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Wednesday, 11/09/2011, 12:00 pm

According to White, UFC loses money with UFC on FOX 1 broadcast

“It’s an investment in the company. In no way, shape or form do we come anywhere close to making our money back. You don’t go on free television and make your money. That’s just not how it works. We’re going to get smashed on this fight, but it’s an investment in the future of the business… Our goal has always been to bring big, free fights back to network television. Now that we have a network deal, we’re looking at it as, obviously we’re going to take a hit on the pay-per-view side for a big fight like this, but we’re thinking long-term for the future of the sport and making the sport bigger. That’s why we’re going to do it, and continue to do it.”

In a recent piece on they have quoted UFC president, Dana White discussing that the UFC will actually lose money on this weekend’s UFC on Fox broadcast.

Forecasting what they heavyweight title match would do on pay-per-view and subtracting their planned revenue from this weekend’s event the suggested loss is somewhere around the 18 million dollar mark.

That’s a lot of bread, but if you ask Dana White, it’s an investment in the brand and a small price to pay for the increased exposure and growth of the sport.

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16 Responses to “According to White, UFC loses money with UFC on FOX 1 broadcast”

  1. andyboy says:

    brah if The UFC would lose anywhere close to that “suggested” amount they wouldn’t have signed to air live fights with FOX, especially a HW title fight!!! No, they’re making money from FOX, UFC on FOX is a win win situation, FOX is one the biggest TV broadcasting companies in the world, if their ratings shoot THRU THE ROOF saturday night, Dana’s making money. He should have started with airing the most recent PPV fights a week after they are live for the first year, that way he would take a small hit from people that are willing to wait a week to see last saturdays PPV but still make millions on the real fans that will pay to watch live fights. Now FOX is gonna expect close to the same ratings their gonna get saturday for every live fight they air……for being an incredible intelligent business man he sure is stupid….or like PROVEN over and over again, he’s just lying like normal and is gonna buy a yacht from the FOX paycheck he cashes on Sunday(foreign and level exectuive banks are open on Sundays).

    it just seems odd that someone like Dana White is saying he’s getting no profit and he’s airing a HW title fight on free television…like i said FOX will get more ratings saturday than probably 2 Monday night football rating put together, so how does White expect to keep that kind of rating value for FOX with a Frankie Edgar fight? or another non title 5 round fight? just seems like a bad business move or he’s lying thru his teeth.

    • laqualo says:

      andyboy. Might want to do some research before making a statement like that. It is very true in his statement about taking a hit. Having the ufc aired on fox will broaden his fan base which will bring more pay per view buys, gate sales,and overall growth of the sport. If he does buy a yacht it is much deserved from turning a dead sport to the fastest growing sport in the world.

      • andyboy says:

        wow, another one. Okay, completely understand it’s an investment, i give that to him, BUT, UFC on FOX will broden the immediate fan base especially due to the current NBA lock out, baseball, football, and basketball fans will be wathcing FOXsports and see an advertisement for a free UFC fight on FOX and say “yea i’ll check it out, especially if its a free HW title fight” so this Saturday’s fight being a HW title fight(HW being ususally the highest probabilty of KO’s than most other divisions in both MMA and Boxing) will generate a HUGE ratings boost. They will gain a fan base this saturday BUT if the next FOX/UFC live fight card is a 5 round non title fight ratings will still be high being a free fight, BUT non diehard fans(which is this broader fan base you and Dana so proudly expect) will not pay $50 for a PPV since they’re spoiled by a free FOX HW title already. Dana is smart, it’s likely one of the other will be finished, possibly in the first rd, KO or Submission, so non fans seeing an exciting fight between two HW’s will definitly bite at MMA and watch another, but Dana will have to make every FOX fight from here out a title fight or entertaining fighters. dont’ expect 4 FOX fights a year, i see this one satruday, one next June and maybe one next September/Oct time frame. it’s not like they’re gonna hold fights on FOX every 2 months. Plus i’m sure FOX will host Joe Roegan or other high profile UFC figures to host a UFC segment on FOX.

        what i’m trying to get at is WE as fans whom have an understanding of BJJ and Wrestling even get tired of lay n pray and fighters not advancing position and grind out decisions or just look for the easy “W”. Clay Guida, a once very exciting fighter has stated and i quote “i’m not fighting to entertain anymore, i’m here to win fights and get the W so that’s what i’m gonna go out there and do”… with a large roster of a lot of fighters with this same UFC “just get the W” mentatlity they can’t expect to gain a whole lot more fans. Imagine a FOC card with Guida, Fitch, Edgar, headlined by GSP…anyone who isn’t a fan of MMA now won’t be too impressed afterwards, get what i’m saying. So like i said, Dana is making money off of this in some other way than just a “broader fan base”. He’ll have to stack FOX cards with Cerrone, BJ, Alves, Cain, Pettis, Aldo, Anderson, Leben, Vitor, Le, Wanderlei, fighters that are exciting and fun to watch, but with no PPV buys and just gate sales, sponors, appareal, bonuses, i can’t see the most exciting fighters still earn what they deserve with $0 in PPV buys, which couple in the millions…….all i’m sayin. lol

  2. Brave Reply says:

    geezus andyboy- do you work in the entertainment or television business? Because you obviously know more than Dana or FOX so I think they’re really missing out on a great employee by not hiring you to do their marketing.

    • andyboy says:

      haha yea they are, minimum $100K yearly salary haha seriously we all joke but there are definitly people out there way smarter than me about this knid of stuff that could take over for Dana White and fighters and fans would fare for the better because of it. Dana white can stay president and take all the credit but don’t let him in the spotlight anymore or have any control over fighters, fights, and contracts….let him head up promotions and work the business aspects investors and sponsors….he’s good at that, but he has his hand in EVERY aspect of UFC which is why UFC didn’t get Fedor vs Brock in 2008/9, Shogun lost the first Machida fight, Vera lost to Couture, so many aspects of judging criteria can be univerally changed if the UFC took the inititiave to set the standard. ANYTHING the UFC does every MMA org in the world will follow suit…..becuz the UFC is what every fighter in the world aspires too……jus sayin Dana is a piece of work, for the good and bad! so dont’ be too quick to blow Dana for being the sole propriorter of MMA today!

      • Brave Reply says:

        i was just jabbin’ you. lolz. But i see where ur coming from because I have the same thoughts about Dana. No other company President has more “single hand” power than Dana. Even the Pres. of the U.S. has to get approval for some decisions. Dana does whatever the fuck he wants and most of the time its good but there are a good amounts of BAD.

    • Dustin says:

      lol i bet its Bob Arum trolling the ufc.

  3. all day says:

    I am not expecting perfection let Dana be Dana. I’m just trying to figure out if the speed thathe’s growing at is too fast for the fighters, I’m almost feeling weird if 2 saturdays goes by without a Ufc event…and he wants to do 2 cards on the same day??…where are the fighters? Bj forest Ace Axe tito Vera Silva Gomi hughes Hamill all are out or on a decline while Dana is expanding…I know casual fan asking me when is Chuck next fight?..

    • andyboy says:

      almost too little too late, you are correct almost all the best are either declining or at an age in combat sports where it’s acceptable to lose and not be judged, except Anderson apparently. These fighters are fit and healthy enuff to be fighting 4-5 times a year, as long as they aren’t suspended or hurt after a fight for long periods of time. i do fight 5-6 times a year so i know its possible for someone who gets PAID to train as a job. training camps dont need to be 4-5 months long…thats ridiclious, i went thru a 2 month camp and it was torture, you just wanna fight, now i dont take fights more than 2 months out unless i have to. and these guys are fighting in the UFC on national television for lots of money. Dana just doesn’t want to fork out $1 million to GSP if he fights 5 times in one year at around a disclosed $300k a fight, god knows what he actually makes. so i understand the finiacial aspect. but you can’t say he’d run out of contenders. you more you see someone fight the more you can see major strengths and weaknesses, we see GSP fight 2 times a year, and both times it’s take the guy down and lay on him doing jsut enuff to not get stood up, or jab someone who sucks at stand up for 5 rounds in the most boring all stand up battle ever!!! we know GSPs game, he trains 6 months for it haha there isn’t much for a contender to train for that’s why hes so successful, guys knows that they’ll be on their back and won’t win a decision, so they go for broke or play it safe and you can’t out safe the safest fighter in the world lol.

      i’m going off on GSP tangent…damn it i really wanna keep going haha…

      okay Dana was good for the sport but no longer is, plain and simple. FOX was a good move and i don’t believe a word that comes ouot of Dana’s mouth i mean how can you? give me proof his word is credible??????

  4. Respectexpected says:

    I would bet Money that the UFC isn’t losing money in the big picture, they just say they are losing the money that isn’t being made from PPV sales. To them that is “losing money”, but to anyone with common sense it would be considered “not making as much money”

  5. Mike McMack says:

    Yeah , I guess that huge contract the UFC signed with Fox for an “undisclosed amount” means nothing, Dana and his guys are just so selfless in giving us this one. FOX is paying $100 million a year for this deal so I don’t feel sorry for them giving us this fight for “free”. Lot’s of fight fans can’t afford to pay for 2 ppv’s a month anyways, I know cause I’m one of them.

  6. Rev. says:

    I am a die hard MMA fan These days. When I was young I boxed and loved the sport because of Friday night fights!! It inspired me. Sean O’grady made me believe that I could. I watched every week and payed for a PPV about twice a year. The headlining boxers made millions because people could follow the sport for free and pay for the big fights. That’s where MMA needs to be. I think that’s what Dana is shooting for but needs to step out of the spotlight and let the fighters be more famous than he is!!

  7. Dannyboy4455 says:

    Didn’t I read somewhere that they (UFC) are being paid like $100 million a year to put on like 4 cards? Dana, are you full of shit?

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