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Thursday, 07/26/2012, 02:23 pm

Alistair Overeem: "I don’t need a warm-up fight, I’m ready for a UFC title shot" | UFC News

By: Chris Taylor

Former Strikeforce Heavyweight Champion Alistair Overeem is eagerly awaiting news that he can get his mixed martial arts license reinstated with the Nevada State Athletic Commission. The NSAC revoked his license following a failed drug test submitted by the “Reem” back in May.

Alistair last fought Brock Lesnar at UFC 146 in December of 2011. He won that fight via first round TKO and earned himself #1 contender status.

Overeem is confident that he can compete at the sports highest level, even with how inactive he’s been over the past year. Jumping straight into a title fight against reigning division champion Junior dos Santos isn’t something the “Reem” is opposed to, as he stated to MMA Weekly:

“This time off is perfect. After this, I have a full four years of dedication (to fighting). For me it doesn’t matter when I fight. I don’t need to have a warm-up fight. I’m gonna leave that up to the gentlemen of the UFC to decide. If they want me to go for the title, I’m ready for that … I’m gonna lay low and fight whoever they put in front of me. I’m gonna get my hands on [Dos Santos] and when I do, he’s all mine.”


34 Responses to “Alistair Overeem: "I don’t need a warm-up fight, I’m ready for a UFC title shot" | UFC News”

  1. danielrchargers says:

    Fuck yeah i see a Mean Rivalry forming between 2 Monsters.

  2. Drew says:

    I Mean everyone wants to get paid and get a title shot… The reem u r very talented but Brock “I have no real standup game” lesner isn’t that credible the redeem!!! Vs Nelson!!! Then will see if reem really cowards up being hit with almost bare knuckle this isn’t k1 dude Roy will tag u and probably put u down

  3. BJJWhiz says:

    Yes The Dutch Striker vs The Brazilian Powerhouse this will be awsome

  4. Mike b says:

    Everybody knows that overeem is the best kickboxer in the hw division.and I agree he’s a great fighter but I think he hasn’t really fought and actually won against the best fighters in the world in mma that is.hes getting too cocky for my taste and I think JDS will knock his fucking head off or Cain will beat that motherfucker down something crucial.

    • Quazzi says:

      Reem may be able to beat jds but i doubt it. Also when u f up u shouldnt get rewarded. U had ur title shot and u blew it before u even got in the octagon. Wat makes u think u deserve another one? Fight a top 5 guy like cain v and win then ask for ur title shot

  5. primalmasher says:

    yes! I wanna see jds KO overroids!

  6. Shonan says:

    I’m a fan of Reem, but I have always wondered if the pressure in fight got put on him at heavywieght like it did at 205….how would he react? I think if anyone could exploit that it would have to be someone who isn’t afraid to get in close, or have enough confidence in their own striking to trade hands. I think JDS might be that guy. Reem should be very careful what he asks for.

  7. kong says:

    i don’t need a warmup, i just need steroids

  8. Gefco says:

    He’ll no the reem will knock his teeth out jds well be In trouble no brazillian as champs.

  9. cheater says:

    You might not NEED a warm-up fight. But you sure as hell don’t deserve one you f’ing cheating POS. You need to work your way from the bottom and get tested on a weekly basis. The UFC needs to set and example with this freak and make him get random tested along with a five fight run before he even gets a chance at that title.

    • RSRep says:

      so what about Chael? im say this till everyone gets off Reem’s back about. Chael got caught as well…. and he still got to fight silva twice.

      • Xaninho says:

        No be careful about Chael, this fanboy assmuncher will be all butthurt and crying. He doesn’t respond well to the truth.

      • rick james bioch says:

        What about Chael??? He didn’t get busted until after his first fight with AS. Then he sat out 6 months for his suspension and had to win two fights before he got a shot at Silva…

        How bout Reem just stfu and earn his shot to fight for the title once he’s reinstated…

    • Xaninho says:

      You were never this strict about Sonnen and his even higher t/e ratio’s….

      And you dare to call me biased?

  10. Gefco says:

    Name of the game for the UFC is money and who well draw it to ppv plain and simple. Reem is money in the bank that’s why he’s still with the UFC

  11. Lol haters! says:

    I dont see Overeem losing to Dos Santos and I think its going to be a hard fight for Cain as well. Dont forget people he is a K-1 champ and was able to stuff Brocks takedowns. I cant wait until he fights again, its going to be off the fosheeziieeee!!!

    • rick james bioch says:

      I’ll describe it for you if you can’t see it. JDS throws right overhand, Reems face says hi to right overhand, Reems face says hi to canvas, fight over and Reem makes excuses like failed roid test on why he lost…

  12. stephen riddle says:

    Jds took out “the best striker in the division” cain and he will do it again, stfu reem he will get u too.

    • mj says:

      Look at who Overeem has fought and then tell me he hasnt felt power. Mark Hunt hits harder then JDS, Vitor has faster hands. He has like 60 fights in 3 different weight classes and besides the Crocop NC he is flawless. JDS looks great, but he loses 3 inches in reach and 1.5 in height, plus alot of weight. Both can finish the other, IMO Overeem has more tools to do it. 16 fights for JDS vs around 60 for Alistair. And dont think brazilian dont juice, NOxplode is 450Reis here. Test is cheap, JDS has used. That whole camp has including Anderson.

      • stephen riddle says:

        How do u know mark hunt hits harder and vitor would have faster hands at heavyweight?

      • stephen riddle says:

        Dude everyone thinks they have to tools!? Reem is gonna get out boxed period, its all over folks!

        • Jordan says:

          Jds has better boxing yes, but this isn’t a boxing match. Reem has a reach advantage and he will use it and his kicks to keep Jds out of reach. He stuffed Brock’s takedowns and he is one of the best wrestlers, so when Jds tries a takedown it won’t work, if he tries to clich he will get bombarded with knees. They are both good fighters but I see this as a hard match for Jds. I’m not saying he can’t win but it will be very tuff

        • stephen riddle says:

          Why would jds go for a takedown?

      • you sir,are a moron says:

        Do you mean flawless as in undefeated?if so you clearly need to do some research on his record.

      • dogfart says:

        NOxplode???? wtf has that got to do with steds?

        Id love to see you get some proof of your knowledge of these “juicing” brazilian fighters

  13. Roloids says:

    Let him fight Kongo or Carwin, we probably wouldn’t get past either one. He’d lose against JDS even if he cheats again.

  14. Xaninho says:

    This will be a badass fight! I do think he has to work his way up after a big fail like that. He needs to at least take out one serious topcontender before taking on JDS.

    I think it will be a close fight. JDS has more speed and footwork. Overeem has more ways to attack as an accomplished elite level kickboxer.

    I like them both, JDS because he’s such a beast inside the cage and a really nice, respectful, humble guy outside. Overeem is also a beast inside, fairly humble and respectful as well. But he does have a little cockiness going on there…

    I think it might be good for MMA in Holland if we have a Dutch champ again. At the same time I wouldn’t mind if JDS keeps the belt.

  15. Pijan says:

    Overeem shouldn’t get a title shot, definitely not immediately. It’d be a great fight and a good test for the Champ, but he’s a cheater, plain and simple. You don’t get 14:1 by taking anti-inflammatory medicine mixed with Testosterone. Even if it had Testosterone, it wouldn’t validate 14:1. If he wants a title shot, take at least two fights, Nelson, Velasquez, do strict testing before the fight to confirm he’s not cheating, and IF he can win both of them, WITHOUT cheating, he can get a title shot. Strict drug testing should be implemented before and after his title shot. I don’t think we should forget this ever happened, give him a title shot, and pretend like it’s all good. Cheating in this sport has to stop.

  16. 123 says:

    junior dos santos will put overeem to sleep. only fighter in the UFC that could beat dos santos is velasquez.

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