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Tuesday, 08/28/2012, 11:06 am

Alistair Overeem Wants to Fight, Not Waiting for a Title Shot| UFC News

Former Strikeforce and K-1 Grand Prix champion, Alistair Overeem is currently serving his 9 month suspension from the Nevada State Athletic Commision due to testing positive for TRT.  Overeem’s manager tells mmaweekly radio the Dutch Fighter  isn’t taking time to enjoy a long vaction.  Overeem is treating the 9 months as a long and hard training camp aimed to make Overeem the best he’s ever been.

“First of all, he would have loved to have had the opportunity to fight for the title, but Alistair is a fighter, and as a fighter he will fight whoever they put in front of him.”


“Reality is, he’s training extraordinarily hard, and whoever gets in front of him is going to meet a completely different Alistair. This guy is just dedicated to rebuilding and rededicating himself.


“He’s in great shape. He’s in better shape now than when he joined us. He’s strong; his cardio is crazy. He’s training with pro football players, a whole team of pro football players. We ran out of people large enough to fend him off, so we put him with a whole pro football team to do cardio,”


“All that’s going to happen is whoever does face him is in a lot of trouble.”


“He wants to come back as soon as he can. We have to wait until the Nevada State Athletic Commission can give him the license, and he’s doing everything he can to live by the letter of the law so that there’s no issue with getting that license when the time comes,”


“He’s going to be ready to fight the second that there’s a fight. He’s not going to need a camp, because he’s never left camp.

The day that he’s allowed to be licensed, if they want him to fight the next day, he’ll be ready.”

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