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Thursday, 06/28/2012, 09:51 pm

After Succesful Rehab GSP Resumes Full Time Training | UFC NEWS

GSP has been sidelined for a while now and the whole MMA world is waiting to hear from his Dr’s and to get the assurance that he is able to fight again. Well lucky us, GSP is back in the gym full time and will soon unify his title against Carlos Condit. The long awaited welterweight battle has been rumored to go down at UFC 154 in St. Pierre’s home country, in Montreral.

The bout has no confirmation or no word from UFC officials if it will happen then but we can all hope, right?

“I’m back in Montreal and full-time training! Already tried a few kicks – right knee is super strong…,” St-Pierre wrote on his Facebook page on Wednesday.

GSP was put on ice late last year when he tore his ACL and had to undergo reconstructive surgery.

With such a stacked welterweight division, Condit told the UFC that he was willing to wait for GSP and attempt to gain what was his, the unified welterweight belt. Condit beat Nick Diaz at UFC 143 in February and won the interim welterweight title. Condit has won his last five altercations in the octagon and is looking to prove that he deserves to be champion.

There are no official bouts set for the Montreal card but I am positive that Dana White would love to add the GSP Condit fight for the Canadian fans. With all of the injuries lately, White needs a main event and a whole card for that matter with a ton of fire power.

Hopefully both fighters will stay healthy and the clash will go down as planned.

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0 Responses to “After Succesful Rehab GSP Resumes Full Time Training | UFC NEWS”

  1. Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

    I hope GSP lays on condit for a 5 round split decision victory. This way all you faggot fans cry and bitch.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      It should say GSP has successfuly avoided all the REAL top contenders for last few years while all the REALFIGHTERS in the UFC WW divsion have been fighting each other. Best rehab money can buy and he milks it for a year. Pto football players are back on field playing at full speed in 4 months but GSP needs ayear so he can watch everyone else fight and pray to god A. Silva retires so he doesn’t have to make up excuses anymore why he is too damn scared to fight him.

      • Yo Papi says:

        Just like A. Silvas excuses not to fight Jon Jones? Lol. Not a fan of GSP, just had to throw that in there.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          A. Silva is 37 yrs old and nowhere near the size of Jon Jones. Jones is a friggen heavyweight all day long. 24 year old HW against a 37 year old I don’t think it compares to GSP VS SILVA. I saw A. Silva weight in once at 182 lbs for a title fight and GSP walks around at 195 so they are not that far offf in size and weight. GSP has been dodging SILVA for over 5 years. Jones has just burst on scene in last 2 years. Sorry I repectfully disagree with your comparison.

        • Mwill says:

          Just because Bones is tall and long does not make him a HW! 205 is 205 all day long. Silva on the other hand is a big MW because he has shown in the past the ability to go up to LHW and win with no problem. Are you really comparing GSP/Silva to Bones/Silva? GSP has never fought up in weight on top of you sound like a sissy wanting the lighter fighter to MOVE UP in weight for a super fight. Bones’ fans are not calling out Silva because they know Bones would destroy Silva.

        • Yo Papi says:

          His age shouldn’t matter if he’s still “dominating” and “the best in the world”. Just cause JBJ is tall and lanky doesn’t mean he’s anywhere near HW, at least not yet. GSP vs Silva would be a superfight also but now everyone wants to see Bones fight him since they are so closely compared. His excuses don’t mean shit if he’s supposedly “the best Pound for Pound” fighter on the planet.

        • jones says:

          a silva is old now…and he has no excuse not to fight jones,,,if the fans cryd for it and everyone really askt for it the way there asking to see gsp vs anderson then jones vs anderson would happen……..not to mention if jon jones started talking about dropping to 185 to challange andrrson then anderson would for sure accept the challange….

        • the Natural says:

          Jones is too big for lhw he could never fight middleweight he shld fight heavyweight

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          GSP will get injured again before he ever fights Condit or anyone else. we are all wasting our time here

      • Wsheets says:

        Football players are not back on the field playing after having acl reconstruction, trust me.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          College kid down the street was just drafted to NFL and he blew out ACL and MCL was back in 4 months. I have had 8 knee surgurys and blown my ACL/MCL massive torn carlidge twice and I was back running full speed in 3 months with NO PRO rehab just swimmimg and leg strengning exercises. TRUSTME with rehab he had he could have been fighting easily 6 months. Being in superman shape before the ACL tear in itself should have had him back in less than 6 months. YES we all know GSP doesn’t take d’ump without a 2 year gameplan so I know i’m wasting my time here.

        • JFDWolf says:

          Sounds likeyoucae back to early and that is why you needed 8 surgeries.

        • CanILive says:

          HAHA maybe that’s why youve had so many surgeries and injuries….

        • Ko_king says:

          U must be lee majors!

        • STFU says:

          Idiot my daught had blown her acl and mcl, it takes 6 months to even think about coming back to play sports, and about a yr to recover and heal ya fkn idiot, 4 months LMAO! wadda fkn total tool you are! GSP would beat Silva easy… Bones Jones Would beat Silva easy… You’re a fkn total moron lol

        • Your Mom says:

          Please give me the name of an NFL player or any professional athlete that has gone back to full play after 4 months. Just because you are running straight at full speed does not mean you are ready for full speed, full contact sports. I have had 2 acl reconstructions surgeries and running in 3-4 months means nothing. Jumping and change of direction is what takes the longest to get back and be confident with. If you have doctors that tell you otherwise….get a new one. That might be why you have had 8 knee surgeries macho man.

        • Donnybrook says:

          Your so full of shit you resemble it.

        • stephen riddle says:

          Adrian peterson had a surgery for a torn acl and mcl and he thinks he will be ready to go after 8 or 9 months and he is a top level athlete so i call u a bullshit!

        • Gabi says:

          I wonder how long he will be healthy for. I’ll be shocked if he stays injury free. Sucks but true. He’s also become a boring fighter, especially after Serra got his lucky punch that caught him. He hasn’t recovered from that and became a point fighter. Still respect him but his fighting has gone down hill w so much wresteling (to play it safe). Doesn’t finish fights or even try too besides Dan Hardy. Then always says the same thing, I tried I’m sorry I will try harder next rime to finish the fight. It’s become a broken record now. Can’t deny that

        • jones says:

          fitch hater,,,your right about his recover time being long…and i believe you recovered faster and many others…but your not being fair man really,,,your not thinking,,were you taking massive amunts of hgh ??? u need to be fair it is harder on gsp cuz if the hgh and he is more injury prone cuz the hgh…he works to hard and lifts to much thinking the hgh is power and he hurts himself…your injury was not from abusing steriods man

        • Keep Fitch (Forever) says:

          This get rid of fitch faggot is nothing but a lying pussy. He is an ass kissing suck up. He is a old man pedophile looks to hook up with younger guys on internet. He knows nothing of MMA most importantly this get rid of fitch faggot needs to realize that if a fighter cant get back to his feet then he deserves to be laid on for the rest of the fight.

        • Get Rid of the Faggot says:

          dumbass thats why you had 8 surgeries cuz in ur imaginary world u can come back from tearing 2 major ligaments in 4 month. you are a waste of life.

    • Bob says:

      I blew every ligament in my knee and came back to play football in 4 months but was fully training in 3 months. Gsp is trying to be the longest reigning champ without having to fight. Gsp doesnt take chances. Hes probably at his house with two girls drinking wine.

  2. jbeamazing says:

    good stuff the ufc needs there stars back and healthy asap

  3. jnes says:

    and in next weeks news gsp the glass body had another injury and will hide for 6 more months,,,,whats the use of being in shape if your body cant take the training? something needs to change

  4. GRT 3000 says:

    he will win the fight.

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      Yeah Agree for always bragging how he is such a super athlete he sure is BRITTLE and accident prone. I have always heard its the fighters who use performance enhancing drugs that injure the most because their muscles get too strong too fast and their tendons and ligaments can’t keep up with all the added power and capibilities that come with artificailly enhanced MUSCLE strenghth. look it up ROIDERS have always broken down in all sports. look up Brian Bosworth and waht happen to him. NO DOUBT in my mind GSP has used PED’s for years whihc is so friggen easy to get way with when you know eactly when you will be tested. these days i’m convinced GSP is on large doses of HGH which makes you into a SUPER ATHLETE very very fast comapred to a natural fighter like BJ Penn or Nick Diaz. These guys are REAL FIGHTERS. GSP is a athlete more like the russian in Rocky 3 dolph lungren. GSP is like something that was created in a lab rather than on mean streets of america like BJ and Diaz REAL FIGHTERS

  5. GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

    No way GSP will fight Condit. In fact I predict he gives up the UFC WW belt to fight Diaz to AVOID Condit. You heard it here now NO GSP vs Condit. prob ben planned for 6 months bettwen GSP, Farazzzze habbbbaabbabai and Greg Jackson. There is no end to what SLEAZY crap Greg jackosn has instore for us fans and if allowed to continue he willl ruin sport of MMA

    • JONES says:

      i always agree with you rants …but this i dont know man….why would gsp not fight condit?? he will catch him and hump him until the end…its a good fight…2 guys who avoid fighting..1 lay n prey and another nike star olympic level runner….why do u think they wont fight???? and diaz wont fight unless it for the title shot that he fukin deserves…when guida runs like a bitch from hrey everyone bitches talks shit and he gets the L…but when condit did exact same shit to diaz he got the W..why?? cuz bullshit compustrikes counted the baby kiks that diaz allowed to hit him? ,,comustrike is bullshit it should only count effective strikes not any fukin contact…

      • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

        JONES you sir may be correct and i do agree with everything you said but I have this SNEAKY feeling because Greg jackson and GSP and farrrrrazzzzii mahhhhhabbbbi are in bed with each other and always scheeeeming someting up. Ipray I ma wrong but I know GSP doesn’t want to fight Condit because he knows he has the reach an d power to KO his boring a’ss. I’m sorry I lost respect for GSP a few years ago after being a fan of his for first part of his career. The GREASING thing vs BJ really was SCUM and hios boring ass point fighting style has become so friggen old as well as HE NEVER FIGHTS anymore. NEVER will GSP ever go toe to toe with anyone EVER again. Time for a new champ that actually wants to defend the belt and fight the best. GSP lost his nerve after being KO’d by a lightweight in Matt Serra

        • konga says:

          u are not smart

        • CoCiO says:

          Condit had to run from someone he could have probably knocked out if he wasn’t scared..and you think he’s going to knock GSP out? LOL..Shit GSP wins whether its striking or lay and pray.

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          Yeah right obviosuly you didn’t see what Condit did to hardy where as GSP was scared to death and refused to fight hardy and just “FITCHED” him for 5 rounds. Condit may have ran from Diaz but (IF) and that is a big if he does fight GSP he won’t run from him. I think greg jackson will find a way to fix that fight if it actaully does happen. IMO Jackson has more loyalty to GSP his BREAD WINNER$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

        • jones says:

          yes gsp was my fav along with bj…i was cheering for him soo bad in the serra rematch…im even canadian so i gotta love gsp…but after he starting fighting like a bitch and cant even finish anyone i started hating him,,the grease was just icing on the cake…not to mention almost everyone who has recently challenged him for his belt went to decision..then the challenger gets ko his next fight to a lesser oponent..happend with dan hardy with jake sheilds.. and shield is the most shitty flat footed stiff ass standup in mma..when gsp was not on hgh and was actually smaller like the hughs fights and serra fights he was much more dangerous…now he is bigger he is not a dangerous fighter at alll..he is just a point fighting wrestler..gsp use to have sick kicks and punches…i loved his ko of jay heron still…my fav ko from him of all time,,,that was the gsp i was proud to call canadian

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          I 100% AGREE Jones that was the best MOST ACCURATE post on this site EVER. well done sir

      • Yo Papi says:

        @JONES that was the best post I’ve seen on this site.

  6. dog chapman says:

    i have inside info the gsp sits in a bath of vaseline mixed with baby oil for 3 hr befor he head to the fight…so it drys into his skin tthen when he sweats it alll comes out…that is his grease trick..that why all fight he say he greasy…

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      That is exactly what Nate “THE CHEAT” Marquardt did for the Palharis fight and he even admitted it. He said he shaved his legs for 3 months leading up to the fight and SOAKED his legs in Skin so soft baby oil or bath oil. Palharis would have ripped nats leg off if Greg jackosn hadn’t employed that CHEATING ASS strategy for Nate THE CHEAT

      • B-rad says:

        yea i remember he slid out of that leg lock like it was nothing…but it was early in the first where both guys were barely sweating….Fuck Marquardt…that being said i hope he buries T wood 😀

    • CoCiO says:

      ..the only one who brought the grease thing to attention was Bj Penn? Never heard anyone claim he was greasy.

  7. im batman says:

    Lets hope Diaz comes back and fights boring gsp or Hendricks punches him straight straight in his mouth

    • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

      +! batman i’m with you brother. most fans don’t have a clue how good Hendricks wresiling really is. look it up for yourself this kid was one of the best ever 165lb multiple time national champ and lost by one point in overtime his senior year to a guy he beat 4 times previous after going undefeated the entire season before finals. one point away from being a 3 time national champ and was a4 times all american. Hendricks would shutdown GSP’s lay n pray which Condit and Kampmann can’t do. Hendricks punches like tank where as Kampmann always get beat half to death. Condit turned into a track star. hendricks beat KOscheck and Fitch which kampmann and Condit haven’t done. Henricks has best chance to shutdown GSP lay n pray point fighting pussy ass style of fighting. hendricks is still new to sport and young guy. give him afew years

      • B-rad says:

        your definitly right about his wrestling career, one of the most decorated wrestlers on the UFC roster.. that being said i think hes in trouble going into the Kampmann fight.. Your right about martin getting beat half to death against ellenberger, and he got beat up against alves but he still won the fight, with a finish. I think Hendricks was lobbying so hard with the condit fight not just because he has a fake belt, but because it IS an easier fight for Johny. If the Juggernaut couldnt use his wrestling to stop kampmann, hendricks wont either.. Kampmann 3rd round TKO

        • GET RID OF FITCH (forever) says:

          B-rad excellent post as you know your MMA up there with the most knowlegable. I just think Hendricks has solid chin and Kampmann has taken massive amounts of trauma/ABUSE and he aint superman. At some point SOON Kampmann chin is going to let him down. Remember Chuck Liddels legendary chin all those years? I almost think Kampmann has taken as much puishment as Chuck did at end of his career. Don’t gte me wrong I’m also a Kampman fan and have nothing but madd respect for the man. Fact is i’m a realist and I think Hendrcks YOUTH and LIGHTYEARS of LESS damage gives him the advantage over Kampmann. One thing i think we can agree on is FINALLY the UFC WW divsion is getting FUN again and teh days of being BORED to death by GSP and Fitch are almost history. One more year maybe Fitch will be released or permanant on undercard and GSP will be retired and the UFC will have at least a DOZEN top notch REAL FIGHTERS at WW that actually want to fight and entertain us fans

        • B-rad says:

          yeah i havent thought about that, he has taken some serious damage in his last 2.. But he tends to fight at his best against top wrestlers..and 170 is probably the most wrestler heavy division. its gonna be an exciting fight for sure.. both guys come to bang! If hendricks can keep the fight on the mat he will win easy, but his standup isnt very polished yet and kampmann is probably the most technical striker at WW

  8. (>^.^)=0 says:

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I thought the only reason why Silva won’t fight JJ is if hey do square of it’ll be for the LHW title and Silva has only a few fight left on his contract

  9. im batman says:

    Who said anything about Silva and bones? This is about gsp and Condit/ Hendricks possibly kampmann

  10. A.James says:

    GSP should’ve bulked up during his recovery like he’s been saying he’s going to do to make 185. Obviously he’s ducking Silva. Yet Silva is ducking Jones. I love these guys but I want to see who’s the best fighter on the planet. Wasn’t that why the UFC was started in the first place?

  11. Milkman says:

    Gsp is going to pass up Condit to fight Diaz. And Condit will rematch macdonald for the belt.

  12. maurice says:

    b-rad dont know shit. saying hendricks was lobbying for the condit fight cus its easier then a kampmann fight. kampmann is a lot like condit, except he gets hit clean, hard, and a lot more then condit. both men have great chins, but condit can take a punch way better then kampmann. kampmann is a savage on the ground, but condit is a better ground specialist as well. hendricks lobbied for the condit fight because condit is the INTERIM CHAMPION. hendricks has been wanting to face condit, gsp, or diaz since his big win over fitch. not to mention condit debut fight was against kampmann and he was fucking robbed. and im not being biased, i luv kampmann and condit equally. im glad both guys are getting the recognition they’ve always deserved.

  13. allmightysandman says:

    The champ is coming back! nice.

    I used to get riled up by the blind hate…now it’s funny to me.

    GSP is gonna take out condit, ragdoll Diaz, and stay champ until he decides to either move up or retire.

    (then when he does retire or move up, the next WW Champ will be another Canadian.)

  14. maurice says:

    lmao. wat exactly do u mean by take out condit and ragdoll diaz? u mean lay in condits and diaz guard for 25 min. and pray that he can maintain control of there hips. gsp doesnt have shit to offer kampmann, condit and diaz except wrestling. wrestling can only take you so far against well rounded, tough veterens like the previous guys ive named. incase you havent noticed these guys dont settle for bottom, and on the feet there boxing and kickboxing FAR exceeds gsp. i would luv to see gsp try that jab and inside leg kicks strategy to these type of monsters. last time gsp was in a “fight” was when he and jake had that embarassing 25 min slap boxing match. and gsp face was SHIELDS of all people.

    • Donnybrook says:

      Wrong, wrong and wrong again… you sir are a victim of wishful thinking, there’s NO WW currently that will ever beat GSP. Suck it up buttercup!.

    • Donnybrook says:

      BTW the only reason Shield’s had any success in striking with Georges is because he repeatedly POKED him in the eye with his fingers and thumb, if he had an ice pick I’m sure he would have used that too. Don’t believe me, re-watch the fight…

      • allmightysandman says:

        an ice pick would have been the only way he had a shot to win that fight. GSP had one eye and dominated the, then next, “one to beat gsp”.

    • allmightysandman says:

      LMAO…that’s hilarious…every guy that GSP has fought since he’s been the champ (except rooster head hardy) was the no. 1 contender at the time (some maybe arguably so), but he hasn’t even been threatened by any of them.

      What i mean is he will whoop Condit however he chooses, then he’ll ragdoll Diaz…not sure what you don’t understand.

      GSP will be champ for a long time…kampmann was getting his ass handed to him by a guy that GSP embarassed (alves) until he got a very lucky sub.

      remove the hate glasses and open your eyes.

  15. Michael hamlin says:

    GSP best in the world

  16. maurice says:

    last time gsp actually kicked someones ass is when he decided to display his striking skills to the mma world against kos. which was jab, jab, jab, jab, inside leg kick. rinse and repeat. oh and ur occasional left high kick and superman punch for show. im not trying to argue or anything, im just really curious to why ppl think gsp can beat kampmann and condit, guys that are better then gsp everywhere except in the takedown department. dont get me wrong anything can happen in the cage, but literally the only way i can see gsp beat those guys is by serious lay n pray. gsp cant strike with them, and engaging on a 25 min ground war with kampmann or condit is a 1000 times harder then holding down hardy, alves, and 2 lws with terrible cardio in serra and bj. no offense bj i luv u to death!! its not HATE. for the past year ive been trying to ignore gsp style and cheating in the penn fight, and just focus on why he’s champ. and for the life of me i just dont see no dominate fighter. i see a very robotic stand up fighter whos best work comes from when he’s on top, problem is, he doesnt do much on top. and um ive been watchin mma and boxing for years, guys get eyes shut, nose busted, etc and keep fighting. gsp gets his eye busted, freaks out to his cornermen and continues to get outstriked by jake fucking shields. if condit, kampmann, ellenberger, diaz, bj, etc would have closed kos eye in the 1st round like gsp did, it would have been over before the 3rd. maybe the best jab in the business, but he cant/WONT throw combos off of it. lmao wtf?!

    • allmightysandman says:

      lmao…that’s some funny shit right there. He broke koscheks face TWO fights ago brainiac…it wasn’t in the late 70’s or anything! Then he took care of business with a bad eye with a guy with a 15 fight win streak and was supposed to be the one to finally dethrone the champ…well that didn’t go too well for the challenger either now did it.

      Now you’ll say that beating panty shields like he did doesn’t mean much cause Shields really isn’t that good or some other crap.

      “i’ve been watching mma and boxing for years”…so?

      you just ignore that fact that all of GSP’s recent fights have been against the best in the division so you try to minimize the victory by saying he’s fightinng lw’s and shit like that…that’s weak man. you say you love bj, but now you’re saying he never had a chance cause he was a lw?

      GSP is the champ.

      I hope he starts finishing fights again too…cause he’s good enough to finish anyone in his division and likely all but maybe one or two mw’s.

      “not trying to argue”…then you argue for a full paragraph…hater…

      Should be a good fight against Condit for sure. GSP will still be the champ though.


      • Zk says:

        I almost never comment on this website because everyone is borderline retarded. Saying that gsp’s last couple fighter were against the best in the division is just ridiculous, jake shields is so overrated it’s crazy and Dan hardy isn’t that good, the ww division is extremely weak right now and until gsp gets some competition to make him fight he will just continue to out point and lay N pray. Gsp is a legend but he won’t be in my book if he keeps fighting like he has been

  17. Clark Kent says:

    When I’m out saving the world from Lex Luthor’s evil plans I always drink Dos Equis. I’ve grappled with Batman and out boxed Bizaaaaaaaaro. I even got down with Doomsday and tore my ACL during the process. Why do you think I played dead and came back after rehab.

    • jbeamazing says:

      LOL, stay thirsty my friend.

      • Nuitari X says:

        WTF!!!! Can anyone tell me why the comment I posted above had someone else’s name in the field when I posted it? I hit enter and it showed up under that name and when I looked at the name and email field they were someone else’s shit. I don’t know how the fuck that happened.

  18. maurice says:

    sorry. gsp doesnt even get his eye fucking busted and closed. just double vision and he PANICS. one thing ive always said about gsp is that he never fought a real nasty bjj guy on the ground. best bjj guy he fought on the ground was bj. bj not exactly known in mma for using subs off his back. last time i even seen a guy attempt a sub on gsp was fucking fitch, fitch attempted a armbar in the 1st round. condit and kampmann will constantly be throwing fast, smooth fight ending subs. on the feet its not even a comparison, not to mention these guys got some height on him and good length on the ground. condit should be the real champ, considering gsp hasnt been seen in like 2 yrs.

    • allmightysandman says:

      sorry. he didn’t panic and won the fight pretty easily against a guy that beat hendo for fux sakes.

      if no one he’s fought is a “real nasty bjj guy on the ground”…what the fuck was shields then?? i guess a cesar gracie bjj black belt ain’t nothing special in your opinion? everyone on this site and every other site said that shields grappling was second to none and he’d be the one to use his unstoppable ground game to take the belt. pfffft.

    • jones says:

      maurace…you dont watch mma??? jake shields is a very ver dangerous bjj guy on the ground,,,that why gsp was terrified to gnp him,,,jake is way way better then bj on the ground….that why diaz is the perfect man to crush gsp..nick has amazing boxing and amazing bjj off his back or anywhere on the ground…the only thing nick need improvment on (other then attitude) is takedown and wrestling ,,he is not good at taking a guy down..but when u can box like him your dont need to,,,nick is an amzing bjj guy who learned boxin

  19. maurice says:

    allmightwatever the rest of ya name is, maybe u should go back and read the shit i wrote. ur literally not understanding a damn thing i said. i said last time gsp destroyed someone is when he jabbed kos to death. i said i been watching mma and boxing for years, ive seen many guys with bad injuries go on to finish the fight. guys with a lot worse injuries then a fucking eye poke. and jake shields isnt good. last time jake shields actually looked good is when he was busting up gsp face, and he didnt even look good doing that. jake shields is a fucking clown and he has fallen fast since his trip to the ufc. shields got gifted a decision over kampmann. and i NEVER said bj didnt have a chance. wtf? did u even read the shit i said before ur dumbass decided to talk outta ur ass?

  20. maurice says:

    and a caesar gracie black belt isnt special if you cant use it dumbass. gsp was too scared to fuck with the shields on the ground. thats y his takedown attempts always came at the end of rounds. he was too scared to fight that bitch shields on the ground, so he decided to let his face take the punishment on the feet. jake shields even threw his hands up and taunted him. bahahahaha. shields beating hendo holds no weight. hendo was sick. hendo has been very inconsitent at mw for years. and going for the finish for 5 mins straight also plays on ur cardio. and it wasnt exactly a stunning display by shields.

    • allmightysandman says:

      ..and right on schedule you start saying the “next big hope”(shields at the time) to beat gsp ain’t shit so it doesn’t count. blah blah blah


      lol…you’re gettin your panties all up in a bunch there more-ass…settle down.

      does it bother you to realize you really are just a hater not a fan?

      you talk a bunch of crap that you say is fact because you typed it…well it isn’t. it’s your opinion and i’m entitled to mine.

      “2 lws with terrible cardio in serra and bj”…sorry i guess i misunderstood that you actually meant that as a compliment to bj….my bad.

      get your mom to get you another grilled cheese sandwhich and calm down.

  21. WrestlingRules says:

    Yah GSP is the the REAL p4p best fighter and the real GOAT to date. He is just too good. He is the strongest mentally and that’s what wins fights. The mental game at this level. Condit’s only chance is a punchers chance. He can’t out box GSP and he definitely wants nothing to do with GSP’s ground game. GSP has a great jab and you DON’T think he hasn’t been doing light boxing all this time. TriStar and Jackson Know how to prepare a guy better than anybody most likely. GSP will chase down Condit and plant him and if Condit can’t get up. It’s over. Condit’s only chance is a lucky punch or a Diaz style stick and move.

    I’ve read a few douchebags on here talking about how great Hendricks is in wrestling and blahblahblah. It’s true he is a good wrestler, BUT wrestling in mma is a whole other animal, than collegiate wrestling. Sonnen has the best mma wrestling. What I am more impressed with Hendricks is his boxing and how that comes along. Therefore, Hendricks might be a champ someday, but he hasn’t proved himself yet. A lucky punch on Fitch means nothing to his career. Until he can beat a top 5 in a 3 – 5 rounder, then he is just too raw today.

    Kampmann will be the most likely to beat GSP. He is definitely a better boxer but GSP will find that still head with his jab, but Kampmann can throw some mean combos. I don’t think GSP can hold Kampmann down and it is the only way for GSP to win.

    So here are my pics:

    GSP will send Condit back in the pack. (This dude needs to set aside juijitsu and pick up massive wrestling training)

    Kampmann easily beats Hendricks and let’s him know that he needs to get better in his transitions. ( I will be ROOTING for Hendricks to win though, he is an Amnerican)

    Kampmann vs GSP – Tough one but I see Kampmann beating him. Kampmann can come back and GSP hasn’t had too lately. Kampmann is just tougher and better everywhere but wrestling. He does need to be able to get up and box though to win.

    Kampmann the new WW champion of the UFC in 2013.

    Only thing that could blow this up is if Fitch gets back in and and beats all these bitches up!!

    • allmightysandman says:

      I still think GSP will take Kampmann, but you are right about Kampmann’s ability to come back…it’s been pretty unbelievable in his last couple for sure.

      I can’t see Kampmann stopping the takedowns by gsp and I also can’t see him subbing from his back….

      it would be a good scrap i think.

      • WrestlingRules says:

        I don’t think Kampmann will stop all the takedowns, I just think he will need to get up and box to win. If he can;t then, yah GSP wins for sure. It will be an awesome one though…I love both of these fighters. 2 of the best. Hard to pick, I just= think Kampmann is tougher and seasoned and is a much better boxer.

    • jones says:

      wrestling faggot….gsp is strong mentally??? he tapped to strikes from mat serra..he gave up from punches alone,,that aint strong mentaly…and hos last 2 fight i have watched he is back to jackson between rounds crying about his pain…ohhh my leg my leg hurt my acl….then against sheilds my eyes..i see 2 of him,,,he is a fukinn cry baby buddy,,mentaly strong??? that why he need use grease for an edge…and why he does not try finish he just goes for points…he has no confidents in his finishing ability

      • WrestlingRules says:

        Your hatred clouds your judgement. He wins bitch and that takes mental prowess. You either have no idea and have never competed or you just are being stubborn due to hatred. Your kidding yourself.

  22. maurice says:

    if any man watched the sheilds fight and says gsp won “the fight easily” is fucking delusional. dat was the worse gsp looked since gettin his face busted open by bj. he was timid and made himself look even worse by missing about 200 sloppy, telegraphed overhand rights.

  23. allmightysandman says:

    shields is a cesar gracie bjj black belt…that’s not legit in your eyes? what’s a “nasy bjj guy on the ground” if it’s not the strikeforce champ, with a 15 fight win streak that is a gracie black belt? please explain.

  24. maurice says:

    i guess im posting tooo much cus i already answered ur dumbass question but nothing appeared. i dont care how good u are at bjj, if u cant get it to the ground then its pointless. shields ground game far exceeds gsp, that y gsp did everything in his power to keep the fight standing and continue to get exposed on the feet.

  25. allmightysandman says:

    okay, i’ll reply to your dumbass comment.

    How can you say his ground game is superior if he can’t get it to the fucking ground in the first place? getting to the ground to use bjj is pretty obviously part of a good ground game.

    gsp didn’t go to the ground cause he realized shields was dangerous there and he could pick him apart…which he did.

    IMO…gsp fights pretty much the best guys every time he fights, so isn’t it obvious he’ll have a tougher time dominating and finishing than if he was fighting cans on the way toward the top?

    i’m willing to stop the name callling and bs if you are.

  26. WrestlingRules says:

    That’s the problem with these top level juijitsu fighter’s like Shield’s is they wait for the other guy to take them down in order to work. What they need is WRESTLING to get people to the ground. Am I the ONLY one on here that understands this????

  27. maurice says:

    no wrestling rules i understand it. but think about it this way. no matter how hard shields trains, he will never be able to just shoot a double leg on gsp with ease. same goes for guys like diaz, frank mir, etc. they know there takedowns suck, so they wait to be taken down. frank mir and diaz have worked on there wrestling for years, but its still painfully obvious they will never be able to takedown any man with good takedown defense.

    @allmightysandman. yea the name calling is unnecessary from both our sides, but c’mon man. u really r saying some dumb shit. and i swear i mean no disrespect when i say that. this is wat u said: ” How can you say his ground game is superior if he can’t get it to the fucking ground in the first place? getting to the ground to use bjj is pretty obviously part of a good ground game.”

    just because a man doesnt have the skills to take someone down doesnt mean their bjj isnt better. thats a dumb statement man. so ur saying because mir didnt take jds that means his bjj isnt superior? ur saying maia couldnt take down anderson so his bjj isnt superior?

  28. maurice says:

    and for the record im not trying to turn ppl into gsp haters, or just hate for no reason. ive just always been curious to why ppl think gsp is such a beast? his style is the definition of safe and pointfighting. he jabs and inside leg kicks well with his opponents, but the second his opponents decide to press forward with real bad intentions he shoots for the takedown. and what does he do on the ground? pass to half guard, 20 secs later he gets stuffed back into full guard. rinse and repeat. kos eye was badly damaged in the first round, and gsp still refused to atleast try and take out his opponent. can u guys imagine what condit, bj, diaz, kampmann, ellenberger and hendricks would have done to a one eyed, overrated striker in koscheck? and also rory isnt the next gsp. they are nothing alike. i fucking hate that overrated rory macdonald, but atleast that dude looks for the finish wherever the fight is takin place. not content to jabbing or lay n pray for 25 mins. seriously any guy who’s trained in boxing knows the jab sets up everything, yet gsp never sets up anything off of it. fucking disgusting.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Really good…You make a perfect case why you hate wrestlers and GSP because you feel there is no finishing just lay n pray and itrs boring to you and you want to see people bleeding ko’d submitted, hurt, whatever…That’s cool. The problem wiht a bunch of whinny babies on here is that their hatred and lack of knowledge leads them to not even able to articulate why they are against wrestling, etc. You can, but most are to busy being douchebags. Here is why GSP is the BEST EVER. You mention that Shields, Mir, Diaz, Maia, etc. have trained wrestling for years and still suck getting people down and they KNOW they suck and therefore, wait to be taken down to work their juijitsu. What that is called is MENTAL WEAKNESS. The reason GSP is the best and has the mental prowess second to none is the fact that he DOES NOT have any self opposed limitations and ALL out limitations are MENTAL!!! Do you dispute that??? yes?? Would you consider GSP to be the BEST or at least top 2 best wrestler in the UFC bar none?? I say he is the BEST wrestling MMA fighter ever. Now was GSP a D1 wrestler in college? No. he wasn’t. He learned wrestling because he realized HE NEEDED to be THE BEST. He has NO mental limitations = Mental Superiority. Do you disagree??

      Secondly, WTF. How can you NOT see that wrestlers that can keep a top fighter from doing SHIT is NOT better than the weak bitch alting on his back??? You may not like iot. BUT you have to admit that the top control is COMPLETELY dominating the WEAK BITCH below!!!

      Am I the only sane person on here. Or is it just due to my complete Mental Superiority on this site???

  29. maurice says:

    im not sure about the whole gsp mental prowess thing. and calling other fighters with good bjj mentally weak because they know there takedowns sucks doesnt make sense. like i dont even know how to explain it because it literally makes no sense. lol. and gsp is not the best mma wrestler. cormier, frankie, cain, chael, etc too many guys that are elite in mma wrestling to call gsp the best. not sure where to put him, definently top 10 though. and gsp has huge mental limitations. guys that dont pull the trigger have mental limitations. gsp every fight doesnt take advantage of numerous good spots he’s in, either because he cant/wont. top control is “completely dominating” when ur actually doing something with it. like lets say posturing up and delivering vicious gnp, chael, munoz, cain, rory etc. or using ya bjj to seal the deal, maia, big nog, jones, etc. when gsp is on top of guys i dont think he’s dominating, i think “man wtf, stop throwing 1 elbow every 45 secs and posture up and do something.” on the feet is like watching him on the ground. okay jab, jab, jab…occasional left high kick and superman punch..jab jab..gsp has mental issues. dude went and seen a damn sports phys after his ko loss. and like i said i never seen another fighter bitch and moan to his cornermen after gettin his eye damaged. i didnt see bj bitching to his corner when diaz closed his eye. i didnt see kos bitching to his corner and whining after he got his eye destroyed by gsp. i didnt see shogun bitching to his corner when hendo turned his face into hamburger meat. gsp was very vulnerable in the 4th and 5th rounds of that shield fight and it showed massively. i wonder had their been a better striker in their with gsp that night what would have happend.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Look I know you don’t like him, But the reason GSP fights the way he does is because he wants to be champ a long time and he doesn’t like taking abuse. He wants to have all is mental capabilities once his career is over. These mma guys today are going to be like old football players and boxers are now. In 20-30 years, your heroes are going to be punch drunk and senile. Most will be broke and in-firmed. It will be because they were not mentally strong and took too much abuse and nake very bad financial decisions. GSP does not want this and so he fights the way he does. Plus, he usually out strikes and out classes all his opponents since he has been champ. The rules and judges give him his victories.

      The reason I say he IS the BEST wrestler in mma , because he has been the champ for so long and has used his wrestling and until some of these other guys become champ and dominate for awhile then their wrestling has not got them to be champs.

      I see GSP’s talking about what hurts and his eyes and such much differently than you. You see it as whining and bitching and complaining. Instead he should just shut up and accept it and fight. That;s what you see. But what I see is again more evidence of his mental superiority and prowess. How is that? When you hear him he is verbalizing to himself what he is feeling at that time and letting his coaches know so they can give him their words of encouragement for the moment. You see mental strength ebbs and flows as situations arise and verbalizing what is happening is used to push through the moment and winning. Thus mental strength. You see mental strength is NOT some perceived fantasy of always being perfectly strong. No it is moving through moments of weakness to prevail. Mental Strength is not demonstrated when all is coming easily, it is demonstrated when challenges arise. You see GSP as weak because he went to a sports psychologist after he was tko’d by Serra. I see that as strength because he did not allow that to derail him. He came up with a gameplan to succeed. He made Serra look like a kid their second fight.

      GSP is no fool or mentally weak. The guys who accept their limitations and just shutup and take it are the weak mental ones. It maybe that you just haven’t had enough challenges in your life yet to get this. But you will. Just remember you are only a warrior when you want to quit and give up but YOU DON’T…

  30. maurice says:

    “Just remember you are only a warrior when you want to quit and give up but YOU DON’T…”

    u contradicting urself. gsp gave up against serra. gsp was only staggered in 1 fight in his whole career, and guess what happend after that? he was on his back tapping from strikes. he’s faced adversity against guys like shields and bj, but he faced his biggest amount of adversity against serra, and he succumbed. but i do actually get ur point about gsp being the best wrestler simply because he has been champ for so long because of it. so if i look at it that way, then he might be the most dominate wrestler. and i get wat u mean about the worrying about his health when he’s older, but thats weak. theres only a handful of fighters that need to worry bout head trauma. and how exactly are you showing mental strength by NEEDING ur coaches to will u back into a fight. just think of this, theres MANY fighters who been in the position gsp was in when he was getting pounded by serra. on their back gettin pounded to near unconsciouness, but instead of tapping, these guys grab their nuts and dig deep. they try there hardest to push through because its a FIGHT. this isnt boxing where you get punched in the head roughly 200 times every fight. gsp needs to stop making excuses for his fight style and just admit he does it for the money, cus he damn sure aint doing it to be called the best ever. i always find it a complete joke when ppl try and compare the spider and gsp. like one guys a killer, the other guy is a wrestler.

    • WrestlingRules says:

      Well I knew it would come back to your love for Silva.

      First, I did not contradict myself at all. Just because Serra tko’d him doesn’t mean he quit. He lost at that moment and tapped to strikes and was mentally weak at that one moment. But what did he do afterwards, He got a psychologist he retooled his game and worked on his strength. and then he made Serra look like a kid. See if he would have quit then he would of been mentally week. But he didn’t and found a way to win. That is called mental prowess. You don’t always win and sometime you win when you lose IF you are mentally strong and it propels you to new heights. Or be crushed in defeat. Then you have lost mentally at that time.

      I’d like to know if you have ever competed in a fight, sports or anything where it required real-time decision making to physically do something in order to win? Well EVERYBODY has talk. either out load to a coach or a team mate or internally to themselves trying to get their mind on the game at the moment. It’s what winners do!!!

      Lastly, the Silva thing. Ok here we go. Would you agree that during Silva’s reign as MW UFC champ, he has been in one of the weakest divisions, until Sonnen came on the scene and schooled him? And that GSP has reigned in one if not THE most dominate divisions in the UFC?

      I propose that Silva has had it easy compared to GSP. Therefore, if he has had it easier, than how could he be that good. The one guy he never wanted to fight, beat the shit outta him. GSP has handled EVERYBODY handily since his loss to Serra. Therefore, GSP is even stronger now than ever.

      This has nothing to do with whether you like Silva’s fighting style or GSP’s that is personal not factual.

  31. Yo Papi says:

    To anyone that says GSP will start finishing fights again is fucking stupid. He hasn’t finished a fight since 2006? he just lays on everyone and uses the same excuse? His punches weren’t hurting even Hardy yet Condit ko’s Hardy clean, but gsps standup is still better? How stupid doe that sound? Christ almighty he is so overrated its ridiculous. I was a fan when he first became champ bit now he is the most boring fighter in the UFC and I dread his return because alot of true fighters deserve to hold that WW championship instead of his greasing leghumping ass

  32. maurice says:

    @yo papi thank u man. thats y the ww division is so exciting now. all these real fighters get to fight over the title. i just dont get how gsp is so luved for his style, but fitch is so hated for his style. in reality, fitch + speed + great jab = gsp! anyone who thinks gsp will finish, let alone beat kampmann or condit r out of their fucking minds. 30 yrs from now everyone will remember the kind of warrior bj, anderson, shogun, hendo etc were. all people will remember about gsp was that he had one of the best double legs in the sport…gsp will never be known as a warrior, or a guy who always went out and gave it his all. trains like such a beast, then fights like such a bitch.

  33. slacker says:

    GSP can be too easily intimidated mentally, which is why he may lose to Carlos. From his 6 title defenses, I thought his only two real crap fights were against Hardy and Shields. He should have finished both those guys.

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