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Saturday, 03/23/2013, 03:23 am

Alex Caceres Issues Statement Following Failed Drug Test | UFC NEWS

Earlier this week we reported that the UFC’s Alex “Bruce Leeroy” Caceres had tested positive for marijuana and subsequently received a suspension from active competition.

He has now released the following statement through his management:

“I accept full responsibility for my actions and the consequences from those actions. I apologize to all that I have disappointed, including the UFC, my family, coaches, training partners and fans. I accept the sanctions from the UFC and I look forward to completing the necessary steps to getting back in the octagon following the suspension and assuring that this never happens again.”


53 Responses to “Alex Caceres Issues Statement Following Failed Drug Test | UFC NEWS”

  1. Drew says:

    While more then half the roster is on PED’s

  2. Donovan says:

    Could not care less if the guy never fought again. Who flippin cares!?! The guy is a bad joke. Toke up hommie

  3. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Yah, these druggies are a scourge to mma. They are weak for needing it and need to address it in their lives why they even need it. Diaz needs a shrink for his social nervousness condition NOT a drug that will fukc him up.

    • JohnnyMMA says:

      you should smoke some weed cocksucker

      • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

        Hey dude, don’t get your panties all in a wad over this. People who smoke pot are weak.

      • stevo the great says:

        +1000000……this dude probably never smoked weed a day in his life, yet he is quick to jump the gun and judge everyone that has and label them “druggies”. What a clown.

        • Gargoyle Wrestling says:

          You’re right, I have never smoked weed or any drug in my life. And yes, I have been around many who do and they have ALL been weak. When you take in a dangerous foreign substance that will wreck you then either you are crazy or you are ignorant and both of these conditions are weak.

    • oh rly.. says:

      You sit here and claim Cannabis is dangerous and makes you weak huh.. I guess that is why 18 states and dc have made it legal for medical purposes… I guess Cancer patients are just weak people who should just starve due to lack of appetite .. Or who about letting all glaucoma patients surfer or take EVEN MORE DANGEROUS .. PRESCRIPTION medicines..

      You say people who smoke weed are weak.. I say your the weak for, for hating against a natural herb that has been used medically and recreational use for thousands of years.

      Did you know Cannabis was the number 2 cash crop in the late 1800 and early 1900, before big corps seen the threat and started the propaganda bullshit?

      Now shut the hell up, sit down, and toke up… I bet you won’t be so mad :).

  4. Robert says:

    You are obviously clueless and judgmental. Not much for anyone then.

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