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Thursday, 09/13/2012, 09:02 am

Aldo And Trainer Explain Injury: "I did my best", Says Aldo | UFC NEWS

“It’s been almost tem days Aldo suffered the motto accident and he should’ve gotten a lot better,” explained Pederneiras. “His bruises should’ve healed but he got a swollen right foot and today, when he was on his first sparring training he couldn’t lean his foot on the floor because it hurt so much. Since he l want to fight Edgar, we tried to push him a little longer, but after the training we talked and realized he could not fight. We would like this fight to be postponed and that they keep Frankie as his opponent.”

In an interview with Brazilian media outlet,, head coach to the UFC featherweight champion, Andre Pederneiras explains that he may have underestimated the severity of Aldo’s injuries suffered in the previously reported motorcycle accident.

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