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Friday, 08/09/2013, 11:09 am

Aldo Coach Agrees to Apologize To Pettis If He Steps Up And Fights Jose

Last Sunday Nova Uniao boss and Jose Aldo coach, Andre Pederneiras, went on a Brazilian Radio show and called out Anthony Pettis for faking his injuries and backing out of the UFC 163 main event with Jose Aldo.

Pettis denied these allegations and now Andre is prepared to retract his comments and apologize if some conditions are met.

Check it out, via MMAFighting:

“Andre Pederneiras, Aldo’s coach, said if Anthony Pettis beats Ben Henderson, then vacates his belt and drops down and fights Jose Aldo, he will apologize for saying that. I guess he wants the winner of Anthony Pettis and Ben Henderson. Especially if Pettis wins and drops to 145. I believe he truly thinks Anthony Pettis faked the injury and he wasn’t pleased with that. So, he wants that fight. I guess that’s what happening with him and Anthony Pettis.”


13 Responses to “Aldo Coach Agrees to Apologize To Pettis If He Steps Up And Fights Jose”

  1. Thesire says:

    This muthafuka!! Lol jk I like this, aldo as a great fighter and champ is going after the best unlike other fighters who pick and choose. Hope this fight happens.

  2. Steven Thurman says:

    Pettis personally called for the fight, and Aldo was the one that didnt want it at first. Why would Pettis Vacate the belt he worked so hard to get immediately after winning it. I love Aldo, but his coach is an annoying shit.

  3. JohnnyTapia says:

    That’s just as funny as people saying Aldo beat the Korean Zombie, Aldo never even hurt KZ and a guy with a dislocated shoulder can’t fight back. Also Aldo didn’t even want to fight Pettis when Pettis asked for it so why would Pettis “act” or “fake” an injury when he was confident he would take the Featherweight title from Aldo! Is everybody on Aldo’s team that dumb or is it just the coach???

  4. Bob'O says:

    Aldo needs to tell his imbecile Coach to shut his pie hole because his reverse psychology plan is not working on Pettis, nor us fans. It only works in bizzaro land. Pettis asked for the fight prior to getting injured! Fix your brain. ~Bob’O

  5. scotty says:

    People need to relax, Aldo’s coach knows this is a huge marketable fight.. They saw when the fight was announced before and they know it will that much bigger now.. This fight would be much bigger than Lamas vs. Aldo, Swanson vs. Aldo.. Thats why he is attacking Pettis to get this fight cause they know how the UFC works now.. Fans get the fights they want to see, so if Pettis wins and says lets fight Aldo, it will happen cause the UFC knows its a huge fight!

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