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Wednesday, 02/08/2012, 03:15 pm

After Re-Watching Diaz vs. Condit Joe Rogan Concedes That Diaz Won

“Going back to the Diaz/Condit fight, my point about missing things, is I watched the fight at home and when I watched the fight at home, I had a slightly different opinion. When I watched it live I thought that Carlos Condit won it. In the fourth round I said that Condit was winning this fight and when I said that, I was a little bit out of school, because on the scorecards maybe necessarily he wasn’t winning, in my head even, but, there was a trend in round three and four where Condit was scoring way more than Diaz was, that’s why I was saying that Condit was winning that fight. The bottom line is when I watched it at home I gave Nick Diaz round one, round two and round five. At home when I watched it, I thought Nick Diaz won that fight.”

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103 Responses to “After Re-Watching Diaz vs. Condit Joe Rogan Concedes That Diaz Won”

  1. isaiah D says:

    Man finally sees it clearly…

    • isaiah D says:

      No that I actually watch the podcast its completely how I see the fight. I gave Nick round 1 and 2 then felt like condit was bringing it on and winning the fight. But It didnt take me a second look to know the leg kicks that Nick came out with in the forth combined with bring the same aggression back as the early rounds and then taking his back won him the final rd. The rematch will not be the same, I dont think it will be nearly as close.

    • Get Anik in there and get rogan the hell out….what professional announcer goes and see’s stuff different after a few days…either he’s hitting the chronic or Dana told him change your opinion fool we need to make it contriversial so we can make that rematch and get that paper….

      • Mr.Rusk says:

        Couldn’t of had anything to do with tv viewers getting a better angle then thoes watching it live….naaaahhhhh it couldn’t possibly be that

      • Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

        are you mad.
        its easier to see things from a different angle when you are replaying it over and watching it in your own time with out any single point of distraction.
        hes a commentator not a judge he just calls things as he sees them and hes very good at it.
        ufc is easily the most lively of the broadcasts and because of Joe and mike you dont end up getting bored even in the boring fights.

        I watched it over 3 times. on scoring i would still give it to condit but only just. this could easily of been a draw or a diaz win

  2. learntoread says:

    Commence the Joe Rogan “hate mail” train…

  3. JB Spencer says:

    Thats exactly how i saw it, however like i said before, that fight was way too close for either fighter to get mad about the decision. And i was pullin for diaz all the way.

    Only thing is that while diaz won 1,2 n 5 they wer still close rounds, and when condit won rnd 3 n 4, he won those rounds more decisively but not 10/8 decisively. All together condit mite have done more but round for round…

  4. IknowMMA says:

    Fags all of you!

  5. 20900 says:

    Too bad Diaz failed his drug test and there won’t be a rematch LMAO

  6. bryanfury85 says:

    People don’t understand scoring at all. All legal strikes count, period! Condit won that fight the best way he could, which is stick and move. Get nailed a couple times in a real fight and you will understand why it’s best not to get hit.

  7. aaxantonio says:

    of course condit won, even nick thinks so, why do you think he doesnt want the rematch? i used to have alot of respect for diaz, but he is an actor, he was the one scared to fight gsp thats why he didnt come to the press confrence’s, nick did a good job in the minor leagues, and he should probably go back. congrats condit on a great proformance

  8. mma is my religion says:

    stick and move, more like stick and run. just look at those big ass blisters on condits feet. damn right rogan. Diaz won, people need to get off corlos nuts or at least have him shave them before he lays them on thier chin.

  9. Tim says:

    You guys can’t get mad at Condit. He stuck to the gameplan, which most who fight Nick cant do. If condit got sucked into a brawl with Nick Diaz how high do you think his chances would’ve been? If he didn’t stick to the gameplan it would’ve been a Diaz KO. Nick should have done more to win the fight.

  10. slacker says:

    Dana White – Condit
    GSP – Draw
    Joe Rogan – Diaz
    Dan Henderson – Diaz
    Bloody Elbow website – Condit

    And the different perspectives and perceptions go on and on….

  11. Weed says:

    Sure that weed didn’t cloud his judgement?

  12. berto says:

    i dont understand the term baby kicks? you dont hear people calling jabs baby punches! if you are gonna take the win from condit due to those not being solid or power kicks then you have to take away all the jabs nick threw and always throws to set up his power punches and with that being said take those away and what did nick really do? nada!

    • bad_boy says:

      too bad the fight wasn’t considered solely on Carlos’ leg kicks. there were other aspects to the win/lose. anyway a head shot is considered more than a leg kick because it’s harder to hit dispite if it’s a jab.

  13. zoeldog27 says:

    Finally!!!!!! Diaz won round 1,2 + 5 those leg kicks Condit was throwing wouldnt have hurt an amatuer remember when Forrest beat Rampage for the title those were some leg kicks

  14. Philippe says:

    Normally you would hear Cesar going crazy in interviews, twitter, and any other media going about how Nick got screwed and for a rematch. Pretty weird that everyone from Cesar camp is down low. Very fishy and very interested to find out if the rumors are true.

  15. Shaundi says:

    eh… everyone’s opinion changes the second time around… you get swayed because you already know the outcome as well as the presence of an opposing opinion… i felt the same way after i watched Lyoto vs Shogun the second time but we all know what was really what…

  16. magoo says:

    wow Joe says he thinks Diaz won the fight,I guess all of us who thought Condit won the fight were wrong! Sorry Joe your my hero and everything you say is gospel…..stfu Rogan you biased little turd! “Wait” what does shit for brains Goldberg have to say? I’m so confused!!! NOT! Anyone can change there mind after the fact,bottom line is when you watched it live Rogan,in front of your friggin nose you thought Condit won the fight don’t make this thing into a soap opera like all the other Diaz faithfull its a sport when the buzzer or bell rings,there are no more chances,so stick to callin play by play live and un biased, if you can’t be honest with yourself live …..why the fuck should we believe you after the fact!!!

    • krafty11 says:

      maybe b/c he had a chance to sit down and re watch the fight over a few times. idk. You being a Greg Jackson camp fanboy, it makes sense that you would be upset at Rogan saying he thinks Diaz won.

    • Thurgood Jenkins says:

      Magoo, I’m not criticizing the points you’re trying to make, but did you really just spit a “NOT” joke?

  17. mma is my religion says:

    joe was right. He has trained and watched mma for a while now. Others have barely made the switch from WWE to mma and now think they know what stick and move is.

  18. mma is my religion says:

    If condit used stick and move then GSP has funished his last three fights by submission.

  19. Koshchek is a felcher says:

    My God I used to respect Rogan’s opinion. Way to sell out to the punk ass bully fan base.

  20. 4self says:

    What will either of them do differently, I don’t see Natural Killer changing his game plan. It will be the same fight, unless Nick goes for takedowns. Maybe they should do a unlimited rounds fight, then If Condit’s game plan works indefinitely, and takes Nick out. No one could ever complain about Condit’s strategy.

  21. The King says:

    JOE! STFU! Do you really think we are that stupid? We all know about the politics involved with being a UFC commentator. Advice: stay true to yourself and the rest will follow. DONT BE A PUNK ASS SELLOUT! BIIIATCH!!

    • Oj says:

      Lol! As a commentator, Joe Rogan is pretty much Carte Blanche. U hear him chuckling when Goldie reads out the piracy warnings and saying stuff like, “you can’t stop the internet”. Insinuating that Rogan is a “company man” is quite stupid and ignorant. Really!

  22. fourtetshou says:

    Nice to see a pro-Diaz thread on

  23. THE JOE ROGAN EFFECT !!!!!!!!!! says:

    I’ve been saying this for some time now. The Joe Rogan effect is real. His comments affects the judgment of many of the pay-per-view viewers. Now that Rogan’s changed his mind, he’ll be pissing a lot of people off because a lot of people don’t want to think their judgement was influenced in anyway. But it was. People are just too naive to see it or too proud to admit it.

    Ask my friends, I was screaming at Rogan for his idiotic commentary as the Diaz-Condit fight was going on. It was so one-sided in favor of Condit; Rogan just ignored all the good that Diaz was doing and praised everything that Condit did.

    Condit didn’t like being booed when he was announced the winner, did you notice? That’s his fault and his camp’s fault. Condit tried to distance himself by saying that he did EVERYTHING that his coaches told him to do. Well yeah, Condit, you ran from the fight instead of staying in the fight. As a retired military member, I’m glad you weren’t by my side in Iraq.

    • magoo says:

      Get fuckin real this is sport,if you watched ufc primetime Condit said if he wasn’t a fighter he’d be in the military,and thank god he wasn’t on your fuckin side asshole hes from America not Iraq your fuckin wacked bro!

      • stfu magoo says:

        there you go again spewing bullsh** again. gtfo you piece of shit. man i would give my left nut to crank your face in, you asshole.

        • magoo says:

          Yo internet tough guy,you gotta grow some balls before you can give a left nut away,as far as I can tell you got a long way to go,I mean you squat when you take a leek, now pull up your panties,dry your eyes and run along now,you little bitch!

    • GRT 3000 says:

      yer glad he wasn’t by your side in Iraq? Pretty epic there bud…keep it real eh, it’s MMA not WW3.

    • Oj says:

      You know, I noticed the same thing after Machida vs Shogun I. Watching the match back on mute I had a totally different view of it. He also pissed me off with Sonnenn vs Bisping. I duno how the fuck he gave that to Bisping (I live in the UK and love Bisping but he clearly lost). I tend to ‘hear’ Rogan lwss these days

    • Xaninho says:

      Diaz wasn’t doing anything substantial so there simply was nothing good to say about his game.

  24. GRT 3000 says:

    meh! whatever, let em’ duke it out again then. Just put it on an undercard or make it free. I’m over it.


    • Brandon Wheaton says:

      You just made the main point bro.

      Look what Aldo does with leg kicks.

      Look what Condit does with baby kicks.

    • Mick says:

      news flash buddy every real fighter knows diaz won that fight

    • GUAMY says:

      ya man yalls uneducated LMFAO. Yall DIAZ huggers is uneducated. ROFL.

    • Trapt says:

      First of all, this guy is a dumbass…… Comparing Aldo’s devastating legkicks, compared to kicks meant only to touch you for points is retarded…. I’d rather take 20 of those foot kicks(kicking with only the foot and toes 95% of the time… and a nice one actually using the shin 5% of the time in the fight.. I’d rather take 20 of those baby foot kicks than 1 hard Diaz fight hand straight to the nose, at the very end of his punch……. Maybe not enough to knock out a fighter, but they fuckin hurt alot more……… Judges dont think about all that… they need to use Max Kellerman’s view on BOXING…. “Who would I rather be that round?”… Shit…. If it were me, I’d rather be Diaz for 4, but at least 3…. To know that I am backing this fool up, and know he’s so terrified of me, and landing blows for every one condit landed (If you discredit all those cheap shot/cop out kicks condit was throwing just for points…. This ISNT AMATURE BOXING or Kickboxing!…. This is an all out FIGHT SPORT, and rules and better knowledge of what the fighters are doing in there….. Whether or not a fighter is making an effort to engage and should be penalized if running away the whole time…… People compare it to mayweather, but mayweather has the balls to stay in pocket, and learn to use his arms, bobbing and weaving, blocking and moving side to side…….Condit was clearly just running…… If that is what has to be done to be so called a “champion”, then I’d rather want Diaz fighting true fighters…….Screw Jackson’s camp… I’ve been saying this for over 2 years, and i started noticing good fighters, turned into pussies after joining team jackson…. Look at GSP… He used to be amazing, then One of the most boring fighters to date…Jon Jones, Rashad, and now Condit….. that heavyweight with the tattoos also…. He made a hell of an impression on me when i first saw him, and then they said he joined jackson’s camp, and I called it……Knew he was gonna change… He won a boring ass fight, in where he could of easily dominated, and took the guy out of there……

      and as for those cuts on Diaz’s face, and hardly no damage on Condit……. Condit has regular skin, and Diaz has a ton of scar tissue all over his face, which makes him bleed very easily, as where condit hasnt really gotten beaten in yet…… Diaz is not a 1 punch KO artist, Condit!!!! There is no reason to run away for your live as you did…… I’m seriously never wearing my condit shirt anymore… It was one of my fav… Lost a fan with that performance, buddy………..Condit needs to realize….. Diaz is gonna go down in the books as a LEGEND, regardless….. Wouldnt you want to say that you went toe to toe with him for 25 mins (no running, no points bs), and have the honor of saying you actually had the guts to step up and win, or lose like a MAN!!! Every other fighter Diaz has fought can say this, and won or lose, They have my respect more than a runner…(Besides Riggs and Sherk… Diaz def won those, and was robbed) Fucking sucks, that Diaz has to nearly kill you to get a decision….. Takes 2 to tango!

  26. maurice says:

    i just dont agree. i thought diaz MIGHT have won 1 and 2. but 3rd round condit won and found his rhythm. 4th round condit was really starting to go to work, diaz was no longer pressing forward and condit was landing some really hard strikes to the head, body and legs. then the 5th round condit was only getting better and better, up until the takedown…which led to nothing. but its pretty obvious, the kicks and diaz pure fustration really began to show in the 3rd round, and only got worse up until the end of the fight.

  27. maurice says:

    im shocked every1 is trying to give diaz the 5th round based on that last min takedown…are you fucking kidding me?? i guess condit outstriking diaz the previous 330 mins of rnd 5 is just being ignored. any1 watching the fight could tell from the 3rd round on condit was comfortable outstriking diaz. it got so bad that diaz tried to kickbox with condit. lol. wtf?!

  28. giggaplex says:

    Lol @ dudes getting so butthurt. you werent the one fighting so shut the fuck up pussy, you watched from home like the worthless sponge you are. Any person with half a clue can see Diaz clearly won

    • Mick says:

      exactly what ive been saying

      • Sully says:

        How? Rules of the octagon state effective grappling, striking and octagon control. Diaz, for sure, had octagon control in rounds 1 and 2. Rounds 3-5 he wasn’t pressing as much. Condit definately had the more effective striking in all 5 rounds. Despite the fact the fight went to the floor in the fifth, rules state that if the round consists of more striking than grappling, points should be weighed in on striking first THEN grappling. Hence, Condit taking the 5th. Rounds 1-2 to Diaz, 3-5 to Condit.

  29. snoop froggy dogg says:

    Imagine if Diaz did the stick an move an pick his shots an chose the right times to talk shit he would have easily won

  30. wipeout says:

    Diaz won first 3 rounds…5th one -50/50

  31. TheClark says:

    Are you serious? Condit won the fight. He didn’t run he moved out of the way and got into better positions. “baby leg kicks” that you could hear smack. Diaz’ is a baby, regardless of how ou feel the scorecard is if you have a chance to finish a fight you finish it. No fighter is gonna stand there and let you hit them

    • Sully says:


      This rematch bollocks is because Dana White is a money grabbing machine. Everyone knows the money is in GSP v Diaz, the same as with Silva vs Sonnen 2. The exact same controversy hype surrounded the Bisping/Sonnen fight but the rematch was never on the cards because the outcome when in White’s favour. I guarentee if this fight had been controversially won by Diaz a rematch would not be on the cards.

  32. josh says:

    There needs to be more fighters that fight. Point fighting is for amatuer boxing. If more people fought like diaz bro’s, b.j. and few others the sport would be 10x better.

  33. Xaninho says:

    Rogan sat down at home, lit one up and after a few times he started seeing how effective Diaz’s smack talking was hurting Condit. And all the airpunching really did damage too!

  34. GUAMY says:

    ya man yalls uneducated LMFAO. Yall DIAZ huggers is uneducated. ROFL @RAY BENAVIDES and all the other uneducated Condit fanboys, its ovy they never been in a real fight.

  35. GreenTeaBagger says:

    who cares what Joe Rogain thinks?? so the judges should go home and watch the fight on tv before giving their scores???

  36. Patrick says:

    It does not matter what anyone thinks. In all sports the only views that matter are the ones who decided the outcome. It was a close fight and could have gone either way. Another fight won’t change the outcome.

  37. lmao ok ok … all yall diaz fluffers i can see how yall think diaz won that fight cuz when u smoke good dro u sometimes see shit that aint there .. I got it u boys wuz just high when yall watched dat fight! its koo i hope they do the rematch we can put some money on it … i take credit cards, debit, checks and money orders however da hell yall wanna do it!

  38. fred says:

    Condit won on points by fighting like a coward. His punishment should be a rematch with diaz. Everyone wants to see that.

  39. Chartmonster says:

    Bc rogan is Dana’s broadcaster bitchh and he smoke weed with Diaz. A friend w weed is a friend indeed!

  40. GUAMY says:

    @ patrick it doesnt only matter what the judges think just ask FITCH. its a forum for the people not the judges. the people have a big say in who fights who, and who should be fighting who. The people are the ones that pay these mother fuckers to fight not dana or the fertitaz its the fucking people that buy the ppv and tix to the forum and the swag. UFC 143 the people spoke by boooing the decision. i bet Condit felt real good about winning the belt when every one was booooing him. I like condit and felt a little sorry for him cause he just won the 1st UFC title he has every had and every body was boooing him, he looked disappointed in himself after the fight also. Condit is a great fighter hope he comes back to his killer form in his next fight as he is not know for such lack luster performances.

  41. GUAMY says:

    i am a fan of Condit but i thought diaz won. so did most people that i watched it with.
    i was expecting Condit to push forward and impose his will on Diaz but he back peddled majority of the fight. if condit fought like that through out his whole career he wouldnt have been afforded a title shot, and would have half the fan base he has now. people watched Condit to see some one get KTFO or SUBBED. Cerrone and Garcia are 2 guys that the rest of their camp should look up to. these are real warriors that come to bury your fuckin ass or die trying no shame in that. Also same reason Hardy is still in the mix and was not let go.

  42. kevin9999 says:

    Hey IDIOTS. Conduit won the fight. Study foot work and boxing and you will agree. MORONS

  43. guamy says:

    Condit not Conduit MORON.

  44. guamy says:

    this is MMA not BOXING IDIOT.

    • McMahon says:

      its offered.. not afforded. dont know why you try to correct ppl smartass. and your right.. it is mma and not boxing.. so why are you all about the knockout? like to see you stand and trade with your back against the cage with diaz. when i watched that fight i was gonna be happy either way no matter who won. why wouldnt you be a condit fan anymore? because he didnt do what brought him to the dance? well niether did whats the fuss all about. WAHHH!! condit didnt knock him out so i dont like him anymore?WAHHH! lol what a joke.. diaz with 20 years BJJ couldnt submit condit either.

  45. Joseph Hernandez says:

    That’s ridiculous. Why does anyone think he needs to gets a second chance. If Condit would of loss that score than that would be it, no bad comments. They would just be ready for GSP vs Diaz. That’s why they’re giving him another chance. Another chance to actually win. He didn’t do anything to WIN it. Shouldn’t cry about it, if he wants to retire let him retire. Apparently his ground game wasn’t good enough, yeah he got his “Back” Joe Rogan But what did he do with it. “NOTHING.” If the Judges scored everything wrong then why have Judges. Nick Diaz is a great fighter, just wasn’t his day. People are more focused on seeing him and GSP go at it they don’t realize the real champ. They both worked hard for the fight. Can’t take it away from Condit. UFC tries too hard to fix things. Or is it just the commentators.

  46. McMahon says:

    so how come diaz didnt finish the fight if he’s so good? because condit ran? well nick runs marathons.. so why didnt he chase him down and beat his ass? all you diaz fans are garbage. dont matter who pressed the fight.. diaz still with all the octogon control he had didnt finish.. so any other bullshit you guys wanna say? i dont see diaz finishing that fight.. so if diaz couldnt finish and carlos couldnt finish.. it comes down to points you jack ass.. if i was ceaser gracie i would fire diaz for not sinking in a rear naked choke in the minute and a half he had to do so.. thought diaz was a BJJ guru? had his back.. had hooks in.. couldnt finish…hahaha regardless.. no one finished the fight. argue all you want homo’s doesnt change a damn thing. i would like to see one of you fags behind a name on here go up to condit and tell him he lost, since your all so tough with your insults, and mentality.on the internet. O yah forgot.. i was a diaz fan before that fight.. but diaz obv doesnt finish ppl either.. couldnt even knock out BJ and nick was twice his size and had the reach. so if diaz doesnt finish fights in the UFC and condit or GSP doesnt.. then maybe we have finally found the true contenders and not bums that get dominated. and thats what you are sad about. you wanna see knockouts.. other ppl wanna see MMA. if the knockout comes it comes. i didnt see condit out cold at the end of that fight.. so doesnt that mean diaz sucks fan boys? so i suggest everyone stop humping legs and realize its not you i suggest you STFU

  47. zach says:

    am i the only one who thinks this fight was a draw?

  48. Mike Gallegos says:

    diaz lost for sure! he might of won round 1 & 2 but he lost 3,4, and 5 and i watched from home the most disappionting thing was diaz lack luster proformance i thought he out shined bj penn like no other but now i have doubts about even that

  49. Mike Gallegos says:

    i gotta review some tapes

  50. guamy says:

    If Diaz was the one that was running away the whole time, i would be just as pissed if they gave him the decision. i like both guys but had it for Diaz round1,2 and 5 for sure
    and rd 4 was close could have went either way round 3 condit no dout.

  51. isaiah D says:

    Not to over post here cory but your right. When you look at real leg kicks, look at a fight like Aldo vs Faber. Those are real leg kicks. Kicks that make a difference. Condit’s in this fight were more like a leg jab if you will. Point kicks. I think judges just like fans can hold a fighters image against him. I think Diaz’s image at times can hurt him. Personally I think his style is great.

  52. K2 says:

    Diaz with ‘power shots’? It’s not called the ‘stockton slap’ cause it’s power shots. And why would a kickboxer wanna stand and trade with a boxer?

  53. asf says:

    it takes two to tango . . .

  54. Xaninho says:

    I’m sure you would call him a bitch boy in his face too huh?

  55. DontBeScaredHomie says:

    It’s not called the stockton slap you need to stop listening to Mike G

  56. Twatty Mc.Twatface says:

    baby kicks that stopped diaz coming forward? ones that hit him in the head?
    what about the “stockton slap” its not even a fkin punch man. tappy tappy tap, this aint whack a mole man!!!

  57. McMahon says:

    LMFAO is right! at you 2 butt buddies!! i didnt say bj nor condit have been KO’d. i guess your guys asses are still sore from condit winning that fight.. get over it. good work to you idiot for taking time to reply to what i wrote. and really saying nothing but insulting the website.. not like your words are hurting anyone.. you can say fuck and idiot all you want. lol i think thats the biggest joke. time wasting? what 2 mins to write that.. and an hour for you to read it. keep riding the short bus to school kid.

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