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Sunday, 07/27/2014, 11:36 am


After UFC on FOX win, Masvidal Wants Cerrone In September For “Easy Money”

“I just want to get back in there. I know Cerrone needs a fight in September, so hopefully they can book me for that. I just need money. He needs a fight. I’m injury free, so I’m ready to go in September. He needs an opponent, so let’s go.”

During last night’s post-fight presser, UFC on FOX !2 winner Jorge Masvidal again called out Donald Cerrone, wanting to fight the popular lightweight as a replacement for the injured Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Prior to his success on Saturday night, Masvidal told FOX Sports that a bout with Cerrone would be easy money.

“Because I’ll kick his ass. I want some easy money. He’s pretty tough against other guys that ain’t tough. I ain’t trying to act like a bad ass, but punching and kicking is part of the game. He hits people and they just start breaking all of a sudden before he knocks them out. I want to get in there and show him what’s up.”

“He’s a tough dude. You have to be able to take a punch, you have to be able to give a punch. You gotta be mentally tough. I just think when it comes to getting into deeper waters, I think I’m way tougher than him and I can put out a lot more than he can.”


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