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Wednesday, 10/09/2013, 10:33 am

Aldo Wants Pettis At Lightweight

“Many people talked about moving up (to 155 pounds), and I’ve asked for that. But Andre (Pederneiras, his coach) and Dana (White) said it wasn’t the right moment. Moving up to lightweight is closer and closer. When they think it’s time to move up, I’ll do it no problem.”

“I never chose opponents, but I can say one name now, and it’s Pettis, for all the talk that has happened. He would be the right person for me to fight today. It would be even better to fight him at lightweight so I wouldn’t need to cut weight (laughs).”

According to an interview with, the UFC’s featherweight champion, Jose Aldo, offered to move up to lightweight to face off with Anthony Pettis, who is now the UFC lightweight champion of the world.

Aldo, states, that while he wants to face Pettis at 155, his coach and boss would not allow it.

The two champions were originally scheduled to face off this past August at UFC 163 before Anthony Pettis was forced out of the bout due to an injury. Pettis was later transferred to the UFC 165 event where he took the lightweight title from Benson Henderson via first round submission.


5 Responses to “Aldo Wants Pettis At Lightweight”

  1. mean170 says:

    I don’t think Pettis wants any part of Aldo. He was injured enough to not fight at ufc 163 but not ufc 165. Those events were less than a month apart. I’d love to see this match-up. I just don’t have any faith in it happening. The UFC has been teasing the fans with “superfight” for years, and the closest we got to one was FE vs Aldo. I don’t see it happening.

  2. T.Daddy says:

    Aldo would beat Pettis down at lightweight or featherweight… it’s just a matter of time… I’ve been saying it and I’ll keep on saying it Pettis is overrated.. Two words: Clay Guida

  3. KIDD433 says:

    You said that Pettis doesn’t want anything to do with Aldo, contrary to that Pettis publicly called Aldo out after stealing the belt from Bendo. and he called him out the first time they were going to fight.

    • mean170 says:

      People say a lot of things. People tell me they can do 20 pullups, or 100 pushups, or dunk a basketball, or run a 4.5 second 40. Most of the time they can’t. I like Pettis as a fighter, he’s exciting, his stand-up is great, and he has good BJJ, but I don’t think he really wants Aldo. He chose Bendo over him. I know 4 weeks can make a lot of difference recovering from injury. I just think there’s more bravado then actual desire from Pettis to fight Aldo, and quite possibly vice-versa.

  4. Dddddddddd says:

    To pick Benson over Aldo is either confident or stupid and Pettis ain’t stupid. For someone to say Aldo’s a more difficult fight than Benson for Pettis is naive. This isn’t some conspiracy. Pettis went with a harder fight after an injury and won. Pettis is a terrible matchup for Aldo. The striking defense Aldo has is the wrong one for Pettis. You boys might want to reconsider what you want for your boy Aldo because Pettis is gonna kick his brains out. Pettis all day

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