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Monday, 08/20/2012, 03:25 pm

Aldo Happy To Welcome Edgar To Featherweight So He Can Send Him Packing Back Up | UFC NEWS

Even before his second loss to UFC Lightweight Champion Benson Henderson, there were talks of former champ Frankie Edgar dropping to the featherweight division to take on opponents closer to his size.

Now that Edgar has lost two fights in a row to Henderson via controversial decisions, it seems as if dropping to 145 pounds is Edgar’s shortest road to obtaining UFC gold.

However, Jose Aldo, one of the pound-for-pound best fighters in the world, awaits Edgar, should he decided to move weight classes in an attempt to capture another world title.

In an exclusive interview with TATAME, Aldo gives his thoughts on Edgar’s recent title rematch with Henderson and a potential matchup with the former lightweight champion.

“Like he (Edgar) always does, it was a pretty hard fight. I guess they could’ve granted him the win, but who am I to judge? There’re judges there to do that.”

“He said he wants to drop to the featherweight so I’m hoping he does that to end this story. He’s welcome here so that we shut him off and he goes to the lightweight or bantamweight classes.”

Before Jose Aldo can think about shutting down Edgar, the featherweight champ has his fourth UFC title defense at UFC Rio 3, on October 13th, at HSBC Arena, when he fights challenger Erick Koch.

Should Aldo defeat Koch, what are your thoughts on a potential Edgar vs Aldo matchup for the UFC featherweight title?


77 Responses to “Aldo Happy To Welcome Edgar To Featherweight So He Can Send Him Packing Back Up | UFC NEWS”

  1. Jake says:

    Hell Yea! Aldo is a beast!

    • Jake says:

      You know this to be true because he did beat Faber into dropping into another weight class

      • Faber dropped for a super fight challenge.

      • magoo says:

        Faber’s no where near the caliber of fighter Frankie is, this is an intriguing fight.Frankies fought a lot tougher and better skilled fighters then Aldo’s ever faced. I believe Frankie’s got the speed,power,and strength to match Aldo,and the one thing he’s definitely got that’s suspect with Aldo is cardio,my money’s on Edgar if he decides to drop down, it will be a great fight should that happen.

        • 223 says:

          Frankie would get TKO by Aldo! Frankie has never fought any one with the speed, power and accuracy like Jose Aldo!!!

        • Jeb says:

          R u retarded? Every fighter he has fought has more power than Aldo and his boxing is unrivaled in all of MMA!

        • Jose Aldo III says:

          Frankie never fought someone tougher and better skilled than Aldo. Maybe B.J. Penn but The Prodigy is past his prime.

    • Yogurt slinger says:

      Lol when I say power im talking over all power/strength. Edgar will be for the first time in his career bigger and stronger than most of his opponents. And he didn’t have a hard time at all throwing guys around at 55 what makes you people think he’s going to have a hard time now? Edgar is going to be a beast at 55 and the new champion of the division

      • EdgarSucks says:

        you’re stupid… Edgar walks around at like 160 max… He’ll be the same size as evryone else and he’ll get destroyed like everyone else that faces Aldo. Dumbass..

        • Evan says:

          He’ll be stronger. He’s been fighting bigger guys so it will be relative. He won’t necessarily be bigger, but you can’t deny he’ll most likely be stronger

  2. Xaninho says:

    Edgar wasn’t liking Bendo’s legkicks. Wait til his legs get demolished by Aldo. I just don’t see Edgar beating Aldo.

  3. maurice says:

    if frankie couldnt overcome benson in the striking department then he has no chance in hell against aldo. ill bet money that aldo becomes the first man to brutally finish frankie edgar.

    • Strongbow says:

      I agree his reflex’s fighters instinct technical striking and ground game is way ahead of frankie. On fight night they would weigh the same and Aldo would once again shock the world.

  4. Bob says:

    I would love to see aldo smash franky

  5. Tapitout21 says:

    Forget making him move weight classes I hope he retires that bum edgar

  6. chris says:

    Edgar would be better served fighting these huge 155s then Aldo. He at least he has speed on all the 55rs. He don’t got shit on Aldo.

  7. maurice says:


    • Irie nation says:

      Probably not…smooths elusiveness will frustrate Diaz and throw him off his game…bendo will beat Diaz then pettis will beat cerrone setting up a rematch of the last ever wec bout

  8. Me says:

    Frankie is one of my fav fighters but Aldo is on a different level, In my opinion he could beat anyone in FW, BW, FW and LW… I’d love to see Aldo move up to LW in a few years and see him fight for that title!

  9. Me says:

    Aldo is one of the most underated P4P fighters, I love Frankie but Aldo is on a different league and he could smash anyone in the lower weight classes including Lightweight I’d love to see him move up and and fight the likes of Benson, Nate, Maynard – Aldo to beat Koch 3rd round TKO!

    • nemo says:

      Underrated? Whenever people speak about the best P4P, Aldo’s name is always there. But because the lighter divisions doesn’t get the same attention as the more popular divisions (WW, LHW, HW) he is often not in the top 3. Also I rate him as one of the best, but there’s no denying that JBJ, Anderson and GSP are more worthy of being in the top 3 P4P.

  10. Yogurt slinger says:

    Edgar would eat Aldo up! The speed would be an adjustment but Edgar would now posess power! And that’s a scary thought. He knocked out Maynard, dropped Ben twice, and marked up BJ which never happens…Aldo should be careful what he wishes for bc he might be the one packing his bags to 55

  11. Geo says:

    I think everyone gives Aldo too much credit. We haven’t seen any good performances from him in the UFC. Aldo doesn’t do well in long fights, Edgar does. Edgar is also INCREDIBLY durable and would be a great match for aldo. I don’t see it being one sided at all.

    • Kingron84 says:

      Other than Maynard none of his punches ever really seem to hurt Henderson or BJ. Sure they scored and they probably didn’t feel good but they were never in any danger of being finished or dazed.

      If Edgar had power he would have more than one finish in his last like 8 fights.

    • Zo says:

      are you kidding me? plz someone get this kid off this site bc he’s got no business here. Aldo won’t do well in a long fight cuz he doesnt have long fights! He is a finisher! chad mendes isnt an excellent contender? ok… just stop youre coming off as stupid lol

  12. maurice says:

    @geo that is a horrible statement. the only fight aldo ever looked bad in was his fight with hominick. and considering the problems he had coming into that fight, he still managed to beat the fuck outta homnick and drop him every round. aldo was gassin near the end of the first round and still managed to outclass dude. aldo put on his greatest ufc performace againt mendes. and till this day, bj and aldo are the only men that completely shut florian down and made him look like a novice.

    @yogurt um edgar dont pose any threats to aldo. and maynard and benson striking offense and defense dont even compare to aldo. edgar did mark up penns face, but like who cares. he could give aldo 2 black eyes, but aldo will still cripple him and drop him with nasty knees and punches. frankie truly is better off at staying at lw where he has the speed advantage to keep opponents off guard.


  13. My two cents... says:

    I honestly think that Aldo may not get past Koch. Aldo is a great fighter but he gets way to much credit. I pick Koch in the 2nd wy way of KO! Then Koch will have to take on Edgar.

  14. stephen riddle says:

    Frankie has the heart of a lion but aldo is a liger!

  15. Sasquatch says:

    What the hell does Frankie have to do to get some respect from you clowns!… the man poses some serious problems for Aldo, and anyone who thinks otherwise is either still butt hurt from the two BJ losses or just strait up clueless about MMA. smh

    • tim blunts says:

      WTF… who is tim blunt and why is his info on my comp, and why did my first comment that said didn’t go threw go threw now????

    • Irie nation says:

      Maybe cuz Edgar cried like a little bitch for a rematch…dude is a points fighter and if you think otherwise you’re an idiot…Edgar got rocked for a whole 5 minutes in the first round of both Maynard fights but then dazed Maynard for a second and the fight was called? Usually I think rosenthal is best in business but he could’ve let that go on longer…either way Edgar is on a 2 fight losing streak and once aldo destroys him he might not need to worry about a new weight class, he should worry about job security

      • Sasquatch says:

        So you don’t respect Frankie because he got a rematch?!… sounds like you’re the idiot. BTW as far as I’m concerned and 80% of the MMA community, Edgar won his last fight.

  16. slacker says:

    This will be an epic war! Aldo’s got those leg kicks, but Edgar will take him down.

  17. Sasquatch says:

    What the hell does Frankie have to do to get respect from you clowns!… he poses some serious problems for Aldo!. Anyone who thinks otherwise is still butt hurt about the two BJ losses (really only one), or just a stait up MMA delinquent.

  18. 757 says:

    I think Aldo is a great fighter but Frankie will be the best fighter Aldo has fought. Faber is a great fighter but Frankie is on a different level than him. Besides I was a little surprised to see how Aldo was talking.

  19. Rob says:

    I think a fighter should win in at least 2 different weight classes dominantly in order to be p4p. Anderson bj PAC-man that’s real p4p. Jbj and Gsp are good but didn’t go up in weight yet….

  20. Rob says:

    I think a fighter should win in at least 2 different weight classes dominantly in order to be p4p. Anderson bj PAC-man that’s real p4p. Jbj and Gsp and aldo are good but didn’t go up in weight yet….also aldo didn’t want to fight Kenny flo at 155

  21. maurice says:

    frankie wanna be kickboxing ass is going to get &!?ked up by aldo. even if frankie gets takedowns he aint going to keep them. its a damn shame that aldo will be bigger then frankie as well. fuck breaking edgars jaw, i truly think he will snap edgars leg if he kicks under the knee. imo koch is a far more dangerous fight for aldo then lil frankie.

  22. A.James says:

    Edgar has done what Aldo can’t do and that’s obtain gold at a lightweight. Edgar, son this chump!

  23. Xaninho says:

    Frankie ‘the rematch’ Edgar is overrated by many. He hardly ever manages to win decisively.

    He does have heart and knows how to take a beating, but that is not enough to beat Aldo, who is very underrated.

  24. Wrestler 12 says:

    Edgar should fight chad mendes before aldo. It would be a good fight

  25. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    Edgar and Mendes should scrap first…

  26. 757 says:

    Why does everyone bust Frankie for the rematch. He was forced to rematch BJ and nobody said a word. Frankie Edgar is a talented fighter. He is a former champ, and nobody can take away his heart. Aldo is in trouble here. Nobody thought Chael would push Anderson either. Frankie is most likely going to take Aldo into deep water. We know Aldo gasses look at the Homenick fight. Sorry boys I think Edgar beats this guy. Besides he isn’t going to stand right in front of Aldo and get kicked like the others,

  27. maurice says:

    @757 um stop acting as if chael wasnt CHEATING when he and anderson first fought. in my eyes anderson and chael only fought once, and anderson destroyed him. i dont even count the first fight simply because chael testosterone level was literally through the roof.

    aldo gassed ONE time in his whole career, and even then was able to completely dominate and nearly kill hominick in the process. c’mon man aldo gassed in round 1, and looked bigger then normal, we all know that wasnt the real aldo. u kno that as well.”

    “he isnt going to stand right in front of aldo and get kicked like the others”

    um edgar stood right in front of ben and nearly got his leg destroyed and his head knocked off. he stood right in front of bj and ate jabs and combos. he stood right in front of slow ass gray maynard and was nearly killed. maynard and benson are far lesser strikers then aldo. i just dont understand how anyone could choose edgar over a fucking phenom like ALDO. it was like 2 years ago when aldo gassed. lol give that shit up man. edgar has descent foot work, but u make it seem like he has god like footwork and aldo will miss all night. gtfo man.

  28. punchkick says:

    aldo will legkick edgar out of the featherweight division just like when he fought faber

  29. T.DADDY says:

    Aldo is a beast… he wud ko frankie in under 2 mins

  30. 757 says:

    Ok Maurice I guess where going to find out. I am going on record as saying Aldo is a beast but I think he will get suprised

    • Lee says:

      lol What is Edgar going to do run away him to death ? aldo is a better striker has better bjj is stronger and faster. I blame Brock Lesnar for the retard idiots that post on message boards anymore

  31. Macca says:

    As much as I love Edgar he seems like a slightly bigger version of Mendes and Aldo can easily match all his strengths there’s no where Edgar could triumph and I’m. A huge fan of Edgar but going against an awesome striker and jujitsu champ chances are slim

  32. Slim says:

    Total bs if he gets the immediate shot after Koch, I think Chan Sung Jung deserves it. He has finished Garcia, Hominick (in 7 seconds following hominicks 5rnd title fight) and Poirior. How can Frankie even be talked about in the potential contenders coming off of 2 consecutive losses? Ricardo Lamas should get the bout with Edgar. to determine the next contender AFTER Jung gets a shot.

  33. Jason says:

    I think a Aldo/Frankie match would be a great fight. Aldo is very fast, and has amazing leg kicks, with great takedown D. Frankie has a great Wrestling base, with some very good boxing, and amazing foot work, with great takedown D. Aldo has a BJJ black Belt, and Frankie a Brown under ricardo almeida, witch is Gracie jj. The big key for Frankie to win would be to take down Aldo with his Wrestling. And that is something he can do. Aldo is a very big 145, but Frankie is use to fighting guy bigger and stronger then himself to begain with. To say Frankie does not have a shot at winning is not a realistic thing to say. He has the tools to do it, just like Aldo has the tools to beat Frankie.

  34. ging says:

    edgar is a warrior of that there is no doubt but aldo until proven other wise is the man to beat in the lighter weights p4p he has destroyed every1 in his path , and as for not fighting high caliber opponents compared to edgar think maybe you should look into aldos fight history, did you go blind when he was destroying his way to the wec title ,

  35. bj Penn the prodigy says:

    Im still the best and ill be back to destroy Rory youll see

  36. marcus d says:

    Dont do it Frankie.

  37. Korean Zombie x Edgar for a title shot!

  38. YO says:

    sad to say but, if frankie dosent take him to the ground 2 pound his face, we are gunna see frankie edgar getting finished :l

  39. Daddy of u says:


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