Wednesday, 06/26/2013, 01:41 pm

Alvarez vs. Bellator could stretch into 2014

With no end in the foreseeable future, its appears Eddie Alvarez will continue to be on the shelf.

Steve Marrocco at MMA Junkie is reporting that Alvarez won’t be fighting any time soon if his case with Bellator heads to trial.

On Monday, documents filed in U.S. district court state that the two aren’t required to meet in court until after Sept. 15, 2014, when a pre-trial conference may take place.

Unless a settlement is agreed upon, that means it could be near the end of 2014 before a jury gets involved.

In early 2013, Alvarez (24-3), the former lightweight champion, and Viacom-owned Bellator each filed lawsuits primarily over a matching clause in the fighter’s contract. Alvarez ¬†seeks to free himself from the promotion to sign a deal with the UFC.

Attorneys for Alvarez and Bellator outlined a plan for moving forward with the case, which calls for the discovery portion to be completed by Feb. 28, 2014 and depositions, or out-of-court testimony, by July 28.


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  1. GET RID OF Nate "THE CHEAT" Marquardt (FOREVER) says:

    I doubt too many fans right now would be too upset right now if they heard Rebney was to walk out in front of a bus

    Rebney the man that said he would never get in way of Eddie’s dreams of fighting in the UFC. What kind of lame ass person couldn’t tell the difference between the UFC’s offer to give Eddie percentage of PPV’s buys. Any lame brain could see Bellator has NEVER done any PPV’s and has NO plans to. Bellator did not match the UFC ‘s offer its that simple. Rebney is a pice of sh’t criminal that was run out of boxing for “FIGHT FIXING” and never should have been sactioned by any athletic commissions to run an MMA company

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