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Monday, 09/16/2013, 11:46 am

Aldo Favors Swanson/Lamas Over Rematch Against Mendes

Sorry Chad Mendes, Jose Aldo is not interested in a rematch!

Former title challenger, Chad Mendes has made a strong case for a rematch against Jose Aldo. The champ however, has different plans.

Here’s what Aldo told about the pecking order in his division:

“Chad Mendes is still starting, haven’t fought anyone ranked yet, only fought guys that are not that good,” he said. “He’s coming off good wins, but he hasn’t beaten good guys. So I believe the next two should be Ricardo Lamas and Cub Swanson.”


15 Responses to “Aldo Favors Swanson/Lamas Over Rematch Against Mendes”

  1. mean170 says:

    He’s correct that Mendes hasn’t fought the toughest guys in his last 3 fights or so. However, I think Mendes is a tougher match-up than Swanson or Lamas is. That being said, I don’t see Aldo losing to any of them. He’s just on another level. What I’d really like to see is BJ stop Frankie and then get a title shot.

    • nats871 says:

      Edgar will finish BJ this time, Im no BJ hater, but thats my take. And before anyone talks shit about his finishes, please remember no one has ever KO’d Henderson or Aldo. So anyone who says shit about that is irrelevant and their argument is invalid.

      • mean170 says:

        That may very well be the case. Still, a guy can hope that BJ can return to the form when he was destroying the Lightweight Division. I’d also say that Frankie has the best shot of the current 145ers to beat Aldo.

  2. The Way Of The Dutchman says:

    Mendes has had a few good KO’s, but Cody McKenzie, Meza, Darren Elkins and Guida is not an impressive list.

  3. squid says:

    i gotta be honest. this sounds like aldo’s scared. i think mendes poses the biggest threat to aldos title reign due to his wrestling, athleticism, knockout power and esp with his much improved striking

  4. confucius says:

    if you convincing KTFO an opponent would you want to rematch him? He had his chance, lost and thats that. I completely understand aldo wanting to fight somebody new. Dont matter anyways cause none of these guys will beat aldo anyways. Aldo is great but to me he was much better in the WEC. since hes been in the UFC the competition has stepped up and hes been less impressive although winning convincingly.

    • MMAdro says:

      Because when JDS convincingly KO’ed Cain in their 1st fight he shouldn’t have had to take the absolute 1 sided clinic of a beating he took in their 2nd fight right?

  5. MMAdro says:

    As a champion you should be willing to take on anyone/anywhere. If every fighter that beat someone decided they just didn’t want to take a rematch plenty of fighters would never have become champions again. People forget Cain got KO’ed in the 1st round and then came back to put the worst clinic on JDS that he has ever had. Matt Serra KO’ed GSP and then GSP came back and completely demolished him. So just because Aldo KO’ed Mendes 1 time means in no way shape or form that it would absolutely happen again. That fight was almost 2 years ago and I think Chad would give Aldo all sorts of fits now with his improved striking and I really think Aldo knows this too…. as the Stockton Badboy himself would say “Don’t be scared homie”.

    • The Way Of The Dutchman says:

      JDS wasn’t healthy in that fight, he had kidney problems due to overtraining.
      Aldo KO’d Mendes and since then Mendes has had a few good KO wins himself, but against subpar opponents.
      I’m not against a rematch, but I’m more interested in seeing Aldo fight Lamas or Swanson. Mendes will fall back to his wrestling because he still has nothing on Aldo in the stand-up department. So it will be a boring fight with failed takedown attempts by Mendes and a load of hugging against the fence by Mendes.

  6. Ddddddddd says:

    I think the win against Mackenzie was more of a ko to Mendes. It was a prime example of an insult to savvy viewers. It lowered the quality of Chads other kos and made them hard to gauge. His wins against Elkins and Guida were impressive
    I don’t care what anyone says. Jose seems weaker a champion every time out in the UFC. I’m a definite fan of Aldo but not of his cardio. He teases the idea of moving up too much and to me doesn’t own the weight class he’s in.
    Aldo’s time is coming and he knows his weakness is his cardio at 45. I’m ready to see Aldo go down and his weight to go up. One of the three will defeat Aldo and he will become just another talented guy at 55.

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