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Sunday, 05/27/2012, 03:04 pm

Aftermath | The Best And Worst Of UFC 146 | UFC NEWS

UFC 146 was a battle of the Goliaths ending quicker than scheduled due to a night full of finishes that did not disappoint.

Main Card

Lavar Johnson was looking to knock out the “Skyscraper”.   They clinch,  Stefan Struve jumps guard and submits Lavar Johnson with his superior grappling via armbar  in Round 1 ending this bout  in 1:05.

Stipe Miocic wins over kickboxing standout and Strikeforce veteran Shane Del Rosario.   Del Rosario comes out kicking the midsection in the 1st round with success.  Miocic takes Del Rosario down at the end of the 1st and makes adjustment for the 2nd.  Round 2 Miocic takes the kickboxer down in D1 fashion with a brutal ground and pound for the TKO in 3 mins and 14 seconds of the second round.

Roy “Big Country” Nelson made quick work of Dave Herman.  Herman’s game plan was to come out, push kick and jab to keep the shorter Nelson away.  Herman throws a jab and Big Country capitalizes with his signature overhand right putting Herman on his back side. “Big Country” pounces with one more strike and the fight is over in 51 seconds.

Co-Main Event

Cain Velasquez needed to make a statement due to losing his last bout and title as UFC Heavyweight Champion.   Velasquez came fit and focused to fight Antonio “Big Foot” Silva.  It was  short elbows, punches and Big Foot’s blood making this bout look like a horror show ending  in Round 1 3:36  via TKO.   Velasquez came to make a statement and the statement was made.

Main Event

Junior Dos Santos successfully defends the heavyweight title opposite Frank Mir via TKO Round 2, 3:04. The Rocky theme song that played during JDS’ entrance seemed suiting with the way the 2 Rounds went down.  JDS displayed his superior boxing skills while Mir never really got it together – solidifying JDS as the undisputed UFC Heavyweight Champion.

UFC is at its best with spectacular finishes and submissions.

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14 Responses to “Aftermath | The Best And Worst Of UFC 146 | UFC NEWS”

  1. Milfhunter says:


    fuck yeahhh! UK all day son!

    Bring on another KO, pure speciality by The Outlaw- favouite fighter ever-

    From Birminghamm son (y)

  2. Good for Hardy.

    I’m really disappointed with Miller though. I love him but man, 3 lackluster fights.

  3. Musa Muhammad says:

    how is this article “best and worst?” its just a recap of what happened. War Hardy tho.

  4. andy says:

    I’m not a Hardy fan whatsoever (I find him really annoying), but the guy always comes to fight and even though I enjoy watching him lose I’m glad he’s sticking around because I know I’ll get my money’s worth with his fights so good for him.

  5. Patrick says:

    Where’s the comments about the worst? Aka Mayhem Miller. This guy, as funny and entertaining as he is, what a joke of a fighter. He’s getting beat down by Clarence Byron Dollaway, if I lost to a guy named Clarence I would retire. And Clarence, I totally understand why you go by CB, good win for you to get going again.

    • Killer B says:

      I was extremely disappointed in Miller. The first 5 seconds he came out dancing like Bruce Lee. I thought then, what a freakin joke !!! He is a funny dude but I didn’t pay money to watch a comedian. He looked as if he didn’t prepare or at least take the fight seriously.

  6. Grahamo says:

    Well done dan hardy, his ass at UFC was on the line and dwane Ludwig is no walk over…. BANG !!!!!! Hardy wins !!!

  7. maurice says:

    i kno a lil bout knee injuries. millers wrapped up knee looked like it blew like 50 times on him against cb. even when he was in pursuit of a finish his knee would buckle continously. he “slipped” like 15 times in the fight. that wasnt slipping, he had no support. on the ground he would NEVER post with that leg. he was flat out one legged out there. props on mayhem for tryin tho, it was painful to watch. if mayhem doesnt say his knee was the problem, then he fukin sucks! haha. but honest to god, i truly believe his knee was fuked! and he fuked it up even worse in the fight.

  8. OKWTEV says:

    This article title is misleading, this dude must write for Yahoo as well…

  9. JBroce says:

    so many stories came out of this UFC, and thats what I thought were going to be mentioned. Mayhem Miller being cut, Mike Brown retiring, Arianny Celeste being arrested, Brock possibly wanting to do UFC and MMA, 2 submission and knockout of the night awards, Warners comeback…along with finding out Vitor is out of his fight. And like you said, all they did was give a recap of the fights.

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