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Thursday, 09/13/2012, 09:02 am

Aldo And Trainer Explain Injury: "I did my best", Says Aldo | UFC NEWS

“I apologize to my fans for not being able to fight at UFC Rio, which is something I really wanted to do,” said Aldo. “It was an amazing feeling to defend my belt here and it would be even better to do it again now against a guy like Frankie Edgar. I tried it all, did my best to be there in the Octagon but it was just no good enough. I hope UFC keeps him as my opponent and postpone our meeting because I really wanna fight him.”


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13 Responses to “Aldo And Trainer Explain Injury: "I did my best", Says Aldo | UFC NEWS”

  1. nate says:

    WTF… such a shame. Yet another example of someone with great talent whos body could just not hack it. He is always injured or dealing with an injury.

  2. magoo says:

    On the bright side you get to be champ for awhile longer Jose! Heres to a quick recovery.

    • William Candy says:

      you say that as though frankie would actually beat him or something. aldo will ko him just like pretty much anyone else. if frankie couldn’t beat bendo, how is he ever going to beat someone who significantly faster, with a lot more ko power? most of frankie’s sucess came from speed advantage, and superior striking to most of his opponents. two things he will NOT have against aldo.

      • magoo says:

        That’s exactly what I’m implying William, I’m not sure why all you Aldo fan boys think Jose gonna have the speed advantage, I don’t believe he does. But if Jose has the heart and cardio of Edgar he may last 5 rounds with Frankie if not TKO for the answer.

  3. Xaninho says:

    In this case it’s not so much his body not able to deal with training, he was riding his bike and got hit by a car. Whether riding a motorcycle in Rio is a smart thing to do is up for debate though…

    I’m glad his entire career isn’t on the line, but if it happens again it might be worse.

  4. sc says:

    Rebney bellator Ceo made a great point in an interview a few days ago about extracurricular activities should be restricted for fighters.. I agree, if a fighter starts camp, he should not be able to any extracurricular activities that could possible injure them and take them out of the fight! Jose Aldo riding a motorcycle during camp, gets hit by a car but says he is “fine”, But now we find out he injured his foot and didnt heal fast enough.. Now there goes the main event! Donald Cerrone another guy who does some crazy stuff during camps.. For example goes wakeboarding and rides bulls! I think its a good thing to look into, if you are not in camp, do whatever u want during that time..

    • Xaninho says:

      Exactly! Minimize the risk of getting injured outside camp is the least the organizations and fans can expect from the fighters. It’s just 3 months of not climbing mountains, jumping out of airplanes or riding bikes.

    • KUSH says:

      Bjorn Rebney has no room to talk hes allowed 3 of his champions in 3 different weight divisions to fight “extracurricular” fights and theyve all lost horribly and with that lost all credidbilty as champions and its been detrimental to Bellator as a promotion. i think it was Pat Militech who said it on ESPN or AXS tv that Bellator needs to get rid of Rebney asap

      • scotty says:

        That’s the thing with smaller promotions and especially Bellator is some of their top fighters/champions don’t get to fight at all and need to fight! I get what u are saying u should never let you champion fight outside the promotion. If they do that then they have to make sure they can give these guys some fights.. But im just saying he has a great point on not letting fighters do these extracurricular because it can hurt the card if something goes wrong..

  5. Dubious says:

    LMAO @ motto accident… did he pull a bad hakuna matata?

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