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Alvarez Set to Make Court Appearance on January 25th in Search of Injunction

The Eddie Alvarez saga continues as the lightweight fighter now has a set appearance date for court. According to Yahoo! Sports Alvarez will appear in court on January 25th in front of Federal Judge Jose L. Linares seeking an injunction that will allow him to sign and fight for the UFC as soon as UFC 159, which is set to be hosted in New Jersey this upcoming April. This would be a special card for Alvarez to debut on considering he is from Philadelphia and spends a large amount of time training with Frankie Edgar in New Jersey.

Alvarez touched on the topic via his twitter account just hours ago stating, “Got a court date on Jan. 25, very excited to get this BS dealt with. Very confident that the truth will prevail and you should be too. Thank you all for having my back through out and pray this can get dealt with quickly.”

For those of you that have not been following this story Alvarez is currently the most sought-after free-agent in the fight game. However, his previous Bellator contract contained a stipulation that allows Bellator to match any offer that he receives from another promotion. Since then the UFC has offered the lightweight a very generous contract in which Bellator had the chance to match. But the UFC contract contained several bonuses and perks, such as cuts from the pay-per-view profits and a quick shot at the UFC lightweight title. Bellator tried to offer the exact same thing by switching out the ZUFFA name on the paperwork with their own, but the reality is that Bellator does not host pay-per-view events and cannot offer him a shot at the UFC title. In short, these are things that cannot be matched in the counter-contract by Bellator. For this reason Alvarez feels that the contracts are not the same and has refused to re-sign with Bellator under the current contract offer.

Bellator has since sued Alvarez and has stonewalled his chance at signing and fighting for any promotion in the next few months.

But now with a court date set Alvarez could very well be on his way to fighting again shortly…but the question of WHERE still remains.

The January 25th hearing could end a few different ways. Judge Jose L. Linares could opt to grant the injunction and allow Alvarez to fight for the UFC and order a trial for the near future, he could rule in favor of Bellator, or he could deny the injunction altogether and put the case on trial, which translates into lots of off-time for the former Bellator Lightweight Champion.

So although getting a court date set and pushing for an injunction seems to be the beginning of the end of this Bellator vs. Alvarez fiasco, the truth is that this could be just the beginning of a long, drawn out war between the MMA promotion and the lightweight fighter.

We wish all the best to Mr. Alvarez as he faces this legal monster head on. Fighters deserve to fight, so all of us here at hope that the situation gets handled as soon as possible and we hope to see Mr. Alvarez fighting again very soon.

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6 Responses to “Alvarez Set to Make Court Appearance on January 25th in Search of Injunction”

  1. deepcountrykauai says:

    That’s wassup

  2. GGina says:

    Eddie Alvarez has had a good career, but he is not worth what the UFC offered. Bendo deserves the contract more than Alvarez. I think Alvarez is overrated, he hasn’t beaten a top 10 fighter in a long time.

    • Doc says:

      Eddie is an awesome fighter.. Bellator didn’t get him many fights, When they did it was with a several month layoff.. He would be fighting more often for the UFC.. Against the top guys.. He’s ranked in the top 10, Go do your homework..Oh ya.. 1 more things.. Bendo has a new 8 fight contract.. Again.. Do your homework..

    • GRT 3000 says:

      He’s not getting that contract because he’s worth every penny – he’s getting that contract b/c it’s worth every penny for the UFC to screw Bellator. That’s the real deal folks.

  3. BB says:

    @GGina i guess shinya aoki issnt one of the best ….

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