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Friday, 05/16/2014, 01:29 pm


Alexis Davis: ‘All Rousey’s Sh!t Talk Is Gonna Come Back. I’m Winning The Belt’

“It’s all karma. Karma is going to come right back at you … That’s why I’m going to win the belt. Karma is going to come back to her. There’s some boundaries you have to have. But I can only imagine the pressure she feels in this situation. She’s brought it on herself, all this shit talking, calling people out. She’s not a huge Cyborg fan. I think she has to push it every single time. That’s not my personality. I keep trying, it just sounds stupid when it comes out … I believe if I were a little more vocal I would have gotten the title shot already.”

Ronda Rousey’s next opponent, Alexis Davis talks about the champ, her Karma and why she will win in their UFC 175 co-main event.

(Quote via FOX Sports)


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