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Wednesday, 06/27/2012, 02:01 am

Alistair Overeem Breaks His Silence | UFC News

By Jamie McAllister 

Alistair Overeem in an interview with "UFC Tonight" 

Overeem firstly talks about how he felt when he initially tested positive.

"When I had the positive test result, I didn't know why that was and I didn't want to talk about something that I didn't know about," said Overeem, who was speaking via satellite from Davie, Fla. "By the time we researched it, I had just gotten out of this situation in front of the commission. To avoid, if we were going to do all the questions which come from the media, that's not going to solve the situation, especially if you didn't know where it comes from or what you're talking about."

"I didn't think that was the right thing to do. So we decided to do research, stay quiet, when we did have the research done we went in front of the commission and we explained our side of the story."

Overeem explained his side of the story at the NSAC meeting on April 24 in Las Vegas where he admitted he had taken anti-inflammatory shots from a Texas doctor, Hector Oscar Molina without knowing what was in the shots.

When asked what caused the high testosterone ratio by "UFC Tonight" Overeem  explained  again what he told the commission.

"Like I explained in front of the commission, this was due to medication I received from a licensed doctor, due to injury," he said. "This caused a spike in my T-E ratio, and, yeah, I did it, took responsibility for it, stepped away from a title fight, and now I'm slowly building up the confidence with the commission by doing random tests, monthly tests, to show that I am a clean fighter, this is my to prove that I am legit."

UFC President Dana White has been very vocal about his disappointment in Overeem stating he would not deal with him in future  and Overeem says he has still not spoken to Dana.

"I have not spoken to Dana personally," he said. "I mean, Dana is a busy man, he's got a company to run and fans to take care of. Basically, I respect Dana, I'm going to convince Dana through my actions I am a legit fighter and do the random tests. I'm very sure that this situation cannot happen again."

Overeem has taken the initiative to undergo his own testing but has not yet revealed any details of results of tests, who will be overseeing testing and the location of testing.  Overeem plans to do this to prove he is clean.

"What I want to show the world is that I am a clean fighter, I'll do these tests on my own. One test doesn't say anything. If I do these tests every 3-4 weeks, then you prove to everyone that you are clean, the medical staff is observing you taking the test, so there's no foul play involved. … What I'm hoping to acheive is that I can prove to the world that I ama clean fighter. I'm doing it for myself as well as for the fans. For me, myself, my fans, for the commission, I am a clean fighter."

Overeem has his sights set on a bout with Junior Dos Santos when he returns and wants to thank the fans who have supported him.

"I know I have a lot of support and would like to take the opportunity to thank fans who have voiced that support, emails, tweets from people all over the world from people who say they want to see me back in there," said Overeem. "For you guys, I'm training every day to improve my game. When I'm back in there, hopefully in December, hopefully for the title, I'm going to show the world I'm No. 1."


63 Responses to “Alistair Overeem Breaks His Silence | UFC News”

  1. Stop wasting your breath Overeem its already been proven that your not a clean fighter.Most people i have spoken to don't buy the bullshit excuse Overeem is trying to peddle.Overeem thinks if he goes clean after getting caught it proves he was clean all the time.Whatever the guys a fucking cheater plain and simple.

    • Shake says:

      It was actually a medication he used for injuries recommended by his doctors which is one of the reasons they could not prove that it was actually trt or roids. I dunno if he took anything in the past but hes prolly been clean since he went in the ufc.

      • BRUTAL JOKE!! ARSE FANS says:

        the one thing no arrogant fan ever understands… is that reem spent 6 years to gain 60-70 pounds of muscle… thats beyond natural… but yeah there is steroids in EVERYTHING i use CREAM FOR MY BODY WHICH HAS 2% steroids in them… i prolly have high trt… ive never taken a piss test NOR done roids… cant wait for THE ALWAYS CLEAN reem to be back, hes a solid fighter… every ones JUST DOUCHEBAGS who need something to complain about… shitty disrespectful fans! two faced to they would never say anything bad to reems face! hes at fan expo’s i dare you, you punk ass fans! KEYBOARD WARRIORS FOR THE MOST RIDICULOUS FAIL, like biffing face first into your handle bars on your bike kinda fail. FAGGETS!

        • Jim says:

          Lol idiot, you clearly have no understanding of steroids. The steroid cream you have is almost certainly a CATABOLIC steroid, and therefore could not possibly mess with your t/e ratio.

          As for gaining 60/70lbs in six years, that is NOT easy to do. That is a linear gain of 10lbs of lean muscle a year, for someone who also does a shit ton of cardio.. I’m not buying that. Most people who make similar gains gain considerable amounts of body fat alongside the muscle, reem clearly hasn’t.

        • Rod says:

          Lol yeah, there’s a difference between an anabolic roid and that. and you’re right.. for someone who’s a pro fighter, and has actual fight training and cardio to do.. how does he go from losing to middleweights to bulking up like a 250 pound bodybuilder? It was a little understandable for lesnar being bulked like that coming from the WWE, where they probably focus on appearance as a fighter more than actual skill (I dont know for sure, i dont watch wrestling). But throughout the years it does seem that ‘reem has been assisted and boosted by some type of “supplement” lol. I don’t know this for sure so I’m not gonna go off of made up facts.. But it definitely appears that way. Either way, Dos Santos got this.

        • dom says:

          HAHAHAHAHA…..HAHAHAHAHA….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, he went from light heavy to heavy in a year while still competing you ignorant fuck. How do you cut weight and gain it like he did in rapid sessions. You little cock sucker I would love to fuck you up

        • 11bangbang says:

          Yea you probably have very high TRT Hahahahaha retard

    • Shawn says:

      You’d be surprised who’s saucing it in MMA, and how many of them. Most are smart enough not to get caught. But who do you know, that has ever stepped forward and took ownership of his mistake, and is trying to prove he’s clean moving forward. That’s right, no one. Most guys when caught, come up with excuses and never own up to it. Overeem can at least be honest with it. And, it’s not completely his fault. He just trusted and relied on the wrong person.

  2. Judge_Dreadz says:

    Shut the fuck up bitch easy to kick a guy when he's down …Cheater or not everybody deserves a second chance to prove themselves.  Bitch boy Sonnen got a slap on the wrist and he cheated during a title fight. No one says shit about him…Maybe because Reem is black idk..?? but like I said second chance its not impossible to put on 30lbs of muscle especially if you have good genetics..

  3. B-rad says:

    you know, i bet a solid 80% of people who hate on the reem NEVER followed him or watched any of his fights before he pwned brock lesnar. saying "Oh theres no way he gained 35 pounds bla bla bla. First he did this very gradually since what 2007? im no nutritionist or anything but if you 5 YEARS that is more than possible…. its down right do- able.

    • bertram says:

      you sir are apparently the only reasonable person on lol. everyone says he threw on all this weight, but when he was cutting to 205, ive read reports where he said he cut as much as 30 lbs. so to throw on 30 in 3-4 years like you said, isnt anything special at all. i think anybody who goes to the gym and really understands bodybuilding can see that it isnt hard at all to throw on 30 lbs. thank you for being intelligent lol.

  4. Xaninho says:

    Gaining 35 lbs. in 5 years is nothing. People always take his former cut weight of 205 and start counting from there to his walk around weight of 265 lbs., or make it even worse by making up a walk around weight of 285+ lbs. 
    What they fail to mention is he used to cut down to 205 from 235. His walk around weight is around 265-270. He doesn't need to cut much anymore which is the reason he moved up in the first place, he couldn't handle the weight cuts to 205.
    So in reality he gained just 35 lbs. in 5 years. That's 6lbs. per year….Anyone who tries to say that can't be done without PED's doesn't know anything about the subject.

    • Andy says:

      excellent point, well written.

    • Jim says:

      Nobody’s saying it can’t be done, but a linear gain of 6lbs of lean muscle per year is NOT something easy to do, especially for someone who spends a good deal of their time in intense aerobic and anaerobic activity.

      saying it’s ‘nothing’ is just as bad as saying it can’t be done. It is very difficult to make such gains in a linear fashion without packing on considerable bodyfat. Anyone who says it’s ‘nothing’ clearly doesn’t know what they’re talking about.

      • bertram says:

        what are you talking about? 3 years ago i was 130 lbs and now im 185 and have a lower bodyfat% and am leaner and stronger than guys who have trained twice as long. it isnt hard at all, you just have to do more than curls my friend. most people who go to the gym simply lift weight. proper bodybuilding is a science, its much more than going to the gym for an hour of 8-10’s lol. im not in any way trying to sound rude, but dont make a comment when you arent really knowledgable about the subject. thats ignorant, and unfair to overeem. for a peak athlete, its absolutely attainable. yeah he does hours of cardio per day, but these guys also eat perfect, and get professional help with their lifts. i really dont understand why him being jacked is so hard to believe its natural. he doesnt look like kai greene or phil heath for christ sakes lol

        • WrestlingRules says:

          So what you are saying is that 3 years ago you were a skinny little weakling and now you are a lean mean fighting machine with a 55lb. weight gain? I call bullshit on you. I want to know what you did. How old are you? Did you just go through puberty??? What program did you follow? Shit you should be on Oprah selling your workout program….So what is this mysterious bodybuilding science you speak of? You sound like a fuckin’ liar…You may not be a fuckin; liar, but that’s what you sound like..I am trying to sound rude, but hopefully NOT condescending like you just did.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      I’m calling you out on your BULLSHIT again. Why is it you rail against Sonnen for using legal TRT and you apologize for Overeem’s OBVIOUS PED use??? Is it because you ARE BIASED AS HELL?? Overeem is form your neck of the woods so you will try and cover for him, And if you train kickboxing like you say you do, then you KNOW it is well known in Holland that Overeem is a BIG steroid and HGH user. I CALL BULLSHIT ON YOUR BIAS….

      • Xaninho says:

        Just shut the fuck up. You’re too dumb to take me on.

        I’m not covering for him. I like to keep discussions factual without biased opinions or bullshit statements blurring up things. It is NOT that difficult to gain 35 lbs. in 5 years without PED’s.

        People who claim his weightgain of 35 lbs. is impossible without PED’s are morons. I want to be nice and respectful about it, but there’s no other explanation for it.

        You keep bullshitting about me apologizing for Overeem, this is not the case. Point out where I said he didn’t use anything? Go ahead!

        And Sonnen’s 16.9:1 t/e ratio’s were just as illegal as Overeem’s 14:1!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Your delusional. Why don’t you rail against Overeem’s PED use?? You know as well as I do, that he is a well-known juicer, but instead of railing against his hypocrisy, you try and cover for him by talking about how reasonable it is to gain 35lbs in 5 years. And you call yourself intelligent for dodging the ped use?? Dude, I and everybody else can see right through you here. Your as biased as they come and obviously quite impressed with yourself.

        • Xaninho says:

          So you’re officially making the statement it’s impossible to go from 235 gaining 6 lbs. of muscle a year to a maximum of 270?

          And yes, like a great man once said, I am the greatest!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          I see right through your smoke screen here. I can SEE without my eyes. And I see right through you. Your biased, apologizing to fighters you love, intellectually dishonest et al…. Sorry, these qualities DO NOT make you the greatest!!! You still got work to do….

      • jones says:

        hahahahah yeah your connected in holland..sit down and eat bas dick more hahaha

  5. CombatRusse says:

    He is a clean piece of shit
    Hopefully he'll fight Sigano some day and get his brain smashed with an uppercut

  6. jaico170 says:

    nobody cares about this dutch dirtbag 

  7. Steve says:

    lol… Funny how its ok for Sonnen then?? People seem to forget about that or because hes a Yank you just ignore it????? Come on Keyboard Warriors start talking shit about Sonnen…. But then again I bet all the haters here are American and Steroid user Sonnen is American so you probably wont….

    • Sonic says:

      Sonnen Sucks! There, happy!!! Geez, LOL. Actually anyone who fails their drug/phyiscal test is full of crap!!!!

    • Jack says:

      I’m American, I hate Sonnen. I hope Anderson Silva stomps the shit out of the loud mouth no talent fucking hack. He has that commercial rolling for the Title fight and says “There are 1000 ways out of a fight, to be a champ you have to find the 1 way to stay in it.” You mean like you did last time? Ha! He threw his best at Silva and still got careless and got caught, something tells me Silva won’t make the same mistakes he did last time again. SONNEN SUCKS!

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Do you realize you just sucked that limey’s dick???? He got you to say that you hate Sonnen and America. He is laughing at your sorry little ass right now. You don’t even realize that do you? A little advice, if some fuckin’ piece of shit limey or any piece of shit foreigner steps up to you and disrespects America you hit them with all you got kid. Don’t hold anything back. Don’t get on your knees and dance to his puppet show.. Fuck kid learn to fight these bitches…

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Are you a fuckin’ limey??? Cool if you are, I just hope you are not one of those criminals from Australia.. I never understood why they call each other mate. I call my women my mate. Is there a high concentration of homosexuals in Australia I wonder. Why else would they call each other their mates??? Don;t get me started on the metric system…I know the rest of the world is fucked up compared to the USA and the metric system just proves it. Plus all these crazy languages. Nothing is better than American English. You know, now that I think about it, Here in the Great USA, we kicked England ass out of here and we created a nation that is the BEST and the Light of the World, plus we have the best language the prettiest women, the best economy, the toughest men, the best cars, the best of everything. You know, I want to thank you for reminding me why I thank God to be an American and how much I feel sorry for the rest of the world that have to live where they do. And oh yah, you suck bitch.

      • C says:

        And I thank God that our Constitution (if it still actually exists) allows you the “freedom” to represent us all as rude, inconsiderate, bigoted, ignorant jackasses!

        CHEERS MATE!

        • WrestlingRules says:

          Let’s see I can be rude, sometimes ignorant(I am Always learning) and definitely a jackass. But inconsiderate, NEVER at least not consciously. and bigoted, absolutley NOT. I Love everybody, we are all ONE each of us are of the ONE RACE, the Human Race. The difference between me and you ids that you are unable to see the difference between beliefs and people. What are I am against is bad beliefs and NOT people. You don’t seem to understand that. You hate people not beliefs. I love people and hate beliefs. Wise UP someones beliefs ARE NOT who they are. Do you get it now. And if I am being ignorant now, then what does that make you???

      • jones says:

        reeem is clean and he willl proov it in the futue you alll just on chair qb….get a life

  8. scotty says:

    Xaninho 100% agree… Been saying this the whole time but never gets through some peoples head.. They think putting on 30-35 pounds of muscle in 5-6 years is impossible.. People also forget he was 25-26 years old when he was in pride at 205, so its much easier to put on muscle at our age.. He also probably used alot of supplements as well to get em there but no one knows 100% sure he was using PED's as every time he tested, he was clean.. And this one time, which he has a good argument why, he fails.. Not saying he was never on em in the past but he was always clean in prior tests even in the Brock fight.. Also he failed a test BEFORE fight camp and fight time, so his story could possible be true.. I'll give Overeem benefit of the doubt cause im a fan of his and we'll see what happens when his next fight comes up.. Everyone seen what happened when Sonnen wasnt using TRT, he got beat by Bisping and looked terrible! 

    • Xaninho says:

      This fuckeditor is still not working properly!
      All the dude does is train, eat and sleep. He eats 7 meals a day. I'm not claiming he never used any PED, but people on here with apparently no knowledge about weighttraining and/or gaining muscle keep blabbering about how gaining 35 lbs. in 5 years is impossible without it.
      Now the recent discovery of elevated t/e ratio's do make people frown and one of those people is me.

    • jwise says:

      The only thing I have to say about the Brock fight was he was 3 days late to piss when the commissionrequested his piss test which he flew to Britain to take, and he had to give two more after the fight at random times which is why he popped hot in the first place this time. Not saying he doesn’t have a legitimate reason not saying he does either but its been skeptical recently just saying

  9. Brend0magic says:

    But now Sonnen is allowed to take trt….(Not trying to justify it at all)

    • scotty says:

      He’s allowed to get the treatment but not abuse it to where his levels exceed almost triple the required levels! Thats abusing the treatment to get the upper hand… And look what happened when his levels were normal against Bisping…

  10. T.DADDY says:

    This guy was a toothpick in pride.. now look at him.. you say you follow his fights so you must be retarded if you think he put on 50 pds of muscle without Roids.. can’t happen.. he’s awesome to watch fight but face it he takes Roids..

    • Scotty says:

      He didnt put on 50 pounds of muscle.. He didn’t weigh 205 pounds, he weighed 235 pounds.. He now weighs 263 and doesn’t cut any weight.. He also weighed 235 pounds 5-6 years ago u can easily put on 30 pounds of muscle in that time especially when u have the ability to train day in and day out..

  11. Nando says:

    Just admit it & move on with your life! Every baseball player who admits their use is forgiven almost immediately & people move on. Jeez

  12. Eric Mata says:

    The Doctor that administered the shot testified to the NSAC that even though the shot had testosterone in it, there is no way it would have caused his T-E ratio to be that high.

  13. Jordon says:

    He didnt just become 265 lbs, he got that big years ago… He was small, and then a year later he was a monster. You guys keep talking like he just reached 265 this year or something… He ballooned years ago… It took him about a year or a year and a half to put on all that muscle… Very fishy.

  14. David says:

    He is typical Dutch boy big mouth and nothing. i say let him fight and JD will destroy him.

  15. C'monSon! says:

    Scroll to the top of the screen and take a look at his face. Now Google images for Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler (body builders), & Barry Bonds and take a look at their faces. Then google JDS, Frank Mir, & Cheick Kongo and compare their faces. I don’t think you need to know how much weight he gained over the past 5 years to know he’s on the juice. C’mon Son!

    • hauts says:

      oh so your a doctor now? mmm makes sense you seem to know about everything… k kid c’monSon’s you obviously dont know much… reem spent 6 years building all the muscle… its beyond possible… and he eats horse meat… you ever looked up how healthy horse meat is? HIGH EVERYTHING, including fat and calories… ALSO PROTIEN you KNOW NOTHING reem’s face got bigger CAUSE HE GOT BIGGER… you ever seen a fat person turn skinny? WELL THERE FACE GETS SMALLER TOO GO TO FUCKING SCHOOL

      • C'monSon! says:

        “your a doctor now?” = you’re a doctor now?
        “THERE FACE GETS SMALLER..” = their face gets smaller

        Obviously I did go to fucking school. The point I was trying to make is those who abuse the juice tend to have an extremely puffy/thick face even though the rest of THEIR body is super lean. Those who are all natural will have a face, which is proportionately lean in relation to their body. JDS, Mir, Kongo are heavy weight examples of fighters who have lean faces, who are more likely than not “all natural.” Ronnie Coleman & Jay Cutler & Barry Bonds are examples of thick/puffy faces who are most certainly roid abusers. Overeem is an example of the latter. Google the images and compare. Hope that clarifies things, Hauts.

    • DECLAN WALSH says:

      ur full of shit Mirr is o TRT. That means he’s getting extra testosterone. Fucking retard u can tell by their faces. U dick, very scientific.

      • C'monSon! says:

        Yo Dick Walsh,
        I could continue to argue with you, but no sense. This is an online forum, not a biology research paper. I don’t thing anyone on here is being scientific. Including you.

  16. squatch says:

    Overeem u lying ass bitch, how fucking stupid do you think we all are? Cheating ass ‘bean-pole’ cunt!

  17. squatch says:

    Scotty, u talking more bullshit than Overeem..u Dutch? lol

  18. David Schreiner says:

    This guy is full of so much shit. He knows full damn well that he’s been abusing steroids for years, just as everyone else knows that he’s been using steroids. I’ve been working out in the gym since I was in third grade. And yes, I’ve personally used steroids before. Overeem not only shows signs of steroid abuse, but also exhibits someone whom has used HGH as well, as evident with his enlarged forehead.

    He should just do the right thing, stand on his own two feet, and admit what we all already know, as a real man would. Otherwise, he’s just a coward for continuing to cower behind excuse after excuse.

  19. Nunya says:

    If it was 10 years ago, or Pride. None of this would be an issue.. Dana White had to react to this negative action by showing that he is against athletes using, so this doesn’t tarnish the UFC, which is understandable. The JDS vs Reem fight would have been one of the biggest & most profitable fights in the UFC. With all this on the line. Allistair’s camp should have been on top of this to make sure he would test clean. Many athletes fight natural. Many take PED’s. But anyone can take PED’s, but not anyone can be a champion fighter. I’m not condoning athletes that juice. But i dont like people talking shit when Allistair has trained hard to be the fighter he is now. I hope Dana White lets him back in.

  20. feenom says:

    This would have not been an issue 10 years ago, or in Pride. Dana White had to react to this negative action quickly, so that it would not tarnish the UFC. The JDS vs Allistair Overeem fight would have been one of the biggest, most watched , and profitable fight in the UFC. I just wish Allistairs camp would have been more on it, to make sure he would always test clean. I’m not condoning athletes juicing, i just dont like people talking shit about a great fighter that trains insanely hard. Anyone can take PED’s, but NOT anyone can be a champion fighter.

  21. Tricky says:

    OK, ignoring the 25-35lbs or whatever it was the guy put on, check out the dude’s face! Why has his face grown n got that ‘fat’ look? Surely cheek muscles don’t grow like that from eating a lot of carrots? Lol. Anyone in the bodybuilding scene will tell you this is water retention due to high testosterone levels plus the fact that the ‘gear’ will make every muscle in the body grow. Hence, you get guys with ‘chipmunk cheeks’ and jaw muscles that look like they could chew through steel!

    Whether he took known steroids (sustanon, trenbolone, testoviron, etc, etc), plain unmodified testosterone (known as ‘test suspension’ in the 90s), or whether it is just from eating rhino balls we cannot say. But what we can say is this – that sort of muscular development isn’t a natural reaction to lifting weights and eating a lot of steak. Christ, there are guys in NABBA (natural bodybuilding association) who aren’t that big!

  22. some people are stupid says:

    Dude, the guy is like 6’5″, eats enough a day for a small village, works out w world strongman competators and he was plain out thin back in the day. And I’ve never really thought of him as a cardio stud, I joined the USMC when I was 18; ate shitty marine corps food, ran miles everyday, and still put on 30lbs of muscle in those 4 years. Whoever thinks you can’t put on 30-50lbs of mass in half a decade without roids is just a plain fool. Now do I think he roids, hell yea, but this posting Is more to call out all these clownboxes that say you can’t do that. If you eat a half of a horse everyday and workout w the dudes that pull airplanes, anything is possible.

  23. stephen riddle says:

    He just shouldve kept silent, he brought this back up and shouldnt have. He poured more fuel on his own fire and he didnt step away from his title fight he was banned, i do enjoy his fights but i always wonder was he on something or not?

  24. MJ says:

    Have any of you ever followed Overeem from his days in PRIDE? Have you seen what he’s done in K1, Strikeforce and his demolition of Tod Duffee in DREAM? You didn’t care then. But you guys are just digging away to find an excuse for Brock. The facts have been layed down, he got the high hormone levels from medication prescribed by a doctor, for a broken rib I think it was. This has not been proven false unlike Chael Sonnen (who I’m a big fan of by the way) whose claims of prescribed medication was proven false. Overeem has dedicated his life to the sport, and half of you I’m guessing just sitting down and providing your critique from the comfort of your sofas. Granted a few of you might be training as I myself am. As someone once said, “It is not the critic who counts. Not the man who points out how the strong man stumbled or when the doer of the deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is in the arena. Whose face is marred by dust sweat and blood. Who knows the great enthusiasms and great devotions. Who spends himself in a worthy cause, yet errs and comes short again and again. And who, at the best, if he succeeds, knows the triumph of high achievement. And who, at the worst, if he fails, fails while daring greatly, so that his place will never be among those small and timid souls who know neither victory or defeat”. I’m an 18 year old high school student from South Africa. It saddens me to know that me, being so far away, and making an effort to follow the sport diligently, and you people, who have such easy access to it, and yet you don’t appreciate it. But hey, what do I know? I’m just a kid. All I’m saying is have a little more respect for the man. I’m not asking you to like him, but he’s earned that much of respect. I’m sorry if I’ve upset anyone with what I’ve said.

  25. DECLAN WALSH says:

    Overeem is the best striker ever at heavyweight to enter the UFC. I dont know what Dana’s so upset for maybe because Alistair is from Europe! Mirr the golden boy of MMA was on TRT when he fought JDS,Sonnen was when he fought Silva. These fights stood the results stood. I bet they had much higher TE ratios than Overeem. The truth is he retired Brock and everyone else is afraid of him. OVEREEM ALL THE WAY FUCK THE HATERS UR JUST ALL SCARED!!

  26. Nate says:

    Why does everyone throw Overeem on the chopping block immediately, but forget that Sonnen had similar T-E ratios when he fought Silva as well as the mortgage fraud incident?

  27. Dee says:

    I believe him. Everything that prescribes from doctor’s these days contain steroids. I receive cream for my fact, and that contain steroids. I also notice Andre Berto injured his shoulder in February and failed his drug test that month. It’s no secret that doctors use steroids to heal injuries. Steroids are even in our food.

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