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Wednesday, 02/29/2012, 09:21 am

An Angry Dan Hardy Ready To Return To Old Ways | Blames Over Training For Recent Setbacks

“I’ve got the anger back that I used to have when I was at Cage Warriors, which is a good place to be because that’s when I enjoyed hurting people. I spent my whole career trying to get to the UFC, but then a lot of changes in my life, personal things and the media attention – it distracted me from being a mixed martial artist. I’ve never put the time aside to get back to that place. I’ve made alterations, but I’ve never completely changed my training camp. After the losses to GSP and [Carlos] Condit, I was too eager to get back in there and get a win. I over-trained big time, the last two fights don’t even look like me. I can see it in the expression in my face, the [Anthony] Johnson fight and [Chris] Lytle fight, I was exhausted before I even stepped in the cage. I was not in a good situation, I was ready to fight Lytle three weeks too early – I was exhausted. Now I’ve got a system where the coaches take all responsibility away from me, all I have to do is show up to the gym.” – Via Espn.Co.UK

A lot of things change for a man when they start winning in the UFC. Money, fame, media obligations all grab a hold of a popular fighter and work as a distraction to what actually got them to the big show.

For Dan Hardy his brash, trash talking persona elevated him from virtual unknown to a household name in a very short period of time. That apparently is part of the blame to his recent lack of success in the cage.

Here’s to hoping “The Outlaw” makes a triumphant comeback. He is set to face Duane Ludwig at UFC 146.


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This is a fight that is sure to deliver fireworks. Breaking it down should be pretty simple to do…

On one side you have the man that many believe is the best technical striker in the welterweight division (some even say the UFC) in Duane Ludwig. But he is a journeyman at best.

On the other side you have one of the UK’s top talents, a man who entered the UFC on a tear to earn a title shot against GSP only to lose it in a five round lopsided fight and he hasn’t been able to get back to his winning ways since.

Both fighters have showed that they are strikers first and both have shown an extreme weakness in the grappling realm.

For Hardy, outside of his flash KO loss to Carlos Condit, all of his UFC losses have come at the hands of better grapplers.

Ludwig too is also coming off of a submission loss to Josh Neer. It was a fight he was winning but once Neer had seen enough of the standup he easily took the fight to the mat and submitted Ludwig to get the win.

Oddly enough in this fight, the winner could easily be decided by who can get the fight to the mat. While Ludwig may have a technical advantage over hardy in the standup, it is Dan who will hold the punching power advantage.

I also give a grappling and wrestling advantage to Dan as well in this match. The UK fighter has worked tirelessly for the past several months possibly years on evolving his wrestling and jiujitsu to avoid his past mistakes.

Whether or not one these guys will choose to abandon their crowd pleasing style to get a win is an unknown, but I think Hardy, who is coming off of four-straight losses will try to stand and bang until things get rough and then opt to outwrestle/grapple Ludwig for a win.

This fight is a coin flip, but for the sake of picking a winner, believe it or not, I’m going Dan Hardy by submission in round 3.

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16 Comments to An Angry Dan Hardy Ready To Return To Old Ways | Blames Over Training For Recent Setbacks

  1. Nick says:

    I like Dan. I hope he wins. I’d rather see him instead of Ludwig.

  2. Dustin says:

    My thoughts are that I hope he can pull it off and his excuses are real. I don’t feel anyone gets to make excuses, but if he can back them up and change them, then I will respect him. I love Dan Hardy. I just hope he doesn’t look like the last few fights. Let his performance show how serious he is or how much smoke he is blowing. I am hoping for the former, but the latter is more common among fighters.

  3. brian says:

    i’m really good friends with hi ex-girlfriend. we grew up in the same neighborhood and that’s how i got to be friends with dan..she introduced us.
    it sucks, but their relationship was a big part of the problem. as much as i enjoyed hanging out with him, i think this is for the best when it comes to his career. he’s a real cool guy and it will be good to see him get that fire back.
    i’ll still be cheering for him.

    • I know everything says:

      Women and relationships can mess with a guys head for sure. Hopefully dans back to the hungry guy who was fired up going into fights

    • Jujitsu Player says:

      If it the ex-missus I’m thinking of she was a Princess…Hope Dan bounces back with a win because I’d like to see him do well. If he doesn’t though this could and should be his last UFC fight for a while.

  4. I know everything says:

    im really rooting for dan in this fight, but in all honesty he shouldnt lose to ludwig i think ludwigs a tier below hardy but how can i justify that with hardys recent performances haha, good fight though looking forward to it

  5. David says:

    So what does he blame for him being an asshole no one likes?

  6. mike r says:

    sounds like excuses, hardy need to accept the fact that there are better fighters in his division then himself

  7. Justen says:

    I see Ludwig picking him apart to a dec.

  8. Jayjay says:

    About time…welcome back outlaw

  9. Pierce says:

    LOL @Brian getting friendzoned!

  10. Mike says:

    one of my favorite fighters, so it’d be great to see his old self again

  11. Alan says:

    Dan Hardy is a bum in most of his losses he wasn’t exciting, it was exciting to see gsp rape him, it was exciting to see Carlos Knock him out Johnson fight was boring and lytle fight was exciting cause of lytle!

    • Sweet game plan says:

      True dat !!!!!

    • allmightysandman says:


      He doesn’t belong in the ufc and hopefully this will be his, what 14th loss in a row, (j/k) , he will get cut and we won’t have to listen to him try to convince everyone that he’s a badass and a contender. he gets beat up for 5 rounds or KTFO when he fights contenders and it’s only his “villian” status that has kept him around for this long. It will be good to not have to watch him anymore after he loses…again.

  12. Spencer says:

    The guys who claim they overtrain never become champions. Instead you should say you trained like an idiot.

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