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Tuesday, 03/12/2013, 02:06 pm

Aldo vs. Pettis set for August 3rd In Rio | UFC News

The much-anticipated bout between José Aldo and Anthony Pettis already has a place on the UFC calendar. The collision between the current featherweight champion and the former WEC lightweight title holder is scheduled to take place at the HSBC Arena in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, on August 3rd, as the main event of the evening, as first reported by TATAME.

It will be the third straight time that Aldo is scheduled to headline a UFC event in Rio, where he lives and trains. The “Nova Uniao” product defeated Chad Mendes at UFC 142 on January of 2012, then being scheduled to face Frankie Edgar at UFC 153 on October before a foot injury forced him to withdraw. Aldo is coming off a unanimous decision victory over Edgar on February 2nd.

Anthony Pettis seemed to be well on his way to a rematch against Ben Henderson for the 155 pound belt before a text message from him to UFC president Dana White changed the course of his career. “Showtime” asked to be the next in line for Aldo after Edgar ended up defeated, and had his wish granted. He’s coming off three wins in a row over Jeremy Stephens, Joe Lauzon and Donald Cerrone, the last of which was on January 26th. It will only be the second time in his 18 pro bouts that Pettis will be fighting outside of his native USA, almost a year and half after his triumph over Lauzon in Japan.

However, the bout didn’t come to fruition right away, as Aldo seemed to be someway reluctant to accept it, as explained by himself a few days after Dana White publicly said that the fight negotiations weren’t going as planned. Shortly after, it was revealed that the UFC had agreed with one of Aldo’s demands: By beating Pettis, he would receive a title shot in the lightweight division.

“Aldo vs. Pettis” will go down on a to-be-announced event on August 3rd at the HSBC Arena, the same venue that hosted the first three UFC events which took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.


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  1. Gargoyle Wrestling says:

    Wow, This has fight of the year written all over it. I think Pettis moves and weathers the storm in the first 2 to 3 rounds, then finishes Aldo in the 4th or 5th. Both are awesome fighters, I just think Pettis is quicker and more creative than Aldo. Aldo is fairly predictable in what he will do. The counter to those Aldo kicks is a fist in the face. Can’t wait.

  2. 123 says:

    mad fight, cant wait

  3. magoo says:

    I haven’t given Aldo the props he probably deserves, but if he can get by a stud striker/kicker like Pettis, I will definitely say he’s the man!

  4. toto says:

    wow ALDO ASKED FOR IF HE WINS, its guna be ALDO VS BEN HENDERSON AFTER!!! 😀 if aldo wins , so ufc acccpeted that deal…for sure they accepted that deal , tahts litteraly a + for the UFC loll

  5. Dddddddd says:

    I see Pettis shocking Brazil in Brazil. Pettis straps up in this fight and with Weidman beating Anderson the month prior if im not mistaken on the date,it’s gonna be a bad year for Brazil. I can’t see Aldo holding up in the pocket with Pettis’ trickyness. It would be a beautiful thing to see Cruiz claim his
    stake as well. If Cain ever decided to be a patriot we could have a super killer year. Good luck America and love the one your with Cain.

    • fedor says:

      Everybody’s saying weidman is gonna beat silva,gimme a fucking break,everybody said the same thing when silva fought vitor,and sonnen,even tho I did think vitor had a very good chance of beating silva.Aldo by tko,silva by destruction.

  6. Mike B says:

    Usually I have an idea of how a fight might turn out,or who might have an advantage?????But this is very hard to determine who is gonna win this one.Both of these guys are excellent strikers,grappling really doesn’t matter in this fight cause I highly doubt this will end up on the ground.Im just hoping pettis wins so my boy benson can get some revenge,I’ve been waiting for that rematch since their first meeting.Im really looking forward to this one.

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