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Wednesday, 02/22/2012, 12:20 pm

America vs. Brazil Rivalry In MMA? | According To Big Nog’s Conspiracy, Brazilians Are Better, But Can’t Get A Fair Shake

“Americans have a rivalry with Brazilians, that is obvious. And why is that? It’s because the UFC has three hundred fighters under contract, and from those three hundred fighters we are fifty. The Brazilians are fifty, and we have more belts than they do.”

“So from three hundred we are fifty, and with those fifty we get there and take care of business. They win (more) because they have more (people), they have a bigger infrastructure inside their gyms, they have support for the sport since they’re kids. But the sport is growing in Brazil and I believe that…”

“They look at us with (malicious) eyes, let’s say it like that. If you’re going to fight an American in the US you have to win the fight with emphasis because otherwise… You can’t win it by a thin margin.”

In an interview with Brazilian Media outlet “Globo TV” (Translated by Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira believes that American fighters have a better chance at success because of the American judges ref’ing each contest.

Additionally, he believes that based on numbers Brazilians are better.

I have not heard of this rivalry until now, is what he speaks true?


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64 Responses to “America vs. Brazil Rivalry In MMA? | According To Big Nog’s Conspiracy, Brazilians Are Better, But Can’t Get A Fair Shake”

  1. stfuroganlover says:

    sounds like crap to me.

  2. Phil says:

    Oh boy…. Let the flames begin!

  3. Big J says:

    He has some good points, but of all the people to be the spokesperson for Brazil, why the one who had his arm broken by an American, lol! War Americans!!!!

  4. David says:

    Of course as with all sports there will be rivalries and rivalries between countries is natural. Countries complaining about judging based on the site of the competition is normal too. buts its funny that big nog says that mma is only catching on in brazil now when they’ve practiced bjj and copoeira there for a long ass time with people always talking about bjj being a strong weapon in the sport

    • James Toth says:

      Ridiculous him talking about it “catching on and growing in Brazil” MMA has been around and popular in brazil for 80 years, VALE TUDO has been huge there for generations, it is only just now becoming popular in the U.S., people should think before speaking. P.S. I’ve been to Brazil several times, and trained there (BJJ),——- MMA and martial arts in general are way more popular there than in the U.S. Lame excuse.

    • baldy says:

      come on man….we aint all bad. we dont all look at brazilian fighter with “malicious eyes”. im a big fan of some of the brazilian fighters. vitor, anderson, wanderlei, jose aldo, shogun, both nogueiras, kinda sucks to hears him say he thinks we hate them…i’ld be willing to bet most of us dont.

    • jbeamazing says:

      Americans are not on race smart one

      oh yeah didn’t a American just tap nog

  5. Hendo>machida says:

    Wow I just lost so much respect for Nog. Even if you feel that way, to come out and say it is a complete joke. I know,people are gonna disagree which is fine. It’s just my opinion that Big nog was always a great ambassador for the sport and more intelligent than that. I stand corrected.

  6. DavidCLozano says:

    If Big Nog’s arm hadn’t been broken recently by an American in the UFC, I’d give a more enthusiastic ear.

  7. Jeff says:

    50 out of 300 is a very large percentage to me! Nice J!

  8. James says:

    Ramblings of a washed up fighter who’s success was mostly Pride based. He should worry more about not getting his arm broke by Americans instead of starting a fake feud between American and Brazilian fighters.

  9. Nick says:

    Can he not count? There’s 3 Americans that hold Belts (Jones, Edgar, Cruz) And 3 Brazilians that hold belts (JDS, Silva, Aldo) And a Canadian (GSP). Is he retarded? I think he’s just butthurt because he lost to Mir by Submission. I’ve never heard of this rivalry after 7 years of following the sport. Maybe it’s there, but it’s really far underground. The judges don’t know anything anyway. Has he not seen the amount of bad decisions?

  10. &; says:

    So are we to assume that Frank Mr narrowly beat him twice, or did Mir in fact demolish Nog twice?

  11. dante080 says:

    Dude, an American just broke your arm!

  12. Jason N says:

    I think most Americans like Brazilian fighters. If you take Chael Sonnan’s rants as an idicater for how most americans think, then you must think that all americans are A-holes. Please ignore Chael, he is “special”

  13. Jared says:

    Hows that shoulder feeling NOB?

  14. DudeItsCorey says:

    Makes since to hype it that way. without doubt the US and Brazil are the top two countries to produce fighters. My count though is at 3 belts a piece. (with the 7th in Canada). But that will change soon with Ubereem taking out JDS. I can see Nog arguing they have the best fighters because they have A.Silva but Jones is going to take that away from them eventually.

  15. traycer25 says:

    So the judges gave Mir that last one un fairly? or was he talking about the first Mir fight where he was sick and the judges gave Mir that one too?? Oh wait Mir ko’d hi first and then broke his arm in half the second time. SO UNFAIR!!!!!!!!!! UR SO RIGHT NOG! STFU

  16. Anthony1994 says:

    I like Big Nog, but I hate when any fighter brings race or nationality into MMA! The majority of fans don’t care we just wanna see a fighter that brings it!

  17. Brad Cook says:

    Wow, that makes me completely lose respect for Nog. Thats to bad cause I was a fan but when you bring something as insignificant and stupid as race into what is supposed to be a professional competition then I’m not wasting my time. Let me put it this way, I’m American and REALLY white but my top five fighters are two Brazilians, a French Canadian, then two Americans. It just sucks that we can’t keep race out of it.

  18. david says:

    lol says the guy who got his arm broken. they have more belts than americans? lets see here dominick cruz is american, jose aldo is brazillian,frankie edgar is american, gsp is canadian, anderson silva is brazillian, jon jones is american, and jds is brazillian so that ties them and if you count condits interim belt the americans beat the brazillians so what the fuck is he talking about? i think hes just bored and sitting on his ass recovering hoping a high profile opponent will get pissed off and call him out, h is last interview he was sounding anxious to get a fight soon , most likely against an opponent he doesnt deserve

  19. david says:

    and if you look at overall the americans have had more champions over the years than the brazillians

  20. Money nick says:

    He’s a fool and it’s the opposite if u ask me This sport is just starting to grow in the US. Wait till the new generation comes up we dominate every sport we give 2 shits about. He’s a hater.

  21. Mike Diaz says:

    Come on Big Nog, what kind of crock are you trying to start! Don’t take Mir doing what you should have done to him personal! TEAM PENN!!!!!!

  22. Dick Diaz says:

    sigh big nog…. shut the hell up.., if america bothers you so much why do you make money off an american company…

  23. jbeamazing says:

    he must think frank Mir is Canadian

  24. Logan says:

    Well when you take into account that Brazillians are Champions in 3 weight classes including the longest reigning champion in Silva id say he has a descent argument.

  25. Nicky Francis says:
    There are almost four times as many American fighters as Brazilians, but Brazilians hold as many belts as Americans. Because they kick four times as much ass as Americans.

  26. K2 says:

    Well, the UFC is an international business/sport based here in the US. It’s probably cheaper and easier for them to market/reach/know of fighters here in the US. Look at any other sport here in the US and you will see the same “bias”, ie more american players than foreign. I know the UFC is trying to get the “best fighters” in the world into their sport, and so far they are doing a good job of bringing in foreign fighters. I think more fights in other countries would help promote that countries indigenous fighters, but that probably takes a lot of time and money to set up. And this country is all about money.

  27. CanILive says:

    how much do their gyms cost down there?? how much do they cost up here….

  28. Mark says:

    If You want Big Money Must Fight In US

  29. I guess Frank Mir gave him some lessons in who’s better at “his game”

  30. Castro says:

    They gotta be good at fighting. They don’t win FIFA world cups anymore…lol jk.

  31. Hightower says:

    Cocaine is a hell of a drug

  32. The Refutor says:

    The only reason the gyms in Brazil are bigger is because they probably only cost five chickens, I think nog is a piece of shit now

  33. Pijan says:

    I concur..Big Nog has a point.

  34. mj says:

    Im an American living in brazil and I hope you guys back in the states dont think Nog is speaking for guys like Vitor, Jose or W.Silva. Vitor loves the USA, Jose brings down americans to train with and Silva doesnt leave US soil lol. Nog is just trying a Chael move but he doesnt think or speak fast enough to fan the fire…this will burnout fade like that fart from his mouth. BUT…War USA!!!!!!!!!

  35. american are racist says:

    Americans are racist pieces of shit thats why you always here of them getting killed in other foreign countrys.

  36. Edgar says:

    USA! USA! USA! Nog is drunk ! Arm hurts huh?!

  37. Jp says:

    I’ve never heard of any rivalry? I’m an American mma fan and I love Brazilian fighters. Maybe its different for the fighters. I think Brazilians are tougher and meaner in the cage than Americans. But Americans have better facilities to train in and a better support structure. I think he’s saying this because everytime anyone who isn’t american gets in the cage with an American the drunken idiots in the crowd start a USA chant. Our fans are retarded.

  38. Speak for the Dead says:

    Nog’s just pissed off that he has been getting his shit stomped in by every american fighter he fights aside from schaube. Mir twisted his arm damn near off his body. hes lucky mir didnt put it in a doggy bag and take it home with him.

  39. jorge says:

    I prefer the Brazilian fighters!
    They are more violent!
    because they need a nocalte but the judges give the fight to the U.S.

  40. Bla DeBla says:

    A weak comment by Big Nog , he has let himself down badly .

    If anything unless a Yank stops a Brazilian then the Brazilian gets the decision , 9 times outa 10 .

    Brazilian fighters are very well respected by Yanks but if Big Nog keeps on with comments like that then things will soon change .

    America has no case to answer here as far as I’m concerned .

  41. Davyb says:

    I heard that he petted a bus while Little Nog tried to feed it a carrot.

    … its what I heard! lol

    …but seriously folks, these tough lads are, juts like us, watching what’s shown… so naturally they’re going to perceive the most highly defined categories that the media portrays.

    Do I think that ALL of the best fighting is only between the USA and Brasil (respect to the spelling, compadres)?

    Well, no, of course I don’t!
    Do You?!

  42. TrigenicKin says:

    I personally like Brazilian MMA more than American MMA. Brazilians are definitely more so, finishers. As opposed to Americans who have such a strong wrestling root that they can afford to take it easy in their fights. Keep in mind, I’m born and raised in America; but I’ve simply noticed a trend. Brazilian’s are vicious, and Americans…Well not so much.

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