachCrumbs in regards to Bisping answering a question and not calling someone out. Hardy, for all his bravado, is calling out a semi-retired former champ who is on the tail end of his decline. He is being ridiculous. A cunt even. Bisping is simply answering another persons question.

      This fight is a complete hypothetical, but at the same time Henderson wasn’t really being thrown in the mix at MW. As it stands, he’s waiting for a fight between Jones or Silva. Fair enough. He also states he wants 3 more years, good for him. If..ummmm….WHEN he loses to either man, I think a rematch would do good business, especially on a card in the UK.

      Beside, like I said before, Bisping looked solid against Sonnen. Perhaps he’s finally put it all together and could pull it off this time.

      Why you needed to label the cat as a cowardly English Cunt is still boggling.
      And I wonder people hate my North American accent when I travel lol….answered from the muppet above.

  3. Great Picture says:

    The article picture of Dan dropping the bomb says everything. No rematch sir, he is better than you.

  4. Ash cane says:

    Erm…did i read correctly that yank callin the english cowards, O.M.G, pmsl what a joke, u seem to forget alot of facts ere, since bisping got knocked out by hendo, i am sure to god i watched bisping practicly beat chael sonnen? Who is ranked 2 right? Or did i jus dream that? An then to say why disnt hardy call out matt hughes wen he was champ, wudnt hardy of been like 10 years old you stoopid fuck, it arrogent opinionated ppl like ur self thats the problem, fuckin keyboard warrior tlkin like he noes what hes on about, i bet ur jus some 15 year old kid full of spots , glasses an braces, pretending to know about sumthin u obviously dont, alot of u yanks av probs wi us english, yet its all well an good when were fightin ur wars, an all tht, u wanna tlk bout cowards? The size of ur army, an u havnt even bin into helmand province in afgan were thts the worst place to be, no you leave us to fight that battle dont ya!! Am sorry to the americans thr r kool, but little fags like this draaaain me, were all the fuckin same werever we come from!! I am hopin that wen u decide to actually leave ur computer an venture into the out doors, thr u just might get run over!!!!, sorry to any1 i av offended, but this guys an absolute joke!!!

  5. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    that knockout is gonna be in the highlight reel of humanity after the nuclear holocaust.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Best one strike KO I have ever seen .

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        You scum bag cowardly cunt. I bet you couldn’t fight your way out of a paper bag. IF you knew anything about the English is that they never walk away from a fight. Its an honour thing, something you are clearly lacking.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          The English have no honor .

          Thats the single reason why they never fight any wars unless they have 20 other nations holding their hands .

          The English are a nation of disease spreading cowardly leeches .

        • .. says:

          bla debla than what the fuck are americans you dumbass inbred hillbilly..go fuck your mom corpse you piece of shit..America is the police state of this planet..didn’t they just have a fake kony 2012 scam going on in your shitty country where they want the public to vote to go INVADE yet another african country? You AMERICANS have no honour or you would have stood up for what is right..Your just another piece of white american trash that will die off like all the others.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          That Kony 2012 video is real. The organization sketchy because of their use of funds and you are an ignorant fuck.

          Police State? Wouldn’t have to be if your country would step up! WTF is NATO FOR?

        • Bla DeBla says:

          You stink like a third world sewer , so does the intelligence of your post .

        • Donnybrook says:

          LOL… and you would know first hand seeing how your a piece of shit and all.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Less of yer lip boy & tell yer mother to have my dinner on the table by 7 pm at the latest , I speak to you then .

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          The definition of cowardly is your soldiers murdering woman and babies at close range and fighting your wars with long range missle strikes while the English do all the ground fighting.

        • Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

          Our troops English, French and American are being killed by rogue Afghan Military (our allies) and civilians and no one is being held accountable. That soldier that killed 17 people was one soldier in Afghanistan not an entire army. Quit acting like our troops kill women and children on a daily basis. You’re stretching the truth, we both have ground troops fighting side by side with lame ass bureaucratic NATO. If the war could be fought with just drones with little collateral (death of civilians) damage the whole war would be fought that way. Wars are won with good intel, ground troops, strong allies and leadership. One of these we are lacking.

          Bla Debla is just being a provocative fool.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Dishonest Cowardly English Scum ^^^

        • mj says:

          Youre a key board warrior. From top to bottom, you have said nothing but BS. Cunt this, cock sucker that… Youre not type A, your a coward who hides behind your mom´s computer. Stick to facts, Bisping is on the wrong end of one MMA greatest KO´s.

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Go Kiss Englands ass elsewhere & get the fuck outa my face you prideless Cunt .

        • Jujitsu Player says:

          I hide behind your mums computer, she lets me use it while she cleans my ejaculate off her face

        • Bla DeBla says:

          So knock on my dorr & say that , you English hypocrite scum .

  6. YEAH RIGHT says:

    Still one of the funniest pictures I’ve ever seen HAHA


    bisping could definetly beat hendo, but it would be a win where bisping would win by nnot fighting to dans strengths…staying on the outside and outpointing him,,,polish up on the boxing skills…roach would be great 4 training michael 4 that fight

    • Baby J - Hendo - Sonnen - Smooth says:

      Fuck all this retarded England vs America talk. The question was would the fight go any differently. And to answer the question with my opinion, No. Anything can happen, but bisping hasn’t changed much, and Hendo hasn’t either. And now to address morons talking shit about shields beating Hendo. Hendo knocked him into oblivion and gassed out trying to finish him in the first, and Hendo got beat on points, he didn’t get knocked out cold like ” the count” did vs Hendo. Amd btw I actually like ( not luv) but like bisping. This is completely irrelevant but does anyone else think Gerard mousassi vs bisping would be an awesome fight? That would be a sick fight. Anyway, to all my American and English brothers, let’s stick together and better this world. Let’s go fuck up some Taliban lol cheers boys

  8. ufc123 says:

    I am American and I completely understand where your coming from with your post. I’m proud to be an American but just like very other place we have a bunch of dipshits in our country as well. Which is quite evident by the ridiculous posts calling the English cowards. Its Friday I say Cheers! to an Ice cold Beer after work. Although if your British your probably already enjoying that 😉

  9. I have better stand-up than Mayhem Miller says:

    Im half Japanese and half Filipino.
    And I hate everyone equally.

  10. Jb says:

    Holy shit I agree with Bladebla or whatever your name is. Never thought I’d agree lol p.s. bisbing is over rated, pillow fisted non finishing winded ass clown. Most of you morons fail to understand Dana keeps him for the UK support. Half of you only started watching mma when it became main stream. Go back to the keyboards tough guys

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      Fuck you too, 2 retards on the same page, quality.

      PS: I’ve probably forgotten more about MMA that you know and probably started watching it before you were even out of ‘diapers’….

  11. Ash cane says:

    Amen to ufc123,, bladebla is an absolute cunt, he spoke like that over here hed b pickin up his teeth wi broken fingers, its not about whos the best between u.k an u.s coz were all equal, its jus lil fags like that!! I suppose every village has an idiot though!!

  12. Joe Bidden says:

    Hendo would destroy Bisping, again. Hendo is still one of the best fighters in the division and Bisping is still just a UK support figure. Bisping isn’t really a legitimate threat to anyone in the division. He’s just there to give the UK fans someone to connect with. Which is cool, he’s not total trash. He’s a very good “Gatekeeper” for the division, to try and separate out the cans from the tit;e contenders.

    Bisping HAS gotten better, but Hendo is still a legitimate threat to the entire division. Bisping has a long way to go before he gets a chance to avenge his Falcon Flop. IMO.

  13. Ash cane says:

    An to say 10 scots would dominate 100 english, thats really were u r gettin silly, coz any1 wi half a brain knows differnt, stop talking out your arse, pick any average joe from any country you like an pick one from england, the smart money would be on the english to win, its a fact, its the way it is, thats y every1 hates us so much, coz we have so much power for the size we are! Jus look throughout history, its all us, we had the empire, we let u have america, what the fuck have u done bar start fights youve never been able to finish?? Facts speak for them selves, ur just a mouthy cunt

    • Joe Bidden says:

      LOL. Shut the fuck up you keyboard warrior trash.

      I’ve never seen such horse shit flung from anyone’s mouth. You’re probably an overweight 50 year old fuck.

      Some people shouldn’t be allowed on the Internet.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      I like how the guys above saying who gives a fuck who is from where and all that cuz that’s the way it should be. But you let us have america? In third grade, I learned about a period in time called the revolutionary war . . .

  14. Big J says:

    This is the best photo, ever! It’s hard to do any talking while getting knocked out, huh, Michael Bisping?

  15. Ash cane says:

    None of u lot know how to give credit were credits due do ya? Ya so up ya own arses at times, bisping a gatekeeper? Bisping this bisping that, u hate the fact that an englishmans right up there with a sport tou invented, to even say hes a gatekeeper is pathetic, right facts…. Bisping narrowly lost to wanderla an to rashad NARROWLY, fair does hendo banged him but it happens, u cud relive tht one fight a million times an hed ov o ly
    Landed that punch a couple of times, in bispings last fight, he was robbed of the win against sonnen all because silva sonnen 2 wud make them
    More ritcher, search ya souls ya gimps, if any o u deep down believe tht sonnen deserves to b fightin silva over bisping then u obvi do not no a deal about mma bisping took it 2-1 EASILY, to say hes a gate keeper, well jus talkin out ur arse

    • Bla DeBla says:

      I’d describe Bisping more as a nearly man than a gate keeper .

      He definitely didnt beat Sonnen & the only reason the question has been raised is because of Sonnens Old School Warrior “Team Quest” Attitude which is if you dont finish a fight early its a disappointment because letting it go to the judges is seen as a silver medal to them but of course you being a leeching English scumbag out to get all you can , cant identify with that honorable attitude & just picked up on the vibe that Sonnen was slightly disappointed & then you started claiming victory like a thief .

      For now Bisping is slightly better than a gatekeeper but not much more than that .

      He is a nearly man aspiring to be where Okami is/was in terms of status .

      • “the only reason the question has been raised is because of Sonnens Old School Warrior “Team Quest” Attitude which is if you dont finish a fight early its a disappointment because letting it go to the judges is seen as a silver medal to them”… Uhm… Is that why Sonnen has 16 fight he has not finished, and only one finish in the UFC?

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Thats a ridiculous question to ask in relation to what I have posted .

          How can I be expected to answer that ?

          If you asked me is Sonnen happy to have 16 fights he has not finished which is in context with what I posted I could answer you & the answer would be …

          No .

          No he isnt .

          Now take 5 minutes off & remember you dont have to be a full time asshole .

        • Bla DeBla says:

          Mad about what ?

          I just pointed out it was a very stupid question , one so stupid it was beyond me to answer .

          Not mad , just stunned by yer idiocy .

  16. Ash cane says:

    Any way ill leave u yanks to it, as a proud english man am offto go het drunk probably sleep with a fit as girl, An probably batter aload of foreiners while im at it, ill leave all u american keyboard warriors to carry on tlkin shit to each other alll night as u all live sad an borin lives hid behind ya computers, bladeblah y snt u tlk about proper facts while am gone? Like brits/english whatever u wanna call um has free healthcare an actually has an english leader an not sum fuckin muslim who ok’d a mosque bein built on groun zero, instead of slaggin us off which lets face it the wnglish always do alleight and put ya fuckin opinions into ya own country, if all the people like u actually did that instead of TRYIN to diss us, maybe jus maybe u might have free healthcare, dentistry etc, but with how you lot go on your probably about another 1000 years from that, ya all jus fat an eat too much coz all ya do is hide behind ya little computers all ya life!!! Any ways am off people to see places to go, ill hav forgot about you in. Ten mins while ull spend res of ur night/day goin on about this, ya sad, ya pathetic, an u wanna tlk about honour, mate you have none, well fight to the death as we have been famed for, with u lot theres always som1 else to blame, even ur t.v is jus full o adverts sayin sue him, sue her, di you av an accident at work? Its pathetic, u really are a loser, karmas a bitch an cannot wait for it to bite you on the ass! Peace out

  17. Ash cane says:

    BlaDeBla i really hope u die of aids u annoying faggot, u really obviously dont no what ur talking about even sonnen ADMITTED he fort bisping had it, what fight was u watching, bisping had round 1 an 2 an sonnen third, ya jus that up ya own arse to admit it, thats the most annoyin thing ever, it disappoints me that i could never get my hands around that throat of urs, just to hear u squeel lile a bitch an tell me how sorry you are, in your words, u r a douche mate! Unreally are, an theres many ppl ere sayin tht too, do us all a favour an go an slit ya wrists or summet, it shud b cunts like u dyin in the war not honast decent people which you are not, you have no class what so ever

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Sonnen admitted no such thing , he simply acknowledged it was close enough for the Judges to see it Bispings way , its called being gracious in victory , being a class act , being a good sportsman , something Bisping , you or yer shitty country can ever be accused off .

  18. Ash cane says:

    Are u seriously retarded? He went over to bisping, an said “what do you think mike?” to which bisping replied “i think ive got” to which sonnen replied, ” i think you are right” do ya fuckin homework ya prick coz obviously ya havnt!! U may be full of big clever words, but unreally do talk out your arse, to deny sonnen even said that wen he 100% with out a doubt did , just makes you deluded mate an shows what ya know an how much truth uve spoke through all this….none

    • Bla DeBla says:

      I didnt deny a thing , I simply pointed out the context in which Sonnen spoke the very same words you have quoted .

      Its obvious you have no understanding of Sonnens warrior attitude , the American fighting mentality , hospitality , graciousness , sportsmanship or fair play in general .

    • Bla DeBla says:

      By the way , you have cleverly left out the word “Might”from what you have quoted Sonnen as saying .

      He didnt say “I think you’re right”

      He said “You MIGHT be right “

  19. Ash cane says:

    Oh my days, get a grip ya fuckin moron now ur contrasicting yourself, you seriousy are a fool, he did say that to bisping its a fact, your just that moronic and anti- english to admit it, your a bum mate

    • Bla DeBla says:

      You are a liar as I have pointed out above .

      You have deliberately miss quoted Sonnen to try to create a false context , one in which he said to Bisping that he thought Bisping won , which is a complete lie , he only acknowledged that Bispings thoughts could possibly be correct , nothing more .

  20. Ash cane says:

    Think an might can mean the same thing ya prick , both mean “theres a chance” he won, an the reason he used “might” is coz they hadnt read out the scores ya idiot, so he couldnt of turned round an said “yep mikes the winner, yep he beat me by a country mile” before the winner is declared ya idiot, every1 knows what sonnens like, hes the biggest trash tlker about and very arrogent, if he knew hed won there would not of been a cat in hells chance he would say something like that , weather hea from team quest or team ya big fat mam, it dosnt make a difference, all u do is use ya big fancy words to twist the truth rather than just plain old admit that u are a retard an that u r wrong, on practicly everythin u open ur mouth about

  21. T.Daddy says:

    You will get owned again

  22. Magoo says:

    Love that pic,one of my all time favorite KO’s. I think the whole world cheered….lol

  23. Nick says:

    That was my favorite fight of all time.

  24. Ash cane says:

    Lol thats righ there is an opinion of a deluded moron hahah, bless him too much time on his hands, an like i said hours ago, he’d still be on here talking rammle, bless him, theres a village missing its idiot sumwere coz hes on here, callin every1 else cowards, but it aint me using a diff
    Name!! Typical arrogent yank!! For a start the french shit it an left us to fight, ya not very good on ur history mate to say u sound allll intelectual an all tht, an yanks dnt finish fights, they get others to ie us!! U jus take the points u want to use an twist them to fit ur version of events, like bl to the beginning to call the english cowards, is jus 1 opinion of a sad man, any1 wi half a brain an that can read knows differnt

  25. bla debla says:

    Hardy Har Har !

    Not very amusing but it is an improvement on my fantasy’s about killing children .

  26. ya herd says:

    have use ever herd of the dirty red coats? they raped scottish women and children for hundreds of years use scottish took it and use didnt even try and fight back! Least us irish fought the dirty english for over 70 years toe to toe with them nearly killing thatcher and we have caused the biggest bomb in britain since world war II and alot more and we werent terriost if loads of people from england started coming over and killing your mum your dad your wee brother friends, what would u do sit and take it or start going to england and killing them a know what i would do anyway! anyway dont know if bisping could beat hendo but if i was a 5 round fight and if bisping got to the third round i think he would have him and finish him with ground and pound in the forth

    • Bla DeBla says:

      In fairness to the Irish , being cut of from the European mainland like they are & dependent upon England to allow them any advancement , they are however among the stupidest shower of shit to ever set foot upon this planet .

      The Northern Irish are even stupider again , most of them have Stockholm Syndrome & actually believe that they are British , the rest of them are so stupid they actually think that they aren’t British !

      They know that shit stinks , water is wet & when they are hungry its time to eat , so as far as they are concerned they are Genius’s like the guy in the post above .

      So tell us dipshit , who was Seán Mac Stíofáin ?

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      You fucking dirty irish heroine addict cunt.

  27. K:T says:

    Theres no point in having this rematch?.. WHAT FOR??? hes been put to sleep already! If its a Split decision or controversial decision then it needs a rematch but NOT!!!… so BISPING you can go to sleep…

  28. Aaron w. says:

    How many people would love to smack the fuck out of bla Debla. No wait we’d all be too cowardly. The gimp is a fucking joker.

  29. Jujitsu Player says:

    Bla Bla back door bandit…..Bisping pretty much owned Sonnen and should be fighting for the title. Also he’s answering a question about a rematch against Henderson not calling him out, neither one of which is cowardly, so I don’t really get your logic. Do you have an actual point to make or are you just trying to provoke a reaction. Lets try to keep this forum for actual MMA related opinions/conversations/banta and not a forum for your bipolar outbursts.

    • Bla DeBla says:

      Yer a bit late with yer change of stance JuJu , the cat cant be put back into the bag so yer just going to have to deal with the exposure .

      In regard to your questions about my point or Bisping replying to a question I have already addressed that higher up in the thread where I pointed out that regardless of my reaction to Bisping , The English have a habit of waiting until great fighters are a shadow of themselves before mustering the courage to call them out & seek a fight with them .

      I pointed to Dan Hardlys recent cowardice in calling out the semi retired Matt Hughes .

      I also pointed to Lennox Lewis cowardly avoidance of Holyield , Tyson & Bowe who to this day he still never has fought after picking up the title Bowe publicly threw into a trash can while they were all in their primes .

      Lewis also spinelessly took a pay off in public to allow Tyson & Holyfield to fight for the title when he was the #1 contender , preferring instead to forgo the chance of testing himself against the very best & become World Champion , instead he cowardly hid to let them fight with each other in the hope they would be weaker opponents for him down the line due to the experience .

      Do not do the crime if you cant do the Time , England !

      It is what it is & I didnt make a single word of it up .

      • Jujitsu Player says:

        I stand by everything I’ve posted you fuck face. I’ve already shot your points to shit several times and proven you’re a cunt.

        Hardy is irrelevant and Hughes could probably still do him. He’s not a coward he just doesn’t like Hughes, for the record Hughes is a great fighter but a total douche.

        Lewis murdered both Tyson and Holyfield FACT. He embarrassed them both. And he would have done in their prime. Look at his record 41-2-1. Boxing is corrupt which is why they didn’t fight earlier. The outcome would have been the same.

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