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Wednesday, 10/10/2012, 11:59 am

AKA Coach Mendez Wants Cormier vs. Werdum Booking | UFC NEWS

“I would like for Daniel to face Fabricio Werdum or Frank Mir [injured], or maybe Shane Carwin [booked]. I want Daniel to fight someone who is going to challenge him, who is going to motivate him to train. Werdum is that guy who is up there, so for me that’s the guy I want. Werdum will test him in the standup and on the ground, but Daniel has great wrestling. The standup could be the area that decides the fight and I kinda give that edge to Daniel.”

AKA coach and founder Javier Mendez recently told Mauro Ranallo on his radio show that he would like to see his pupil, Daniel Cormier, matched up against top UFC heavyweight, Fabricio Werdum.

Is this a good fight for the former Olympian or will Werdum upset the Strikeforce HW Grand Prix champion?


2 Responses to “AKA Coach Mendez Wants Cormier vs. Werdum Booking | UFC NEWS”

  1. werdum would destroy cormier striking and on the ground cormier has even less of a chance. The only way i see cormier beating werdum is if he shoots early and often and keeps werdum pressed against the cage and wears him down.

    • 405 says:

      Are you kidding me? Cormier is a world class fighter and his wrestling> werdums bjj he wins where ever he feels like fighting.

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