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Wednesday, 03/06/2013, 07:46 pm

Alistair Overeem Out Of Junior Dos Santos Fight With Injury, Mark Hunt Steps Up | UFC NEWS

Alistair Overeem’s camp recently informed the UFC that he will be unable to fight Junior dos Santos at UFC 160 due to an undisclosed injury he suffered in training. This news was first reported by

Alistair hopes to be ready by July, but there is still no word on if Junior will fight a new opponent at UFC 160, or wait for Overeem to heal. The organization should reveal more information in the coming days.

The fans seem to be rallying for Mark Hunt as a replacement, who is coming off a brutal KO victory of Stefan Struve last weekend. Mark Hunt spoke with tonight, and told them:

“Sounds like a pretty good idea to me. I’m not injured. I’m always down for battle. I was born down. You know this.”

BJPENN.COM will you keep you posted on the latest developments for UFC 160.


0 Responses to “Alistair Overeem Out Of Junior Dos Santos Fight With Injury, Mark Hunt Steps Up | UFC NEWS”

  1. confucius says:

    sooooooooo tiiiiiiiiiired of this bullshit. stop getting hurt you fucking assholes. youre going to force me to start watching baseball, and i hate baseball

  2. God's child says:

    Alistar lucked out. Who ever is in Dos Santos way is getting smashed. “And the NEW”!!!!!!!

    • Nunya says:

      After the clinic that Cain put on JDS. He’s going to have to rebuild the confidence that Cain pounded out of him. I doubt he will pass Mark Hunt let alone having a rematch against Cain and getting his ass wooped again.

  3. Kev says:

    Hunt vs JDS… Let the Mark Hunt army begin 😀

  4. watchafightbeforecommenting says:

    I heard he pulled a vagina muscle while shooting roofs in his ass…. Hunt is going to get ruined!!

  5. magoo says:

    Allistair would have been an easier fight for JR! I’m not sure who’s gonna KO who in this one!

  6. 11thhour says:

    If you look at striking credentials Hunt is a far more accomplished striker and his hands are probably faster, not to mention his chin so i think putting money on hunt for this fight if it happens might be an idea.

  7. 123 says:

    amazing fight.. hopefully we will see mark hunt vs roy nelson soon too

  8. KIDD433 says:

    DAMN!!! Ive been wanting this fight to happen for a long time.Could go either way.Both are bad MFKRS on the feet.May the best man win!

  9. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    At least there won’t be any LnP shit!

  10. hendoooo says:

    hunt utilizes his jab better than JDS, has better head movement and footwork than JDS, probably more powerful too. JDS has some solid combinations but looks for that uppercut too much (very predictable). IF JDS chooses to stand with hunt then hunt will have no problems in terms of fitness IMO and we could be in for a sweet match. Hunt is such an instinctive fighter, JDS might catch him if he puts some pressure on but we know JDS is a patient fighter, I would tip JDS but only just. It’ll probably go the whole way if they fight the way they usually fight.

  11. beag says:

    hey folks done a post about UFC, Dana & Social media – would love if yous had a look/opinion

  12. The natural says:

    That’s some bs the fight just got scheduled u just got hurt u should have plenty of time ur just being a bitch. Loose loose sit for u but its a gift as far as the UFC concerned
    You got knocked the fuck out.

    Mark hunt great replacement deserves it more then this bitch

  13. YoMama says:

    People need to give Hunt respect. In my opinion this is his first fight in the UFC that I would consider him an underdog. Only a newb would think that someone like Struve was going to win. Hunt is a beast and as long as its standing he has a good chance to do well. Only place JDS is better is in BJJ, and in cardio.

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