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Sunday, 09/02/2012, 09:36 pm

According to Brazil, Fedor Emelianenko is "The Greatest Of All Time" | MMA News

By: Chris Taylor

There was no nationalism evident when votes were cast on Brazilian MMA site in order to determine which MMA fighter was the greatest of all time. Shockingly, Fedor Emelianenko dominated the poll, obtaining 73% of all votes cast.

Normally there are a lot of varying opinions when fans talk who is the greatest of all time. It is quite often that Anderson “The Spider” Silva and Fedor “The Last Emperor” Emelianenko are at the center of those debates. It was no real surprise that the two MMA legends topped this August’s PVT poll, but the landslide victory for the Russian, Fedor, did come as a bit of a shock.

It is relevant to note that the poll allowed only one vote per ip, and that the poll was a PVT absolute record.

Here are the complete PVT poll results:

Fedor Emelianenko: 73%
Anderson Silva: 12%
Rodrigo Minotauro: 7%
Dan Henderson: 7%
Randy Couture: 1%


40 Responses to “According to Brazil, Fedor Emelianenko is "The Greatest Of All Time" | MMA News”

  1. Steve The Great says:

    Happy to see Hendo and Couture getting so much respect by Brazillions. As an American, I would have Silva, Fedor, Hendo, Royce, and BJ Penn.

  2. Bjj BB says:

    Lmao@ K2! Im shocked bj is not on there!

  3. CombatRusse says:

    This is another slap on the face of Chael Sonnen who was blaming american fans for not supporting him because of his nationality.
    This is a professional sport (not the Olympics) and fans respect talent, bravery, attitude, etc…

  4. Nuitari X says:

    Rodrigo Minotauro is a respectable fighter but he’s no where near the greatest of all time. That obviously was put on the poll just because he’s Brazilian. I’m an American and I personally believe Anderson Silva is the greatest. I would say Fedor is next in line though.

  5. grandma killer says:

    I bitch slapped rick flair for screamin WOOOOOOO in my grandmas face.

  6. Phantom weight says:

    The greatest fighters of all time have one thing in common-a UFC title.Fedor your not even in the top 5

    • DEE says:

      You’re DON’T know what you’re talking about go back to WWE.

    • The natural says:

      Fedor is the greatest of all time don’t c how people can argue this

      • Zack says:

        It’s cuz Dana white doesn’t think so. Americans can’t think for themselves

        • ASDF says:

          +999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999^(99999999999999999)^(99999) to infinity. Truth.

      • kevin says:

        its easy to argue this. was he the best in 05 no doubt, but then he never evolved and didnt fight any top level fighters he was fine with fighting a bunch of guys not even in the top 20. jon jones has fought as many top level fighters as fedor. look what fedor did in sf does that look like the best of all time? he wasnt even old im sorry i loved him and still do but he is not the goat, he was the best fighter in pride lets just leave it at that and that is even somethig that u can argue.

    • Zk says:

      Fedor was a mma giant before UFC was really big man, of you don’t think he’s at least one of the greatest of all time go back to watching boxing…

  7. DEE says:

    I agree with Brazil. This is a nation that knows their MMA. Fedor was the greatest heavyweight in MMA.

  8. ya herd says:

    Yeah a guy that pops steroids most of his life and 70% of the people he beat were bums yeah fedor is the best ever hahaha lmao this made me laugh what a joke


    Aha, so a guy who has ducked the UFC is considered GOAT? Lol. He ducked Overeem for 3 years in Strikeforce and Dream; instead of fighting for the Strikeforce title, he decided to fight Brett Rogers and almost lost to that can. Then he gets finished by sub, TKO, and KO in his next 3 fights against top 10 ranked fighters. Defeating 5-6 notable fighters doesn’t make you the GOAT…

    • DEE says:

      If Fedor was ducking Overeem he would have never joined Strikeforce. Far as Fedor taking steroids, it’s possible nothing suprises anymore, but he never tested positive. He never dramatically grew muscles, or jumped up in weight, or any of that stuff. Fedor at 6’0 fought as heavyweight his entire career. He possessed excellent takedowns, striking, and submission. The guy fought in wars and was spectacular. As far as ducking the UFC. That’s ridiculous. The UFC just started building it’s heavyweight division. Fedor never ducked the UFC, even Dana White said it. It was a dispute between Fedor’s management and the UFC.

  10. EP says:

    how is BJ PENN’s name NOT On that list. thats fkn ridiculous. Lmao Pathetic

  11. Samurai XXX says:

    Fedor is the best ever……..let the haters hate……….he is THe Last Emperor

  12. Murchello says:

    Oh, Fedor doesn’t have the UFC title. That’s because when Fedor dominated heavyweights of the world, UFC had the shittiest heavyweights ever. He does have wins over people who became UFC champions. Noguera, Arlovski, Sylvia, Randleman, probably a few more. Did you watch any fights in mid 2000s. All you see is UFC heavyweight, after all the PRIDE’s heavyweights moved there. When Fedor, Noguera and Cro Cop were killing people left and right, some of you were popping pimples on y’all’s faces thinking about how to get somebody to buy beer for you. Back then, everybody and their mama were scared of these guys.

  13. uhnomuhlee says:

    Such BS…

    Fedor’s big competition wins were big Nog and Cro Cop. Everyone else was washed up or a no name, maybe even a freakshow fight here and there.
    He went 5 years without fighting a top ten HW, which accounted for 8 wins. He fought tomato cans and old men who would never cut it in the UFC. Then, Werdum who was maybe at the very cusp of top 10 tapped him, a very low level guy in terms of UFC talent in Antonio Silva dominates him (anyone see the Velasquez fight), and probably one of the smallest guys he ever fights, Henderson, knocks his ass out. Respectively, Werdum and Henderson are solid fighters but this guy fought heavyweight, and look at the ridiculous amount of talent we’ve seen in that division in the past several years. He’s never once stepped in the cage with ANY of it. Mir, Velasquez, Carwin, Dos Santos… and as much as I hate him, Overeem too. They would have all laid waste to this man. It’s nonsense.

    I don’t get what people are seeing in saying this guy is the GOAT. That easily goes to Anderson Silva. I’ve hated him before, but my goodness, who else can touch him? He’s dominated the best of his division, and everyone talks about how he’s fought nobodies, weak fighters… well, that’s the best in his division my friends. If he’s lightyears ahead of them, oh well. He should have lost to Sonnen, and if it weren’t for that front kick, I’d have bet Belfort could have very well knocked his head off… but He found a way to beat guys who dominated him with wrestling and who had faster vicious hands. The fact is that he’s fought the best around while they were around.

    Fedor did no such thing under the guise of “unfair pay”. That was his excuse… he made excuses for money when he is supposed to be a true fighter. Cut it out. Everyone else wants to make excuses about his management and the Russian mafia or whatever pulling the strings behind him, but I’m sick of it. He fights who he pleases, and it wasn’t pleasing to him to fight the best in the world. When he finally did decide to fight some mid tier fighters, he was demolished. Plain and simple.

    Please, someone give me a logical explanation as to how anyone other than some prideful drunk Russian can consider this man the best ever? Cut it out!!

    • uhnomuhlee says:

      I forgot to mention that Silva is a year older, and still reigning supreme… still dominating… winning his most challenging fights in his later years.
      It is the longevity of his career and his outright dominance that makes him GOAT. Fedor had a few good years in his twenties then coasted over nobodies. So what?

  14. joey prosser says:

    someone get… fedor vs randy …they both want it …one off ufc fights in strikeforce….hall of fame guys a spot to shine…. u can do it! you build it they will come…. its not 2 soon junior

  15. riDICKulous says:

    you Americans are either damn stupid or damn retarded. the only reason why Fedor can’t ‘survive’ now cause he, like BJ Penn, keeps it real. no PEDs whatsoever. just look at both the physique of these 2 guys and you know for sure they dun take shit.

    as for the rest you know they’re cycling those stuff. it is so clear for all to see. just that you’re too blinded or maybe just plain dumb.

    Hendo knocked out Fedor? yeah right with that kind of testosterone levels I bet my grandpa can KO you too!

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