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Monday, 10/24/2011, 07:32 am

Alistair Overeem: "Brock Wont Make It Out Of The First Round"

“I’m very confident. It’s going to be a knockout victory in the first round. He’s not going to get out of the first round. It will not come to the second round… He’s a strong guy, a very dangerous guy. But, I think I’ve got what it takes to stop him. And I got what it takes to stop him in the first round.”


34 Responses to “Alistair Overeem: "Brock Wont Make It Out Of The First Round"”

    • Mo says:

      FortybWrong Overeem wins easily, Brock will continue to get exposed.

      • realtak says:

        Thanku I agree Brock will get exposed again for his of stand up Overeem gone destory Brock & we wnt see him fight again

      • RHendO says:

        I dont know, Brock slips under one of Reems long ass punches and its a done deal for Reem. Get Reem on his back and hes like a turtle put on his shell. and Brock dont gas out he only freaks out when he gets punched so its a toss up for me If Reem can get his mitts on him sorry Brock. LETS GO BROCK !!! use that tattooed penis on ur chest and pull this one off

  1. T.DADDY says:

    i cant wait for this fight… Brock wins by G-N-P in the 2nd.. but if Brock cant get the TD he will lose

    • Dude... says:

      I hope y’all stick to your vicious words after Overeem defeats Brock. I actually like both fighters, but to disrespect Overeem on the level that I’m seeing is unbelievable (not T. Daddy, but many of y’all). Not an easy fight for either fighter. Thanks to the UFC for putting this one together. …can’t wait…

      • Jujutsu Player says:

        This is a great match up. Anyone who is completely writing off Overeem is naive, he’s a beast. I like both fighters and its a classic match up. I still give the edge to Brock but can’t wait to see it.

  2. McLuvin says:

    Hopefuly after Brocks rape we eont see that fake asshole anymore

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Yeah, he’s so fake, he managed to beat Frank Mir, Heath Herring, Randy Couture, and Shane Carwin in the Octagon. If you don’t like him, you don’t like him, but don’t start popping off with the dumb shit. The man has competed and won in the octagon against some legit names, so get off it. You’re rockin’ a fictional movie characters name, but call someone else fake…

      • Marcus says:

        Frank Mir- not the same since his bike wreck, Heath Herring- ok all around fighter but just that…ok, Randy Couture- completley out of his prime and couldnt take a HW jab at that point, and Shane Carwin- punched himself out in the 1st round which he domminated. I like Brock but ill admit when he gets handed a few things, still in the top- ten even though he hasent fought in over a year and his last fight was a domminating loss, and he got a tittle shot after ONE WIN in the UFC, not fake, but over hyped

        • ThaGreenBandit says:

          Call the dude overhyped, or whatever, but to say he’s fake is an insult to all his opponents that he’s bested in the UFC. Give the guy his due is all I’m sayin’. For whatever reason he was able to defeat Mir, Herrin, Couture, and Carwin, he still got the ‘W’

        • ThaGreenBandit says:


  3. magoo says:

    Overatededeem,is the poor bastard that aint gettin ouuta the first round!

  4. Musa Muhammad says:

    Ubereem couldn’t knock Werdum out in the first round, what makes him think he’s gonna knock Lesnar out. Come on, Carwin couldn’t knock Lesnar out and either could Cain… tko maybe but i don’t see it.

  5. sb350 says:

    A top elite striker against a guy with glass chin? yeah keep telling yourselves that Brock will stand a chance. You people are just a bunch of fan boys.

    • ThaGreenBandit says:

      Glass chin? When was the last time he got KO’d? Please tell…

    • Fortyb4five says:

      a bunch of fanboys? lol im no fan of Brock but your blind if you don’t think he has a chance.

    • MMA-ster says:

      I’m no fanboy of Brock in particular, but to say he has a glass chin is just fuckin stupid. Carwin had never been out of the first round before he met Brock. The dude hits a ton and no one else could actually take those shots and still survive. Brock gassed Carwin by actually absorbing that donkey kong action (with his head), then actually came out fresh and subbed him. Glass CHIN my ars.

      In other news – counting out Overeem would also be stupid. He’s a frickin beast from hell. He needs to watch for Brocks wrestling though. And Brock (not having a glass chin) needs to recognize that he CAN take a dirty shot and still fight back; gassing opponents by taking a beating isn’t a good strategy.

  6. VaginaFace says:

    While Cain didn’t knock out Brock, he split his shit wiiiiiiide open.

  7. Devilock says:

    I believe that Overeem is going to punish Brock with knees in the clinch and pick him apart with hands at punching range. If Overeem can back Brock up standing, he will get a KO/TKO. If Brock can cover up on his way to the clinch and drop levels to a single or double, I believe he will be able to get the fight to the ground and inflict much damage via G n P and possible TKO. Overeem has more tools and avenues to a victory where Brock could get lucky winging punches or win on the ground.

  8. Xaninho says:

    OK to all the Overeem haters, Overeem is a former MMA( never actually lost but he was cut from Strikeforce) and current K-1 champion.

    Brock Lesnar is a former MMA and former WWE champion…I think there’s a difference? Lesnar can’t take his folding chair with him so I think Overeem can win this one…

    • Xaninho says:

      I agree overall the quality of the average UFC fighter is higher. But I don’t think you can just state every UFC fighter will beat a Strikeforce fighter.

      We have seen some UFC fighters getting their asses whooped by former WEC guys already, and people said the exact same thing about the WEC.

      • Xaninho says:

        True, but the only real competition Lesnar beat was the much smaller Randy Couture and Frank Mir. Good wins but not convincing enough, ok yeah he also beat Heath Herring, but that’s not top level competition.

        On the other and I have to agree Overeem hasn’t fought and beat the absolute MMA top guys yet either…His K-1 results are good, but no mater how impressive that is, this is not K-1. Lesnar will take him down, or at least try to. If it goes past the 1st I’m afraid they will both be gassed 2nd round…

        So we’ll see, I hope we all can enjoy a good fight at least.

  9. RHendO says:

    You suckas are trippin if you think its guna be a cake walk for either one of them. Overeem has long armed punches if Brock can get under one of them which is likely its a done deal for Reem. Brock has gas for days reem doesn’t. Brock gets freaked out buy a big hit if Reem can get his Mitts on Brock its its a long day again. If you think about it Brock took Cain down 2 or 3 times but Cain is a ninja so he dont count but if that were Reem that fight would have been over that first round… But hey im just saying.
    And if you think Brock is guna get Ko’d Child PLEASE !!!

    • Xaninho says:

      We’ll just have to wait and see…. I think Lesnar can’t take the punches Overeem throws. And Lesnar hasn’t got the stamina you claim he has. If it goes past the first round Lesnar will be gassed from the take-down attempts he will obviously undertake.

  10. bizzle says:

    No fan of Brock, but I think he is going to spoil the coming out party for Overeem.. Overeem has been taken down by non wrestlers before, now he is facing a 270+ national champion, Brock will take him down and keep him there with his suffocating top game.. Brock tko or UD..

  11. Creature says:

    I dont think this makes it out of the 1st.. Rather Overeem is going to hit Brock, have him hurt and finish him almost just like cain did, or after 3 min Overeem will gas from the pace that will be set and Brock will take him out before the bell rings to end the round.

    but ill give Reem having the better chance.. just my opinion though

  12. LCM says:

    The Reem by either KO or standing guillotine in the 1st.

  13. LCM says:

    One of the best Dutch thai-boxers in the sport today vs. a guy who panics and turtles as soon as he starts getting hit. Hmm.

    • MMA-ster says:

      I agree, Brock panics and turtles when he gets a shot in the face. I’m sure he’s been told that by his training team – we’ll see if they managed to train that out of him. If not? Everyone will have the blueprint for beating him – stay wide and punch him in the face. Fighters are always evolving though – we’ll see what adjustments he’s made.

      I think when Brock is getting hit he should go Berserker. Despite not liking being punched in the mouth, he CAN actually take a good shot. Rather than turtle and duck, he needs to look up and start fuckin swinging back. A big dude like that would do some serious damage.

  14. El Charlie says:

    Toss up as most of you stated already. Whoever has their way in this fight will win in dominating fashion.

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