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Monday, 08/27/2012, 10:49 am

Exclusive | Alan Belcher Talks Injury, Weidman, Belfort, Jones, UFC 151, and More


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10 Responses to “Exclusive | Alan Belcher Talks Injury, Weidman, Belfort, Jones, UFC 151, and More”

  1. Sting says:

    Belcher, another idiot who got hurt before the scheduled match. This needs to stop. If you’re hurt during training that means you ain’t good enough for real mma action.

    • kook says:

      i like u.
      u know so much about noncompetitive fighting, err i mean competitive mma.
      u must b a fighter and a stud.
      when ur done choking on ur dads member, lets roll.
      i bet u wrestle and like to hump ur partners.

    • Irie nation says:

      No sting…after reading your post, you’re the idiot…athletes get injured there’s no way around it especially in a combat sport…doesn’t mean they’re not good enough…it’s a combat sport where there is a high risk for injury…you sir are an idiot for even suggesting belcher not good enough for mma action

      • Sting says:

        Anderson silva had a a broken rib the first time he fought chael, got his ass kicked for four rounds before submitting chael sonnen in the fifth, that’s a fighter. Training and sparring sessions are suppposed to get you ready for a fight, not pull you out of it. You’re absolutely right, this is combat sports that’s why we the fans want to see the best fighters fight, not see them pull out of fights because of training related injuries

  2. Me says:

    Boetsch needs to speak up he is being overlooked by everyone. He is 4 – 0 in middleweight beating Nick Ring, Knocked out Okami (who was comming of a title fight) and beats Hector that’s 2 top 10s. His name should be up there with the Weidmans,Belchers,Bispings for a titleshot. With Vitor fighting Jones I’d like to see Belcher fight Boetsch and just give Weidman, Anderson we know the chance of Anderson/GSP of actually happening is very slim. Quite frankly there’s no one who really deserves a titleshot as much as Weidman.

  3. magoo says:

    Would love to see Belcher/bitchbing fight.Belcher and Weidman will one day fight each other for the title,short of AS there the top dogs in that div!

  4. amber trichome says:

    this is not a video interview, it is a conference call uploaded to youtube.

  5. Boycott UFC 152 says:

    Everyone should boycott this 152 card and don’t order it. After the way Jones acted don’t let him collect that big paycheck and laugh because he screwed all of those fighters on the 151 card and still makes his payday.

  6. Brend0magic says:

    C’mon Belcher!!!!

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