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Tuesday, 03/13/2012, 09:58 am

All This Featherweight Talk Is Disrespectful To My Opponents, Says Edgar

“In hindsight, I guess you could say I don’t know if you’d call it disrespectful, people have got a job to do, and (dropping to 145) is something that Dana was kind of hinting to, so I think the media was just following suit a little bit. I’ve been so dominant at this weight class, I beat some very good guys, and I don’t feel it’s disrespectful towards me, I feel it’s disrespectful towards them. It is what it is.”

Former UFC lightweight champion, Frankie Edgar recently went on the radio show and talked about the current state of his career and his place in the 155 pound division.

After notching victories over the likes of Gray Maynard, BJ Penn, Sean Sherk and Jim Miller is it fair to say that Edgar is best suited at 145 or does his resume at 55 speak for itself?

Speak on it Penn Nation!

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57 Responses to “All This Featherweight Talk Is Disrespectful To My Opponents, Says Edgar”

  1. slacker says:

    The main problem with Edgar is not his size at 155, it’s his fighting on instinct too much. He needs to become a bit more technical and cautious so he doesn’t get caught with big, damaging shots.

    • ruserious says:

      ummm, what fights have you been watching. fighting on instinct? cautious? edgar is the opitomy of cautious and following a game plan. as a matter of fact, everyone that watches him fight complain about his lack of investment in finishing fights. he is a stick and move type fighter and does not look to finish anyone. mind you i know he finished the bully, but he is a points fighter.

      • slacker says:

        Edgar approaches his fight with an “overall gameplan” of breaking down his opponent, round by round, through striking first and take – downs second. But the problem is he tries to execute that gameplan on instinct – not technically. Because of his great speed, cardio, and toughness, he doesn’t think about where he leaves himself open when he is darting in and out, moving side to side, and going for take – downs. Meanwhile, his opponent is learning from his repeated movements (mistakes) and capitalizing. For example, in Edgar – Maynard III, Maynard noticed Edgar would strike and dodge left. So, he timed it, moved to his left and nailed him with the right upper cut – twice in the same round. The Henderson fight, he goes for a huge slam in the 4th, but leaves his neck open for a guillotine. Then, he repeats this mistake again at the end of the 5th! Repeating forward – aggression mistakes are a sign that you are fighting instinctually. When you are fighting more technically, you are thinking during the fight – not only about what you can do to your opponent, but what your opponent can, and, already has successfully done to you. This is his problem – more than his size IMO.

      • Bla DeBla says:

        So yer saying that all fights have to end in the 1’st round or that there should be no judges ?

        Or perhaps fighters with excellent stamina should be banned from competing so that flash one round fighters with poor stamina can excel & be awarded titles they dont deserve ?

        If you are a fight fan you appreciate the talent on display & nobody in the UFC has better movement than Edgar apart from maybe Machedia & Cruz .

        You want to see spectacular KO’s in every fight then go watch a Don King Pantomime .

        Real fights against evenly matched fighters are close affairs , tough shit & if Edgar is so bad then who has finished him ?

        Hasnt he fought the best ?

        Last time I seen heart like Edgars Randy Couture was fighting .

        You are a fuckin slob hypocrite talking outa yer excitable soppy vagina .

        Its a fuckin Hollywood movie you want to see not a fight .

    • Hostile Hunter says:

      Slacker Have you ever watched Frankie Fight?… Apparently not.

      • GET RID OF FITCH says:

        regardless frankie has sustained more brain trauma than any otehr fighter in a same amout of time in cage. Frankie will be a veg in 5 -10 years sadly. he has been concussed at least dozen times

    • Cause he doesn't produce $$$$ says:

      The truth is, frankie edgars ppv have been some of the lowest for a champ. Of course dana wants him to drop weight and just get dominated by jose or someone else. He doesn’t want to risk frankie getting the belt back and have low ppv buys. Bendo will sell alot more. ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY WITH DANA PEOPLE, REMEMBER THAT.

  2. true mma says:

    The only one disrespectful is Edgar. Dana had already said the next title shot was going to the winner of miller and Diaz or pettis. But Frankie had to cry. Screwing the rest of the division by his bitching and moaning.

  3. Edgar is on an ego trip says:

    “I’ve been so dominant at this weight class”, gimme a break with his bitch ass point fighting style. Calling himself dominant when he takes so much damage in fights, and barely winning? I think he’s scared to face Aldo and would rather take his chance with a rematch with Ben.

    • Xaninho says:

      Yeah that’s what I was thinking too!

      I haven’t seen one fight he truly dominated in. It’s always a close/controversial decision whenever he wins .

    • Yuke says:

      If you’re gunna talk shit about point fighting what do you have to say about GSP? he is the best example of a fucking hump you on the ground wrestler and yet he is the most dominant in his weight class and top 3 in the word P4P. As for him taking so much damage that can be expected when you’re a brainless guido going out every night thinking you’re Rocky Balboa. Either way I don’t really like Edgar but i respect the fuck out of what he has done in the sport I have never seen him in a fight that has bored me.

  4. Bloodhound says:

    It’s the punishment you take pal, if you didn’t win on bullshit decisions and get your ass kicked on the way there than maybe Dana would be less hesitant to keep you at 155

    You win that belt back by finish, then you can stay – if not, then leave.

  5. tank says:

    Edgar is always speaking out off his ass. Dana needs to put his Dick back in edgars mouth so he can shut the fuck up.

  6. Nick says:

    He needs to drop to 145. He cried to get a rematch he didn’t deserve. Just drop to 145 to try and take the belt down there. It’s that simple.

  7. Jason N says:

    I don’t see how it is disrepectful to his past Opponants. He doesn’t deserve a rematch. Someone else said that when Benson beats him again, he should go to the back of either 155 or 145, no immediate title shot at 145, you should lose that option when you atarted crying for a rematch. FAIR is FAIR.

  8. Hightimes99 says:

    Edgar is speaking the truth, and some of these comments make me laugh…point fighting haha, he knocked out Maynard! Beat BJs ass in that second fight, TKO boceck, choked veach, and had some great fights against Griffin, Franca, Henderson, and Maynard….what are you people talking about?……still butt hurt about Edgar taking the belt from BJ is fine but making up stuff is a completely different story.

    1. Edgar crying about the rematch? Or doing exactly what BJ and Maynard did with him, and rightfully so.
    2. Holding up the division? How? Pettis lost to guida not to long ago remember lol, bc he knocked out Joe and says he wants a shot doesn’t mean he deserves one. The only one who deserves a shot is Diaz but he still has to fight miller! And if he wins that will make him the true number one contender!
    3. Because Edgar doesn’t want to go to 45 it makes him scarred of Aldo? Lol give me a break…maybe it’s bc he doesn’t want to go to 45 ha! He has said on many occasions way before Aldo was champ 55 is were he wants to be….so what are you people saying?

    • Black Jew says:

      It must be hard to be as stupid as you. Dont forget your helmet when you o outside.

      • Keyboard warrior says:

        I thought he made very good points while you have none so shut your dirty whore mouth

        • hightimes n kbwarrior are dinguses says:

          1. his fights with bj and maynard were close and controversial thats why the rematches were given. Bendo got a UNANIMOUS decision over edgar so wtf?
          2. thats because the l.w division has been nothing but rematches for so damn long and edgar doesnt even get many buys on ppv. that proves that not many people want to watch edgar fight.
          3. He couldve gotten an immediate title shot for aldo but he knows the only thing he really has technically is good footwork, cardio, and speed which wont be an advantage if he drops down. So yeah hes scared but who wouldnt be, hes good at lightweight so why get fucked up by Aldo.

          My whole point is, edgar doesnt deserve to get a rematch with henderson.

        • Shawn says:

          I’ll add to yours, that even Edgar himself has admitted that his pretty much scared to fight Aldo at this time. Or that he doesn’t think he can beat him right now.

          “Forty-five is a ways away. But, he’s (Aldo is) tough. Just because you go down a weight class doesn’t mean it gets any easier, especially when you’re fighting a guy like Jose Aldo. He’s got the power on these guys, but he’s got the speed also. He presents a lot of problems.” – Frankie Edgar

          I like Edgar, I still like him. Been a fan from day one. But his last few comments have lost him a bit of respect. I never thought I’d hear him whine. The Edgar that I got to respect, took on ANY challenge put in front of him. Right now it’s sounding that he believes he has a better chance at winning fights in the LW division. Can’t compete in the WW, and uncertain to “dominate” in the FW division as he has in the LW. He staying where he feels comfortable. Instead of taking challenges. That’s not the Edgar who beat odds in the past. The bad part for him, when…that’s WHEN he loses the rematch, he pretty much has no choice but to move down to FW if he wants to continue his career to reach the top of the heap.

      • Black Jew Killer says:

        your a idiot. He is right saying what he said. He walks around at 155 unlike the rest of his weight class. The guy is a warrior and will go down as one of The toughest Ufc fighters of all time. So just shut your mouth and find a furnace

        • lmfao says:

          ok so what? how does that give him the right to have a rematch when the fight with bendo was not close. Nobdy ever said edgar was a bad fighter, the whole point is the rematch is something that should come later when hes worked back up to be number 1 contender. You edgar fans are fucking dumb as shit, probably bunch of jersey meatheads

    • Xaninho says:

      BJ got robbed and Maynard ended in a draw so WTF are you talking about?

      Edgar lost fair and square, nothing controversial about it. So he didn’t deserve the rematch at all. If for some reason he manages to get the win there will be an Edgar-Henderson III with so many contenders waiting for their shot.

    • trev says:

      Bro these fcks r jus bandwagon fanboys that hang on every word the media spews n goes rite along with it. After 2 rematches frankie deserves a rematch, also scared of aldo, wtf r u guys thinkn he is fighting people like maynard, bj and bendo that would run through aldo PERIOD!!!!! I would say edgar is the best 45’er n obviously so fckn good n not scared like aldo to run with a bigger pack n prove the balls he packs around.

  9. Ly-er says:

    Edgar is a very decent fighter whether it be at 55 or 45, but I think the trait that’s prolong his reign at LW was his heart (also speed). Theres no doubt he has heart, but yah he’s been utterly brutalized earning his victories. I feel the main concern is that he should fight guys a little closer to his physical stature, so his longevity in this sport won’t have long term physical damage. Just hope he doesn’t get ‘Parkinsons’ by the time hes 35!

  10. DMAC says:

    This dude is still complaning and he’s been granted a rematch. Bendo will finish him this time!

  11. slacker says:

    My belief is Edgar will win the re – match, vacate the belt and drop to 145. Or maybe he will defend it one more time. He wants to go out on his terms, and why not? He already said it is inevitable he will be heading to 145 at some point.

    • Xaninho says:

      If Edgar for some reason wins he has to give Henderson the rubber match.

      • slacker says:

        If Henderson can’t defend once, then he doesn’t deserve an immediate re – match, just like Edgar wouldn’t have deserved one if he lost in the re – match to Penn. Of course, you would probably want to see it an Edgar – Henderson trilogy match at some point.

        • Shawn says:

          That’s the whole point someone said already. The LW division has been nothing but rematches. And “IF” Henderson can defend? lol I think he defended pretty good in the last fight, and pulled off a decisive win. Point being in all of this is that Edgar’s rematches with Penn and Maynard were due to very close matches. His fight with Henderson, there was NO doubt in most people’s eyes, and they eye’s of the judges that Henderson won that bout hands down. It also showed on Edgar himself. His face, and his exhaustion. Bendo looked so fresh and unscathed after the fight, he could have gone 2 more rounds. Which wouldn’t have been any better for Edgar. He was spent at the end of the fight.

  12. Jay says:

    If Edgar would drop to 45 heck even 135 he would have viscious tko probably knockout also. Basically if he would move down I think he would have success with finishes and speed.

  13. Dosan says:

    Man, this guy is cocky as hell.

  14. Magoo says:

    The beauty part for Edgar is that he’s already fought in a higher weight class,when he drops to 45 and Aldo moves to 55 will see who the better fighter was, Frankie will rule the 45 div, I’m not sure I can say the same with Aldo at 55….only time will tell!

  15. true mma says:

    Slacker is a fucking idiot.

  16. Junior says:

    How his FrankieEdgar edger a bitch for crying for a rematch put your self in his shoes

    • Shawn says:

      Edgar doesn’t want to move to 145. He’s to apprehensive to compete in that division. He wants to stay in LW, where he feels comfortable. That’s why he’s trying so hard to get a rematch. He believes he can win, and if he does, he stays. Sadly, it won’t turn out as he hopes. The rematch he will get finished. I’m a fan and sad to say that, but as FIGHT fan (not an Edgar fan) I can only see him losing again. Unless by the grace of God, and a fluke of nature he gets really lucky, I really don’t see him winning.

  17. Xavier says:

    if you all were edgar, you would want a rematch, and who else is bendo gonna fight??? diaz, miller, pettis,
    pettis needs to win another fight to get a title shot
    diaz would get smashed and so would miller,
    so who else is gonna fight him
    BJ got a rematch when frankie beat him
    why not frankie get a rematch, it’s only fair

  18. Dick Diaz says:

    i think nate diaz would really prove to be a bigger task for frankie than people think.

  19. leafy says:

    I think half of these people have watched edgar fight the fights with bj maynard and henderson and think they know anything about him lol, Lets have it right bj was the most dominant light weight of all time till frankie beat him and second time he beat him he whipped his arse ffs and bj is my fave fighter of all time! Edgar deserves a rematch simple maynard got two and got knocked the fuck out third time frankie will win rematch people keep underestimating him, drop down to 145 id tell dana to suck my fuckin dick he is top 2 in weight class ffs some people have no clue

    • trev says:

      Lets add that at the time he demolished bj, they were askn if anyone would ever happen by to take bj off of the number one spot, then bam edgar happened n shit got real….

  20. Magoo says:

    Thats what everyone one said in the rubber match with Maynard,must have been the grace of god…er I mean a fluke of nature,naw pretty sure Edgar knocked Gray the fuck out!!

  21. ry tay says:

    dam, loose one fight and all of a sudden people say you can’t hang in that division? he had a bad game plan for benson but frankie is one of the best guys at 155

  22. hero g says:

    real talk man…the man just lost his belt, he didnt loose his fighting ability

  23. Michael says:

    Frankie wants to fight at 155 because thats where the bigger opponents are. Did he win the Henderson fight? Idk for me it was a very close decision. But frankie kicked bjs ass both times dont fool yourself. Maynard did whine and cry for a rematch but he deserved it because of the draw. I’m excited for the rematch.

    He is not at all a boring fighter. His boxing is crisp and clean probably top 5 or 10 best in the ufc. Takedowns are outstanding. He is really well rounded actually.

    Yea his face was messed up but if every fight was based off a fucked up face then there would be many bullshit fights. Also for those of you who don’t know blacks and asians are known for tough skin.

    Come at me bro
    I can argue anything you through at me.

  24. Rick says:

    Whatever he does so long as all these re-matches stop clogging up the LW division. He gets shafted so much at 155 and might pose a bigger (literally and figuratively) at 45.

  25. John says:

    Dominant? Dude, you BARELY eeked out decisions against these supposed top guys. Even in your finish over gray, it was a fluke and you were losing the fight. Dana wants you to go to 45 because the fans are sick of watching your boring ass tie up one of the most exciting divisions in mma.

    • Michael says:

      How was his finish over Gray a fluke? Gray even admitted that he was done for at the press conference. He was not losing the fight before that the only round he lost was the first Gray couldnt land anything after that. Frankie was too fast for Gray in the second third and fourth where frankie ended the fight. Do everyone a favor and shut the fuck up and go re watch the fight. Then come back and talk to all of us.

  26. UFC VIDEOS says:

    Whatever, Edgar gets his rematch, should be a good fight anyway.

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