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Tuesday, 04/17/2012, 12:40 pm

Alexander Gustafsson Feels Ready To Fight Jon Jones

By Evan Stoumbelis:
After defeating Thiago Silva this past weekend, Light Heavyweight Alex Gustafsson feels he’s ready to face one of the top 5 light heavyweight fighters in the division, and feels “more than ready” to fight for the title should the opportunity present itself.  

Gustafsson said that he had no added pressure during this last fight, and said ““It just motivated me more. I was super excited for this fight. I don’t feel any pressure. I just go out there and do what I love to do,” Gustafsson told Fox Sports. “The crowd was amazing. I couldn’t even hear my coaches in the corner. I’m proud fighting here at home and in the UFC.”  Gustafsson’s may have exaggerated a bit, seeing as how this was a big fight for him, against Thiago Silva, who was making his comeback in this fight.  

Dana White felt the same way, saying “I think he’s full of shit, I think there was a ton of pressure on him.”

Gustafsson said after the fight: “Silva is a tough guy, I’ve got a lot of respect for him, and I know he has some good power in his punches. I had my game plan to stay active, like I always do, and tried to pick him apart.” 

Based on that statement, it seems like Gustafsson successfully implemented a game plan that worked well for him.  

Keeping Silva at arm length, but not letting him close the gap, Gustafsson picked apart the hard hitting Silva, for the most part not letting him get any power shots that could potentially be fight ending, and until the last round, he was fairly successful at this.  

Gustafsson was asked about the hard hook Silva connected with at the end of the fight, saying “Silva threw, and I felt it, but it didn’t rock me.”  .


17 Responses to “Alexander Gustafsson Feels Ready To Fight Jon Jones”

  1. Team buffalo says:

    Dude might be lined up with Jon jones next. Of course with that being said, it won’t be for the title because Rashad will have it. War Rashad!!!!!

  2. Ninja Oreo Dollop says:

    I guess he can’t say otherwise but I will. You’re not ready Alex.

  3. T.Daddy says:

    I don’t know about that buddy… Wasn’t that impressed wit the silva fight… One more win against a top 5 and then he’ll deserve a shot..

  4. Faaris Sheikh says:

    I don’t think he could beat Jones right now, and I don’t believe he’s ready for it, Give him atleast 2 more fights with big guys like Shogun and Machida and if he wins in an impressive fashion like Jones did to those guys why not put him in the mix for a title shot.

    • Reality says:

      I think he would have had problems with Lil Nog. Shogun and Machida are both good tests for him as well. However, I think he should get Ryan Bader. This will show whether he’s truly improved on his wrestling and ground game since Davis beat him. So I’d say Lil Nog or Ryan Bader then a higher ranked fighter before a title shot.

      • Nick Doble says:

        I also think Lil Nog would of been a much bigger test for him. The Silva fight very much reminded me of Jones vs Rampage. I hope gustaf.. eventually gets the title shot as him vs Jones would be very interesting in a little while. Agree that bader or shogun would be a good matchup for now though!

      • Faaris Sheikh says:

        I was just thinking of Ryan Bader! Also the timing would be great as they have both just fought recently, This match will both put them in the mix as they are both also comming of big wins!

  5. Dick Diaz says:

    he definitely has more power in his hands than jon jones. btw, is it me or dana white has to be a douchebag with every statement he makes…

  6. Veritas says:

    Alex is being mis-quoted,

    What he Said was that he Wanted à top 5 opponent, then he Said that when the day comes that he Will fight for the title he’ll be more than ready…

    Big big diffrence

    • Phil says:

      Exactly! How could the author of this text misinterpret that? I think Alex knows he’s not ready yet, but WHEN the day comes, he will be.

      • Boogers says:

        He knows he’s not ready. He was asked after Matyushenko and he said give me somebody else, let me work my way up the ladder. After 1 fight te author thinks Gustaffson is bursting with confidence? No way Jose. Gustaffson is darn good, maybe even an close match for Jones, but he’s humble and he knows he’s not ready

  7. Bjj BB says:

    Buwaaaaaahahaha!! No ur not!!

  8. HaVaginaButts says:

    Until he can handle a guy with elite wrestling skills, he has no business being in the ring with the winner of Jones/Evans or even Henderson. Let Gustaffson fight Bader first… and wait for the winner of Jones/Evans vs. Henderson.

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