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Thursday, 11/10/2011, 12:34 am

Alistair Overeem Files Lawsuit Against Golden Glory

Newly signed UFC heavyweight fighter, Alistair Overeem wants out of his management contract with Golden Glory and he is taking his request to court.

The longtime Golden Glory fighter has made a mark in sports combat history. He holds the Strikeforce, Dream and K-1 Grand Prix heavyweight titles and is set to take on Brock Lesnar next month in the main event of the UFC’s year-end pay-per-view card.

It has been somewhat big news that the man called “The Reem” has split from his longtime team and joined forces with Xtreme Couture in Las Vegas for the first time since embarking on his professional MMA career.

He came out with a video documentary earlier this week that we published here on BJPENN.COM in which he stated…

“Because Bas wasn’t there, I hired a lawyer to go through the contract with me, step by step. What me and the lawyer found out was that there were details in the contract, which were to my disadvantage and were an advantage to Golden Glory, which were also not explained to me by Golden Glory and particularly by Bas because I had daily contact with him over the phone and over email.

“I think it’s the management’s duty to explain stuff to the fighter… (and) to negotiate to explain things to me, and clarify things for me, and they were not doing their job. Not only that, it was such a big disadvantage that it also caused a breach in trust. I like to work with people I can trust.”

He states that a big part of the split was a “breach in trust” and now with the recent news of lawsuit that breach of trust seems to be a breach in monetary privileges.

TMZ broke the story:

MMA pain machine Alistair Overeem — the guy who’s set to fight Brock Lesnar next month — claims he’s been stabbed in the back by his management team … and he almost paid the price in the ring.

Long story short — Overeem filed a lawsuit against his Netherlands-based management team — claiming they duped him into signing the worst MMA contract ever … and then tried to book him into high profile fights when he wasn’t healthy enough to perform.

According to the lawsuit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Overeem stupidly agreed to give his managers 35% of his pre-tax income in exchange for their services — but the managers failed him miserably.

Overeem claims the managers have refused to pay him more than $151,000 in earnings — including a bigtime bonus he was supposed to rake in when he signed with the UFC.

Overeem is suing for unspecified damages — and he wants a court order to break his contract with the management team ASAP.

Overeem is scheduled to fight Lesnar on Dec. 30 — a fight worth millions of dollars that he clearly doesn’t want his managers to get their hands on.


8 Responses to “Alistair Overeem Files Lawsuit Against Golden Glory”

  1. This guy says:

    GOOD. Get paid. Fucking scum managers are always trying to get their grubby hands on too much of the fighters earnings. These fighters EARN their money when they put their life on the line. These managers are becoming worse every day.

    Of course I don’t know the whole story but I am not suprised. I believe the fighter first before anybody who is a “manager”…

    Bas… really?

  2. Brandon says:

    Fighters should get paid.
    Not the managers for fuck sakes!

  3. Mircfsc says:

    Yeah, but at the same time: HE SHOULD HAVE READ HIS CONTRACT lol

  4. Xaninho says:

    He should have read his contract, but the manager in question has abused their friendship to fuck him over. That’s not right..A manager should represent his client and not rip him off.

    • This guy says:

      True. It is one of the first things you learn as a young adult. READ THE CONTRACT BEFORE SIGNING.

      Still a bad deal though. Trust is so hard to give nowadays; its on the manager to earn it if you ask me. After all, they do get paid to do a job; as you said–representing not ripping off.

  5. ThaGreenBandit says:

    Wasn’t Dana saying something about these guys a few months ago, that they were trying to make slick moves when it comes to paying the fighters? Not sure, but just asking cuz I thought I remember him having to say something about them…

  6. Mistabutts says:

    I thought he meant Bas Rutten seeing as they’re both Dutch! Thank heavens it wasn’t haha. Brock’s the highest payed fighter out there at the moment and the worst thing about all this is that even after Overeem breaks his face, he will still have more money in his pocket leaving the octagon :(

  7. mike f says:

    Maybe Dana white wasn’t being a prick when he refused to do business the golden glory way

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