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Thursday, 04/05/2012, 09:15 am

Truly A Video Worth Your Time | Tim Kennedy Performs "Part of Me" By Katy Perry

Strikeforce middleweight Tim Kennedy performing Katy Perry’s smash hit “Part of Me”.


5 Responses to “Truly A Video Worth Your Time | Tim Kennedy Performs "Part of Me" By Katy Perry”

  1. Your a Queer Beaner. Go Moe a Lawn. says:


    • jbeamazing says:

      he has a good since of humor enough to even be the joke and stuff that’s cool

      but I do hate how just because he is in the military they try to force us to like the guy that doesn’t work for me because in real life there just over in 3rd world countries raping them of there natural resources equity there soul purpose is only to defend our country on our land from foreign threats on our own soil and not to police the world and rob them

      • seth gravert says:

        Really??? WOW. So every person who joins the military is evil. We all rape, steal and kill. You join to serve your counrty. You don’t get to pick and choose how that is done. You do as your told. Reasons don’t matter, whos making the order doesn’t matter. I’ve protected myself and brothers in Iraq, I built schools and roads in Haiti, I fought wild fires in Washington State. the greatest thing I every done in my life was be there for more then one of my brothers when they wanted to end their lives. I did more good in 13 years of my 31 total then most do in a life time. When you add to the betterment of this plant as most military people do every then I will listen to your thoughtless words. the good Lord gave you a brain to think with…not say stupid shit.

        • jbeamazing says:

          @seth gravert I respect that you take pride in protecting your brothers in arms and admitting you guys are like robots that don’t choose your missions but kill on order and when I said raping them of there natural resources and equity it isn’t rape of one person sexual I’m talking about raping of natural resources equity but if you had a brain you would question what the bigger picture is and why your there I feel bad for you tho you seem brain washed serving your country shouldn’t have shit to do with Afghanistan or Iraq or the next place they plan on taking over and leaving in chaos you know Iran it should only be protecting the people of our country on our soil against foreign threat but since there isn’t a foreign threat on our soil and there will never be the government makes you guy’s take the show on the road at the end of the day I respect the soldiers and wish no disrespect on any of you guy’s I don’t think ever soldier is evil but you can’t deny bad intentions in some we all seen that Brady Manning video and the laughs as kids got bombed is evil with that said I know not all are and I know most join for noble intentions or even free college or to provide for there families I respect that

  2. Ricky Howard says:

    Ha ha thought that was a pretty funny video guy has a sense of humour good lad

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