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Tuesday, 02/26/2013, 09:24 am

Aldo Gets Shot At Lightweight Title With Win Over Pettis | UFC NEWS

Shortly after it was revealed that UFC featherweight champ Jose Aldo was refusing to fight Anthony Pettis, the tables turned, and the match was solidified for August 3rd.

After much speculation on what had caused the change of mind, Brazil’s got ahold of Aldo, who explained his demands. Because Frankie Edgar and Pettis both received title shots in their featherweight debut, he felt it was only fair that he receive the same, if he is victorious against the division’s number one contender.

UFC President Dana White agreed and everything was set.

There are no details addressing if Aldo would have to vacate the belt at 145 or not. In addition, the move to lightweight may not even be permanent.

On August 3rd, Jose Aldo will try to take out Anthony Pettis before winning lightweight gold and joining the likes of Randy Couture and BJ Penn.


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